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  1. Yes but how much is a gallon of fuel? I'd have a fleet of V8's if I lived in the US
  2. I do care about it, I used my XJ6 for commuting for a month and it averaged 18mpg and cost me £200 in fuel, the same commute in my Avensis I had at the time cost me £65, £135 is a lot of money in anyone's book, for those that say they don't care are either loaded or kidding themselves, last year I spent most of my weekends travelling to race circuits at weekends as I was a crew chef for my friend, the 27mpg I got from my A3 made it expensive so I used the wife's 307 diesel a lot as the savings would generally pay for my food and drink for the weekend. I don't care about the mpg on the bik
  3. Yeah but its only 20 quid for the year, there's some good in car live streams on youtube, there's been some great WSB and BSB footage on there.
  4. You'd think this to be the case wouldn't you but they weren't in reality, I had a lovely red MK2 Golf 16V big bumper, it got stolen unfortunately, I was going to replace it with an oak green one but bought a 200SX instead.
  5. Is it the PAS pressure switch then? Possibly I replaced the same plug on my Puma once 15 years ago and I can't remember what it was. Ah yes, that is what it is https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-FORD-FIESTA-HIGH-PRESSURE-POWER-STEERING-PIPE-PRESSURE-SWITCH-GREY-/113430765464
  6. Its not really, its in the way, its in front of someones front door ffs, and a big fire and H&S hazard, the council should be all over it tomorrow, they get very nervous about things like this post grenfell, and the owner of the bike is taking the piss big time, I'd be taping a nice letter to the screen at best or knocking on a few doors and telling the dozy cunt to move it asap
  7. Aircon pressure sensor by the look of it, get down to a scrappy and cut one off any similar aged ford and resolder it back onto the old wiring.
  8. Hahaha have you watched the 44teeth Budget bike battles? They are featuring one of these at the moment I don't get them, at all, but it'd be a boring old world if we all rode C1's or normal bikes!
  9. I wouldn't stand for that at all to be honest, regardless of how good the work is, if it was my car I'd be kicking up a holy stink, there must be some other garages with mot availability surely, it really doesn't matter where you take it as its just a test, hell even Kwik Fit must have some availability, my 3 most local ones all have tests available on Monday.
  10. Yep and the Bora is 15 years old at best, and VW will only contribute if the car has regularly been serviced and 'inspected' by themselves, as an aside I saw my old one running around last week, its wings were still intact and its now 18 years old.
  11. Hahaha that would be one way to make yourself look like a total idiot, would you really go and stand in a VW dealership and 'kick off' that the front wing on your 15 year old end of life car (no offence intended to DMK) is a bit rusty, you'd get laughed out of the dealership, what an odd suggestion.
  12. Sorry I missed this I was on treasure hunt to retrieve a phone that a friend left in a taxi on Sat night.
  13. Nice TT, I've been driving the wifes roadster a but whilst she is away and they are growing on me, I wouldn't mind a 3.2 VR6 coupe but they are 3x the price of a 1.8t.
  14. Picked this up yesterday, too busy riding it to take any pics but here's one from when I got home 30 minutes later.... why would you do that to a 150 mile old bike? Ahhhhhh! The bike is just as I remembered after the test ride 18 months ago, it sounds great for a modern bike, in fact it sounds like an 80's Kawasaki, the OE tyres are shit but I'm not changing them till spring and it drags its pegs too easily but I've not set it up yet, its faster than it looks! I also fitted some heated grips and sprayed the rear of the numberplate black as as it loo
  15. Nice, we have a one seven with serious laquer peel
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