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  1. I won't have a bad word said about Spoons. Outrageously cheap pints , exquisite microwave cookery and a baffling ordeal to the bogs in every single one. Horse it into me Tim
  2. What are these comments mean lol x
  3. Astra G, for Gangsta Well purchased, boo to the brake shenanigans
  4. Renault Clio MTV. It had a couple of stickers and a CD player. Bonus bizarre TV ad:
  5. Absolutely heroic effort, cap doffed.
  6. PM me babez at the correct time x
  7. Those cocksuckaz still not allowing anything newer than a Y reg on their for sale pages ? Should be a twenty year cutoff dammit
  8. Jesus, I've kept a car long enough to do this again
  9. God almighty this is handsome
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