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  1. OOOOKKKK Just did a quick trip in the Saab, she's firing up first time. And turning over much better. Turbo low down seems to be cured, its cutting in around 2k and can hear the whitle. Certainly seems more spritely... possible Timing was out slightly? Its running like a dream. Engine note seems quieter, there is no hesitiation/what feels like a misfire and no smoking now either. SO possibly the EGR Valve/MAF/MAP etc is ok. Wonderful. Just need to sort the knock out!!! Great car!
  2. They took it for a spin and couldnt quite figure out where the knock was coming from But I think itll be ok to wait until MOT time now. Power, well, it had warmed up when I picked it up - Temp gauge was half way, and drove spot on. Low down power. Seems to be only when she's cold and not quite woken up yet that shes down on power. But will investigate. Can investigate properly now that Cam belt is done. I didnt want to mess about running her too much until belts had been done. Aux belt has been replaced too. Can investigate properly now that I can hear the tone of the engine without that horrible tensioner whinning its tits off, garage said its been replaced at the right time because that tensioner was not far off falling apart. Though the old belt itself did not look too old. Arbb's ?? Anti Roll Bar Bushes?
  3. Garage had a quick look and couldnt find the source of the knock... could be exhuast. Will investigate come MOT time.
  4. Shes back. New cambelt kit water pump coolant etc, even found a woodruff key under one of the engine mounts New tyres on the back, apparently brakes where missing the springs (Drivers side)? Anyway those are now replaced. Rear brakes given complete overhaul. All levels topped up. Engine osunding bang on, no squaking Tensioner anymore Happy car.
  5. Shes at the garage, Cambelt being done also told them to have a look round and see if it needs anything else. 2X rear tyres also going on. Whatever the knock is will also be sorted today. No more voltage drain either!
  6. Confirmed booking for next week to get Cambelt and waterpump done. Tuesday Next Week.
  7. Not the best pic as I spotted it out the corner of my eye and whipped my phone out, but it is a 900 S Turbo.
  8. Update, since new battery has been fitted and aside form the smoking when she first starts and the slight misfire - she's running like a dream! I even had turbo low down in the rev range at low speed today! Classy.
  9. Tucked up all safe and sound asleep LOL
  10. New Battery fitted, Spins over a lot quicker now and we get a steady 13+ at idle charge which is good. HOPEFULLY..... I'll get it booked in next week for cambelt. MAF off to give it a really good clean out, it was somewhat pitted! Might ask garage whilst thye are in at cambelt to take alook at the EGR.
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