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  1. It's a fucking thankless task. Who the fuck do you think sorts the photos out when you post the fuckers upside down? Hang on, it's ben that does that. Isn't it?
  2. Sell it to me really cheap. You'll feel loads better.
  3. That is gruesome although the grille would make all the bmw drivers very envious.
  4. The flat I rent from the council, '60's has only on street parking. The house gf has, 1800's, has no off street parking. The flat my mother rents off us, 70's has no off street parking but does have a garage in a block. I also have a garage in a block but 15 miles away. What ever your rule is, I'm fucked every way
  5. Just three. I'm a total amateur in the company of some proper proffessionals. '06 saab 9-5 1.9 tid sport. Gf's daily. '89 mx-5 my weekend car and bought from @motorpunkof this parish. '16 transit custom limited. My daily. They are all road legal. This is probably my normal amout but I've been known to have two hobby cars on occasion. I have no off street parking or I'd definitely have a doer upper.
  6. More exciting than having your hand down a toilet.
  7. All the best drivers fail their first test. I did anyway and I'm an amazing driver and never make any mistakes. I took my first test in my beige x reg metro 1.0 hle. Failed. I hired an instructors red f reg metro city and passed.
  8. The strut brace does exactly that. It braces against the strut towers, keeps them apart and helps to stop them flexing and stiffens the front end up. I'm not sure you'll be driving hard enough on the roads to notice the difference. I haven't noticed a difference with my roll bar anyway.
  9. Decent parking by ghia x mondeo man ffs.
  10. At lidl. Are these worth 60 quid? 14ah is massive isn't it?
  11. My new work light courtesy of @beko1987. It turns the room from dark into broad daylight. Unbelievable for the money. I joined two together and added 15m 1mm flex with a 13amp plug. What size fuse should it have?
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