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  1. This year is testing my no roffles rule. :/ I even like this in spite of it being a Ford. I've heard they aren't bad.
  2. No pictures today, but I've now changed both of the auxiliary belts, which was a bitch of a job, getting to the lower bolt on the power steering pump was the worst bit. Then I snapped the top alternator bolt as I over-tightened it. Luckily I keep loads of spare bolts and found a spare. Obviously it never rains, it pours and I noticed a tail light out. Easily sorted. Then driving along after these jobs, I discovered that the screen washers aren't working. Hoping it's just out of fluid and not another thing to fix...
  3. I just got an insurance quote of 3 times the amount of the Corolla. For that reason, I'm out.
  4. I'm starting to have a soft spot for 305s, will look forward to seeing updates
  5. That's a shame. You'll now have to swap it with a multi shade of paint Toyota and let me finish it.
  6. Disappointed we didn't win, we were looking forward to a train ride 'up north' to see what my missus had gotten us into.
  7. I'd quite happily* smoke around in this for a few months. Suspect the insurance may be a little more though. Hopefully the fuel economy* would offset this. No? Oh well, at least it would look cool to my 6 yr old.
  8. Hyundai Lantra Daewoo Espero Suzuki Baleno Daihatsu Applause (yes, I know it has already been mentioned) Kia Mentor Proton Wira See a pattern? Asian saloons that were typical bought by older 'sensible' people. The only reason the Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancer escaped this curse was the WRC connection.
  9. Ahem. AE86 good, AE92 meh. I'd dare to say that the advent of front wheel drive was the killer of older cars being sought after - after the mid-80s.
  10. I love them. To be fair, I love the whole car, but not in a position to buy at the moment.
  11. I'm in no position to purchase, but if someone does and wants rid of the 3 spokes, I'll gladly take them.
  12. My missus has said she will pay for my ticket so I'm not breaking my promise. One for Mrs Pandamonium please.
  13. I'd be definitely asking for a random or two, if I hadn't vowed to give up gambling.
  14. SS9 postcode, Southend It's still for sale, but only because I'm looking for a manual car. I'm not desperate, so I've not advertised it properly, as I can't be dealing with the 'best price m8?' and '100 cash tonite' bunch of people.
  15. It's mad, if this was a Xantia or something with loads of faults, the AS community would be falling over each other, but as it's a super reliable Japanese car with hardly any issues, it gets ignored. Mind you, that's why I bought it in the first place. Have now passed the 2,000 mile mark since I bought it, and the only gripe is the squealing aux belt(s) which is only when cold. Both on order from local motor factors and will be replaced next week. I'm even starting to get used to the auto box, albeit grudgingly.
  16. Ooh, love all of them. **Looks down the back of the sofa for £4500** Nope, I'm out.
  17. My second wedding featured a white one of those as the wedding car. Doomed from the beginning!
  18. Worse, there was a Samara 'Flyte' I owned one, it was dreadful, and mostly dissolved. This is the only photo I have, oddly enough it was from the for sale advert.
  19. Frickin love it, but sadly my new year's resolution means no roffles.
  20. Can't seem to find the correct thread, so this picture my little boy took will have to go here... Along with a picture to show how bad the paintwork is on the rear quarter...
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