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  1. Two 405s of this forum stashed currently with @loserone
  2. And our D turbo and Inca D. Lovely car and lovely seats too.
  3. Also strip/clean/free-up/lube of brakes all round. Vactan on sump which was rather rusty (and up here I see a lot of rusty sumps that fail). Probably more...!
  4. That is a lovely colour. In 2006 I went on a band trip to rural Normandy from Devon in a band member’s 2.5TDI Caravelle. Lovely engine and a very roomy, capable carrier of people. Nice velour seats I seem to remember. After arriving back to Devon (ferry via Portsmouth I think) I jumped in my C4 Audi A6 Avant with the 5cyl TDI with only a slightly more powerful 115bhp and towed my stashed 2cv from my workshop in back of beyond Devon back to the North East. I do like a nice 5cyl. Best of luck with yours.
  5. Hey! You got my old Dturbo in there! It did do some proper off-roading at times with my work but a Dangel version would have been useful.
  6. The PO vans are the slightly lifted 2wd versions (Dangel Trek). They might have grip control or something like the 2008 etc, but popular around here for the worst tracks etc (although our Postie has to live with a normal one for our track). I’d love a previous gen (M59) Partner or Berlingo Dangel. Would be ideal for us. A Partner is ideal, but it can be rough out here in Upper Weardale at 1100ft up and our steep track sometimes goes beyond what good winter tyres can cope with for a few days, sometimes possibly weeks a year. Cue @loserone
  7. Re: the ABS fault. I’ve found that MINIs commonly flake loads of rust off the CV joint casing, which then causes havoc with the ABS magnetic pickup ring on the wheel bearing. Chunks get torn off the ring which means that the sensor gives a reading that is sometimes iffy. Bearing replacement sorts it.
  8. Yep, nothing like as much fun or involvement as the 205.
  9. Same place in March, opposite direction. When the wind blows the snow drifts badly here. IMG_4289.MOV
  10. Whilst the snow wasn’t that bad up here in Upper Weardale today I had to do a 25 mile drive over the top into Allendale to get my kids from school in the 205 with old summer tyres and <2mm tread. The floods lower down were something else. IMG_6575.MOV
  11. Got me another 205 DT for winter fun ten years later, @loserone will recognise the 306 HDI on the final pic as its remapped 125bhp guts are possibly going into a Peugeot 405 estate...
  12. A few North Pennine Peugeot (mostly 205 D Turbo) images from winters past. Many from the particularly good 2009-10 winter.
  13. I’m to blame for the protracted collection. Let’s just say I’m lining it up for once I’ve lost a couple more of the fleet. Massive thanks to L1 for helping arrange all this!
  14. Oh dear. Fifteen. 1990 405 GRD Turbo Estate 1996 205 Inca D shared with @loserone 1979 Dyane 6 1992 205 Mardi Gras TD 2004 307SW 2.0 110Hdi 2010 Fiat 500 2x 2005 XC90 (one manual, one auto) 2006 107 1999 306 GLX HDI Partner’s 206CC (Peugeot) Partner 1.6HDI 2002 Jag S type 3.0 2000 Murvi Morello (Ducato 2.8idtd) campervan 2002 Ford Ranger 2004 206 SW 2.0HDI Up to 8 used regularly. Offloading several imminently in pursuit of happiness and a happy and peaceful life
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