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  1. That looks like some woeful kit car that should be sat under a taup on somebody's drive in a comical state of disrepair.
  2. I fancied a v6 Manta, or maybe a Monza. Mostly pointless, but I suspect would have handled much better than the Mantas with the 24v swapped-in.
  3. You'd think anything that could be said about a Jag mk1 had been said by now.
  4. GM went as far as issuing the v8 Omega with an Opel/Vauxhall style engine code. It was something like xx57XE. I've only ever seen it on an Hunter alignment rig database. The data was the same for the v6.
  5. Facelift or not it looks to me like citroen designed it from the rear and moved forward, then ran out of ideas when it came to finishing the front. Either one looks really awkward. Weird as IMO the GSA and CX look great. I think a GSA is the only classic French car I'd ever consider. And I'd buy it just to look at it.
  6. Anything in the GM family 2 OHC engine line, including the XE 16v performance engines as the found in the various GSI models of the mid/late 90s, can be made to fit as later Mantas were offered with OHC engines. It does mean many a Manta was scrapped to provide various RWD XE applications (kit cars, Escorts etc) with parts though. I don't know if that's still a sore point amongst the Manta community- it sure was back when I was into them.
  7. Clearly not all people (disabled or otherwise) hate them, for reasons that ought to be self-evident. I think you're points were probably true of them back in 95, in my view anyway as I hated them, but I think we've moved on since then and TBH the unlikelyhood of any surviving until now is an interesting story. Finally, destroying them and removing them from history is to remove the record of disabled prejudice you apparently hate so much. Should we destroy all records and symbols of slavery? Of totalitarianism? Of anything we wish not to repeat?
  8. Pretty sure that's a chain but whoever is watching it won't care about that. Or the gearbox. They'll be interested in the roof, with it having neither sunroof or t-tops.
  9. Cor, a 4x4 Caldina! You'd hope that would be a piece of piss to restart as it looks like a regular 2.0 16v (same as we got over here) but there's bound to be some oddball differences with it being an import.
  10. That doesnt sound like a relaxing engine speed. What's the red line? 4500?
  11. I didn't now (or simply forgot) they did a 1.6 Manta B. I've seen plenty of Cavs (incl. Coupe & Sportshatch) with the smaller CIH, though I as only really into GTEs. Are you fitting injection or keeping it carb?
  12. Jeez every single one of the pictures in that for sale ad are useless.
  13. You haven't mixed up the springs (back to front) as the nose would be slammed and its arse up. It looks good, probably a bit higher than you may imagine but Japanese cars, even Supras and Skyline GTRs, always sit high unless heavily modified. It will settle down a bit.
  14. You havent fitted a front spring by mistake have you? I've seen cars on stock, but tired suspension be broadly the same ride in height as a newly fitted lowering kit, usually to the owners disappointment.
  15. I bet that 2.0 v6 drinks like a v8 but probably makes less powers than a pinto.
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