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  1. I like it. That would have really nice when new. I'd bet all the underneath, like all the bolts holding all the subframes and suspension arms are seized rock solid though.
  2. 108bhp isn't bad for a warm 1.6 to be fair (they're usually around 90ish). The same was also true 30 years ago ofcourse, but that's progress. Still FAKE NAME.
  3. I remember something similar, though I couldn't say what bus specifically. If I were resting my head on the window I'd have to lift my head off slightly when the bus was idling!
  4. Not sure what the rear bumper is thee. Maybe RJM?
  5. I think the mounts are different but they're broadly similar.
  6. I was referring to this, which is the opposite of how I understand these things work, which is itself based on the fuel-cut defenders people use to fit to modified Japanese cars back in the day.
  7. If you provide fuel but cut the spark then fuel accumulates in the cylinder and gives det/pre-ignition when the spark fires back-up. If you cut the fuel then there's nothing to ignite.
  8. That looks like one of those fancy pants PVC-sheathed cable strippers with a manual crimper built into the handle. A proper ratchet crimper would be much nicer to use.
  9. So, now the Chieftain seems to be coming together when are you going back to the Renault? I fear the Ponti may have softened you. You may have gotten use to fixing a car and having it work without something else, completely unrelated, immediately breaking.
  10. Not what I had in mind when I read the words "truck racing"....
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