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  1. It turned 40k when I was in Scotland picking the C90 up. They put it on the diagnostic when they freed off a sticky rear calliper. The code said in tank pump but they said as it was running okat nust to leave it. Got some magnets made up for it too.
  2. Mine didn't have a rev counter (does now) but does have electric windows and remote central locking. It also has these black wheel trims which I thought were after market but apparently they are genuine pug. I paid £700 at a mates body shop to have a full respray as the body was starting to look a little bit rough after ten years on the street. I've also upgraded the four speakers which improved the sound loads. It is bright red not pink!
  3. That's not allowed!! I really need to go and see what's happening with the 300c. He's had the fucker since before Christmas. I miss not having a toy.
  4. Is the aldi still behaving? The van has a slight miss now and then when full throttle in 6th. I'm hoping to fuck it's the in tank pump causing it. I'm getting it changed when the mot is due in a couple of weeks. I love it though. It's ten times better than that shitty custom that isn't even fit for purpose. Calling that a van is libelous.
  5. How much you wanting for that merc? Asking for a friend..
  6. Get it in the air and try and rust proof the cills. I must do my own at some point. I've seen a few badly patched. My clutch is also quite high but I'm used to it. I must look at adjusting it. If yours doesn't have a rev counter they're around £60 on ebay and are plug and play. I love mine and it's driven flat out everywhere. Go kart handling too. I had a full front to back exhaust fitted in mine yesterday for £230. I fitted new discs and pads last year. They were only £50 to buy iirc.
  7. And 300 miles on a stepthrough doesn't appeal.
  8. I'll do my best but all I've got is the 107.
  9. Epic. Nice to meet you on Saturday btw.
  10. £92 to insure it this morning. Took it down the priory in Tynemouth in the van to get a picture. Don't have my cbt you see.
  11. I've met @gm on numerous occasions and he's actually a nice guy.
  12. A quick look on the mot history and it's pretty clean although 160k on it. I offered him £500 but he declined. Cunt.
  13. A mate's just paid £400 for this. 2.0tdi quattro. He was messaging yesterday to see if I had any smoke bombs for the air intake so it must be fucked in some way 🤣
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