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  1. Definitely not accurate. Surely there would be a Skoda Octavia and a Skoda Rapid / Seat Toledo on the list if that was the case. It's perfectly plausible that a diesel 75 could cover 750k, the engines are very robust. The petrol Astra, not a chance though and even an old 8v MK3 wouldn't be used as a taxi to reach that mileage.
  2. The jacks a bit dodgy? 205 as well by the look of it.
  3. I think I'm of an age now where I feel able to say that a car with proper chairs is everything now. I like that interior arrangement no end. Well bought @davehedgehog31
  4. Lovely. Built in Schrieber sideboard too!
  5. Carried out an oil change on mine yesterday. The engine bay has always been clean so I spruced it up again. Nothing to do with me being clumsy with the oil......
  6. I have at least 16% of those buses now!
  7. Hey @bunglebus that's that's fantastic haul. I love the Renault 30, I wonder who made it?
  8. He sounds like a top gent! There are some out there after all then!
  9. Don't worry I bought a Megane under the influence as well. Was this self inflicted or was there an enabler I the question 😂
  10. £100? Only the recovery wagon would interest me even a bit.
  11. I gave up on making You Tube videos months ago and moronic comments like this have reinforced that decision 100%.
  12. He's asking about your motivities man, answer the question as we all want to know what the hell those are as well.
  13. That's not too bad, under £100 all in, including the cost of the test. Can't be too bad these cars then!
  14. Don't these have an updated K series or something. I'm quite intrigued by them. I havent seen one for a wee while come to think of it.
  15. Fingers crossed for you man, how old is the car?
  16. Most of my previous cars are still too recent to be worth anything. Only one of my cars ever had any value and has increased in price. Renault Clio 172 Bought in July 2018 for £1400. At that price it had a lot of work done such as recent belts and rear brakes. Went incredibly well and looked very tidy. Sadly, it had lived in the North of Scotland for a time and was quite rusty underneath. After replacing the subframe, my hand went through the floor and I sold it cheap last uear. Had I been able to weld then I would have kept it. For a similar car with belts done but a few cosmetic issues you're looking at nearly double that today: So for the remaining balance I could have an Astra Coupe, Corsa B and a Renault Megane MK1, with change left over for a weekend away. Not a whole car as such, but I bought these 5 Speedline Alessio 2 wheels in July 2011 for £350. I sold them in April for £1000. I only every replaced the tyres in my ownership.
  17. Thanks for the insight into King Size DC, a very interesting little batch of models these it seems. I picked up the Charger from a little curiosity shop in Linlithgow for £4 a few years ago. It had no front tyres and it took me a few years more to get around to finding the right ones for it. Thankfully I found some and it displays well now. What I like most about it is that it is based on a completely stock example. No fat tyres, roll cage or shakers poking through the bonnet. The pale blue interior is very believable too. Nice models but nevertheless quite odd in my opinion. The front wheels are merely posable and can't be steered during play like the Corgi 'prestomatic' system. Also, the mechanism is too stiff and the wheels just want to return to centre somewhat. So with opening doors being the only feature, at least on the Charger, I think that Dinkys and some Corgis of the time had many more features and play value. Take the Corsair 2000E of a year or 2 earlier as an example. Pressure steering, bonnet with 'remote' release and windows that can be lowered. Or the Renault 16 with the 'remote controlled' rear seat and opening bonnet with spare tyre. Early SuperKings were a real head turner for me though. The Datsun 240Z rally car with its remote bonnet release and rally theme was fun, and it's nice to see that they continued with the finely cast badges and scrolls in the body, something that was missing by the 1980s. The Ford Capri II was awful though. Massively oversized wheels and proportions that were a mile out, with only an opening boot.
  18. I had no idea that this casting made it into 'modern' times in the Classics range. I have the Polizei version and the Driving School issue.
  19. Like yours, mine isn't the best paint wise but mechanically it's spot in. I've booked it in in January to have the sills repaired. Yours sounds well worth repairing . Here is mine today on a visit to one of many skatepark with my son.
  20. I bought this one in June: 1.7TD for those that don't know and only about to tick over to 95000. Cosmetically its poor, paint has a lot of lacquer peel, headlining is held up with about 25 drawing pins and the seats are tired. The green one was much nicer and the Albany cloth SRi interior was lovely. But It is solid, spectacularly so. Stuff I have done. Welded a hole in the rear sill. Well it started out as one, but became 3 big ones, as I expected! (After the faff of finding a welder last time I learned myself) Timing belt was done again. I saw no evidence of tensioner replacement and I got in touch with the chap that did the belts previously (being a debt collector many, many years ago means that I seem to now be able to trace literally anybody!) and indeed, he didn't change them because they 'looked good'. Passed MOT last month with only a few advisories and the tester was very impressed with how solid it was. It shakes like a dog shitting razor blades at idle which is off putting. I spoke with the old gentleman who owned it for years, up until 2019 and he said he had tried everything to cure it. He said something about a pressure issue on the pump but it fires up instantly and drives fine so I'm presuming it's just some sort of idle adjustment that's required. Unfortunately there is an ongoing issue with the car where it will run hot on long motorway inclines. Anywhere else it runs at a normal temperature, even in traffic. To address this I changed: Radiator Water pump Thermostat Fan switch Tested fans Coolant This didn't really help all that much I wondered if sitting on boost was causing some kind of forced combustion leak, so I did a sniff test on the head gasket (as I have read that the Isuzu diesels are bad for this) but it was fine. It always cools down again and turning the heater on regulates the temperature well, but I can't take passengers and subject them to a blast of heat and having the windows down as well. Fine if I'm on my own though. There's also a small leak from a rubber thermostat pipe but that's mainly my fault. I haven't used it much due to this. I'm on the lookout for a reasonably priced petrol one, preferably in LS spec or similar. Prices are all over the place though. I will keep this one until then though as I really like MK3 Cavs now.
  21. HEY CAV FANZ. I realised I left this one hanging. I got the Cav welded up nicely in the end. Rear crossmember was rotten. Welded up. Boot floor. Engine wise, in order to cure the high emissions: New dizzy cap, rotor arm and O2 Sensor. A pass was achieved in April. After that I: Had the timing belt kit, water pump and aux belt replaced. Scuttle panel Wiper linkage and blades Rocker cover gasket Oil and filter New wheels as the steels went with my Corsa when I sold it. Polish, wax and interior valet. It turned out like this: I then got this: Sold the green one to an enthusiast in Rosyth and it now looks like this: I'm not sure it rides terribly well on the 18 inch wheels but they are period correct Kahns and they look nice. A good ending.
  22. I had this set as a kid. All I know is that my granny got me them and that, despite this probably being in my most reckless phase of toy car ownership when I was about 3 or 4, they have unbelievably all survived in good condition.
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