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  1. Only tiome ive ever been recoverd is when the wifes Mondeo now in the hands of @sierraman, shat its Clutch salve cylinder naturally then lost clutch pedal. Key banging it and rev matching I managed to get it to S safe place for recovery. Not much change out of 1100 quid for that clutch replacement.
  2. Sailed past quite a few moderns 2012 upwards on the hard shoulder today, 200 mile round trip. Many old cars about including a Kreg XJS keeping up with the traffic.
  3. A man with a Disco which doesnt have a stream of oil following it lol
  4. I presume those drops are oil and are following that car.
  5. Ohhh thats a shame I would have had it off you
  6. WHat killed it? THere are some expensive bits on them.
  7. The Mondeos really are good, underestimated in fact. the 2.0 TDCI I wouldnt say is bullet-proof but its certainly reliable enough.
  8. Needs new exhaust, clutch will need doing soon as it’s getting heavy. Shes got a bit of rot but no holes as far as I can see. 1.8 LS in Rioja Red, 91k, runs as sweet as a nut - ignoring the exhaust tone.
  9. I really wish my Cav wasnt off the road, debating selling it.
  10. Got home from Beamish, Citroen behaved. No dramas.
  11. I hope you recommended him to join the best beige.
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