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  1. Wow that's lovely! I have quite a few Siku trucks but they're all a bit later than that and don't have the tilting cab which is a shame.
  2. It's just a bit of fun, that's why!
  3. Being my favourite truck, I've been through a few FGs before I found one I liked. As well as a resin 1/76 example from Hong Kong Model Co that I got 20 years ago from a site called 'Ryanbus.com', I bought that yellow 1/43 example from Jumajo a couple of years ago. It's pretty much a perfect model, save for both windscreen wipers sweeping the same way instead of 'clap-hands', slightly different engine cover, an extra slat in the front grille. The subject is also not actually a Leyland FG but a Spanish built SAVA-BMC.
  4. Many thanks to @FakeConcern for sending me a spares Fiat 124. I dug my blue one out the loft, it hasn't seen light of day for about 30 years. It's a shame it's too far gone as it would have made a great shelf buddy for my Fiat 131 which is in the same 'OLIOFIAT' livery this wore originally. Crucially, the roof on the white one is intact and the axles are straight. It also has an intact windscreen, the one on the blue one is made from some kind of food packaging. The white one also has its original grille, the blue one has a balsa wood replacement (LOL). So I decided to go with the white one. The bonnet on the blue one has a small chip at the corner and was badly glued onto the hinge. The bonnet was missing completely on the white one. So here it is now with the bonnet re glued to the new car, waiting for it to dry. I'll repair the corner and spray it black to match the boot lid. I'm right pleased with this !
  5. Ah right I know the one you mean.
  6. You manage to make a bleak winter morning actually look pretty! Minus 3 here.
  7. Alan kindly messaged me about the Saab when I was looking for one but it was needing a bit too much doing for me - my shite tinkering mojo is low at the moment. I didn't know about the chain rattle. Looks like it has gone to the right person though and you've got a plan. I like these OG93s, maybe I'll own one some day.
  8. Aye that is indeed really nice, one to watch!
  9. I bought my extractor 5 years ago and it's brilliant. Not all cars accept it but its great to literally have a cuppa whilst doing an oil change.
  10. Well, I discovered a couple of days ago that I might be out of a job soon. I took my current job 4 years ago because I was made redundant so this has come as a bit of a boot in the baws. If I only* was mentally at my fighting weight. Merry Christmas.
  11. Yes I bought it on Saturday. The guy Mark got back to me and said he bought it with the intention of replacing the engine but didn't have time and sold it to a taxi company. He's from Middlesborough which is where I believe the car was bought from before it came into the fold. It certainly runs fine now and it's definitely not seized!
  12. Interesting. I can see the platenjust clear enough to know thats the same car. I have messaged to see what the outcome was, hope he doesnt mind! He hasnt posted anything else on the page since. Apparently bought with a seized engine due to the common grenade-y oil pump on these. Be a nice win if it had all been done!
  13. It's great to see just how far those diecast rescued from St Georges end up.
  14. Facebook should be renamed 'All Our Yesterdays'. I stopped avoiding reading the comments because sometimes people can post new information. For example, a picture of an old lorry can yield an interesting anecdote from someone who used to drive them for a living or found the particular model ate head gaskets or something like that. But the above example, more often than not, has a large majority of comments from miserable, condescending old duffers who complain how useless today's drivers are. Rather than be glad that new drivers don't have to endure draughty cabs, no power steering and wrestling with damp ropes and sheets in winter, they just say how much better things were back then. Another example was when I was enjoying reading comments about an old video of Falkirk Town Centre in the 1980s. Again, my search for new information from perhaps someone who had some nice memories was spoiled by the usual streaks of misery who see progress as an entirely negative thing. Fuck off.
  15. That's fine I can make a good one out of the two! I'll fire you a PM.
  16. Yes I would indeed! I have a very borked one from my childhood but it does have most of the bonnet present, bar a small corner. Weirdly the boot and bonnet were plastic on these. So yes please if its available @FakeConcern!
  17. Sensible me would have kept the SLK sale proceeds in the bank but life is just too short.
  18. If I had the space that would be on my drive as well.
  19. Yes, ex DaveQ, Ex Robson3022 and latterly ex Paulplom. I almost spat my tea when I was told how much it was going for and booked the Megabus that very day. Thankfully, Mrs_Pin's feet can reach the pedals on this one. Averaged 41mpg on the run home from Newcastle to Bonnybridge and used exactly 1/4 tank. Drives very smoothly (its way quieter than the 75, by a country mile) no knocks and the brakes are good. There is a slight vibration under load at certain revs but it doesn't really affect anything, it still pulls well enough and the turbo makes the correct turbo noises. We think it's been mapped which could be the cause as the 75 does this sometimes too ( it's been remapped as well). Overall very happy with it and a very capable motor car, the Mrs is happy too. John, did you take a picture of that carving we found in Bamburgh that looks like me with glasses on? "COURSE I DID". "LOOK AT HIS CHUBBY CHEEKS" Thanks John.
  20. And hame! The snow wasn't far away on the way back.
  21. WHAT ARE THOSE Buses, John. Sorry, I know we normally get the train.
  22. What kind of car is it John? "Well, viewers, I can hear it, even though I can't yet see it. Isn't that amazing, and it's still over a hundred miles away at this point in our journey".
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