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  1. The dog looks well impressed with your purchase 😂
  2. Another day driving about getting sunburned.Glorious
  3. It does a bit when it's raining, which tbf is 364 days a year in Scotland
  4. According to the Doovla, this car is black 🤯
  5. Took the merc out for a wash to celebrate my local one opening again, now going out for a good long drive. Life is good
  6. My dad had a W Reg Mk4 Astra from new, think it was "club" spec. Felt like royalty sitting in the back compared to the Metro it replaced 🤣 My first "proper" car (to me) was a 3 door Mk4 Astra SRI, felt like such a massive upgrade to my mk2 clio at the time. When I was moving house and skint a few years ago I sold my spaceship Civic for £3k and bought a 1.7 CDTI Mk4 for £500 which was the cheapest car to run I ever had. I'd definitely have another one for nostalgia purposes. Pity that the rear arches on most of the ones left are pretty ugly nowadays
  7. Looks like the previous owner really looked after it, the best cars to buy !
  8. That looks absolutely lovely btw, it's scrubbed up well. Please don't do anything daft to it 😂
  9. It's even turd coloured as well 😎 I have a weird liking to late 90's early 00's Vauxhall's, I'd definitely rock an Omega
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