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End of year Tat Accounts.

warren t claim

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Mine's really boring!

Started with:


Ended up being a total ballache to sell and messed around by a Corby MX-5 specialist so didn't even get to enjoy the last of summer in it. Nice but I prefer Mk 1 I think. House stuff was final shove to get rid of it in November.


OUT at the start of the year. I hope it's okay.


OUT in summer after I bought the black Cruiser. Foolish move...


OUT: lack of covered storage was stressing me out with it and the arguments with MOT people just did my head in. House stuff meant cutting back on such things anyway.

Common sense was derailed by:


Boris: automatic convertible. Bought because I wanted to enjoy summer drives and expected to lose use of my right foot for months. Wasn't necessary as surgery went well.

Did I learn? Hell no.


Lovely RX-8 but buying a house means anything that was not MOT and was just suffering the cold was adding stress. Regret selling it, but not as much as I'd regret how stressed I'd be if I'd kept it.


I should have stuck with this as my automatic solution and enjoyed the 323i longer. I will have another one day.

In and staying:


I don't learn. Lilith is a 14,000 mile PT Cruiser cabrio. Auto. That's the keeper?! Not happy about winter but next house has carport and is less damp.


Before parts were removed in the hope we'd make a start on the bonnet. This is now my collection of rust and parts, which means I can be immensely stupid and waste money on making every bit of the bodywork right, like a fool. Worst case, I bought some classic wheels and an engine we know was running relatively recently, that could be moved into a more solid base, but I had a dream of what this could be the moment I saw it, and I want to see it through!

More to the point I'm getting a proper garage, so instead of being able to open a door /or/ have room to work on a car, both will be possible. I'm optimistic the chassis is okay but from what I've seen the big bucks are all going to be taken by the bonnet, windscreen, floor and tub/panels, and suspension/brakes R&R. And lots of little details like splash guards and stuff that are absent.

Giving myself five years, but if I can get it running and safe earlier I'll make that five years to "the dream" and be happy with a GRP bonnet and carbs as a stop gap, but it'll still need the windscreen frame, most of the rear/tub/passenger floor/etc. sorting so it feels silly doing half a job.

Place bets if I make it to summer 2023 without giving in to a cheap rough 1500/IV just to get a taste of Spitfire driving (no, I've never driven one. Vitesse, MG B/C and Midget and a TR6, but never a Spitfire).

Notable test cars:


Dacia Jogger. Bloody brilliant thing. Even seats 7.


D350. Over 42mpg. Not a hybrid. Very expensive but felt worth every penny. The four wheel steering was a surprise.


I like SsangYongs, but driving this after the RR... half the price (and change) and that felt about right, purely because the ride quality has been tuned to be a bit harsh and bouncy compared to the pre-facelift.

Started the year with a Puma ST and I'm ending with a CX-60 PHEV, both very nice cars, but the Jogger is the one that felt most relevant to real needs and real earnings. Give it a webasto roof and I'd love it.

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Hold the press! A late addition to the fleet, I don't think it's  tat (yet) and hopefully not shite either but in a change of plan I got a Honda CRZ hybrid.   


I wanted a V12 while still doable, then when I got cold feet I decided on another Corvette but the prices are a bit too rich for my blood at the moment. So I got 1.5 hybrid, if anyone can explain why to me please do.  Does this mean I have to hand my AS card in?

Definitely a fleet clear out in the spring involving 2.8 Z3 and 500 SEC!

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2 hours ago, spike60 said:

Hold the press! A late addition to the fleet, I don't think it's  tat (yet) and hopefully not shite either but in a change of plan I got a Honda CRZ hybrid.   


I wanted a V12 while still doable, then when I got cold feet I decided on another Corvette but the prices are a bit too rich for my blood at the moment. So I got 1.5 hybrid, if anyone can explain why to me please do.  Does this mean I have to hand my AS card in?

Definitely a fleet clear out in the spring involving 2.8 Z3 and 500 SEC!

Might be interested in the Z3, I had a craving for a 2.8 facelift for a while...

Also fingers crossed the CRZ is a good one.

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Well given we've only got a few hours left here we go.


Green xjr manual. Intend to to restore...


Turned out a lot rustier than expected so got another auto xjr off @jmsguzzi. Now converted to manual with the bits from the green car.


Bought a V8 Disco off @cpjitservices. Will probably be up for sale next year.


Did my CBT earlier this year and recently picked up a cbf125 but no fotos. 


First out was my old xj, previously of @Captain Slow. Had been my daily driver last year and was an absolutely fantastic car. Put 6k trouble free miles on it and fell back in love with driving. Went to a lovely Frenchman who has been all over Europe in it 


Green xjr went off as a spares car to a bloke who, at the time, had 4 of the things .


Also at the same time went my old Daimler. This was the longest standing member of the fleet (8 years) but I was never going to get round to fixing it so felt time for it to go. Has gone to a Jag specialist near me. He said he is going to restore it and I sincerely hope he does as it had a lot of sentimental value



Spaceship Civic diesel. Have put 12k miles on this year and hated most of it lol. Will shift it on if it makes it through winter to drive something more interesting again

TVR Chimaera. I love this thing. Barely driven this year. I intend to change that next year. Will probably become my daily 

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On 16/12/2022 at 22:57, loserone said:

The whole time, my 405 has been sitting in ScaryOldCortina's yard.


On the very last day of the year, I dragged this home behind the Duster.


Getting it home came quite close to causing a minor* case of divorce, and may yet still do so, so I sold it rapidly to @Jimbob McGregor who is going to raid it for it's axle and brightwork and weigh the rest in.


Begone, foul beast.


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On 12/24/2022 at 1:43 PM, worldofceri said:

IN: 1
Non Movers: 5

December 2021 - Working: 4; Broken: 1   
December 2022 - Working: 4: Broken: 2

IN: 2011 Ford Ranger Thunder   
STATUS: Working

The back end of ‘21 and the first half of this year were a good period for Walsgrave Transport and I began to have ideas about putting a second truck and trailer on the road. When @ruffgeezer put this Ranger up for sale my interest was piqued when I noticed it already had a tachograph fitted, which would save me a good few quid over getting one fitted.  Over the following few weeks, and egged on by @Inspector Morose, I talked myself into it. At about the same time I won a ‘cherished’ plate in a roffle from @Cord Fourteener, so that went on it. All it needed was the tacho calibrating and it was ready to go. Unfortunately since the summer, costs have been higher and business less brisk, so my plans to have a second trailer roadworthy have faltered. Still, the Ranger is proving a useful backup truck for when the Isuzu is in for service or whatever, as evidenced by this pic Mr Morose took the other week whilst out in the snow.


NON MOVER: 2017 Isuzu D-Max      
STATUS: Working

The Isuzu continues to be a superb towing machine. Now on 170,000 miles, averaging around 2,000 miles a week.


NON MOVER: 2000 Vauxhall Astra van     
STATUS: Broken

With the Ranger providing runaround duties, I have less use for the old Astra. When the wiper motor packed up just before the mot expired, I parked it up and cancelled the insurance, as I just didn’t have time to do anything with it. Currently still sat around whilst I figure out what to do with it.


NON MOVER:  2005 Honda Accord    
STATUS: Working

Mrs WoC’s Honda is still here as it just keeps going. Needs a wheel bearing and a couple of tyres. And a rear bumper if I’m being picky, after someone drove into it in a supermarket car park.


NON MOVER: 1980 VW Transporter Devon camper
STATUS: Working 

Our camper continued to be reliable and fun through 2022, though as ever, we didn’t really use it as much as we’d like. Currently for sale as we’re likely to use it even less next year. Terrible time to be selling a camper though and we’ve had very little interest.


NON MOVER: 1972 VW 1200
STATUS: Broken

Still in the garage surrounded by junk. Third year running for this photo.


That was the ex- @mat_the_catcherished plate. Good to see it serving a noble cause.

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