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  1. "I'm a skinflint cunt, please adjust your price accordingly" People are brilliant man
  2. One of my mates actually done this once after a night out with me minus the shitting in the kettle. Walked into a random old dears house on his street after a night out absolutely blitzed thinking it was his, walked into the living room and crashed on the couch. Ended up getting lifted & woke up in the cells the next morning with no idea what he'd done. Went back round the next day rather sheepishly and apologised. Lucky for him he never stumbled into some nutcases gaff 😂 He doesn't drink much nowadays
  3. Cleaned and polished the Astra this morning, managed to buff out a good few scuffs so pretty happy with how it's turned out. It's always going to be a 6 footer but it's looking clean and tidy. I tried to get the get the front grille off but three of the screws are absolutely siezed on with rust, fighting with them is for another day. Replaced the done in number plates and a bit of trim on the passenger door. It's came up well.
  4. Over 600 miles clocked up in the sizzling Scottish heat in this beast over the past 3 days. Drove back down to Glasgow today as its TWENTY EIGHT degrees! In Scotland. An actual portal to hell has opened
  5. Long drives with the roof down can be dangerous right enough, my face and back of my neck are burnt to fuck 😂 you don't feel the sun at all. But long may it continue ☀️
  6. Staycation 2: the sequel Upto Aberdeen today, then hitting the east Coast tomorrow. Saab doing Saab things
  7. That doesn't look rusty enough to be a FOAD vehicle. Well bought
  8. While the rest of us would still be sobbing on the hard shoulder browsing the classifieds, the bold @juular casually whips the engine out and thinks "I'll rebuild that the morra" A modern AS hero
  9. Oh absolutely. I'm with you though, the old font looks shit, and shiny new modern plates can really tidy up an older car. Have done so myself and will again. Obviously retaining the originals. Fuck da poleece
  10. That Audi Coupe is such a nice looking car , love it.
  11. Ooft, now that is proper old school cool. Love that
  12. Not selecting reverse ? Mini gonna Mini Bullet dodged
  13. Street Ka will roffle out in around 35 minutes.
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