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  1. As a few others have said, my Subaru legacy spec B is probably the best all round car, drove great, fast, discrete, practical, reliable, made you feel good driving it. Wish I'd not sold it not. Second best is probably my astravan 1.7cdti
  2. Always "just a sensor, innit" like they're completely unneeded for a properly running engine 😂
  3. I assume this is the same Richard kitchen from the UpNDown YouTube channel? If so looks like he's busy restoring an SM!
  4. Does it feel like a burden to you? If it's bothering you then get rid. Otherwise get it back on the road and use it. Do you hold it in particularly high regard? Will it disappoint you when I s finished? My advice would be to get rid and focus your energy on other projects
  5. Seen in an advert for a fiesta. Windforce Catchgre something?
  6. Only actually owned 2 French cars myself. A CX and a 306. Both had to he recovered at some point. The 306 in particular left me stranded a few times, mainly just old car problems though and the CX gave me some terrible freights. Still want to own something with am XUD though
  7. That's a T350 and not a sagaris so he's done that himself... Makes the usual wine rack look tasteful
  8. It'll affect at least my next two purchases I reckon. It'll affect my next car choice because my commute is a 90 mile round trip and even if it's only a few days a week, it still costs me £16 a throw at today's prices. And I am genuinely starting to feel bad about the pollution I'm causing with such big miles. So if I have to get something boring as a daily then I'll need something exciting for the weekends. Impreza STI will do nicely
  9. Slip a sable under the tree...
  10. I reckon mercedes got it bang on with this generation of dials. Odometer ticked over just as I pulled up as well
  11. Kia Picunto Nissan Gashqai Vauxhall gashtra
  12. Just two powerfully built directors going about their business
  13. Looks minty. If you've not already, m539 on YouTube restores a lot of rare E31s and is worth a watch if you've time to spare
  14. I'm 29 and I'd absolutely love a blower Bentley. Just something about them ever since seeing a drawing of one as a kid. I love the madness if sticking a fuckoff supercharger out the front Based on a few "young people" groups I'm in on FB, there are a lot of people about wanting classics. I put it down to the popularity of stuff like Car throttle tbh
  15. Seems you have two of my dream cars, E31 8 series and Range Rover classic. Both look glorious, well played
  16. Xj40 with touring suspension and 15inch wheels is the best riding car I've ever been in. Better than my old CX and current s class with airmatic. The later X300s lost a bit of that quality and it's only gotten worse since
  17. Wholeheartedly recommend the Chimaera. For me I'd like to swap my Chim for either a Cerbera or T350. I was a Powers Performance on Friday and some of the stuff they have in... Also on the list is a Monaro, if possible a supercharged one for ultimate shits and giggles. Probably a few years off realistically. And another performance car I absolutely have to tick off is a blob eye Impreza STI. In blue with gold wheels and not prepared to compromise on that 😂 More likely in the near future I'd like a Volvo V70 or 530d touring as a (semi) sensible daily. And I feel given I've had an xj40 and x300 an x308
  18. The simple answer to this is anything I seem to buy 😂buy high, sell low, that's my motto
  19. Bit of a boring thread, completely forgot to update it 😂 Final results are in! Poo count stayed at 2. About 7 hours round trip. 160 miles on the way back. Merc drove great. It's a big old tank but effortless on the motorway. It just won't be rushed to get up to speed
  20. My first collection thread on here, exciting times. Off to collect the roffle win panzer wagon. Easy like Sontag Morgen. Poo count: 2
  21. Just to update my views on this, running an old car daily sucks 😂 sure it only takes 30 mins to swap over a thermostat but what's the point if the fucker never seals again and I need to get to work tomorrow
  22. Currently doing 20k a year in an X300 xj6. Not sure if that classifies as "old" but it's a lovely place to do the commute and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that I'm not in some dull motor like everyone else. That said, now it's coming up to winter again I'm almost certain to swap it for something newer as it's getting a bit baggy now. The hardest part is trying to find something that ticks the reliable, economical and interesting boxes...
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