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  1. Drop him an eBay message to say if it all falls through to let you know. Has worked for me in the past.
  2. I’m no great mechanic but it was ok. The rearmost ones each side are the hardest as there’s not much clearance against the inner wings. There’s just a lot of engine in the bay. I changed a headlight at the same time and that was a faff. The engine note makes it all worthwhile
  3. You can do them topside using a socket set with a universal joint if you take the airbox and battery out. You’ll still remove some of the skin off your knuckles though.
  4. Good memory, same colour, I reckon that was a good 14 years ago! (EDIT: it was, bought Sep ‘05, sold Apr ‘06). It was a time of low scrap value so I paid Shadow money for it. Quite the sleeper with the Astra GTE engine. Got scrapped after I sold it.
  5. On my slightly later one (59 plate), if you flick the wiper switch down a few seconds after removing the key, the wipers park in the vertical position. Worth a try?
  6. r.welfare


    I hope TEH SHADOW is back on form with another Suzuki Wagon R
  7. Two MOT passes back to back this morning. Touran’s done nearly 20,000 miles since the last one - advisory for rear pads which are ‘in stock’. Then my brother’s new-to-him Subaru - thankfully pronounced solid underneath and advised on front discs and a couple of bushes. A slight blow from the Y pipe in front of the rear silencers nearly put the lambda over on the emissions test so need to see what can be done there.
  8. Interesting, my 2009 Touran (164k miles) needs a minimum of 37mph to regen. Forum VAG 1.9TDI whisperer “bigfella2” suggests it’s not suited to the DPF, sounds like your later 2.0 is. One assumes the Fiat 1.9 is similar to the VW in this respect. Carry on!
  9. These DPFs suck donkey dong don’t they. I had mine regened at the garage a few months back because it was saying it was full (40g of ash), not that I had noticed with any error messages (car was in for something else). Had the car back in the garage today for a general “software update” (first time I’ve ever had a car needing this) and they tell me another regen was required as the ash level was 38g. What! It’s only been 10k miles since the last forced one and 6.5k of those have been bombing round Europe in 10 weeks (not me!). In the meantime I’ve been noticing it’s been doing a regen in use every 500 miles or so which the garage think is too frequent. Could be my commute is too short (15 miles each way) but it gets a run to Birmingham and back (240 miles) at least once a month. Oh, and aftermarket DPFs are apparently all shite, the garage recommend ultrasonic cleaning the original. TL:DR keep up the good work, modern diesels are crap.
  10. I enjoy a fart as much as the next man.
  11. The only thing that smells worse than new gearbox oil is used gearbox oil.
  12. I’ve never seen a Granada in the wild with those “bright wheel covers”, as the brochure describes them. They must have dropped them early on.
  13. Stiff throttle will be the cable, I just changed one on a 323Ci. Bit of a fiddle but makes a hell of a difference. Bought one from ECP and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a genuine BMW part (and for the right car).
  14. I do hope that’s a pic of your drive and you’ve bought a PT Cruiser you haven’t told us about as well, you rascal.
  15. Just back from Bath after a spur-of-the-moment collection mission. Sorry, loserone. This was closer to home and my brother, who bought it after the highest bidder on eBay disappeared (always worth contacting the seller if you don’t win), preferred the colour and wheels even if a June 2006 registration means £OMGRFL. I’m custodian of it over the next three days so I’ll give it a shakedown during my commute. First impressions are the engine is fantastic (3-litre boxer six).
  16. Fairly mind boggling to see the Avenger available as a Hillman, Sunbeam and Dodge in Cyprus, seemingly all at the same time. Fiat 127 seems value at £695.
  17. Always seemed to be a bit of a comedown on trims when the Mk2 Ghia had alloys. This is still flipping cool though.
  18. 2.8 best for pretending to be a 1980’s Chief Constable.
  19. I think the French are just good at designing out rust traps. My 2003 Espace was virtually pristine underneath. By comparison most of the fasteners on the 2009 Touran I replaced it with are seized with rust. And my wife’s 2010 Qashqai is covered in surface rust underneath, although bolts still come undone easily.
  20. Ooh! I saw that in traffic last week. Very unusual colour.
  21. Hill out of Burghfield towards Burghfield Common, it’s a steep one on a bike so I take my hat off to you. Don’t know about the swearing thing but as I never see many pedestrians there I reckon you’re alright.
  22. Good work. That Tomcat you spotted has never moved in the last 15 months I’ve been commuting on that road.
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