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  1. Niken's are great, nowt silly about them, I had a brief spin on one early last year and it felt uncrashable compared to my MT09.
  2. Don't see the issue personally, I'd wager that 99% of the population would just say 'I'll have £20/£30/£40 worth please"
  3. Yup, they are just as bad as the twats who drive around with their front fogs on as it makes them more visible/looks cool etc, what they fail to realise is that they are quite dazzling when they reflect off a wet road surface, utter selfish wankers imo, you just know that there is a bellend behind the wheel who is a bit of a 'road captain'
  4. Its not big enough unfortunately, although I am tempted if I'm honest
  5. Circumstances have dictated that I now need to carry a large piece of kit around and it just wont fit in the car so I need an estate. £1750 will buy it, there are no issues apart from the recirc flap is stuck and the AC needs a regas, I have fitted a bluetooth module so you can have tunes, the car is 'fully loaded m8', heated front and rear leather, Xenon's, Solar Panel, Door Umbrella etc. Its proper comfy, and just wafts along, its not particularly fast and I average 40mpg but have seen almost 50mpg on a 200 mile motorway trip, it is truly immaculate, there are scuffs on the rubber corner bits on the bumpers but the bodywork has not got a single dent or scratch or mark that I can find. I'm up north in Kendal, will deliver to a train station within a sensible distance.
  6. Be prepared for every single fastener to be knackered, the brakes seized, the shock dead, the headstock bearings notchy, the radiator to be rotten and so on, I tried to revive an old 1100 once, but 30 year old kawasaki's don't age well, they are great bikes when in good fettle though.
  7. I manage a staff house for the place I work, I found this on the toilet door today, it seems one of the girls has had enough
  8. Or just put a trolley jack under the down pipes with the bike on the side stand and lift the front wheel after having loosened all the bolts/removed calipers etc, it's easier if there is someone to steady the bike but I've done it a few times. Depending on bike obviously.
  9. I had an Identical one, it was great and provided years of sterling service, I'd buy roffle tickets.
  10. Yeah what he said above, I used clay bars for years until I found a clay mitt, just don't drop it on the floor.
  11. Amazon are great at returns, my Cardo Scala (helmet bluetooth intercom thing) packed up at the end of last year after 21 months, whilst I was looking for a replacement I noticed that the new ones came with a 2 year warranty, I enquired on amazon live chat and was told that yes my old one was still under warranty and did I want my refund to my bank or gift balance, I had it in the bank after 5 minutes and I re-assembled it (the charging port was faulty) and posted the unit back to them. You really cannot fault their customer service in my experiences with them, image the aggro it would have been trying to return it to a bike shop.
  12. I've used the meguiars one on my Skoda and it looks a million dollars and just shrugs off dirt.
  13. I've had 4 An early M reg Dturbo that I don't have pics of Then a Dimma Then a 2.0 XSi Then a 1.6 cab Great cars back in the day, the Dimma was more show than go and when my mate with a 200SX left me for dead I sold it and bought a 200SX!
  14. Its a Focus, its there in black and white on the fail sheet
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