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  1. Cool not bad, not sure if you know the history but it has had recent cambelt ... that wont be due for at least another 8 years yet unless you over 80k in it lol
  2. The grill? it used to have a black, de-badged grill.
  3. Still a powerful beast? It was running around 170 BHP after its remap!
  4. Oh u have the mighty Passat now? Great Car! I spent a lot on that car!
  5. Its been in for MOT. Failed initially but not by much! Less than £500 (£475.50) later and its a pass!! Garage where actually quite impressed, for A Van that has 170k on it they expected it to be a shed but its actually really solid and runs sweet as a nut! Not ba considering it hasnt moved since last August! On with the conversion.....
  6. A brand new Ford Sierra anybody?? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114764610065
  7. Been for a drive. I'ts driving Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. My old man had a sports version of one of these, in Automatic.... It could shift!
  9. OK, I might just have to bid. Lack of engine is slightly scary.... though.
  10. Yep, they do have a habit of splitting on the bottom side. Its definately possible.... in fact it could be that because when the car is cold it leaks.... when the car is warmed up it doesnt - hence, there could be a crack in the tank and when its warm the crack is not showing. And also when the garage pressure tested the engine was warm - as they found no leak.
  11. The whole set was done! The whole shebang!
  12. Yep... £3.10 because when he picks it up it will all turn to sand so he needs that £3 for a jiffy bag to pop it in and send to the winning bidder.
  13. Update!!! All I can say is - WOW! New servo has fixed the brake issues!! It stops as it should and the brakes are sharp! Nearly went flying through the windscreen they are that good! Going to take some getting used to! Fantastic!
  14. Update. (Hasnt been one for a while). I managed to source a brand new - old stock servo (cost me £480, mind) and it is getting fixed/fitted today - just had new thermostat housing as well as the one that was fitted split. Common problem apparently. Few bulbs to replace as well and need to trace A Coolant leak... which has appeared only after the thermostat housing was replaced. Weirdly. So today we should have a clean bill of health and a very nice, sublime driving car! Update later.
  15. Are you sure? Nothing some Pop rivets and split pins cant fix surely!!!???
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