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  1. I'd like to see that! I have the blue one and I agree it's a lovely casting and one of my favourite MBs from that era, along with the VW 1600TL and the Zephyr MK4.
  2. Aww you left a cliff hanger on p6! Finished result looks good though, do you still have it?
  3. Ah it was yourself! Excellent, I'm taking a look at that now.
  4. You need to raise your standards to Aldi Cheese Curls. Bigger and cheesier.
  5. Swapping is NEVER biased in your favour. Just don't.
  6. Much like the original, but for different reasons, I can't imagine a single place in the world other than Russia that would touch one of those. Not even for ironic, 'Autoshite'reasons.
  7. That looks ace, well done to whoever did that. Not a bubble arch nor driving lamp to be seen!
  8. That wee bronze Escort is lovely. I really hope it's not a rally car now! Your tow vehicles are grumpy bastards by the way!
  9. They made the Leyland FG up until the same time which was an even older design. I think all the former BMC light and medium trucks were kept in production due to their popularity with stingy fleet operators and to keep the Bahtgate plant alfoat for a few more years.
  10. I always felt that the original was far too upright and the big wheels were awful. I did have a beige Super GT version with much slimmer wheels and it looked great. Sadly I don't have that any more.
  11. Leather belongs in Rovers and Jaguars. Velour in a Cavalier lets you know you are on your way.
  12. I won't lie by saying that I'm not even slightly nervous at putting my Saab's ECU through the UK postal system . Next day Special Delivery Tracked should hopefully see it right!
  13. A very nice example but not £5k. It's a Longbridge car and being on a 51 plate will have some project drive impact. I'd say £2500 to £3k. If it was a very early Cowley car on a T plate with a personal line interior then maybe £4k at the absolute maximum.
  14. The BMC/Leyland EA had a snout with the engine on its side under the floor, right underneath the seats.
  15. What a thread!! How I missed this first time around is beyond me. This has now moved the explosive-cabbage Peugeot 306 collection thread into 2nd place for me.
  16. Have we had the fact that the Rover SD1 had a passenger heater vent where the steering column would go in LHD models? The instrument binnacle was a separate assembly from the rest of the dash too so it could be the same for both RHD and LHD models. Not really penny pinching as that was the point of the car, but the MK1 Dacia Duster was based on a MK2 Renault Clio. I owned both at the time and all of the major controls and switchgear were identical. OK, but the MK2 Clio was released in 1997 and the Duster was 2017. By far and away the most grim car I ever owned. The silver paint was flaking off the steel wheels at 2 years old.
  17. Good shout on the rogue rear lights on the Capri. The original MB Capri was an prefacelift one with the Allegro headlights and small rear tail lights. It's still a really nice model. I haven't opened it yet but I think I will now!
  18. I sure hope so! I'm going to post it on Monday special delivery, it should be turned around and back to me by Thursday hopefully. He wants the cash in the box, he's clearly not* doing this under the radar 😂
  19. Excellent acquisition. We need more Cavaliers on here. People who have Luton registered Cavaliers dropped off at their door are the Best People.
  20. That's come up really well. I'd recommend getting some lacquer on the bits you painted, leave it a week and then you would be more than welcome to bring it round to my bit and we can get the machine polisher on it to cut it back.
  21. Come again? I thought he didn't want it. Fuck knows how you've extracted any malice from that man.
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