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  1. I knew one of these once, with a very agricultural Diesel engine. WINS!
  2. OK so Im on the hunt for an LS400, @rantingYoof I read this thread just now form page 1 to the last, and MEGA SMILES!! Much Want! Thanks
  3. Results are in: Not bad for an old Saab! with almost moon Mileage!
  4. Aye for 211k Miles... It runs pretty sweet! And you wouldnt think it looking at the car, its still in solid condition!
  5. Your old Saab is outside of my house, booked in for MOT tomorrow. Picked it up from my uncles this afternoon.. Runs as sweet as nut. We shall see what the result is tomorrow.
  6. Update Some things have been done, New Lesuire battery installed today, 135AH, Big enough for what we need! Cabling installed and fuse box, Fiamma roof vent ordered should arrive tomorrow!
  7. Same key I had with my 2001 Focus, one of the best Ford Keys I reckon, I remember my old mans Sierras with the same key, though the key ring part on his was just the corner, not the full length of the key.
  8. Somewhere in my garage I have a large keyring, Stamped Edmunds Walker, it was originally atatched to a set of keys for an Eddy Walkers Maestro S500 van...inside the keyring was the fuel card the Eddys used to use. No idea where the fuel card went but I still have the keyring somewhere, and its huge! See if I can find it.
  9. LOL A friend of mine is selling this. Wait for it..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DAF-LF45-Ex-Library-Truck/274545167796?hash=item3fec2acdb4:g:fpQAAOSwyiZfkpy3 Enjoy! Its actaully a bargain! and big enough to live in!
  10. Loved my 740, which I sold to someone of this Parish have not seen it since. E505 NRL...where are you?
  11. Quick Update Sorry I havent been on for a while! So far conversion consists of some rear seats purchased (need to figure out seatblets) and old flooring and wood ripped out from the rear! Split charge system installed and fuse box, along with Main Switch panel and some lights - all temporary fixed for now.
  12. Yep I need to look into the legalities etc, and the strengthening of the underside where the seats bolt to. Im sure the garage I sue can sort that - they do MOT's so will know the safety guidelines etc. As for the re-class... No, im not fussed about speed limits but I think you have to go through the mtoions of getting re-class as motorhome/motorcaravan to be rejected and be giving van with Windows class, which I would rather have on the V5 rather than just leaving it as van / LGV on the log book. Plus it helps when you need to get Ferries etc, slightly cheaper but not by much
  13. This is nice, A friend of mine has offered me anything I want from his scrap Astra H, well, I need seats for the rear of my van (With seatbelts). So, do I take the front seats and rails, those will be able to be easily installed in the rear of the van and easy to fashion them to something (Box section?) to install in the back with seatbelts... or would I fashion the rear bench seat and back rest together somehow to save space in the back of the van - I cant figure out a way at the minute to join the back and seat together, not safely anyway - So maybe the front would be b
  14. Interesting, there are people on the forums and FB groups saying they have be classified as Van with Doors as reclass as Camper is hard to get even if you do have the guidelines done.
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