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  1. Got am email from Adrian Flux, they want me to go get 'Quote' for repairs (just so ahppens I have a very good friend who owns a garage). My insurance is not going to be effected as he has claimed it is his fault completely. Not bad, if I get a new bumper, and a bit of welding done
  2. Not mine but my FIL's cars are always hanging... heavy smoker and he doesnt use the ashtray. He has a 60 plate Mistsubishi which he bought brand new.. and you wouldnt even take it for scrap money - and he recently took it for MOT in this condition. Fag ash everywhere and coffee (I Kid you not) all over the dash where hes spilt his drink. The old Passat that is amongst this Parish was the same when I got it off him and I spent weeks upon weeks getting rid of the Fag stains and smell - never did quite get rid of it but I dont suppose you ever do. Absolutely hanging. Every car he owns ends up the same way... he doesnt use the ash tray, and the door cards become completely white/grey as do the carpets and seats. The dash ends up brown from Coffee and Nicotine. And yes, hes one of these that believes he knows everything there is to know about cars, but doesnt spend a single penny on them unless it fails its MOT. Its fine if he wants to smoke in it etc.... but there are pletny of Valeting/hand car wash places around here, why not pop it in at least once a month. Grotty. Scruffy.
  3. Engine is superb! as its the V8... Body work wise.. fairly tidy gonna need some tickling with a sparkly stick come MOT in Feb as the inner wings are shit and ive poked a hole in one of them ... dont poke holes in your vehicle people! But apart from that! It is literally a smashed indicator - I mean, the lens is gone completely about £30 on ebay but the bumper is quite expenive especially for matching colour which I want... its like 200-250 delivered with Fog lamps and in decent nick!
  4. Insurance should be calling me next week to go through the options but itll almost certainly be written off Hopefully they give me a some of money and I get to keep the car and get it fixed.
  5. Well, someone backed into the Land Rover this morning at 4AM pulling off his drive, in the process smashing my Indicator and Bumper. Its only minor... his back end is not good with Dent in Boot Lid, dinged plastics qaurter and his reversing sensors now not working - so hes made a claim! Which he has admitted its his fault, but I reckon my poor Landy is going to be written off!! Oh yeah he has an Nissan thing on 21 plate. So thats hwy hes made the claim.
  6. Aye his situation is not the best at the moment, such is life huh
  7. Yeah to be fair.. my poor unc hasnt got that much to spend on getting it fixed either really. Would be a shame... but I dont think he could afford to get it all done. Especially when its sitting on 212k and not running the best... I am suspicious of the DPF.
  8. Hes been offered 300 for it (not sure why or how) it is starting to get crusty though on one of the strut tops. Which by next MOT would be mentioned if it makes it that long, however.. one other issue... the garage rang a few places and could not find a steering rack anywhere!!!!!!
  9. Hi Just letting you know the demise of the Saab 93 I acquired from here and then I gave it to my uncle last year or so... put in for MOT and the results are: Getting scrapped next week! Not bad mileage I think you will agree.
  10. Glad your back home safe with no mis-haps but also very glad to see my ex VE06 HXM! Miss that car!
  11. Awesome that, remind sme of the one that lived near me as a kid... Was a Diesel! And very clattery!
  12. Probably EGR if its the 1.9. Mate of mine just got one of these, from Auctions. Nice Mota.
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