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  1. You'd like to think in 10 years electric cars will be a lot more affordable as the used market emerges for them
  2. Think of the shite that'll be driving about in 2050
  3. You don't want your nudes hanging about in the cloud man
  4. Looking forward to seeing the progress on this, you're definitely the right person to take this on!
  5. Also that Lexus is LUSH. Gorgeous thing
  6. Cheers Gerry for picking me up, managed to get the seat sorted 🤣 Forgot it had a daft pin thing that popped out to adjust the height. Car is every bit as lovely as it was when I had it, well done to the few shiters that have owned it the past year .
  7. *David Brent intensifies* Fuck me, what a shower of wankers 😂
  8. Whereabouts is it ? Could cut out the middle man and sell it from there. Particularly if it's North 👀 😂
  9. Drove upto Fort William, Arisaig and Mallaig today, took the new (to me) Saab. Not what I originally planned for October week but making the most of it 😄
  10. I'm hoping for it to come out on that bonnet tbf
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