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  1. Correct. I drove to my mates in Burradon and we went out with the kids. Still did 16 miles through Gosforth park etc.
  2. Some nice views of the A1 today on a decent cycle ride. Can you guess the junction?
  3. Saab has just turned high mileage.
  4. paulplom

    Mk1 mx-5

    Ebay have sent the wrong sticky number plate for the car. I wonder if I should use this one on the rear. My mate says the car is all primered and ready for paint.
  5. On par with a mates journey 20 years ago when he emigrated from Newcastle to Peterhead in a blue fiat 126. Same colour as this. The A series is one of the easiest engines in the world to work on.
  6. Jebus, That should've been made into a movie.
  7. Back in the early 90's when I was on community service, our 'team leader' had white one of these new. He used to ferry us around prime litter picking areas in it. I was in awe of it's newness and supreme ride comfort. I dreamt of the day I would own one. Very jealous.
  8. paulplom

    My SJ

    Malia '96 on a Tewnty's holiday with half a dozen mates. The rep booked 10 SJ's with the owner to do a jeep safari day, With us in 3 pairs in 3 of them. I was 24, in my prime and a bit of a wrongun. I've never been in a car that could take so much abuse. We were literally playing dodgems with them while the rep was encouraging us. All in a line bashing into each other screaming the engines and riding the clutches. The owner was in the front jeep screaming at us 'Don't fucka ma jeeep!!' I was driving and deliberately going off the tarmac and bouncing it off boulders through ditches etc. It was kind of a pub crawl where we'd stop every hour or so in a tavern or cafe and have a beer or two. The abuse of the cars in 38 degree heat got worse as the day went on and they never flackered. The owner must have aged 10 years that day. I wonder where the photos went.
  9. paulplom

    Mk1 mx-5

    A decent read if you're bored. https://www.motorpunk.co.uk/articles/total-restoration-of-one-of-the-oldest-mx-5s-around/ https://www.mx5nutz.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=241017
  10. I see your car quite regular at tescos. Very smart. I always park next to it.
  11. There was a guy who rode his large motor bike up from down south somewhere to buy my 2002 citroen dispatch. That had a twin seat that I'd bolted in the back. The bike fit in the no bother.
  12. paulplom

    Mk1 mx-5

    I messaged him on Saturday asking for pics and progress. He said it was almost ready for primer. I don't want to push him. I was working for a mutual friend on Sunday and he mentioned he'd split with his wife and is getting divorced. I imagine he's got a lot on his mind. He's worked for me before and his work has always been faultless. He did the arches on a metro gti about 10 years ago and in the 5 years before I sold it, They were as good as new. He'd packed them with grease. The majority of what he does are insurance jobs, so his work has to be A1 on a day to day basis.
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