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  1. I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW! I may* be cheating though as I dragged it half way up.
  2. Two stainless rods mounted in a piece of wood, spaced about 1/8 inch. Connect a two core flex, live to one rod, neutral to the other. Fix plug on to other end of flex. Lower rods into tea and plug in. Hot tea in a matter of seconds. Just don’t use a metal spoon to stir it with. Hot tea not safe tea.
  3. Basil passed away last night at 22:40. Apparently he had another stroke on the right side of his brain before I found him on the floor. He had already had a stroke on the left side many years ago so by the time he was found, he was basically running on auto with little or no cognitive function. Two days ago, the hospital moved him from ICU after determining what had happened and removed assistance to his breathing. At that point he was only alive by the basic functionality of his brain stem; by last night it called enough and shut down for one final time. Needless to say, it’s hittin
  4. Waiting for ‘that’ phone call from the hospital about brother in law. He lives downstairs in the house after having a stroke a number of years ago. Early last week on a mission to the kitchen, I found him collapsed and barely breathing with foamy blood coming from his mouth. Rushed to hospital and in ICU on a ventilator ever since. The dynamics of our family is, shall we say, strained - he used to call the police on us every time he never got his own way is amongst the many other ‘fun’ things but still, he is a member of the family and a close one at that. The next few day
  5. Yorkshire Rider 1671 (A671KUM), a 1984 Duple Dominant bus bodied Leyland Tiger.
  6. Buses of Edinburgh, 2016.
  7. A photo session in and around Blackpool, 2006.
  8. A Volvo B10M/East Lancs open top from the Paris sightseeing fleet. In Blackburn, 2006.
  9. I’ll have a guess at around 370 at the wheels.
  10. I don't know, someone might find it interesting. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000rtf3/our-world-new-orleans-the-year-the-music-stopped
  11. I’m sure it’s safe to post here as nobody from my extended family would ever frequent such a forum focused on vehicular nonsense. I watched a programme on BBC iplayer yesterday. Nothing unusual with that, I know, but it was narrated from start to finish by my niece. I know I have played no part in the tireless effort and tenacity on her part in achieving what she has achieved so far and I know that she will grow much, much further. Still, makes me feel a bit proud of her.
  12. US Escorts were the base of two electric cars. Firstly I bring you the Jet Electrica The Jet Electrica was originally manufactured by Jet Industries of Austin, TX, which produced about 3,000 EV conversions while they were in business. Most Jets were based on Ford Escort and Mercury Lynx chassis purchased new as from FoMoCo as "gliders" (body and chassis without engines). To convert the Escort to electric, Jet mated a Prestolite 96v traction motor to the original Ford transaxle, fabricated battery boxes front and rear, and added a speed controller and an on-board battery charger.
  13. This monster? The DKW engine that the Saab units were derived from was in fact the two cylinder (according to Saab who insist that the three cylinder was wholly their own design) but when they stretched to three, the resemblance is remarkably striking!
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