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  1. That actually appeared before they took down the original. I thought the issue was local to my phone phone somehow then it did not go away. It's very odd. Will be accepting offers, for autoshite members offers over £25k though! 😅 Edit: Got bored at work and called auto-trader, they said it is a test advert then generated.
  2. The new drivers seat belt unit came today. I measured the circuit on the dummy unit tucked under the drivers seats contacts and it was almost 0Ω, so I checked the replacement unit and that was the same. When the dummy unit was plugged in I had no airbag light so hopefully when the computer is reset it will go out. fitted the new unit and then all the trim, ran the wire the correct way and plugged it in. The interior is now, just waiting on that wire to reset the light. Downloaded the service manual and found that the radio why the radio would not turn on or off with the ignition. Even with the radio having a broken wire I managed too change the setting so now the radio turns on and off with the ignition. Another little annoying thing sorted. Even though I will be fitting a modern radio soon. The new passenger side window motor/regulator turned up but I will tackle it another time.
  3. I won the coupe alloys, for £80. But still, The alloys will smarten it up! It Currently has steel wheels that are 6Jx14 ET43 with four random cheapie 185/65R14 fitted. The new alloys are 6.5Jx15 ET44 with 205/55R15. But I think these are the wrong tyres and it should officially be 205/50R15 does not really matter for me anyway. The 1.8I officially came with a 6.5Jx15 ET40 with 195/55R15 fitted so do I go for a 195 or a 205? I guess I'm thinking about this way too much 😆 I noticed the key barrel has a extra mode you can out it in "Park" so I looked it up. You can lock it in a position where the park lights are on but the steering lock is engaged. Odd, I've not noticed it on other cars it works though. Removed the cluster too change the back light bulbs. Took a few visits too find the bulbs as they are a more rare 3w, most I come across are 1.2w, 2w or a 504 3w. Never normally a 508 style 3w. Fiat wanted over £65 for the three but after I realised they are in fact socketed I paid around £2.20 for the three. Unfortunately even though I followed the fiat guide I scuffed up the steering wheel surround. Looks really naff now. Will need to removed it and take it too a friend who is good with this stuff. Not really sure why I'm wasting so much time and money into this car but I do really like it! Took the volvo out the garage for the first time sinse volvo600 and its been faultless... Apart from the dash bulbs being iffy (but that's a annoying connection issue). I seem to always be changing dash bulbs but they really annoy me when they are burnt out. Oh and I fitted some new wiper blades, turns out the ones fitted too the car where actually too small. Another trope of every car I seem to buy!
  4. Its a fun mix of cars, it makes me wonder if anyone has owned a Roadmaster and a little fiat Marea. It's very autoshite!
  5. I ended up buying the used unit as the same seller had a passenger window motor I needed and I'm unsure if they will run into issues sending of those those units as it has explosives in it. I understand they get sent all the time but I just want it on the road ASAP! Also got This tool to reset the airbag. The old forums seem to all say the airbag ecu is non volatile so needs a tool to reset it unlike the engine ecu. Will see how it goes!
  6. So tucked under the drivers seat was a seat belt tensioner. And the loom went under the seat... Odd I unplugged it and the airbag light lit up so I decided to do some investigation. Turns out someone had damaged the seat belt mechanic on the drivers seat belt then fitted a brava pretensioner/belt unit. But the plug is not compatible between a brava and a marea so they plugged the original unit under the seat. Both units are no good now. So I have a choice. Brand new unit or Used unit. Give me your thoughts but I'm sure with this part the car will be a lot safer.
  7. Yes but the display has failed. I quite like it and would like to find a good one to fix it with! There is a lot of little bits that need fixing on it. Will get some photos up soon.
  8. Mentioned? Hah what was said? The dealer said there was 5 other people who were interested but I was the first to book a appointment (just because it was so local). I'm not sure if that was just the dealer trying to sell it at full cost or if he was being honest. They also said if it did not have this much mot they would have just scrapped it, so I guess It got lucky and when they got so many phone calls they knew they got lucky.
  9. Must have been me! Haha will do!
  10. The omega did not last long but I decided on getting a smaller car. Maybe something to have a bit longer and this came up for sale near me. Seemed like a good little car so I went to take a look. I don't really remember seeing any of them about. I watched This video to figure out where they rust up and made that my priority and it seemed. Solid so I just agreed on it. To my shock it had working aircon/climate. And most other things work on it but there is a lot of small bits that need fixing. It's a nice little car! One owner and not even 50k but it will need some attention and cleaning up! I will put a list and more photos up when I have some time!
  11. Well I just went today and took a look today. And drove away in it! Will put some details in my thread but it's all good. Very solid from what I can see and even has working aircon/ climate control. I'm also the second owner of the car!
  12. And sold! Went to a omega fan for a bit less then what I bought it for! But was fun to try!
  13. Some history to go with that car.
  14. They seems they love to rot! But I would be happy to drive it for a few weeks till I Roffle it!
  15. I was just about to post this! Might go take a look on Saturday it looks great!
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