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  1. Might have a look at this. My Virgin Media wifi speed is diabolical. Fine wired but useless outwith my living room.
  2. Hermes are the absolute worst of the worst. Awful. The lowest of the low. Satan's fucking armpit. If I see anything I've ordered is being delivered by them I just assume it isn't coming
  3. If only barryboys was still alive
  4. E36's have aged fantastically well IMO, I'd definitely have a nice unmolested one, which of course is practically impossible nowadays thanks to the driftyo wankaz. Yours looks great.
  5. This 2 Saab household says YES
  6. Aye, it's never good news
  7. Sooo.... After seeing the Mrs typing for an eternity making me increasingly anxious, she sent this. Hmm, could have been worse. The bing bing noise is actually the ping pong noise for the Saab enthusiasts among you. I'm guessing there's a duff sensor since opening and shutting the door a few times hasn't done anything. Told her to manually lock the doors and not to use the fob which should stop the alarm going off its tits. Off tomorrow so at least have some time to investigate.
  8. A message to strike fear into even the most battle hardened of shiters
  9. YES Automatic as well. 11/10. Love an Astra G
  10. There's still quite a few older cars that are Euro 4 compliant. My 2003 406 Coupe and Mini were
  11. Nice car. Can see why you'd be reluctant to trust a random Scottish guy off the Internet with 13k worth of M1 🤣 If you were going to buy it I'm sure one of us could nip over and drool over it for you, and make sure it's as advertised 👀
  12. Link us to the car, if its over £500 none of us will be nipping in to steal it from under your nose anyway 😂
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