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  1. Has happened to me in shitier times
  2. You sure know how to find a nice old Honda
  3. Had a scroll through the thread, the Jag and BMW are looking great 👍 good work on both
  4. https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/check-your-vehicle/
  5. They've aged well in my opinion, still looks good for a 20 year old car.
  6. I had a Y Reg Astra Coupe recently that was surprisingly ULEZ compliant
  7. If I can find myself a nice auto SUV type thing, it'll be available 👍
  8. The Silver Saab playing up?
  9. I bought a top spec MK2 Honda CRV a few months ago that the wife has basically stolen from me, it's a really good motor so I'm on the lookout for another. Currently driving a Saab 9-3 convertible, but much prefer the driving position and all round comfort of the Honda. They're definitely my thang. Plus it's coming into the shitey weather now so I basically need* a SUV for my very small commute.
  10. 5k on a 5 year old Spaceship Civic in 2013. Was mint and low miles. Sold it shortly after when I bought my flat and entered the shite life. I'm much happier here
  11. OOF LEVEL INTENSIFIES That's lovely, absolutely love these 9-3's, brilliant cars
  12. SRi05

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    It still amazes me that these were sold up to 2008 and they did nothing about the rust problems during the production run. They were absolute rot boxes
  13. My Mrs is a primary teacher and it's everywhere in her school. Two kids in her class have it from last week. She messaged me this morning saying that she feels like shit and something is starting on her. Great. Still hasn't had her 2nd vaccine yet.
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