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  1. There’s still at least one of these on uk roads. Borgward Hansa 1800 diesel. 43 bhp. 0-60 in 27 seconds.
  2. Excuse me for sullying this thread with another picture of a bus but this was really the one that got away that I regret not buying the most. For the uninitiated, what you are looking at is a BMMO S23, a service bus built and operated by Midland Red and this was one of the last built by the company before ending bespoke production and buying from the regular manufacturers. They were a little different to the usual fare that was available on the market at the time in that they featured independent front suspension, front disk brakes, full power hydraulic braking and much more, all wrapped up in a fully integral body using much fiberglass componentry all at a time when the bus world was fixed on drum brakes, rigid axles and a beefy chassis. This particular example was offered to me for three grand, a hefty sum but not outside my meager bank balance and was fully roadworthy and original. I turned it down for no other reason than that I couldn't be bothered after suffering personally from other bus preservationists bile and bitterness. I wish I'd just bought it and just kept it for myself now.
  3. Wandering around the web, I've noticed that the Great Central Railway is holding their diesel event that very weekend. It's about an hour from the auctions but many wondrous machines will be running, including a Warship, a Hoover (Just right for Beko then), an early Duff and a couple of Rats. For the more sedate amongst us, a DMU should be there too. There will also a heritage bus service using buses from the local Leicester Transport Heritage Trust who own lots of 70s and 80s goodness amongst other things. The downside to this plan is that to get a reasonable time there, an early finish at the auctions would be advisable which would skew the auction game somewhat. If it's a no-go for Saturday, I probably will go either Friday or Sunday instead. Attendees, it's over to you!
  4. Yeah, rather gutted that I just couldn’t make it to the show. Pain was increasing rapidly at breakfast and I knew it wasn’t going to get any betterer and even industrial strength swearing wouldn’t counteract that. Nothing worse that feeling in pain/hyper grumpy when trying to be sociable! Glad the show was a good one though, judging by the pics - I’m sure that escort was there last year too but as my photos from then have been wiped from my hard drive (long story - don’t ask) I can’t check to be sure. Well, I’m lying down here at Morose towers feeling miserable so keep the photos coming so I can at least see what I missed!
  5. After being in excruciating pain for the last few days and unable to walk more than a few steps, I’ve just made an exploratory test run to Asda. Slow and painful (with the occasional explosive expletive, sorry Asda shoppers). By my man calculations that makes me fully fit to attend.
  6. OW goes my spine in sympathy. The midlands massiv are dropping like flies - SEND HELP.
  7. Sciatica hit me yesterday afternoon. Had it before so a good dose of painkillers and away I went out for the night with Mrs Morose. This morning? Yeah, took half an hour to get out of bed and a further 20 or so minutes to dress. THE FUCKING PAIN! I know I’ve not got pain in any way as bad or as prolonged as some but, fuck me, it’s made me feel as though I’m 112 years old. Argos has just emailed me to say my item has arrived for collection. I’ve run out of ibuprofen so Ive got to get out and get some more anyway. Wish me luck. I may be some time.
  8. Well, it's a bit complicated. Sometimes they use steel frames or some chromium mix to give a little rust resistance. Some use Aluminium for the framing. Then there are the 'systems'. These use extruded aluminium lengths that bolt or rivet together and interlock to make up both the load carrying part but negate the need for any aluminium panelling. Think along the lines of a more complex tongue and groove but in aluminium and you've got the idea. One manufacturer used composites to make a load bearing structure but as the vehicle in question was total garbage, we won't go into that one.
  9. Yup. I’ll collect (it gets me out of the house and all that).
  10. I was born in Wolverhampton too (according to my birth certificate anyway as I was brought up miles away.) WHAT YOU SAYIN’ ABOUT FOLK FROM WOLVES???
  11. I'd rather be at home though.
  12. Whoever chose Lancaster Services in the "where is the bus going to break down" sweepstake, you are the winner! The joys* of the services Travelodge for the night before anyone can come up to me and fix it. I haven't ruled out fire yet.
  13. Mebbee, I’m bloody spent and I’ve still the 8 hours back down yet.
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