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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/colin9852/permalink/4155277341267455/
  2. After a fail on both front CV boots we've got a pass! Couple of advisories on rear brake pipes but they don't look that bad to me so will get around to them over the next 12 months. Next up is an oil change, I've not got a record on previous services but I'll be dropping the sump this time and fitting a new pick up pipe. These engines can be a ticking time bomb if left on its original as they can get blocked which can lead to oil starvation and would definitely write the car off. Seeing as I've recently done the rocker cover gasket and replaced the fragile PCV pipe from the crankcase it makes sense as I reckon there will be a few rogue bits in there!
  3. Looking through your thread and the amount of maintenance, time and money spent on it, I'd definitely get it done!
  4. The TT's been sat a couple of weeks as I've been using my old fezzy (2006 zetec s) instead which flew through its MOT with no advisories. It was extremely surprising given it had been stood for over 12 months beforehand requiring only a new brake hose which I knew was needed. Not sure what you guys are like but not using a car for so long has felt like having a new (to me) car. Its come at the right time as my eldest daughter absolutely hates the TT as theres no room in the back so a Fiesta, albeit still small, is definitely an improvement. Gave the TT a clean and took some photos of the catch can, its a great piece of kit and really simplifies the PCV system and prevents a whole load of gunk and oil circulating the system. Its quite a common mod on these old 1.8t VAG's as replacing the original PCV pipes is quite pricey. The only downside to the installation is having to empty it. Generally only need to do this every 1000 miles and even then I could probably leave it much longer and more like 3000. This week its time to clean the engine bay, get all the engine covers back on with refreshed metal fixings ready for MOT next week.
  5. Yeah the rear seats are completely pointless, great for my 6 year old but anyone bigger its an absolute nightmare! A few owners do a rear seat delete and there's a few kits available to convert quite easily too.
  6. Service record shows a German dealer, on the V5 it does mention plates been moved to a non-transferable plate so potentially purchased in Germany and moved over here? Unfortunately only receipts are from 2007 onwards so no record. They are a decent car despite the bad press when they first came on the scene and for the money they are currently going for it was a no brainer for me.
  7. Should have got round to this a long time ago. Last year I purchased this fine steed, an Audi TT (225 BAM). It's an itch I've wanted to scratch for a fair while, ever since my dad bought one when I was 19 in 2002. These are now rock bottom in price, you can pick up a rough one requiring work for less than £1000. Bought unseen with 11 (yes 11!) previous owners mine had a fair few issues: Poor boost upon acceleration, oil fumes in cabin, faulty temperature reading, cambelt change and cluster requiring a repair (dials intermittent and LCD screen very pixelated). A replaceent N75 and temperature sensor, new cambelt and cluster being sent off means these issues are now fixed! Another big issue with these and cars around this age is the amount of pipework for the overcomplicated turbo systems. Over time, heat cycles etc the system and pipework just crumble..... As experienced on mine: A check of the PCV system revealed at least 5 cracks and splits which explained why the car's cabin absolutely stunk when idle. A quick check of the amount of pipes and the cost of these in total, I made the shiters decision to rip out the whole lot and use the cheaper option of a catch can simplifying the PCV system as well (I'll update with a photo next time I use the car). Also did the rocker cover gasket as these are prone to weeping and changed the sparks to better NGK iridiums. Luckily a previous owner had the joy of the coil pack issues seen on these engines so these have all been replaced. Also updated the discs/pads with some Brembo bits and swapped the budget tyres all round to some Goodyear Eagle F1's which has made a massive difference especially in the wet. Future plans? The bodywork on the car is a little tatty and to be expected for its age, theres a pillar repair thats been completed by Stevie Wonder and all alloys are bucthered and require a repair which will be done in the future. Small bubbles of rust but nothing out the ordinary for these. I have made a start on freshening it up, the bottom black grills are prone to flaking and discolouring: Popped all these off, cleaned and prepped and resprayed they have come up a treat! And thats where we are up to so far! MOT due in September so will be going over a few things in the next few weeks to make sure its not a financially ruinous experience! Anyone needs any more information or advice if you are looking for one just let me know, I've built up a fair bit of knowledge over the past 12 months and I'd certainly recommend one for a cheap winter hack/weekend toy.
  8. I had a 2004 1.7cdti, bought in 2009 and owned for just under 8 years (record for the longest ownership for me). Was a great car and really surprising just how much you could fit in it! Ended up having a couple of leaks that I just couldn't trace and started to stink and go moldy so with only a few months MOT I got rid. Unfortunately it never passed another MOT which is a damn shame as I sold it with only 110k on the clock.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/colin9852/permalink/3990724437722747/?sale_post_id=3990724437722747
  10. Switched the Mk1 TT to Tesco's Momentum99 fuel and been running it for a couple of tanks now after recommendation on the TT forums. Since the switch though the idle has changed when warm, like a popping/misfire noise every so often (coincidence maybe? I'm still not sure!). This morning before work I lashed a bottle of cataclean into the tank before the journey and it seems to have done the trick! I really should start a thread on the forum for this car as it would have produced quite a bit of content over the last few months!
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/colin9852/permalink/3737547029707157/
  12. What a great thread, I've subscribed to the channel too. Keep up the good work!
  13. 2007 BMW 520d with the lovely N47 engine Sensor replacements left, right and sensor. A clogged DPF as if you didn't keep an eye on any sensor errors thrown up on the diagnostics the DPF wouldn't regen left me stuck a few times. Ended up chopping it in at the start of 2016 and it ran for another year before probably being scrapped!
  14. Daihatsu Copen - £1000 https://www.facebook.com/groups/colin9852/permalink/3499514680177061/ I've never seen one of these, might need a fettle though as no MOT!
  15. Cheap and cheerful Rover 45 for £395 Looks like it needs some work on the exhaust https://www.facebook.com/groups/colin9852/permalink/3494669997328196/
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