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  1. I use the Track Ace laser wheel alignment setup. Bloody good and cheap as chips at under £75. https://www.motorsport-tools.com/trackace-laser-wheel-alignment-system-tracking-gauges-toe-in-out-tool-tracker.html
  2. You might need to dig me out first...
  3. Here’s an AA magazine test of the Dturbo when it came out. It’s critical of the PAS in that there’s almost no assistance above a certain speed. I used to punt mine all over the North Pennines, Lakes and Yorkshire Dales for my farm surveying work around 2009-10 and I did used to find that it was quite heavy going on your upper body driving very challenging roads (like constant racetrack for 100 miles a day). I now have a roffle-win Mardi Gras TD and assume it has the same setup but would be nice in some ways to have the same as the naturally aspirated diesel as it would be even more agile. PEUGEOT_205_1.8D_TURBO_R9122A.pdf
  4. That’s what I would do (have done for a few diesel cats) and in the case of a dpf have it mapped out.
  5. Hmm, this one’s going to take more looking into isn’t it? Perhaps checking vacuum pipes/actuator/turbo, etc etc although all the codes are dpf additive related. Let‘s look at dpf loading etc and it might well be worth pulling it out and pressure washing. Also do I see that these things have swirl flaps.....?
  6. —————- See above for the possible starting issue. The window winder caps are original factory. The leccy windows on 205s we’re always a bit wobbly-feeling!
  7. These are fabulous. Never been in a Dangel but in 1995 I was on placement with L’Office National de la Chasse in the middle of a big forest. Had the following to play with: R4 Savane van (rear windows in steel, no rear seat C25D high roof LWB with off road tyres 504 pickup (being LHD it had the column change) I did see a few Dangels around though and had lustful thoughts towards them.
  8. If so, PM first as it’s tucked out of the way, stealth-like.
  9. Is it the recovery guy on the LP industrial estate? If so he would probably fit it for you while you’re there if you asked in advance.
  10. My parents had the house along there from 1979 until last year when they moved towards Ebchester (far easier to manage). I’m out 1100 feet up in Weardale above St John’s Chapel (loserone moving up here imminently also) and I now run the local village garage. I reckon there’s plenty of scope here for a mini Shitefest. There’s a suitable field next to my garage etc...
  11. Nice cars (and I see you’ve bought the ex-Jim Bell MINI there). Just looking at your photos and I realise you live bang opposite the end of the lane that I grew up on (right at end just before the old iron bridge). Weird seeing what looked like really familiar sights...
  12. Oh, and these just have a suction pump on the injection pump - no in-tank pumps required, nice and simple.
  13. Now you’ve got the pump off and having issues, I’d recommend finding a local diesel specialist. The old-school sort, with all the kit to calibrate injectors and rebuild rotary pumps. They should sort that in a jiffy, hopefully making full use of all your seals in the process. Hopefully not massively expensive too. Don’t stress, it’ll get there.
  14. Just an observation, I’ve had a look at this thread and checked the reg on TotalCarCheck. It says it’s a BX19 TXD, not a turbo. Does that change anything for anyone?.
  15. It won’t do the tightest fixings, but pretty-much anything else. I might use the breaker bar to start something when needed, then use the speed of the impact wrench. As I said, the sheer small size (especially when used with stubby sockets) makes it far more usable than anything else. I have a Clarke mains impact wrench and never use it anymore.
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