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  1. My 2 previously most watched channels were HubNut and Furious Driving until Ian started including family more in vids, ‘now absolutely no offence to Ian at all if he wants to include them in videos it’s just not my cup of tea for content’ but I was happy watching the occasional Ian only video and Furious Driving vid but it now seems like almost every hubnut vid has family members involved, again it’s purely Ian’s choice but I watch him because HE’S the personality if that makes sense? Some of his earlier stuff, TWC, Fox and Ellie to Croatia vids are peak hubnut imo and have a lot of re watch ability, I just feel that’s lacking in recent vids, Ian if you’re reading this please don’t take it as a dig at you or your family, it’s just me voicing some constructive criticism, I feel like personally the level Furious Driving includes family members in videos is perfect, just a brief cameo that’s easily skippable I should probably add on, I think the reason I feel this way is because being a watcher of Hubnut since basically the beginning I feel watching some of the older Ian only vids of him rebuilding the fox for example like I’m a friend in Ian’s garage with him as it’s just him taking to me, it feels a lot more personal and I learn more and so I stay interested and attached to the video, whereas a more recent vid with Miss HN involved just feels like I’m 3rd wheeling a date almost and I zone out and eventually click off
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/305545234136
  3. Time for a quick update I suppose MG has now clocked up 2000 miles trouble free since replacing that euro car parts crank sensor, with a Discount MG Rover Spares one, just goes to show modern parts are absolutely awful it has developed a knock from the passenger side front though so that’s next on the priority list not too much progress on the Rolls to report, I've fitted the door card from Westminster spares without dying it because I was get annoyed with not having one on the car I’ve been driving it almost every day for the last month as since getting my promotion at work I felt it was necessary to arrive in style lol much to the dismay of my bank balance, and it’s not been too bad, it does have a tendency to run a little lumpy in traffic so I suspect it a full coolant flush is needed, annoyingly it isn’t fitted with a Temp gauge which is one of my automotive pet hates on old cars. I did finally get around to filling the dash pots, topping up the power steering fluid and changing the oil though so it’s running a little better now I also got a chance last week to get out in convoy with a friend from work in his lovely P4 they looked so lovely together though it was a little funny watching him dart through all the tight single track country roads whist I carefully manoeuvred my absolute land yacht through I had to drive up to Chichester the other day so I took that opportunity to pop over to Rolls Royce for a picture on that same day there was a parcel waiting for me when I got home my replica silver lady from Indonesia , very good quality actually and very heavy, the plan is to get it welded on at some point Yesterday was a fun day too, took the Shad to 2 separate meets, one in Chichester Which was all fun and games until the boot decided it no longer wanted to shut, so bungee cords to the rescue, once home I discovered the bottom latch had slipped down so after bringing that up and back into place and making sure the bolts were tight it now latches and locks perfectly again! Later in the day @calebaaront came over and asked if he could drive the Shad so I took that as an opportunity to chill in the back seat for a while. Such a lovely place to be then we finished the day off by taking part in the Southsea Cruise they do once a month
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/335384677559 and here I was thinking my Shad was the most Autoshite Rolls Royce
  5. If I’d had known you were coming to my work I’d have brought the Rolls in 😆
  6. Still waiting for my bid to be approved, I’ve submitted it but it says waiting approval
  7. Please don’t take this opportunity away from me, I want it all to myself like the greedy Rolls Royce driving capitalist I am 😆
  8. I hope this goes cheap, CEO of Austin Rover would look great on my CV 😆
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/266790613548 Under £200 mot till jan 2025 and less than half a day to go
  10. Don’t temp me. I feel like i need to grab one sooner than later though, they seem like the only full size Micro that hasn’t gone insane on price yet
  11. A bond MKG is on my list of cars to own, don’t think I’d go for the van though
  12. They’re very nice to drive same goes for the ZR but you could also get a ZT for a similar price which is a lot more car for the money and feels a lot more substantial and better built imo, I am biased though lol
  13. I will have to admit to that one, it was a bodge to fix the exhaust when the weld broke, literally the day I bought the car ‘you can see this on the first or 2nd page of my thread’ and I just left it then forgot about it 😆 great job on the brakes too by the way!
  14. Yep that’s the place, definitely worthy of a stroll around if anyone’s in the area
  15. Thanks, my boyfriend bought it a few years ago, the seller wanted 900 but he got him down to 200 in the end, it was a complete basket case and we’ve both spent way too much getting up and together but for a 1.8 non turbo it has no right driving and handling as well as it does
  16. The one on the green car was £200 but it was unfortunately bent quite badly, pics don’t show it
  17. So I had a long drive up to Leeds today to a fantastic Rolls and Bentley breakers yard to collect a door card for the Shad, the MG ZT handled this 500 mile trip thankfully with no drama after finally diagnosing the dodgy crank sensor, it was honestly so cool just wondering around this yard, the door card was £100 including all the fitting and fixtures unfortunately non of the cars had a blue interior so I settled for creamy yellow I’m going to have a go at dying it blue before fitting it though!
  18. We here’s progress so far, I contacted a friend with a printer who was happy to print me one using that link kindly provide by @N Dentressangle obviously not perfect but I’m more than happy with it for the time being, we’ve just got to figure out if the print material used can stand up to chrome dipping or if spray paint is the way forward, I’ve also ordered one of these from this eBay seller, just a replica but again it doesn’t bother too much as it still looks the part, it’s going to be a while before it shows up though
  19. Never seen a 75 with this colour interior before, I quite like it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/166711131187
  20. Shame that replica is sold already, I’ve asked a friend if they can 3d print me one using that other link so fingers crossed. I’d still like a real one as well though just to know I’ve got one, I’ve found a few on eBay around the 100 mark so I’ll probably bite the bullet and get one of those too
  21. Thanks, I’m definitely going to better off getting a fake one as they’re just gonna steal it again anyway. It’s really annoying that it’s too big to fit in my garage
  22. Not a great start to the day, went out to the cars this morning to see that some little scrote has taken my silver lady, only a matter of time I suppose being in a public car park, still really pissed me off, any suggestions on where to get another one cheap ?
  23. So operation tidy the Rolie Polie has started, first with these new plates, not a huge thing but I was growing increasingly annoyed with how faded the old ones were, not slagging off HMC at all as they still looked infinitely better than the black and silver ones but I still couldn’t stand the faded look I got them from here if anyone’s interested, https://www.classicplatesonline.co.uk/plates.asp?gad_source=1 they do great repro plates, they even do repros of the original raised digit plates but at 120 odd pounds I couldn’t justify it at the moment so these pressed plates will have to do, next port of call is to give it a really good detail and polish as looking at the paint whilst it’s not the best finish it should come up really good, that’s tomorrows job
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