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    End of shite?

    It's actually been years since I went to 'view' a car. I think it was 2021 when I got the Civic with the non opening boot. Even that one was in isolation, all the rest since 2019 have either been bought blind and delivered to me or have been from here, in which case the description in the for sale advert was more than enough.
  2. Split_Pin

    End of shite?

    My rule is a maximum of two people on my property when viewing a car. There is no need for any more and they can either agree to that or go away.
  3. Split_Pin

    End of shite?

    I agree that trying to sell a car on Facebook and Gumtree is a strong reason why people just bin them to avoid the hassle. Me, I'm never one to avoid a good old barney so I quite enjoy the challenge of selling a car. It's a bit of a bubble on here as you can usually be sure of honest descriptions and realistic expectations. There are a few messers but they get flushed out pretty quick.
  4. A decent MK1 auto is on my radar and perhaps a tourer as I havent had one of those before. I could also use the practicality as my Cavalier stays in the garage during winter. My first 2 75s were MK1s but they were tired and very needy.
  5. Good news on the Rover. An L series 45 saloon is on my bucket list. Sorry about the chooks though. Sounds like they need some extra-spicy curry in their seed mix, that'll get things moving.
  6. I only buy from here now. Technically a good percentage is actually from St George's Market but the £5 buses are really tip-top for the money.
  7. Yes I think they're taking the piss. It was lovely but no. I have my Corgi example, that will do. I'd actually prefer a Golden Jacks one with a spare tyre on the boot lid.
  8. I won't be paying £9 for a 1/64 diecast nor anything above that on ebay. That just isn't value for money in my opinion.
  9. I was in Smyths today and they had the Premium Hotwheels Rover P6. I really wanted it but its £9. NINE POUNDS. I ruminated for several minutes but in the end I left it. That's just too much for a Hotwheels. Do they normally release these as a mainline with a plastic base and wheels?
  10. I used the windscreen washers today as the roads were filthy and my wipers wouldn't turn back off. I eventually managed to stop them by skooshing again. 75/ZT Facebook group naturally don't have a clue other than predictably asking if the plenum are dry, which they always have been. They haven't done it since but I'll need to jeep an eye on it.
  11. My 75 wipers are on the blink today so as far as 28th January goes I've taken one for the Rover team and you'll get home perfectly smoothly. Nice one on the 45, Hedgehog Motors are always spotless.
  13. That's mad, at least you have insurance sorted now. I'm £80 a year on a classic policy with my Cavalier. I'm going to ask my dad, who is 75, how much his Volvo V40 costs him.
  14. I tried to change my auto-renewal preference online (to 'no') for esure but I was pushed to a phone call. So they've pissed me off again. I'm also fairly sure that's now illegal. When I finally got through to someone who had given up pretending they weren't reading straight from the same script they had done for the past 5 years, they then said they could offer me a more competitive quote. Why could they not have made me a more competitive offer in the first place? I know why, because they're hoping many customers will just take the path of least resistance and accept. There was no way they were going to be able to knock almost £100 off the renewal quote and beat what I had found on gocompare so I declined. A shower of bastards.
  15. How on earth are you 4 figures? I have found all my 75s to be slightly more expensive to insurers but by that I mean about £250 a year.
  16. Thanks I was just looking on ebay for those and couldn't find them. I use a cotton bud or small blunt instrument sheathed in a baby wipe for the hard to reach parts and a baby wipe or antibacterial wipe for everything else. That will let you clean around the stickers without getting them waterlogged.
  17. Your lorry cab also has a blue interior, mine has cream. These were made from 1966 to 1977. Early ones had a card box and the last ones had a large clear plastic blister and card bottomed box. Nice to see that the toy remained heavy and well made right into the Crap Era of Dinky. I'm going to give mine a clean when I finish work and look for the tanker caps on ebay.
  18. Nope it was 2 hoses! Which presumably go here, one each side. Amazing!
  19. An unexpectedly heavy parcel from @danthecapriman, the postie certainly earned his £2.85 today! I bloody love these Superkings Capris, I only have the beige one with the brown roof and this one is in much nicer condition so had to have it. But check out this bad boy: I've wanted this Dinky AEC for ages and when it came up I jumped at it. It needs new filler caps but apart from that it's staying original. Did I mention, it's heavy.
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