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  1. Yes it did cheers! I'm particularly delighted with the bus.
  2. Good to know it's not just me then! A battery one is what I'd like too.
  3. Haha I always say that to myself every time I'm buggering about with 75 brakes (which is quite often).
  4. I'm still marvelling at the 4 pot calipers from a few posts back up the page!
  5. I haven't updated this in a while, a few jobs have since cropped up . First is the sticking rear caliper. It was only a slight bind and nothing was getting really hot or dragging but the previous freeing off had only lasted a short time. However a much bigger problem arose yesterday, I couldn't get the wheel bolts off. Even my Clarke mains impact gun wouldn't touch them. I now rate it as shite as it's failed every task I have set it thus far. The garage who fitted the brake lines must have tightened the bolts with an impact gun. This would also be a problem for the 2
  6. Fancied another for my Japanese collection. £20 from Hobbycraft seemed ok as this one has an engine. I'll study it later! Sorry for your necks, since my phone updated itself last week it's basically scrambled itself. 2 parcels came today too!
  7. Those look fantastic. I'd love the Cedric Taxi, the Japanese really got the hang of the Coke bottle look in the 1970s.
  8. Hey did you manage to send mine?
  9. I'm also on a self imposed ban from eBay and buying any other model cars after all my purchases have arrived. I was quite excited to get this from ebay.: Gama Audi 80 B3. I had a blue one as a kid and it was the first proper model car I got, as opposed to the more toy-like Matchbox and Corgi I was used to. It was also my first visit to a proper model shop. £6.65 from McLaren Models in Falkirk in about 1989. I suppose it was my frame of mind that made me sell it in the great purge of 2013. My parents neighbour also had an identical blue one on an F registration, it w
  10. I'd recommend a Disklok. Expensive but very robust. I sold mine as all my cars are modern enough to have immobilizers.
  11. It certainly won't be the first time that a 'source' has made claims that an organisation is moving/selling up/in trouble. I didn't believe it until I saw it for myself a short time ago that The Media are indeed a total shower of lying bastards and will literally cook up any old tale in the name of a story. I was surprised at how shocked I was.
  12. Blue one with the sunroof is the best IMO, full opening parts and loads of play value.
  13. Cheers SL, my problem is that I no longer have a steady hand, which I have only found out in the last few months as I have taken up restoring/model building again. I am also having real trouble aiming the needle lance of the poly cement container at the area or part I want to glue. Bracing my wrist against something seems to work and there weren't any accidents! I think you mentioned something similar about yourself a few pages back so I was kind of spurred on by your continued good results.
  14. Conrad Passat is an excellent find, love that. I also remember lusting after the Solido Tagora as it was pictured on the back of the box of the Talbot Horizon. I should have kept that one too!
  15. Never noticed that on mine, I'll have to check now! I've had it since about 1983, it came free with my Matchbox 'Playtrack'.
  16. Do you have a picture of the Gran Fury with opening doors? Mine doesn't either and I don't ever recall seeing one.
  17. Finished the NSX. Please don't compare it with efforts of someone who knows what they are doing, especially the paint. I did get all of the features to work nicely though, opening engine compartment, pop up headlights and steering. I removed the driver's window because the 'masking tape' that I used when spraying the black windscreen border, bled everywhere. The other windows were not so bad.
  18. Those look great. What method do you use to paint the window surrounds?
  19. Those boxes have a real 'dawn of the computer age' about them. Absolutely fantastic.
  20. Computer says no for me also.
  21. What an utterly cretinous article, especially the quote from Practical Classics. Corsa Bs will only be rare because they rot badly in places you can't see until it's too far gone. Unless you are equally idiotic like me and keep having it welded up.
  22. The Lesney isn't a Brigadier it's a long nose 9500. The Brigadier is a short nose version. I have at least one Majorette version, definitely an articulated tipper truck. It's smaller than the one you pictured though.
  23. Cheers for your Tat Fridays Tim, they've really brightened up the last day of my working week through the mad times of this year. You were spot in about the mixer, I thought it was the Siku Volvo N series!
  24. I made our Mini smoke much worse because the dipstick is unreadable due to its design and I overfilled it. It just smokes a bit now when pulling away....
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