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  1. They put a new engine the week before, called it 'finished' then this happened. Ouch indeed.
  2. Victim of the storm: not a victim of the storm, just a victim of time and use:
  3. Some joke about evacuating, where is it again? Oh, Dunkirk. OK best not then.
  4. Strong winds here last night, almost no roads open to get home! A neighbour finished restoring a classic and rover last week. what do you think, that will buff out, right?
  5. I thought the Mondeo Hatchback was behaving itself. Instead it's been secretly and silently shitting itself.
  6. If I had the money (which I definitely don't) I might end up looking for the v8 ZT-T and converting the outside so it looks like a boggo 75. But then each to their own. I like the factory looks, I'm not into the goofy comic stance either but hey it can always be unmodified in its next ownership. At least its still a ZT-T on the road in use and loved.
  7. Easy peasy, one rear seat with child seat is still up and there's wiggle room even with bass and amp. Very impressed.
  8. Friggin Sunday morning drivers. One farmers limo nearly slid into the back, some twonk pulled out in front of me on a 60 mph section then cut the corner and drove towards me in my lane before pulling over. Idiot. Then some twonk doing 20mph on a hill road that's also 60mph, causing all sorts of trouble with people wanting to get past. Now I have to take my 7 year old home, I hope they have calmed down. I nearly have.
  9. And you didn't buy this when you turned the 75 down? I'm disappointed!
  10. Not much to report, me: still busy ✅ Family: still keeping me busy ✅ Mondeo estate: still flawless ✅ Mondeo Hatchback: decided to work perfectly last couple of weeks. Amount of this due to my fixering=1% (merely clearing fault codes). More of the same please ✅ Volvo: still looking pretty, needing some servicing and an mot but ready to be road worthy at the drop of a hat really, I just need some time to do the necessary and get it mot'd. Missing driving it, confident it will perform reliably.✅
  11. Tastefully* decorated, practical and respectable family estate. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/408226034291453/ @dollywobbler this is the silliest car on the Internet, I would wager.
  12. I like these even if no one else does!
  13. Swallowed: full gardening load out minus large ladders that would go on the roof. Plus space for two passengers and child seats. Plenty of room for waste, removed child seats etc etc Easy.
  14. Those dust shield are the source of most annoying noises on my cars. Fortunately my current fleet are not afflicted yet but I've come to expect it sooner or later.
  15. I'm doing a few hours with a tree surgeon, I get to drive this
  16. Maybe we need to use my battery pa to play all the cds being returned at the meet up. Or is that considered torture? The Ibiza cds may actually be mp3s with 6 or 7 albums each on. I can't remember!
  17. So where are we up to? My Volvo is currently awaiting some fixerage, nothing serious, just a good service and drying out of the foot well and some bodging to stop the heater control valve from leaking. So it would be good to have something in the diary to have to get it fixed up for!
  18. Looks more like an A320 than a W140 😜🛩
  19. I would always be feathering the throttle and trying to make it everywhere in 5th gear on my E46 and only when I'm alone on the big open road or overtaking would I mash the throttle. In those cases I wouldn't be looking at the needle!
  20. Mot pass no advisories on the Mondeo estate! Thanks to @mat_the_cat and family for a well-looked after car.
  21. The Volvo needs the footwell carpet and sound proofing removing in order to dry it, I've tried the fan heater method and it's just not enough. It currently has no coolant to try to prevent more leakage. I still need to source a heater control valve or Jerry rig something. Its just ram out of mot and it's now in Sorn until I can sort it out, no rush at the moment as we have winter coming and I'm not in a hurry to drive it on salty roads of i don't have to. The Mondeo Hatchback is still being a pig. The Estate is being fully reliable but is in for MOT so I've borrowed this delightful* Suzuki petrol auto thing from the 'rents
  22. I see, I never knew that! Clever thinking, BMW.
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