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  1. I look forward to owning this in the near future
  2. £700 looks like a ludicrous bargain for that. Stunning car
  3. Nice to see that Ovlov getting some love, beast of a car. Still miss that sound system 😂
  4. I wish I lived in London purely to vote for Binface
  5. Samsung's own browser is excellent. I own a Xiaomi now and downloaded it as it's dark mode is the best of any browser I've used
  6. 140 odd miles today and totally fine 👍 cracking wee thing
  7. Day off, so out for a nice long blast in my latest acquisition. A rare glorious day up here
  8. I just pretend the Simpsons ended around season 11
  9. I'd let these "super clubs" fuck off and do their own thing, and maybe the rest of the game can get back to some sort of normality. Yo-yo clubs bagging £100 million for being relegated etc, get it to fuck
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