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  1. Haha, never touch the bikes now as they are always new and chopped in after a couple of years, plus I don't ride in winter.
  2. I disagree, although our annual mileage is low, once a year is better than never
  3. I do, properly, every year, I've never had a seized brake or failure, I don't know anyone who does the same though.
  4. I agree, they were dogshit when new, anything old seems to get a 'classic' tag these days, when most stuff actually isn't.
  5. Er.....BBC Iplayer is free, you just tell them you have a TV license to use it, they don't actually check
  6. Yes, buy a spring puller, they are a couple of quid. Holoras Brake Spring Hook, Exhaust Pipe Spring Hook Puller Tool for Vehicle Springs Removal and Installation https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07D8TSH3W/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_ZSDEMAW6ZC7934B5N357?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  7. M6 jct 34 just before the old A6 slip if I'm not mistaken, that used to be an interesting slip road in a fully loaded transit trying to get above 30mph up the hill.
  8. That's desperation for you, people are just dying to show off their meaningless number plates.
  9. Hermes are utter cunts They managed to lose a brand new chainsaw I sold on here. As it was not bought from amazon or eBay and came from my FIL's shed they would not accept its value I claimed for, which I insured against, and will not pay out or even refund postage costs, they have put every obstruction possible in the way and have closed the claim leaving me with no chainsaw, having to refund the buyer and paying for postage and tracking which was fucking worthless. I'll repeat HERMES ARE UTTER CUNTS USE THEM AT YOUR PERIL.
  10. Temperature needs to be taken in the shade, not in direct sunlight, its pointless otherwise and utterly meaningless, my mother used to bang on about how hot it was at her place in Alicante and that they regularly saw 50 degrees plus, I moved her thermometer when I went over there and now the hottest its been was 41 which is about right.
  11. Its close but no, the daytona was more yellow, its a crap paint job, made even worse by my mates attempt to respray parts of it when he dropped it.
  12. I did a couple of road bike only trackdays with MSV, they were really good and free of the bellends on shitty old beaten up trackbikes who think nothing of pulling a stupid move, just 2 groups, normal and advanced, the pace was still fast but there was far less pressure from people with something to prove as everyone was on their road bikes, there were a couple of bellends who turned up on what were obviously track bikes with numberplates tacked on, they weren't allowed out, which made me chuckle a bit. Speaking of Thundercats I've just rebuilt the engine on this for my mate, he tried fitting a new chain himself and he didn't do it properly and it smashed the cases to bits, still a nice fun bike to ride now.
  13. The problem is everyone wants to be in the 'fast' or 'advanced' group, there is no timing so anyone can book into whatever group they like and very little is done about it by the organisers, there can be differences of 20-30 seconds a lap, which is a joke, you have people wobbling around with experienced club racers and its a recipe for disaster, I ran someone over at Anglesey, he tried a move on the first lap out, skittled the rider in front of me and fell off, I bounced off him into the grass, this was on the first lap after the sighting lap at 9am in the morning, it set the precedent for the day
  14. I'd like to bet on 7 red flags and zero uninterrupted sessions, I've given up TD's now because of the ridiculous amount of stoppages, especially at MSV circuits where if someone slides off into the gravel or stops on circuit (even if they are in a safe place) its an automatic red flag, last TD I did was at Anglesey (what a circuit btw) back in 2019, I got 12 uninterrupted laps all day, the day cost me the thick end of £600 (hire bike, hotel, fuel etc), so £50 a lap, hope you get better VFM from your day
  15. I went on many a coach trip with my nan on that staintons coach, the depot was pretty much next door.
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