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  1. I had started to notice the Focus has not been quite right starting over the past couple of weeks, churning over a few more revolutions than usual and sounding pretty sluggish while doing so. That'll do it What's annoying is that I'm pretty sure this battery is only a couple of years old, if that. Time to fish out the paperwork. It was only a cheapy F1 Autocentres special because they were the only place open on a Sunday with one available at a sensible price I seem to remember it had a 3 year warranty. I'll probably dig the invoice out and discover it's a couple of days over the warranty or something knowing my luck 🙄 but I'm pretty sure it's less than 2 years....
  2. I suppose it's branch/management/area management dependent I wonder if there's more money/upsell to be made in the electronics/computers which are more likely to be impulse purchases rather than kitchen white goods where people probably already know what they want
  3. If they have to try that hard to stay open then it shows they must be doing something wrong! However, if they're able to sell HDMI cables for £60 then I think they'll be in business for a while yet
  4. Potentially, if the sensor is loose then that would likely do it. Resecure it and retry. I had assumed the sensor would remain unaffected However magnetic pickups on bearings won't always cause a regular dropout like on an old style reluctor ring on the end of driveshafts Sensors need the correct air gap between the sensor and the pickup. If it's loose, or something is preventing it from seating correctly it will cause you problems.
  5. "Chevrolet Camaro" "Nothing is wrong with the car" "Dosnt have a mot and the only issue is repairs exhaust" Idiot 🤣
  6. Installation damage to the bearing I would say unfortunately. It happens.
  7. I ventured into Currys yesterday. Why does anyone shop there with a business model of pressure selling tactics? First I walked through to the TV area via the tablets and printers. "Hello sir can I help you with anything today" ... No thank you.. Then I've made it to the TV area, I get intercepted by a Sony representative who starts spouting some absolute sales nonsense about LG OLED TVs, thank you but I'm not interested... [Why are you wearing a Sony top!? You're no different from the other bandits in purple tops] Then there's a middle aged lady looking at a cheapy JVC and Panasonic TV. I know that they are probably exactly the same as they are both manufactured in Turkey by a company called Vestel. It's like trying to compare a Citroen C1 against a Peugeot 107. Same same, but different. You get my gist. Sales representative starts barking at her about how the Panasonic will have a richer picture (maybe, but it's all adjustable anyway so you could quite easily make a cheap TV look "richer" than an expensive one if you tried..) Then she opts to buy the JVC one and he starts telling her that if she buys this £60 HDMI cable it will have a better signal and all sorts of other rubbish. Weren't these tactics frowned upon about 10 years ago by BBC watchdog? Why are they still doing it? Then I'm making my way towards the exit but it's restricted by 2 employees standing there nattering away while another is wheeling out a washing machine. I stand by a vacuum cleaner of some sort to keep out the way and then I'm immediately descended upon "is there anything I can help you with sir" FUCK OFF! I'd like to shop in peace and come and find someone if I need help Gave up searching for what I wanted and just left thinking I might as well order it online.
  8. Very easily done. Almost as easily as making the most perfect flares you've ever seen on both ends while the unions are still chilling on your work bench 🙄😂
  9. Looks like they didn't double flare the failed pipe, definitely worth going over the rest and redoing it all if they've made the same mistake on all the other ones.
  10. Been given an R55 Mini clubman thing to use over the weekend as it needs an extended test drive following a (hopefully fixed) very intermittent fault.. Fuckin hell what a horrible thing to drive with the 17" low profile runflats. I actually have lower back pain now 😂
  11. Considering the fact I bagged a sub 40k mile Xsara Picasso for £600 last year that has been utterly trouble free apart from a slight power steering leak, I think I can vouch for the people that swear by them! Years ago I always turned my nose up at them but now they're not brand new I've realised how good they actually are Most of the bad ones have been killed off by now so the ones that are left mainly seem to be pretty good examples. I've never thought of selling it, it's just too useful The people writing that article might well be paying £300 a month for some sort of financed modern blob which they either don't own at the end of it or they do end up owning it and it shits itself ££££ big time
  12. This hilariously lousy bit of "journalism" from The S*n ... https://www-thesun-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.thesun.co.uk/motors/24791042/drove-france-ancient-citroen-wish-flown/amp/?amp_gsa=1&amp_js_v=a9&usqp=mq331AQGsAEggAID#amp_tf=From %1%24s&aoh=17005874896876&csi=0&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesun.co.uk%2Fmotors%2F24791042%2Fdrove-france-ancient-citroen-wish-flown%2F "Ancient Citroen" - they only stopped making the cunts 13 years ago 😂😂 #passthepicasso
  13. 5w-30 is a bit thin for old petrol Mercs, I'd be using 10w-40 especially at this age/mileage
  14. ALOTDTS [A lot of them, or simply a lot, do that sir ] I've often found that to be a trait of the W203. Its certainly disconcerting and takes some getting used to
  15. Fair enough! Sorry I didn't mean to sound like one of those plate conservation wankers
  16. What's the story of "B10 NNK" parting ways from it? Surely can't have been that valuable 🤔
  17. The concept of studded winter tyres over here would be lost anyway on the idiots who don't seem to know how to drive in ice - thrashing it downhill with their summer racing slicks that are lucky to have 3mm on them. If they had them fitted they'd use them all year round and destroy the roads in the summer 😩
  18. Confused, what does a cat tower have to do with getting your washing dried? 😂 #notmycat
  19. I don't suppose you feel *anything* through the steering wheel when it does it? I've had similar before with bad steering racks. Does it seem worse when cold at all or not?
  20. Yeah they're not that easy to test but it does depend on the design Firstly I'd go around and either retorque everything you can find or just try to tighten it with a breaker bar. I'd go with the latter but your call In terms of testing the bushes, sometimes kicking a wheel from front to back will provoke any play but other times you'll only get anything by prying at them Could be steering rack or steering rack mounting bushes, I'd check those as well, for play and tightness.
  21. Why have printers got to be the most fucking annoying unfit for purpose pieces of shit to exist? I have 3. Yes, that's right, THREE printers. I'm trying to print ONE page in BLACK I try printer #1 - refuses to connect, point black. I try printer #2, it connects, it prints, but the document has an irritating black vertical line. I'm printing a postage label with a barcode, and the line makes it completely unusable. Fucksticks. I try printer #3. It connects. "Ink low, press ok to continue" Ok, noted... *Send file from PC* Unable to print, replace cartridges [CYAN] , [YELLOW] to continue printing. Really??? I grab my box of assorted ink cartridges. Do I have the necessary cartridges in there? Do I fuck. I need a yellow and cyan cartridge to print fucking black... It then occurs to me that I bought some cartridges for printer #2 that turned out to be incorrect, so I lobbed them in a box of crap in the loft. I climb up into the loft to retrieve the aforementioned cartridges, searching through boxes, there they are. Luckily, they're correct for printer #3 even though I didn't realize at the time. That's handy. I pick out and install a cyan and a yellow cartridge. I press the button to acknowledge the fact I have installed non genuine cartridges which poses serious harm to nuns and kittens. It sits there doing something/nothing for a minute or so. It does not even attempt to ingest any paper, but there's a new error message "Paper jam" Arrghhhh!!! 😭😭😂
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