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  1. These arrived for me today. The usual 1:43 Argentinian collection cars! Peugeot 405 is really good. Looks the part and well finished. Dodge 1500 was a new one on me but it’s pretty clearly a badge engineered Hillman/Chrysler/Talbot Avenger! There’s very little visual difference between the Dodge and UK versions, so this is another one for a repaint and right hand drive swap. Car transporter trailer is a 1:43 Cararama that’s for another project…
  2. I do like Greenlight models. More pricey than the usual 1:64 size stuff but more detailed too. The 1:43’s are just as nice.
  3. Your all losers trailing in my wake!! Im Proton-ed up! It’s out there chaps!
  4. The pickup seems one of the more difficult to find ones from that collection. It’s a nice short bed C10 though, one of the last of that type being an 80’s one when they started fitting fuel injection to the C10’s small block engines. I’d have liked an earlier square body version but I couldn’t find one. The blue Impala is actually a Kinsmart one with pull back n go motor! In that respect it’s toy like, but the body and detail parts are much more model like. Strange really! It looks good though and it’s available in four colours too.
  5. Today’s selection of automotive miniature shit! Chevy Impala. Chevy Impala custom coupe from Bond collection. Chevy C10 square body from some Argentina cars collection. Opel Rekord I think from the Opel collection. Ford Escort mk4 from the same Argentina collection as the Chevy C10. Some are going to get stripped and sprayed, some are good as they are I think. I need to make a little diorama to display these!
  6. Sorry to hear this. It’s never nice but so soon after your dad makes it even worse. Best wishes to you all.
  7. I think it’s part of the ‘unforgettable cars of Mexico’ collection. US built as the Mercury Cougar, sold in Mexico as a Ford.
  8. Bloody thing! What happens if you ignore it and drive off regardless? Would it pump itself up as you drive or argue back at you!?
  9. Got these today. All the usual Bond partwork 1/43’s. Ford Thunderbird. Ford Crown Victoria. I’ll most likely be doing this one as a civilian car, you see loads of cop car versions but never normal ones in pretty colours! And this absolutely lovely Mercedes 220 W115. Im not really a Mercedes guy tbh, but that one is fantastic looking, especially given it cost less than a tenner. Pick of the group for me that one!
  10. Postie just brought me some more ill advised purchases. Absolutely lovely IXO Granada estate. I really like these IXO models. Ok, they’re not perfect or up to the standards of NEO etc, but for the price they’re really not bad at all. Plus, they’re well put together so if you fancy repainting one it’s dead easy to do that! And this was an impulse buy! I’ve never seen one before and had no idea they even made them until I spotted it on the Bay. Also IXO (I think?) from an Opel collection they apparently did. I really like this! Now, where do I get some 1/43 scale Vauxhall emblems to replace the Opel ones!
  11. You must have been a good boy this year to get that lot! Quite a few I recognise there too, good to see them again at their retirement home on the other side of the world.
  12. Jesus!!😆 Imagine what that looked like going through the airport x-ray scanner thing!
  13. Without wishing to be too nosy… might I enquire as to what that is in the background!? I know what I think it looks like, but… just wondering!
  14. 😃 Mines not as good as that. It does just about change but nowhere near as bright as yours, and one side is better than the other.
  15. For those interested in my custom jobbies! Another 007 Taunus has become a Cortina, this one in Bermuda blue. Lovely colour. 007 Peugeot 504 has got its colour. I was so close to going with red for this (I had the can in my hand!) but then spotted a tin of Tamiya Pearl green and thought that would suit the car better. Finally, the Dinky Volvo 265 that had been painted red badly. Silver is not really one of my favourite colours tbh, but my plan with this is to try and do a 265 version of the Volvo 244 anniversary models, with silver paint with a black & gold waist height stripe. The silver is actually sprayed over a black primer coat which (apparently!) helps make the metallic in the silver more obvious. It can be a bit dull with grey or white primer. Despite first appearances this was actually a pretty good casting. A tiny bit of filler to the front wing, and a bit on the bonnet had it looking pretty straight. I’ve got a bunch of other 1/43 stuff coming too, so I want to get as many sprayed as I can before the cold gets too bad. Yesterday was freezing and the paint really didn’t like it so once it’s too cold I’ll be breaking out the brushes and doing the details/trims etc by hand indoors. The aim now is to get the spraying done while I can!
  16. Nice haul. That Matchbox Thunderbird is a really good looking model, I like them too. That one you’ve got is, I think, a colour changer. I’ve got that one, the dark blue and the red ones!
  17. This turned up today. Delightful* beige, beat to hell Dinky Volvo. But, it’s got the better wheels and no sign of the casting damage mentioned.
  18. It’s interesting to see how you do the exhaust on this, I was thinking of doing my own system for the Mercury at some point as it’s just got a rough old muffler shop style cobbled together system on it at the moment with single tailpipe. Something free-er flowing with twin tailpipe’s would be much better!
  19. I’ve never seen that film tbh! But, red looks good actually. I was just going to do it white or beige or something plain like so many of them seemed to be.
  20. I got the UAZ van painted the other day. Now in SEB livery! There’s a couple of little bits where the masking was a tiny bit off, but I’ll just touch them in later. Also got this, 1/43 Peugeot 504 cheap, so stripped it today. It’s quite a nice looking casting once the thick factory paint is off. This one was another Bond part work car, but after removing it from its box there were various paint scratches/scuffs and glue finger prints on the paint. Quality control was obviously taking a day off when this one was made. There’s better colours than black for these so I’ll do it as a normal everyday car rather than a Bond villain car.
  21. That was a potential disaster swerved! I must admit, I’m always suspicious about brake lines & fuel lines that have been covered in underseal or grease. Obviously it’s an attempt to stop them rusting but it also means you can’t see the actual metal they’re made of very well.
  22. I used to get a lot of exhaust fumes in the Capri cabin. But, the exhaust was broken off below the floor and there were rust holes all over the floors so it was little surprise really!😆 I doubt very much this is your problem though. Your Mini looks great👍
  23. Never seen that colour Datsun before. Very cool! I do love those Nova’s though. I think it’s probably one of my favourite Matchbox models tbh. I just wish theyd release it in more colours & styles.
  24. Glad you got it back Eddy!🥳 That bill is enough to make the ring pucker though! Did they say what the issue was with the overheating?
  25. That Landy looks fantastic! Certainly does look like a big version of the Hot Wheels one.👍
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