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  1. Those engines are hard to kill!
  2. 2.0 HDI is a very good engine indeed, not sure if the auto boxes are any good! Never had a 2.0 bolted to an Autobox before! Big fan of the HDI, not an overly complicated engine either! Nice car.
  3. I am hoping to get an odler car like LS400 as I still have my classic car policy from my old Volvo 740.... I struggle to get anything on credit at the minute hence Jag may have to go soon as I wont get insured on it due to financial stuff with an IVA... I cant even get a mobile phone contract. Least if I get an older car and can put it on my classic policy which is paid up then that would help!
  4. I have been fancying an LS400 or 430 for quite some time! Any one up for swaps.... S Type lol.
  5. Nice that.... anyone want an S Type lol
  6. Have a pic. This is Elleron Lake near Pickering.
  7. Yeah not too bad... Not sure on budget yet.... depends how much I have to spend on the S Type lol.... I have a stack of invoices for it this year.
  8. Actually, a nice Mondeo 07 upwards would be cool.... Auto and Estate! Maybe even 2.5
  9. Hi all Had my Jag S Type 1 year this coming February... and I am wondering what car I will get next! I just cannot decide what I want next, I'd really like to try an Audi Allroad or a nice A6 with petrol engine.... Could even go with an XJ6 of similar age maybe with 3 litre V6? At some point I really would like a V8 in my life so maybe Lexus LS400 on classic insurance? Or Range Rover - 05 plate upwards maybe even a Discovery! Who knows! Cant make my mind up which I would like, though its going to be hard finding anything that has power like the Jag does with its remap.... I think I would miss that power! Unless of course.... V8 pawerrrrrrr!!!!
  10. Spotted taht a mile off lol its not had much love that car! I would like an Allroad A6 though!
  11. Nice... if it had been an Allroad....
  12. Bluebird Vroom-less https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224582236081?hash=item344a24f7b1:g:vKIAAOSws45hIpt~
  13. My Grandad is on it... my uncle is on it too. My old work place has 3 of my cars over the timeline, Vectra, Picasso and the first Jag I owned lol. UNC: Jag before the Mondeo Grandad: Next door to my other Grandad is a serial Bluebird collector
  14. Cool not bad, not sure if you know the history but it has had recent cambelt ... that wont be due for at least another 8 years yet unless you over 80k in it lol
  15. The grill? it used to have a black, de-badged grill.
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