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  1. About 1990 I got towed by my dad from Pontefract to Blyth Nothumberland with a rope. Can't remember what his car was but it would have been shit. I was in a mk1 y reg mg metro that had a fucked gearbox and was given to him by his sister. It ran out of petrol after about an hour which made me lose the servo to the brakes. 10 mins after that the battery went flat meaning no indicators or more seriously the fucking horn. Half an hour from home he put his foot down and we must have been doing 80 mph. I was standing on the brake trying to get him to slow down but it had fuck all effect. It was terrifying. It still haunts me now as to what could've happened. He was always a wanker and I haven't seen him for 15 or more years. He'll be 72 or so now. I don't know if he's still alive. Fuck him.
  2. I don't want, have space or want to insure another car since the audi went. I just can't stop looking though. It's like sone mental addiction that I need a fix to cure it. When I'm like this I don't stop till I find what I want. Why can't I just keep the money in the bank ffs ☹️ @gm's cooper s is looking very tempting. I wonder what the death on it is.
  3. Nah, he's just on the three network and has a shite signal.
  4. The crash bars, luggage racks, visor etc are all genuine vespa and fitted from new. Those along with the scorpion exhaust cost more than I paid for the whole bike. I've put 200 miles on it and it now stands with a heady 1200 on the odometer. Bargain for a grand.
  5. Went to home bargains for microfibre cloths and this wash and wax stuff. Spent 15 minutes wiping and polishing. It really could pass for brand new.
  6. There's a Blueline taxi which is knocking about up here. Saw it at tesco again yesterday. A battered '56 meriva.
  7. I paid a fiver for a bottle of water in Ibiza a couple of months back and thought that was a rip off. Tha lager was cheaper. How tf does that work?
  8. My citroen relay has the easiest bulb change I've come across. To screw, a wiring plug and the whole headlight comes out making it a doddle to change them. Very well designed for once.
  9. This is mine at the height of the bangs etc. Not bothered in the slightest.
  10. Got my a4 cab renewal yesterday. £325 last year to £520 this year with Hastings. Went on go compare and Hastings are still far cheaper. I was getting quotes for over a grand for some fucking reason.
  11. I've had a glass off coffee on the odd occasion I couldn't find any cups.
  12. I've put 15 miles on it pootling about this afternoon. It's starting to grow on me. The exhaust is terrible though and spoils the experience imo.
  13. People with solutions or bespoke on their van invariably don't know what they're doing. There was a 'Bespoke Boilers' van around this area. How the fuck is a boiler bespoke? Does he make them from scratch himself. Fair play if he does.
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