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  1. The Saturn SL2 next to the amazingly yellow Previa (one of my favorites colors for them) was another surprise. I've also seen a really rough mark viii like mine in the same neighborhood. Drivers advised to not stop there since people get shot all the time, for me it was a gold mine lol. The Fleetwood Pace Arrow is one of my favorite old-school RVs as well.
  2. A few more. The Hyundai Pony was one of the biggest surprises. You wonder how it would survive for so long.
  3. Hot off the press. '95ish Crown Vic.
  4. Seen this on FB marketplace for a while now and thought the same. Pretty sure the description previously said the engine overheated though. Hard to tell if that would be an easy fix or whether things are f*cked. Imperials are generally undervalued though.
  5. One of Audis finest hours I would say, these could run forever without rotting away like most stuff from the era would so I can understand why the previous owner thought it's too nice to break. Great to see it ending up in the right hands despite the odds.
  6. E30 is still in daily use from what I can tell, it's been there as long as I can remember. Not particularly keen on the Volvo😂
  7. Seemingly abandoned Volvo and E30 touring, both in my home town.
  8. Im on holidays now which means I finally got time to update the thread. More improvements have happened to both bimmers. The blue 7 received the chromeline sill covers which really make the car feel that little bit more special and expensive when opening the door. I've also replaced one of the front bumper corner trims, still have to find a good one for the driver's side. My other half's 7 received new bumper trim in the back, I also replaced the faulty PDC sensor while in there which means this car will hopefully not receive any further scuffs after its hard life in London. I will send of the cluster for the typical pixel repair when I'm back, get a new tire ordered to replace the spare currently on the car and replace the radio which suffers from the same pixel errors. It's pretty much in use now, if you want to buy the 2015 Fiat 500 Lounge that it replaced, let me know. The ivory Mark VIII has finally received some love again. It's been stashed away for the last 2 or 3 years which really hasn't helped it cosmetically (nor electrically, the replacement air suspension relay died while in storage...). I've given it its first good clean inside and out in years and god what a difference it makes. I still have to stick the badges back on but the Ivory pearlescent paint looks brilliant in the sun and underneath lights. Realistically it would benefit from a respray as the clearcoat is going in places, I think its still a few years before that really needs to happen though. The engine is a bit cleaner as well again, and the chrome 10-spokes polished up nicely with a bit of steel wool and elbow grease. The A6 Avant finally received its set of OEM 5-spoke alloys (which I bought after Christmas for a crate of lemonade, see above). Not before getting two punctures on one side of the car though. I'm not sure if someone was mad about me parking in a particular spot for a couple of weeks or what but that really doesn't seem normal. Good thing these winter tires were close to the end of their life anyway... The black Lincoln got out of storage as well (the E39 that needs it's sills welded will go into it's place instead until I have figured out who can do a 100% decent job) and will stay in Germany for its upcoming TÜV inspection. It's only insured from March to October so I'll probably use it for a week here, leave it at my parents, get it inspected/oil changed and then collect it again sometime next year.
  9. Spotted in the Netherlands yesterday.
  10. Whitewalls are too thicc but otherwise perfection.
  11. I like these Fleetwood Pace Arrows for some reason. Peak late 80s RV to me.
  12. Bargain considering how much these break for. Ask me how I know.
  13. The facelift Alpina rear spoiler is similar to your photos but not 3-piece. Parts are rare but can be found on FB marketplace, E39 groups and ebay.
  14. As you can tell in the front image it's the Alpina front lip you could get from the dealer here in the UK. This car is a facelift, so facelift front bumper (hence the round foglights) with the lip. Rear definitely has a Zender lower lip. Spoiler and sideskirts I can't tell.
  15. Why is April Margera selling old BMWs now?
  16. Something I forgot to post before, and something I am unreasonably proud of: all plastics of the battery cover are back in place! I kinda see this as final confirmation that things are at a point where the car is truly usable again. Quite a big deal if you consider that this Celsior has been off the road for almost a decade (last MOT passed was September 2012) and that it was pretty much certain that it would have ended up in the scrapyard, hadn't I commited to saving it. Not something that happens too often with cars like these in the UK. With the Celsior out of the drive the next blue barge from the 90s quickly took its place. One of the reasons I bought the silver 728i was to get the chromeline interior trim which is rather rare and pricey. There's nothing wrong the the E38s interior but a few subtle chrome accents can go a long way in adding a little bit more flair to the inside. I've replaced the center console trim and shifter yesterday. I cleaned and polished the hell out of the center console to get it to look as nice as I can without redoing the clearcoat. Before: After: THE BUTTONS HAVE A CHROME BEZEL NOW WOW. The shifter actually needed a bit of trimming at the bottom to fit over the lever, the Dremel once again was the perfect tool for the job. I've spent too much time cleaning that ashtry to not post a photo of it... Today I've also started cleaning up the chrome kick plates from the donor car. I think they turned out quite nicely consider they had 179k miles on them! Top after steel wool, bottom untouched. The difference isn't as obvious in the photo. I'll probably ceramic coat them to see if I can stop some of the corrosion and get a few more scratches out. Screwfix didn't have any double sided tape in stock despite saying so on their website (apparently thats how BMW fitted them from the factory...) so I'll just wait until my online order arrives. The recycling has no limits as the BMW badges of the donor made its way onto mine as well. These are actually over 30 quideach new when you buy genuine ones. Quality content. I've also replaced the power steering hoses which were the only advisory at the last MOT. Very typical BMW issue, fairly easy job as well so hopefully this is sorted now. Out with the old shit: In with the new (Halfords ATF III because I didn't have any Dexron III at hand). The o-rings for the power steering cooler connections were replaced as well. I It all needed to go in there, right under the air filter box and alternator: No image of it all being reassembled but everything went smoothly. I made an attempt at cleaning up the belly pan but with the amount of gunk in there it was just hopeless. The car continues to improve at a good pace I'd say. The Style 37 M-Parallels that came with the donor (main reason for buying the car) will get new tires and go on this one as soon as I found a replacement 9.5J rim that isn't as curbed as mine. Really looking forward to it as the tires I have on this right now couldn't be more imbalanced if they tried. Bonus car spotter's dream photo: The Corona is in regular use and my main grocery getter at the moment. The Senator might be the next car to receive an MOT. Hopefully it won't need much to pass, there wasn't any particular issue that made me park it up. It idles pretty poorly at the moment though, hopefully thats just related to the scrap battery in it...
  17. The Celsior received a new battery, fresh oil change and is now insured and at Scaryoldcortina's garage to hopefully get an MOT soon. I popped by the Toyota dealership to order a few bits for it, unfortunately a bolt was the only reasonably priced/available part on my list, not too surprised so Amayama it is again. It was also the first actual drive in the car to find out what might still be needed. There is some suspension clunking coming from the front which will most likely be front strut bar bushes that are tired (everything else looked surprisingly solid while I was underneath the car), the cheapo ebay special Maxpeedingrods (without an "s") coilovers do surprisingly well although I wouldn't be surprised if they are actually contributing to the suspension knocks I hear... The car rides fairly comfortably but has a certain bounciness to it that most likely is the result of less than ideal spring/damper tuning. I'll hold on to them for a little while though, the BC coilovers I got need a bit of tidying up anyway. Also ordered a replacement door lock assembly for the passenger rear door on ebay, the motor on mine is dead causing the central locking to go crazy at a certain speeds trying to lock the car over and over. Cost me a whopping 13 quid posted.
  18. I already have an LS400 project. What does it need?
  19. Still want a Cosmo. Still kicking myself for not buying a 13b for 3.5k on ebay years ago. Red and was clean, too.
  20. Quite a bit of interest so far, I'm glad that I seem to be able to sell most larger parts relatively quickly although I'm waiting for payment for most of them. Ideally the car would be gone by beginning of June, let's see how much is left until then.
  21. Once again its new car time! Only that its already f*cked. As seen in the Glasgow Shiter needed thread last week a vehicle came up for sale in the Ebay tat thread that was hard to resist and required IMMEDIATE action. The main reason for that was that the asking price for the car was about as much as you'd pay for the set of wheels the car was standing on. As you can imagine, the interest in the car was high and the seller not particular interested in anything but you showing up with cash, ideally straight away. The car in question was....... Another BMW E38 7-Series! And its another 728i! This time however its the facelift, in Sport trim, with a few goodies that made the impromptu trip up to the South of Glasgow worth the journey. Thanks again to @cort16 for providing backup as its always fun* to show up in a somewhat rough neighborhood, with a stack of cash, not knowing what to expect. Fortunately the seller turned out to be a nice chap who for whatever reason negotiated the price down despite me saying that I'm perfectly fine with all the issues the car has considering the money he wanted for it. And oh boy how many issues it has. The ABS light came on during a short test drive, accompanied with a pretty serious sounding metal grinding noise from the passenger front corner. I initially thought the sensor wire might be the problem. I had a look today. Turns out the dustshield is just losely hanging behind the brake rotor, and with the wheel bolts removed, there is nothing but the caliper keeping the rotor in place... The car also has an check engine light. Apparently the previous-previous owner installed an M50 intake manifold, a popular mod for the M52 to gain a little more peak HP. That must be triggering a code. The car also runs a little rough on and off, it seems to happen at random times so Im not 100% sure what it could be without reading the codes. Aside from that the cats are missing (naturally) and every single panel has rust, excluding both front wings which got replaced with ones in the wrong color. The interior has the typical few broken bits as well. None of that matters though as the car was bought as a parts donor. I need quite a few myself bits, and many of the Sport trim specific parts are easy to sell for decent money. I initially just wanted to take the wheels and Chrome Line related trim pieces and put the rest up for sale for cheap (if anyone still is interested after reading this, let me know...) but I honestly think that this car really only has its value in its parts. As you can see I've dug into things quite a bit already: I'll continue to strip the easy bits and put them up for sale in the usual FB groups, if anyone needs anything thats available please let me know. The rest of the car will be sold as one (driving) piece, ideally its gone in two weeks as I need the space back. In other news, I cleared the Airbag light on the Celsior. Turns out the procedure to do so with a bunch of wires is well documented. Who needs diagnostics tools?! I almost forgot how the engine bay looked with all the beauty covers back on...
  22. Wow, bold color choice.
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