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  1. I’m to blame for the protracted collection. Let’s just say I’m lining it up for once I’ve lost a couple more of the fleet. Massive thanks to L1 for helping arrange all this!
  2. Oh dear. Fifteen. 1990 405 GRD Turbo Estate 1996 205 Inca D shared with @loserone 1979 Dyane 6 1992 205 Mardi Gras TD 2004 307SW 2.0 110Hdi 2010 Fiat 500 2x 2005 XC90 (one manual, one auto) 2006 107 1999 306 GLX HDI Partner’s 206CC (Peugeot) Partner 1.6HDI 2002 Jag S type 3.0 2000 Murvi Morello (Ducato 2.8idtd) campervan 2002 Ford Ranger 2004 206 SW 2.0HDI Up to 8 used regularly. Offloading several imminently in pursuit of happiness and a happy and peaceful life
  3. Sticky EGR valve. Fresh engine mounts help here as they minimise the potential for shunt.
  4. Where the heck is that level crossing? We’re popping out in the 205 for crisps and dips in a bit, hope to be at the RV point in time for your arrival.
  5. Being back in the 205 again feels great! To be honest I didn’t really try it out properly after sorting a wheel bearing/strut tops/bearings/full anti-roll bush kit etc etc but it seems to have done the trick alright...
  6. I use the Track Ace laser wheel alignment setup. Bloody good and cheap as chips at under £75. https://www.motorsport-tools.com/trackace-laser-wheel-alignment-system-tracking-gauges-toe-in-out-tool-tracker.html
  7. You might need to dig me out first...
  8. Here’s an AA magazine test of the Dturbo when it came out. It’s critical of the PAS in that there’s almost no assistance above a certain speed. I used to punt mine all over the North Pennines, Lakes and Yorkshire Dales for my farm surveying work around 2009-10 and I did used to find that it was quite heavy going on your upper body driving very challenging roads (like constant racetrack for 100 miles a day). I now have a roffle-win Mardi Gras TD and assume it has the same setup but would be nice in some ways to have the same as the naturally aspirated diesel as it would be even more a
  9. That’s what I would do (have done for a few diesel cats) and in the case of a dpf have it mapped out.
  10. Hmm, this one’s going to take more looking into isn’t it? Perhaps checking vacuum pipes/actuator/turbo, etc etc although all the codes are dpf additive related. Let‘s look at dpf loading etc and it might well be worth pulling it out and pressure washing. Also do I see that these things have swirl flaps.....?
  11. —————- See above for the possible starting issue. The window winder caps are original factory. The leccy windows on 205s we’re always a bit wobbly-feeling!
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