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  1. Lovely work, as usual. There’s no shame in using filler. So long as it’s not used for filling big dents or holes! Even the most immaculately restored cars will have filler on them. It sure does make me glad for living down south though. The Scottish climate really doesn’t like old chod does it!😀
  2. Volvo calipers do seem to seize and stick for fun. Both my 740’s and my 244 had repeated caliper problems! They’re not cheap either. They don’t seem to like sitting around I think. Ive not used my 740 for a few months now (COVID lockdown shit) so I’m fully expecting brake related problems when I do.
  3. Brilliant spots again Jon! I love those Jeep Gladiator’s. It was the Tremors one Val & Earl drove that got me into them. I’m still yet to own one though! The Volvo 760 is an absolute beauty too, looks immaculate. Rare colour for a 700 too (obviously hearse/limo variants aside) I think black wasn’t on the normal colour palette but was a special order colour only. The red interior sets it off nicely.
  4. Top up the oil and make the repair top of next winter’s to do list!
  5. And the mk2 Astra. Good looking small cars that seemed pretty well resistant to high mileage and abuse, used to be everywhere then suddenly they’ve disappeared. On the rare occasion I see one now I have to do a double take! Its getting to the point now with late 80’s early 90’s era cars where they’re actually getting thinner on the ground than a lot of cars a generation or two older than them.
  6. Rust is their biggest problem. The rest of them is pretty tough and well made imho. When I was in the garage I used to look after a G reg 1.8 basic model, it looked a bit rough round the edges even then and it was pissing oil out of every gasket on the engine but it just kept on going and going. The mileage on it was incredible though! Can’t remember what it was but it extremely high! They’re the right blend of old enough to be characterful & stand out and simple build/mechanics but new enough to work well and reliably. They do seem to be criminally overlooked and ignored now though and
  7. I love these Cav’s, the best generation of Vauxhalls imho. My dad was looking for a used car probably back in about 2000, I went with him to have a look around a few local garages and the local Hyundai dealer had a blue H reg Cav saloon in SRI flavour in the used trade in section. Took it for a test drive and it was spot on. I of course absolutely loved it but my dad was less keen (SRI makes it expensive to run and too fast... apparently!) so he ended up buying an N reg Hyundai Accident 1.3 instead which was the most dull boring awful to drive/be in/look at pile of shit ever! Unforgivable
  8. I don’t believe these wheels were used on the Cortina. The Cortina Ghia wheel was a smaller 4 stud version of the mk2 Granada Ghia wheel. These Ghia/S wheels are a bit earlier than the Cortina/Granada Ghia style, as posted above, likely from a mk2 or early mk3 Capri.
  9. All Volvo’s from 76 on (except one S/V40 variant) apparently can use E10 so that’s the 740 safe then! The Capri and Transit probably not, and the Mercury probably not too but it’s not listed. On those I’ll try to stick to the E0 or E5 stuff or just mix in some of that ethanol stabiliser stuff you can buy usually sold mixed with lead replacement additives etc. Ive got marine grade fuel hoses on the Capri already though so that part of the problem should be sorted.
  10. Mines more or less the same. The shape and fit of the indicators relative to the wing often looks a bit odd on mk2’s, though by how much seems to vary car to car. I’ve tried improving it but tbh there’s not much that you can do! Its one of those things that seems very noticeable at certain angles or when your looking for it, yet from other angles it doesn’t look out of place at all.
  11. Agreed, a standard one is something of a rarity now. But that’s true of most old Ford’s! You see loads of modified ones, loads of RS or S replica’s, lots of good standard low spec shells used to re-shell the top end models etc. One of the reasons I chose to restore my Capri into as close as possible to standard 1.6L spec. Anyone remember the red/maroon mk1 2 door Escort they dragged out of that old garage on bangers & cash for Mathewsons auctions. That was standard and would have been perfect left that way or restored to factory standard. Sadly though as a 2 door I’d put good money on
  12. Great job on that, what a little stunner it is!
  13. It was me that had trouble importing from the US when I did it for the Mercury. Mine was from a state that don’t bother much with titles on old stuff, so didnt have one at all. I did some homework and was assured export using a proper bill of sale was ok so went ahead with the deal. Unfortunately once the car got to the docks in New York they refused point blank to let it leave without a valid title certificate. This was potentially very very bad, but I got on well with the guy I bought the car from so after messaging him and explaining the situation he said he’d go to see his local DM
  14. Predictably, I love them! But I love all RWD Ford’s so no great surprise! For me, I like the standard or near to standard look. As nice as Mexico and RS models are they’re not a true Escort imho and were the relatively rare flagship models. The run of the mill normal models are the ones I like best, and sadly the ones you rarely see nowadays. Id love a lower spec car, ideally still with its original metal hubcaps with that little blue trim bit on them or the Ford dartboard steels (because they’re a fucking lovely period wheel!), non bubble arches, and ideally a 2 door because most of t
  15. Absolutely stunning Rich, you should be very very proud of that. And... you beat me to the finish!! I’m still a little way off.😀
  16. Absolute madness, in a really good way!🤪 Eddy, what was the deal with the two Cyprus imports? I remember you having them but can’t remember what happened to them or where they ended up. Did they keep their Cyprus registrations or did you have to re-register them?
  17. I’d struggle to remember tbh! It must have been around 2002/3ish, I think. I want to say in Paphos, but again, memory is hazy. Funnily I remember the car itself crystal clear! Also saw a badly faded yellow Mk1 in a yard somewhere with a load of other cars. Looked like it’d been sat unused and in the sun for a long long time. I don’t remember Capri’s being particularly common in Cyprus from my visits in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, but being a Capri lover I remember them when I did spot one. Cortina/Taunus were very common though, used to see a fair amount of them still running around or
  18. Brilliant! You’ve had some stuff over the years Eddy! Shame you can’t keep them all in some big barn somewhere. Im almost certain I saw your red Capri in Cyprus. Can’t remember where exactly but I was over there on holiday and definitely remember seeing a really nice red mk1 parked up. Obvious why, but it’s the sort of thing that stuck out a mile off to me, and there can’t be that many of them in that sort of condition over there. Looking forward to the next update.
  19. Haha! I know it well! I can recommend a few good cafes & food places down here, the fine delights of which I’ve been sampling over the years when I was supposed to be working!
  20. It probably is just lack of use tbh Eddy, coupled with it being winter so damp old electrics starting to cause problems. I had it once in the Capri where I went out in it after winter lay-up, switched the heater fan on and it didn’t do anything, then a trail of smoke came out from behind the dash, then it started working fine! Just damp and dirty contacts I think! Not much anyone can do at the moment sadly. None of mine have been used since about November. There’s just nowhere to go and nothing to do, I dont even think going for a drive around is allowed at the moment is it!? Things wi
  21. I’ve been there too! It was a customers car, I think it was a Renault scenic or something, did a full service on it, topped up the oil and ran it out of the garage. The foreman did a quality control check on it but when he came back he said it stunk of burning oil so you better take a look... opened the bonnet to find the oil cap missing and oil splattered all over the engine bay! Took me hours to clean my mess up. Went to jump start my sisters car one night as she’d got stuck at college with a dead battery. Connected up the jump leads, thought I’d give it a few mins to get a bit of ch
  22. Here’s the filter element: https://www.partsforvolvosonline.com/product_info.php?cPath=105_919_922&products_id=5277&osCsid=8565022f8d45f9d49b4a1ea3ee82f252
  23. The flame trap is a little breather element in-line with the engines crankcase breather system, it basically stops lumps of oily crud and liquid oil residue etc from getting drawn into the engine as it recycles its own dirty oily air. It’s located directly beneath the inlet manifold on the B2xxE engines, it’s hard to see and a bit of a pig to get to sometimes but does often need doing. There’s a few rubber hoses coming out/into it and it’s a little black plastic case that separates into two halves with a breather filter element inside. A new element costs pence from volvo specialists and I
  24. Nice! Quite an early face lift 700, with a B200E engine by the looks of it. Nice and easy to work on and pretty bulletproof mechanically. Give your flame trap a clean and a new filter element as I bet it’s dirty. If they plug up it over pressurises the crankcase and starts causing leaks etc.
  25. They are very good for motorway use, they’ll do 70+ easy enough but quick they aren’t. They’re more suited to long distance cruising in comfort. Remember, these Volvo’s sold very very well in the USA where long hauls are commonplace and there’s a good reason they became popular. The down side is the fuel economy isn’t great. It’s not V8 levels of bad but for a mid sized 4 cylinder it’s not great! I had a 2.3GLE auto saloon before my current estate and I did some long runs in that up and down the country and it handled it all with ease, tbh there’s few better ways to do it imho, providi
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