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  1. I was in the exact same boat, spec B with the pants down tax. Got it mid 2019 so only ended up doing about 3k miles for that £600. Whereas my manager paid no tax to do 30k a year in his diesel Kia. Think I sold it for a TVR Chimaera which wasn't exactly sensible either but then went all boring with a diesel Civic and hated every second Not sure what the moral of any of that is tbh
  2. Out of curiosity, which specialist are we talking? I've had great experience with one but the other one has been absolutely taking the piss
  3. Yeah I was a bit shocked when I just had a look at prices. One near me for £3k with an ABS fault that's been up for ages
  4. This one seems a snip at £19k 😂 warranty though so it might actually pay for itself... https://www.carandclassic.com/l/C1620882
  5. Hate to say it but the AutoAlex shed fest at the British motor museum
  6. Sounds ideal then. Got to admit the sound of 80+mpg definitely appeals. I'm using my VFR to commute atm and whilst it's fun to drive it's not great on fuel and I'd like to have some panniers for my packed lunch
  7. Yeah that doesn't bother me really. Was thinking more in terms of general durability and how stable it is at 60/70mph etc
  8. How do you reckon the Himi would cope with an 80 mile round commute, mainly nsl A roads with a bit of traffic either end?
  9. Nice little trip to caffeine and machine earlier and a quick blast around some lanes. My first ever group ride so took it very steady
  10. I've got PTSD from having to have the windows wide open on my CX driving home in the middle of winter, freezing my bollocks off, as that was the only thing to stop the windscreen fogging up 😂 definitely type 2 and not type 1 fun
  11. I think the long and short of it is that yes, it's perfectly possible to daily a classic car. The bigger question is whether you're up for it or not. Because a short B road commute in summer is a very different proposition to having to wait for something on carbs to warm up in the middle of winter when it's pissing it down with rain
  12. This is part of why I stopped when I needed to do more miles. The cars absolutely can cope with it and I don't think they necessarily break down more than some moderns but I did worry about safety if anything happened. I wouldn't want a big shunt in a classic. A good middle ground I found was an X300, crippling fuel costs aside
  13. I rate the Falkens, have had them on a few things now. Much better than the Bridgestones I bought
  14. Thanks both! Just need to get insurance sorted then we're good to go
  15. Yep, was so happy on the ride back!
  16. Full bike license passed this morning!
  17. Yep! Got a vfr750 ready to go as soon as I pass 😂 had a quick test ride on some private road and I absolutely love it. A nice step up from the Z650rs the bike school has that I've been riding without feeling too intimidating
  18. Got my 125 MOTd today. Proper old school place with some lovely old bikes in. Will be up for sale when I've passed the big boy test hopefully later this month
  19. Anyone watch the Harry's garage lancia or Jaguar restorations? Doing that shit properly does not come cheap. What annoys me is when something just needed one extra step. On one of my old jags, someone had welded in a panel into one of the doors pretty well so you couldn't tell but not sealed it on the back, so it started bubbling within a year 🤷‍♂️
  20. Prices not released yet but they seem to think it will be about £5k. I think I prefer the speed 400 of the two
  21. Mine was a spec B so the 3.0 flat 6 but probably the best car I've ever owned. Would have still had it if it was an estate not saloon. Very competent things Don't think the 2.0 is that much better on pez than the 3.0 tbh. I never got over 30, even on a long run, closer to 17 on the short commute to work. But what you spend on fuel you save on it breaking down compared to a Passat
  22. Does a spaceship Civic tickle your fancy at all?
  23. Might as well turn this into a bit of a fleet thread. Had a go with one of the Lidl oil pumps for the first time this afternoon. Not entirely mess free but meant I could do an oil change during my lunch break The Civic will soon be up for sale. Plan is to use the pump to flush the trans fluid on the disco and add a tube of Dr Tranny to hopefully sort the pulsing
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