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  1. Well my Saab is up for sale and someone on here ha bought it, just waiting gor all of this to calm so they can come and collect it.
  2. High mileage? Nah, your old Saab is knocking on 217k now and still going strong... thats ones a wee baby.
  3. Insured the new truck for an almighty £9 more than the Saab!! Dont know why the insurance company bothered lol. Really enjoying driving an Auto again! Saab now off the road! SORNED.
  4. Where did u end up? Darlington is my hometown.
  5. I know mate! At least I can pass it onto someone with things already done and improved! My business has reached a point where I need to invest in a big compan vehicle...I did look at a van - but cant get the kids in one. Sigh.
  6. Breaking News: Must sell Saab now - Business has come to a point that I need a truck!
  7. Calling all Beigers Brid car auctions has an E reg Bluebird coming up for sale with EMOTEE until November: I may go and see what it is like but it looks a gem! Less than 100K, Auto and MOT... Ideal!
  8. Would it be ok if I was to copy this story and its photos and post it on my Car group on Facebook? Courtesy of AS of course.
  9. I can safely say power has been restored. She's driving tremendously. Thats just for cleaning out the current EGR, I'll fit the new one when it arrives. Driving absolutely spot on.
  10. Im glad your racking up the miles, I did too....its one of those cars you jump in and dont even thik about any issues and it gets the job done!! Its an outstanding motor! I miss it ... a lot. I have never had such a dependable car - and it was good on fuel, carried us all and went like stink Id gladly have another! Ive got the 93 which I am using the 95 as a benchmark - I will make this one just as good! I am glad it is doing you a good service!
  11. Lovely motor! Are these any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/genuine-rover-400-45-beige-carpet-mats-eah103280smj/322849890587?hash=item4b2b5a611b:g:atsAAOSwBkRZ8wF5
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