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  1. It's a cracker. I've had faster and more "fancy" cars than this, but the driving position and the handling makes it my favourite. you can chuck it into corners you'd have to brake for with other cars, feels planted to the ground. Had a blast with it today
  2. Celebrating the Honda's return with a good old hoon today
  3. Go for it man. I got my old one back last week thanks to bobthebeard from here swapping it with his previously owned Saab, I spent today cleaning it. Out of all the cars I've had it's the first one I've taken back on after selling. Terrific cars
  4. SRi05

    Sao Penza

    Amazing find sir. You win the internet for today
  5. To be fair, the back seats in that big fucker are like lying on a sofa!
  6. Sqwerr sausage. Validation approved
  7. I worked in a lawyers office a couple of years ago and one of the partners drove a battered old Avensis, and another a rusty saab. These folk were easily millionaires 😂 there were others who had some really nice stuff but those two always made me chuckle
  8. I seen an old knackered looking Tigra as well an hour ago walking round to the shops, wonder if it's still there 😂
  9. Looks remarkably unrusty for one of these
  10. When I had it MOT'd last year my mechanic thought the cause of it was slight wear to the steering rack
  11. SRi05


    Such a lovely looking thing!
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