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  1. Just an observation, I’ve had a look at this thread and checked the reg on TotalCarCheck. It says it’s a BX19 TXD, not a turbo. Does that change anything for anyone?.
  2. It won’t do the tightest fixings, but pretty-much anything else. I might use the breaker bar to start something when needed, then use the speed of the impact wrench. As I said, the sheer small size (especially when used with stubby sockets) makes it far more usable than anything else. I have a Clarke mains impact wrench and never use it anymore.
  3. Also, for tracking I use a Trackace. Under £80 and works a treat once you get into the routine of using it.
  4. When I took on my garage business recently one thing I bought was a pair of Milwaukee M12FIW38 12v 3/8 impact wrenches, a pair of batteries and a charger. Despite being 12v, despite being 3/8, these things are fantastic and will undo most stuff. They speed up jobs massively and the really small form mean they’ll squeeze into tight spaces that not much else will. A 4.0ah battery will often last two-three days. Late last year the bare units could be had for £100 and the 4.0ah batteries for £40. Charger for £25 and I was all set. Bought a few 3/8 impact socket sets including stubby, long and up/down size converters. I really rate Welzh Werkzeug impact sockets too. Bought quite a few Yato ratchets, and auto wire stripper and various other things recently too. Yato seem to be a Polish brand. I’m very impressed with their stuff, especially given the low prices.
  5. I’ve seen the oil in my 258k Partner Combi HDI be clean like a petrol engine after several changes at the 2.5k mark when it came out of storage a couple of years ago. After a couple of years of 6k changes it’s fully black and still looking black-ish straight after a change.
  6. Change the oil regularly chaps to avoid timing chain issues as the chain is lightweight (it was the smallest twin cam 16 valve diesel in the world and possibly still is) and the tensioner is hydraulic. Also block the tiny drain from the scuttle panel where the water drops onto a wiring loom beneath. I seem to remember something happening with mine (and other cars) where if parked facing uphill (or downhill - one or the other) water could find its way into the airbox and cause a hydraulic lock of the engine if left long enough as care needs to be taken to ensure the airbox lid fits perfectly. If the turbo wastegate seizes (cue EML light on trying to boot it up hills) you can free it/work it by levering it with a pry bar and lubricating it with silicone spray or suchlike. I had one for a couple of years. Once traveled to somewhere near Hastings from Newcastle upon Tyne on about £20 of diesel at a computer indicated 85mpg by keeping up with the trucks in the inside lane when I had all day to do the journey. Loved it but I find the 1.1 Active to be more fun as it’s got an unburstable engine that somehow feels more flexible than the multijet which is rather laggy, and easy to find yourself in the wrong gear. For long journeys a taller 5th or a 6th gear would have been great as economy really suffers with speed. Still, all-round a fab car. GLWS!
  7. It’s tough on cars up here! That’s why I’m so busy (still finding my momentum in fifth week of taking on this business really) in a remote place in the hills that’s a sixteen mile round trip to the nearest competitor. Hope you secure this house!
  8. I had a really nice BRG DLX TD estate. 1992 K plate that I bought from girlfriend’s aunt for £250 in 2002. Was a great car. Fast enough, a bit wooden chassis-wise but fantastic engine and economy coupled with space. Regularly towed a large Ifor Williams horse trailer around Exmoor with it (that was pushing it a bit). It was just a great ‘jump in and drive anywhere’ car that was very reliable. A few years prior I bought a H plate Maestro DLX with velour interior, PAS (oh yes) and electric windows etc that was a part-ex taken at the Rover dealer where my brother-in-law was a salesperson for £800 (7 years old). I absolutely caned it everywhere. Did 30,000 miles in 11 months (as a student on year out working) at 48mpg, then I sold it for £750 having only replaced a tyre with a part-worn for a tenner, so cost me £60 depreciation with no repairs. Bloke who bought it turned up in a Rolls Royce.
  9. I had the pleasure of Loserone this afternoon for a spot of light limecrete slab mixing/laying in our old house in Upper Weardale. Some old house experience/skill swapping about to take place. As an Autoshite link, here’s Loserone having to push-assist my shonky old Belle Maxi mixer that makes dodgy noises and has a slipping belt: IMG_4153.MOV
  10. I’m sure this is like teaching your granny to suck eggs, but are the float chambers full of fuel? My 2cv used to be a git to start if it had been sitting for a while due to lack of fuel in the carb due to dodgy fuel pump. Once top of carb pulled off and float chambers filled it would fire straight up and run for a couple of mins on the contents of the carb alone. I must add what a fantastic car this looks to be!
  11. Me... left it plugged in at the office charger. I’d assumed (wrongly) that there would be a cable in the car. Call it first-time teething issues! Perhaps I should be called somewhatfoolish?
  12. Used one of these as a pool car when I worked for a rural local authority. Only used it once as I thrashed it to an area where even petrol stations are scarce but I knew I had the fallback of a charging point in a National Park car park. As usual I was trying to fit too much in and was late, so foot to floor on the A68. It did hit 80mph at one point I think. Bit squirrelly with power on through bends, bumps or combinations of the two. Naturally I arrived at the car park with 5 miles range left and 20 miles back to base. Then realised I’d left the cable at the office. Had to bus back to base (2hour wait) then go back next day (a Saturday) to stick it on charge and got a lift back up there on the Monday to drive it back. Never used it again.....
  13. Oh, and the paint code is KSL Forest Green. Shown as ‘Fleet paint’ on ServiceCitroen. LSD models were in 2006, XTR+.
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