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  1. Sir Snipes

    Mk1 mx-5

    I don't recognise the coil overs but a 'bushed mk1 on collies should be an absolute weapon (just not on the straights). Get it all set up properly, including the suspension geometey, and a grippy set of 195/50 15s and you'll be away. Proxes T1-R use to be the tyre of choice but I haven't been around MX5s for a few years.
  2. You'd think they'd match the wheels for he promotional photo shoot.
  3. Sir Snipes


    Id like to see anything else you have to show, shite or otherwise.
  4. Sir Snipes


    That's the earlier version with two huge wheels mounted very close together at the rear and rear wheel steering. Later models have the tracks at the rear (also steerable) and what almost look like bicycle tyres up front with insane steering angle. Living in Kent I often get the odd glimpse of farm plant but that's about it. I had a job in Sittingbourne and would often encounter JD vehicles from the nearby farm - usually a 7rT or bigger frame 6Rs. Best spot was an early(about 630am) convoy of easily 10 6Rs, all pulling high sided carts, with a forage harvester at the head. Second best spot was a Claas Terra Trac harvester of some sort, with a Scorpion Telelift towing the header, causing all sorts of traffic problems in the back roads between Sittingbourne and Gillingham. I think I was the only person happy to see them. I do often see NH tractors on be back of trucks near Dartford. My g/f always sees something at the roundabout near ThanetEarth but I'm rarely down that far East. Finally, I was supposed to have a tractor experience as a birthday present this year. About half an hour each in a modem 6R and a classic Case 1455XL - cancelled, obviously.
  5. Hey, do we know anyone who might have a 302 v8 sat in a garage, not doing anything?
  6. Asaka? Gemini? Isuzu something for sure.
  7. Wow I didn't know Mat Neal was still at it. He must have seen it all by now.
  8. Fuk me, three times I've walked to b&q and there's a permanent line of easily 50 people waiting outside. Problem is I have to go in as they've had my money for boots almost 3 months ago and still apparently aren't answering emails.
  9. All broadly the same yeah, though I'd hesitate to say they're identical. Funny, the ZS190 is essentially a more-door, v6 Teg TypeR yet people don't really care about them.
  10. Yellow RX7 at the hill climb looks like the old RE Aiyama GT300 car;
  11. Yeah the Japanese auto industry has always been heavily influenced by, or at least aimed their cars toward, American sensibilities.
  12. That pre-Civic Gemini looks a lot like a Lancer
  13. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202005139297790
  14. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201910233611953
  15. Cor, at least wash the damn thing!
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