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  1. Think they use insignia hubs which are 5x120 iirc.
  2. Agreed, I really don't understand why people use them apart from penny pinching, use a local factors, get quality parts, be able to return them in the unlikely event its wrong, its a no branier for a few quid saving.
  3. That's not true at all, it's usually because it's a centrelock wheel and the tyres are specific to the car, so it usually goes back to Mclaren, also if you can afford one it doesn't really matter 😉
  4. Its just a bumper and a light, surely they can't write it off for that.
  5. Fixed that for you It was still mightily impressive though.
  6. I guess he doesn't care, he also can't drive for shit, his car control is crap and he should really get a mount for his camera sometimes, doing 'skids' one handed at times is going to end up in an big off eventually, he is occasionally entertaining but it's the same old rinse and repeat every episode now.
  7. Fairly quiet year for me Sold this Roffled this volvo of my sadly departed FIL's Sold this old civic Sold this kwak Also bought and sold a Volvo V70 which was knackered, deleted the pics from my phone so I would no longer feel the financial pain Bought this Merc bought this RT, then sold it a few weeks later as I didn't like it bought one of these for my daughter, it was too big for her So sold it and bought this (which now has the correct mudguard) then i bought this for daughter no2 as the repayments on her new clio were too much for her and wbac offered her a way out due to silly prices currently so maybe not as quiet as i thought it was, I'll maybe replace the Merc and the wife's car next year when prices hopefully become a bit more sensible.
  8. Me too, it's great and makes jacking a car up so easily compared to the cheap shitty 1.5t jacks I've used for the last 30 years, it is a big heavy bugger though, I don't consider it a waste of money. I've got lots of expensive tools I've only used once or twice, they were cheaper than paying a garage to fix my car/bike and they are always there if I do need them again, I do have about 7 paddock stands and no motorbike though!
  9. They are crap but can't be ignored at that price as a comfy commuter, I know a couple of blokes who've had them and disliked them, also potentially money pits. I found the oe fairing noisy on full extension on the RT, a small added deflector on top made it silent, on reflection mine replaced a 2020 Z900RS so it was bound to feel every bit of its 20 years of age, it was also pretty vibey and I don't think I'd buy another whatever the reason, they are very cheap now though, watch out for a worn clutch and ideally buy a bike that has had it replaced, its a huge (but not too difficult) job to replace unlike a Pan for example which would take 30 minutes tops, also the servo for the brakes will most likely fail, leaving you with no brakes as they literally offer zero retardation when it goes, and that could be at motorway speeds just when you need them with little warning.
  10. I had an r1150rt albeit briefly, they are a brilliant commuter, but a bit boring really. I found the throttle really heavy and the brakes iffy (more when you try to push it around with the engine off as there is no servo assistance), the electric screen was handy and the oe electric grips were really hot and it was comfy, it handled well but it was all a bit agricultural to be honest and if I was to buy another similar bike it'd be a Pan Euro 13 or FJR13.
  11. Jazoli

    Peak Car.

    Early 90's ford's were rubbish, it was only the introduction of the focus and the mondeo that saved them from total mediocrity, for me peak car was the E39 5 series BMW in 6 cylinder petrol flavour, I had a 528 and a 540 and they are the best cars I've ever owned/driven, if I could buy 3 year old one again today I would without hesitation.
  12. Don't forget the 1.8t 150FWD version, we had a cab version and it was nice just too small for the wife.
  13. Have you checked the AC drain? I definitely remember it dripping under the car when I had it, its between the bulkhead and the back of the engine and is a faff to get to.
  14. How much was it up for? I had one exactly the same but lhd, it was awesome.
  15. Might as well be in Russian!
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