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  1. Yep, I apprently I was the first to view it!
  2. 2008 chevrolet epica / deawoo toscu
  3. Missed that message! I've not really driven much modern cars. Feels what I imagine a vectra probably feels like. Quite dull, I get the feeling it was just meant to be as average as possible. It has independent suspension in the rear which is cool. Seats are fairly stiff but not uncomfortable. Does not feel anything like a body on frame car or the dodge does. Its fairly big but easy to drive, the steering is viarable. The stalks are pretty cheap feeling and the gear shifter feels like all the bushes are worn out already.
  4. Issues with it are: The passenger mirror goes down when you put it in reverse then rarely goes back up again. The passenger electric window does not go down from the drivers side switch pack but works fine from the passengers side. The passengers interior door metal coating is flaking off. The alloys have corroded pretty badly. Both front and rear chevrolet badges have sunfaded and look naff. I've ordered a new window unit for the drivers door. A new passenger interior handle. And when the door card is off I will just unplug the passenger electric window so it stays where it is left. Other then that it's pretty good. Apprently it was the demo model (the dealer apprently could not sell any cars off the back of it) . As a result it's a pretty high spec. I think it has a subtle body kit. It has 17" alloys (it looks like all the rest have 16" alloys), climate control, full leather seats (most seem to be half leather), parking sensors, heated seats, auto lights, maybe auto wipers too. Kinda looks like a fake impala, the colour is called "Denim blue" It had 69800 when I got it on Friday but now it's just hit 70k and drives just fine. I'm going to have a go swaping it for a van when I'm done with it but I'm not sure how much luck I will get with that.
  5. Sold the suzuki today to a forum member! Sadly I took this aweful photo for the last one. And the new ride: A 2008 chevy epica, or a deawoo tusca (I think) the most boring modern car I've probably ever had. I've always fancied one as they are just a odd rare car here. Can get some photos at some point. Seems to go good, let's see how long it lasts!
  6. As the suzuki is for sale I've bought a replacement last night for it. It's the newest car I've ever had. Wonder if anyone can guess what it is. Its not as intresting as the steering wheel makes it seem it is!
  7. The suzuki has been doing well, getting around 45mpg and just works as it should. Been messing around with the dodge prepping it for it's mot by cutting some rust out ready for welding and today removing the footbrake mechanism and cleaning it up so it would work again. Manged to refit the drivers side loose. Headlight. Just awaiting the instrument cluster to come back and I can stitch the dash back together.
  8. Been very busy for the last couple weeks so time to catch up. Swapped the rover 820 for a suzuki baleno with @calebaaront. Not got many photos but I took this when we swapped. The suzuki is pretty peppy, but needs a few little bits sorting. I found out the horns were not working, Apon looking behind the grill there is a big airhorn fitted. Turns out the connections were a bit weak and after reterminating them the horn works. Its loud, but I see why they were fitted, everyone cuts you up in the little suzuki. The front Passneger speaker was dead so I picked a new one off Facebook for £10 pulled the door card off and now have four working speakers. I thought the rear demister was not. Working but it turns out both t3 bulbs in the button in self were burnt out so new ones are on order. Other then that the drivers electric window is loose in it's runners and needs some help seating just right when coming up. And the rear bumper has a big bump in it I want to have a go pulling out. But it's been a great car so far.
  9. Where is that for sale? I think I saw it in northamptonshire a couple weeks ago! Edit: Found it on Facebook. Not the same one!
  10. And I found time to take it too cowley where it was made over 30 years ago!
  11. Messed around with the rover some more, got the linkage nice and tight. Went to the hubnut social and plan to take the 800 to the Bl show at mk tomorrow. Tempted by other motors, might put it up for sale/swaps, failing that break it.
  12. It seems to be running better after fiddling with the throttle position sensor. I got a short shifter kit for a pg1: Did not get any photos of it, but made some adjustments and the gear change is far better.
  13. Managed to find a new bit of dash timber. Looking much cleaner then the old one. Makes the interior look that little Bit better. Filled it up today and found it is getting 42 mpg, that's mostly motorway driving not trying too hard. I reckon if you cruised at 60 and kept steady 45mpg would be easily obtainable.
  14. Went to shedfest today: The rover seemed to get more attention then I thought it would. I've done around 300 miles in it now and it seems to be running fine! The idle is a bit off, will see if I can figure it out. Heating is working great now as well. Just ticked over 150k today as well.
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