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  1. "this one is only just run in!" How he felt after writing that:
  2. A shonky accident damaged Rover going through copart.... WCPGW!? https://www.copart.co.uk/lot/47523822/clean-title-2005-rover-45-connois-sandwich Level of WANT is concerningly high with a space in the fleet about to open up.., Only thing is the wrong wheels which are really irritating me! Cant justify the fees though. Nor the recovery from Sandwich 🤔 If I won it for the start price of £225, that would be £340 incl fees, then £100 to register, and £170 to deliver. Not overly bad, but not really worth paying £510 for a £225 car...
  3. "£100 for new brake pads? Your garage is a scam m8, its a 15 minute job and I know that because I did it on my fancy computer game this morning" "If your car wont start it probably means the cabin filter needs to be replaced" [In reference to a diesel that wont start] - "I had the same issue on my game. It needed new coil packs" "My garage is a ripoff. I paid £30 for them to turn off my EML light, its free on the game and even worse its just come back on this morning!!!" "I know sod all about cars, luckily I can boss my mechanic around now because the computer game has showed me a thing or two"
  4. Who let you lot into my workplace to witness the daily shenanigans 🤣
  5. Realized that after posting! In my defence, I did type pressure gauge into google!
  6. Glad the can of air fixed the issue, but those things are from poundland and have less pressure behind them than a hamster's fart....! 😁
  7. As alluded to in the news 24 thread, the Focus received a red stamp of shame FAIL on its certificate this morning! Fortunately it was just a couple of random ball joint gaiters. One new drop link, and I decided to replace just the boot on the lower ball joint. It was a new arm last year! Living proof that modern rubber parts are utter crap. Anyway, £15 later and we are now rewarded with a nice green PASS stamp - as a bonus, no advisories either! With a years test I might as well stick it up for sale and cash in on the mad prices. Don't need three cars now and never did, the third (Picasso) was an impulse buy but it's staying! It's too useful and owes me tuppence
  8. That's better Was just a couple of ball joint boots. No advisories either!
  9. The man from the ministry said NO .... Could have been worse, £15 worth of parts will change that result Just waiting to go in for retest now!
  10. @AnnoyingPentium is too embarrassed to comment 😉😂
  11. "No, but I've got access to 240v AC. Would have to find some military grade ear defenders first though"
  12. Ah yes, that colour. Didn't see the front end, but it was an estate and the boot lid looked the same as yours. Didn't happen to notice the bumper. They're clearly driving with the radio up very high! It would drive me absolutely bonkers hearing the racket it was making!
  13. I can imagine if they're using static balancers! No reason for them not to have and use a dynamic one in my opinion I wouldn't even bother with a static balancer, they're never perfect even on level ground.
  14. On the subject of C5s, saw an 08 reg one today, estate, bronze/gold, same shape as yours. I didn't think the old shape went as late as that? Did they become sprung by then, it was making a horrific noise from the rear suspension as it drove past, a squeaking/creaking over bumps! Not something I expected to hear from a hydro Citroen!
  15. Thought most mobile fitters still have dynamic balancers in their vans? Seems a bit odd to use a static balancer, for the reason you mention
  16. At first glance that thing reminded me of this scene from stripping cars for cash:
  17. Ok that's a bit spooky, we both said pretty much the same thing there (climate) on different subjects!
  18. Due to the current economic climate, I regret to confirm that I shall not be commencing any new business ventures related to hairdressing, alas such a steed would be surplus to requirements... 🙃😁
  19. Not particularly, it's just thicker from cold. If you put something like 10w-40 you might get issues, but a small difference would be ok. Generally speaking, if it's less than 10years/100k miles I put 5w-30 or if over then 10w-40. Never had any issues. Exact oil grades are only really important when you've got hydraulic tensioners, or hydraulic VVT and suchlike. In your case I would have filled it with 5w-30 then just changed the oil back to 0w-30 when you were able to get it at a reasonable price, i.e not shell
  20. 5W-30 would have been better than nothing
  21. Those Ibizas do seem pretty cheap for what they are, considering their popularity I still see them as 3 grand cars, especially when MK5 Polos are still firmly above £3k and from the same platform
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