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  1. Vauxhall 45 anybody? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1041817260555029/ 😅
  2. Rangers are ok, engines aside! Quite a major thing though to be fair!
  3. I would never take offence if one of our customers took a land rover elsewhere 🤣
  4. Just heard that the arsehole neighbours are moving out !!! Fucking get in, just in time for a peaceful summer, fingers crossed the newbies won't be smoking whacky substances every evening for the entire summer wafting into everybody's windows
  5. "the booby work is a bit ruff" Hmm, ok m8 😂
  6. Those photos must have been taken 10 or 15 years ago based on the Argos extra signage and cars in the background...
  7. A very shitty attempt at one... https://www.carandclassic.com/auctions/1982-austin-morris-mini-hl-998cc-nMw1J8 These people can't be very bright when all you need to do is punch in the reg on Google to find the auction advert the photos were pinched from, with a more realistic hammer price of £5600!
  8. Did you know that a hat or box of tissues on the parcel shelf means the driver has a special license to join a motorway at 30mph? If there's a tartan blanket underneath then that's the even less common license that gives you a 20mph entitlement 👍😄
  9. Just had to take the front wheels off a polo, new tyres fitted about 6 months ago at a fast fit. The strongest gun in the workshop wouldn't touch them... Bear in mind this gun can undo hub nuts and even Honda crank pulley bolts (if you know, you know) with total ease. A 5ft long scaffold pole on the end of a breaker bar and they cracked off only with me standing on the end.. thankfully no locking wheel nut otherwise the key probably wouldn't have survived that, even being a VW one which tend to be a bit more sturdy
  10. I feel your pain.. I was using a strut spreader tool this morning and stupidly decided to use the electric gun slowly on it, it jumped out and spun round and hammered my finger into the lower arm.. nice broken nail to show for it. Don't worry I'll spare you all of a graphic photo
  11. The lack of an MOT attempt instills fear in my mind that perhaps the auxiliary belt shit itself on the way there and this was deemed to be as difficult as herding cats to put right for @GregZX 😉🤣
  12. It does seem to vary greatly on area, I see them as not much more than £3k cars but having seen chops garage on YouTube he seems to be able to get £7-8k retail on a well specced one in Devon 🤨
  13. Absurd how that shape of CRV has retained so much of their value. I'd never encourage a bank loan with £££ APR to fund a continuously depreciating asset ...
  14. 6:03 - When people [Yaris driver - 6:03] just cant accept when they're wrong... Typical post-lockdown encounter. These people seem to have multiplied in numbers over the past few years Pretty poor hazard perception from the cam driver though... Not a good place to overtake at such speed, with the cyclist and numerous surrounding pedestrians and the Yaris being a big developing hazard...
  15. Oh hello.. I sort of want a kettle 75 because of how hilariously underpowered they are! Think it looks like the same colour as my old facelift 45...
  16. I've got flashbacks from diagnosing an S90 with an ABS fault, half an hour in the footwell sussing out the ABS control unit against a sketchy wiring diagram with that relay clicking away while I had the engine running 🤣
  17. I quite like how age and it's mere existence on earth has given this little Ka a utilitarian look, with the faded bumpers and someone's attempt at protecting the sills with that black tide mark. DO NOT RESTORE BUMPERS ETC THROW WHEEL TRIMS IN THE BIN ETC https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202303215454572? I wouldn't normally paste that many pictures, but why not, its a used and abused R reg Ka!
  18. My local council spent ages erecting bus stops for a new business park, they were never used and bulldozed a few months later when they decided to turn that stretch of road near said business park into a dual carriageway 🤦
  19. Farm shop with a cafe... A good sized car park... For fear of getting persued in a Citroen Picasso by an angry man in a John Deere, I better refrain from turning up in my Citroen Picasso... Just in case 🤣
  20. Don't worry, let's have everyone wait for you while you leave the cycle lane completely unused 👍 🤣
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