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  1. To think this wee thing was destined for the scrappy at one point!
  2. Well bought man, always fancied one of these
  3. Did a switcheroo with the red and yellow wires this morning and it seems to have fixed the issue! I've managed to fit it without butchering the dash or my hands as is usually the case, I'm declaring victory
  4. One hundred and fifty pounds for an operational MOT'd motor car. What a time to be alive
  5. I'll have a look in daylight tomorrow. Funnily enough it'll switch itself on when I turn the ignition
  6. Installed a dab head unit to the 406 there, all working fine except that it doesn't turn itself off when I pull the keys out the ignition? Have to turn it off manually. The adapter that came with it plugged straight into the existing wiring, how have I managed to fuck this up? 😂
  7. Took the new* Pyoojoh I bought at the weekend to work today, had a couple of nice compliments towards it. Neither could believe I only paid 500 quid for it! Spent some time this afternoon giving it a proper look over, it really is mint. Whilst looking the part it's certainly no SPROTS car, but it's surprisingly spacious inside, seats are brilliant and it soaks up the bumps nicely. Perfect for a work daily
  8. Taking the rear headrests out helps a lot with it
  9. 45.5 mpg driving home according to the trip computer btw , just under half a tank left from full, driving up from Peterborough. How is that possible from a 2 litre pez ? 😂
  10. No pez shot, here's a piss shot from an a66 layby. Home now!
  11. Currently residing in a Leeds travelodge having travelled straight from work tonight in Glasgow, it's a stopover for a collection tomorrow morning. The wife says I'm nuts, she's probably right
  12. What's that thudding noi-BETTER KEEP REVERSING
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