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  1. Absolutely poverty spec except for the automatic transmission, Cheap though.
  2. Montego guy got in touch with me, he wants £1700 as a minimum. I don't think that will quite work out for me but hopefully someone will get it and use it!
  3. Assuming petrol over the life of the fiat was £1.20 a liter, and LPG was £0.60 a liter. The car should get 46mpg on petrol so i would assume 42mpg on LPG. Assuming the LPG system was fitted when the car was new. That would Mean you would spend £5550 on petrol, or £3050. (and that is assuming you never put petrol in it, which you need too for warming it up). So £1500 savings worth it when you consider the install cost around of £1k, uses boot space, and needs servicing and inspecting. The only way you can make lpg make sense is fit it too some big yank tank or do silly miles. At least its not started rusting around the LPG fill point yet!
  4. I saw this montego estate in the wild and asked the owners about it. They said they would sell it if they price was right but let me have a good look around. Mot has recently ran out but it looks solid in the right places. Just a shame its sat around doing nothing.
  5. Makes perfect sense to me, I've seen big old American trucks from the 60's or 70's with a passenger side electric window and Manual drivers window. Even a single motor probably cost a amount back then.
  6. Its even worse then that, if you pull the carpet up on the estate you can see where the estate "extension" is welded onto the hatch body. At least there was on mine! What about the volvo 200 estate using saloon doors so only one set of doors would need to be made. It's the same on the 700 and 900 series but the 200 looks odd due to the doors having the odd saloon shape up top.
  7. In Bedford... You call that a CB mast?
  8. Just saw this for the first time! Sent!
  9. Will be at japshow at santapod this Sunday. If anyone is interested in the car they can take a look as I'm looking at ever more cars now! 👍
  10. I love the look of it but I've heard some horror stories about co-part.
  11. So I figured out the ABS sensor on the rear right wheel was bad and bought a replacement for £50, that solved the first fault code. The second code then came up, "motor overrun". The abs pump motor has failed basically and they are like gold dust. I've disconnected the ABS ecu and now the ABS is "disabled" rather then "faulty" the four wheel steering works. Its amazing fun! Especially in a multistory at 10mph, but you can feel the rear end turn in at higher speeds.
  12. Blower motor is now fixed! Pulled the dash out to find the 4WS and abs bulbs have been pulled, replaced them and thankfully the 4ws is not playing up. But when the abs system faults it disables 4ws. The abs turns on a few seconds after heading off so I would assume its a wheel sensor. Will need to properly diagnose it either way!
  13. The car already seems to have had some surgery. But I can't tell the extent of it so far. They seem to rust very badly. And mines got a cracked windscreen too! Its a BB1, But the 4ws only seemed to working when I first picked it up, stopped working shortly after. The blower motor got delivered today so hopefully I can get that sorted tonight!
  14. I think it has a UKDM drivers door.... But the car is JDM in fact I'm. Pretty certain it does it was red and its been sprayed! Makes me wonder whats happened in its past!
  15. I paid the grand sum of £180 for this. With 12k for the year. I'm not sure why but I did not question in! No claims is on the volvo. But mirrored onto this policy! I get much better rates when I value the cars at £2k rather then £500. I think if your car is worth less then around £1500 a lot of insurers will blacklist you or give you a big premium. Today I got to work trying to sort more issues out. Central locking is a lost cause the loom is so hacked apart in the drivers door, plugs missing everything is shortened. But it's a two door coupe it's not really that important as I can just reach over and unlock the passengers door. The electric windows, mirrors and everything else are all OK so I won't go through the effort of buying a new door loom and taking the dash apart too wire it in. All four speakers are now working as they should. (they had been wired in so badly in the drives door) Tweeters have been disconnected but I will just ignore them. Center console has been removed and refitted now with 8 fixings rather then none! Turns out the dimmer is from a later prelude and my car actually only has a day and night mode, no dim function. Someone had the intention of wiring it in but never did. Just left me confused with a dimmer that is not for my car but fits perfectly into place! Front fog light switch is Missing but the loom is their (where it should be is where the dimmer is fitted). I think the front fogs have been removed so I will just ignore it now. Sorted out the rear fog light. Works off the dash, did not work when I got the car and I'm unsure what I did but it does work now! Interior lights still don't work off the door. Will need some diagrams to diagnose those! But it's much better to be in. I hate all the little electrical issues you get with cars of this age!
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