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  1. Yep I need to look into the legalities etc, and the strengthening of the underside where the seats bolt to. Im sure the garage I sue can sort that - they do MOT's so will know the safety guidelines etc. As for the re-class... No, im not fussed about speed limits but I think you have to go through the mtoions of getting re-class as motorhome/motorcaravan to be rejected and be giving van with Windows class, which I would rather have on the V5 rather than just leaving it as van / LGV on the log book. Plus it helps when you need to get Ferries etc, slightly cheaper but not by much
  2. This is nice, A friend of mine has offered me anything I want from his scrap Astra H, well, I need seats for the rear of my van (With seatbelts). So, do I take the front seats and rails, those will be able to be easily installed in the rear of the van and easy to fashion them to something (Box section?) to install in the back with seatbelts... or would I fashion the rear bench seat and back rest together somehow to save space in the back of the van - I cant figure out a way at the minute to join the back and seat together, not safely anyway - So maybe the front would be b
  3. Interesting, there are people on the forums and FB groups saying they have be classified as Van with Doors as reclass as Camper is hard to get even if you do have the guidelines done.
  4. Just insured with Flux for £384.66. Paid up front. Good policy. 90 days Euro cover!
  5. SitRep regarding registration/classification etc. SO with DVLA guidelines and reading on groups/forums, it is easier to register a self build as a van with Windows, but places like AdrainFlux WILL insure you as a camper van, I just got a quote from them for less than £500 for the year... (£427 to be precise) with me and the wife covered. Thats covered as a camper van conversion on the policy. This may be the route we take to get it registered, just need to figure out how to get it registered as a van with windows, and actaully fit some Windows (on the hunt now). Follow
  6. The only thing that worries me is the new DVLA guidelines for making it a Camper in regards to its classification.... I need to figure out exactly what this means... 2 or more windows on at least one side of the main body (this does not include windows on the driver or passenger doors) to provide a reasonable amount of daylight into the living accommodation Possibly we will need to have 2 Windows on one side, so one in side door and one behind it. For it to qualify.
  7. Cool we will see what we can do. We are going to include the rear setas (when we get them) into a L shape type thing to sit on. So need to source some rear seats. How do the Swivel seats work is it just a base? So you install the base and add the seat... any seat or something special? Thanks - ill take a look at that,
  8. We are looking at switching the double seat we have into a double swivel seat and leave drivers seat as is. We will need to add 2 seats in the rear as well with seatbelts.
  9. Oh its base allright, Keep fit windows in the front man!!!! Insulation: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ecotherm-Celotex-Kingspan-Recticel-PIR-Insulation-Boards-2400x1200mm/143208343300?hash=item2157e1e704:g:lKkAAOSwxqZctidD Looks like good stuff and is well used among the Camper Van community.
  10. First task has been done today, Bulkhead removed!, Surprisingly, have gained another 3-4 inches in the back! Secondly, battery added in the rear (Plonked in for now) LED strip lihts running off of it so I can work on it in the dark if needs be!
  11. Hi all I put up a wanted the other day to see if anyone had any campers for sale, as it turns out, a quick check of FB marketplace turned up this remarckable Van. Not a single spot of rust on it! 2.5 CDTI, Its Blue, and it has 167k on the clock with cam belt change 1000 miles ago (paperwork to prove) and runs lovely!. MOT until December so thats not bad! Its a Medium Wheel Base version and we are going to turn it into a camper, I have already put in a seperate battery and added lights in the back so I can work on it when it gets dark! No rear windows so I think that will be t
  12. Well my Saab is up for sale and someone on here ha bought it, just waiting gor all of this to calm so they can come and collect it.
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