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  1. I feel your pain, I had a great job as a service tech for a large company, I used to spend most of my working days on the road, after 7 years I'd had enough and was at the point I was ready to ram someone off the road or kill them to death for being a cunt, so I quit, I now hate driving anywhere really, it's just a complete ballache, even riding motorbikes is a pain as the world is full of fucking dashcam warriors who are happy to post details of your perfectly safe (but fast) overtake online for all to see, its got to the point that the bike stays in the garage most of the time and I use the car just to get 10 miles to work and back.
  2. I'd be up for a couple of tickets, although the tax is a bit of a passion killer.
  3. I've not done Bedford but I know a few lads who have an they said its a decent setup, novices is novices for a reason, I'll guarantee you won't be a roadblock, as for leathers I'm sure there's plenty on ebay or FB marketplace 2nd hand suitable for you, plenty of big blokes out there on bikes, don't forget a back protector too as you really shouldn't TD without one
  4. Mine aren't that old at 21 and 23 and only the eldest drives, so far she has had an Ignis (crashed), a Polo 6N, traded in for a '18 Polo (crashed) and now she drives a 57 plate Mini One I bought for a grand after she wrote the new Polo off, the Mini is a bit crap but it was a distress purchase and was needed in a hurry, it'll do for now though.
  5. Thick people, my cousin asked me to find her a car, £500 max, must have service history and full mot with a warranty and be safe to run her kids 5 miles to school, oh and it MUST be a diesel, when I asked her why and she said it was because they were cheaper to run, when I pointed out that they may do better headline mpg but are a potential timebomb her eye's glazed over. People are so blinkered that they don't realise a small petrol engine is far less hassle and just as economical for the 10 mile round trip, they have been brainwashed that a diesel costs less to run, my wife was the same, until I pointed out my 1.8 Avensis was the same cost per mile as her diesel Peugeot even though it did less mpg because diesel was 10p a litre more expensive. I politely declined and told her to ask someone else.
  6. Just pay the tax monthly by DD then sorn it if you want to, it's only a couple of quid more expensive.
  7. Check the voltage at the pins, the permanent and switched lives may need swapping over, most adaptor looms allow you to do this.
  8. Its a 4.75mm DIN flare I'm sure [/img]
  9. Plate hanger is grim, as was the one on my MT09, it was the first thing I removed, its still hanging on the garage wall even though the bike is long gone! Before After
  10. Jazoli

    Crazy Trannies*

    I remember that gearbox a mate had a turbo hatchback thing and it felt weird being driven in it as compared to my mums 1.3 escort it felt like a rocket ship.
  11. I guess the mods were too afraid to ban one person just in case they were accused of bullying a minority
  12. Hope the weather is decent as a wet greasy Donnigton isn't a lot of fun, I've done a few track days on the bike this year and have been really lucky with the weather, only had one damp first session at Anglesey, I've been trying to justify another couple of days but it's a lot of money if its pissing down and I can't really afford the bike hire again as my SX is too much hard work on track and I don't want to bin it!
  13. Mate of mine scrapped a 20V UR quattro, he blew the engine and couldn't afford to fix (he never once checked the oil and ran it dry) it, he ran it on a shoestring, all 4 tyres were down to the canvas, he really knew fuck all about cars and he got £200 quid for the car and the plate (153HHY) which is now on a Mercedes, the car would be worth about £40k now. I did take advantage of his muppetry and bought a nice tidy 6 year old Supra turbo off him for £300 when it failed its mot on fucked tyres and wipers, I did scrap it myself when I blew the headgasket 5 years later and rust had begin to take over, it was a great car and had around 280bhp with a few mods, it was quite a lot for 22 year old me
  14. Looking good, although I don't know how anyone has the patience to do this stuff on the floor without a lift, I used to do all this when I was younger but now I'm older I end up paying a garage to do it then plead poverty to the missus and get her to pay for it! Wheelarch liner clips are about £4 for 10 on ebay as I've just had to replace the liner on our 307. Hopefully it'll drive ok with the solid flywheel, I've seen mixed results with them.
  15. I think he must mean 407, as the handle is in the middle on a 406.
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