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  1. Those 605s are damn sexy machines. I think back in their day they were a touch conservative in their styling but it has aged extremely well.
  2. Mr Who? GASMAN! GASMAN! GASMAN! How do you keep it so warm in here? We....make love!
  3. Fondly remembered by many a mid90s PlayStation gamer.
  4. Yeah I can see the resemblance, especially a Celica Coupé that we didn't get (as above)
  5. Anybody needs me I'll be in my bunk.
  6. I was sure Buick got canned at about the same time as Olds but it looks like I was wrong.
  7. Strange it doesn't have the Japanese style rear plate recess or an obviously tacked-on rear fog light (the usual tell-tale signs a car is an import).
  8. The writing has been in the wall for years. Probably since GM's bankruptcy, maybe since Olds and Buick got axed.
  9. My old boss ran transit minibuses and the drivers were always trying to change rear bulbs and screwing them up. Usually a twin element bulb rammed into a single socket (or vice versa, I forget which).
  10. The fittest teacher in school was on my round and she had a blue Rover Metro. There were a few Carina IIs, Carina Es and an AE81 liftback Corolla.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vauxhall-cavalier-mk3-2-0-gli-13000-miles-from-new/254513210041 Prefacelift 2.0 8v 4-door.
  12. And we're all telling that is wrong. I don't understand why you're so keen to defend the women when the fault is so utterly and very obviously hers. Was that your wife driving or something?
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