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  1. Could they be using it as an excuse to let people go and bring in cheaper labour?
  2. IR35 I presume. Not a new law, actually dates back to 2000 iirc, but newly implemented.
  3. That 5 series is more slammed than the mx5
  4. I saw lots of Dynas, of various ages, in Malta.
  5. Triangulated 4-link with ARB - pretty decent arrangement.
  6. Be interesting to seem what that makes. Potentially a very nice car but they can hide horrors. There's another super-clean red one that found it's way onto eBay and has been getting relisted for the past few years at around £8000 BIN. Edit; oh I found an old picture of it:
  7. On my phone with chrome tap and hold the little preview buttons for an image link. Doesn't work with the full-size image as usual, which is what I assume you were doing? https://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/TOYOTA/CORONA/700055081830200105001/index.html
  8. May be easier to replace the whole inner and outer track rod as a complete assembly if they're seized badly enough. I don't recall front TREs seizing on Toyotas, though they always were on IS200s and rear toe adjusters on just about anything Toyota (both adjustable rods and eccentric bolts) such as Supras, Celica GT4s and SW20 MR2s
  9. Elite wheels on that. It's probably a bona fide VXR without the 19s and I guess cloth interior?
  10. Oh god when I saw "baby benz" I had a horror show A-class in mind.
  11. Unsurprisingly, no mot history for that reg number.
  12. Bits of Isuzu Piazza in there I think.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fendt-Favorit-514c/273870900448 How effing cool is this? Steaming hot Massey background action in the first pic too.
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