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  1. These engines get VERY hot before the fan even thinks about cutting in. I had it cut in once after a long Journey. Looking great!
  2. I dont think Cambelt was long done.. 2017 perhaps.. 80 odd thousand miles anyway. But always best to replace when theres no record of it.
  3. Its definately gone to the correct guy for a new owner thats for sure! I wish I could have found the time! But I am enjoying the updates! Thanks (Clutch next ;))
  4. Can we let new members in? My Uncle is trying to join
  5. Anyway all you need is old Vauxhall deadlocks to defeat local scraots around these parts - hence thwarted theft of Cavalier polans when they couldnt unlock the doors lol.
  6. Its not just cars but Peds/Bikes is rife - more so now then usual it seems.
  7. Glad its all running again! By the way.. watch this documentary..... Mainly becaus its stars your Cavalier (Its famous ;)) Note the alarm stickers in the rear door windows LOL
  8. I love Indian bikes.. even have a sign up saying Indian Parking this way >> All others will be scrapped LOL
  9. Good radio that Sony, you can turn off the flashy-flashy lol could do with that for my Mondeo now as radio has packed up in that loll Typical Ford CD 6000 fashion.
  10. Only tiome ive ever been recoverd is when the wifes Mondeo now in the hands of @sierraman, shat its Clutch salve cylinder naturally then lost clutch pedal. Key banging it and rev matching I managed to get it to S safe place for recovery. Not much change out of 1100 quid for that clutch replacement.
  11. Sailed past quite a few moderns 2012 upwards on the hard shoulder today, 200 mile round trip. Many old cars about including a Kreg XJS keeping up with the traffic.
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