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  1. Why not just have it inside like everyone else will do, the kids are all at school together anyway.
  2. I took the 9-3 cab to my local (ish, Carlisle, 60 miles away) specialist to have Aux-In enabled on the stereo so my Parrot kit will stream music, all done for £42 which was £70 cheaper than another 'local' (70 miles the other way) specialist wanted to charge me. Happy days.
  3. Clocking very much did happen an awful lot 13 years ago, and I know 2 people with cars on PCP at the minute that have mileage blockers on them, its rife, and to be honest I was tempted to do the same myself when the wife needed a car for 30k/year but fortunately she moved offices back nearer home.
  4. I agree with this, cars are easier to fix than they have ever been in this era, diagnostic tools are cheap and parts are readily available, nothing really needs coding and modules can be swapped easily, plenty of interesting cars for under a grand which shouldn't be out of reach of anybody, and its better than walking that's for sure.
  5. Yeah I didn't ride much in summer when I lived near where you are now, it was too bloody hot to wear leather! I remember filling my helmet with cold water then putting it on to try and cool down, I used to get up at 5am to try and beat the heat, i gave up in the end and just did it the Spanish way in jeans, t shirt and gloves and took it easier. Back here its quicker and easier for me to drive to work so I don't use the bike much and definitely don't ride in the rain or below 10 degrees so living in the North of England opportunities are limited
  6. There's nothing wrong with it, its just another bike, there is no personal attachment for me, I've had over 40 bikes, it means I get a new bike with all the latest toys with a warranty every 2 or 3 years, this will be my last one on pcp though as I'm fed up of paying for the 6 months of the year I can't or won't ride due to the weather.
  7. Is the correct answer, I've had 180bhp superbikes and the Z900 doesn't feel slow and is plenty fast enough for road riding.
  8. I've got one of these, they are great They can be had very cheaply on a PCP if you look around as they haven't sold well at all, I paid £500 down and £130/month for mine, can't remember what the balloon is but I don't intend keeping it at the end of the term. The only bad bits is that the screen doesn't offer any wind protection and the seat is uncomfortable after an hour.
  9. On these if you have a wet footwell it's usually the o rings on the heater pipes that go through the bulkhead, they are cheap and easy enough to do if not a little fiddly.
  10. Yup it's a pain in the arse and ridiculous compared to our system here in the UK which is fantastic, I owned 2 cars and 2 bikes in 9 years in Spain, here in the UK in 11 years after returning I've had around 20 cars and 14 bikes, go figure....
  11. I finished 2 sets of Dunlop D207's off at 800km's/pair a few years back, I did used to ride like a twat and it was a heavy old FZR1000 Exup, still it was an expensive couple of months, I used to get 6000km out of the conti road attacks I had on my Fazer 600 which was more palatable.
  12. Bit harsh on the poor kid really, what's he/she done?
  13. I'll wear a mask in a shop but that is it, if you think I'm going to wear one outside when the risk of transmission is infinitesimal you'd be mistaken, I see people driving around alone in their cars with masks on, I mean what the actual fuck?
  14. Nope don't agree with this, you are not going to catch it outdoors, there will be no further lockdowns, the majority of people vulnerable to covid have been jabbed, deaths are at an all time low, if you catch it its highly unlikely you'll die, its time to get on with our lives, maybe I should leave this for the coronavirus bedwetting thread though.
  15. Watching TV with your tea is council, just miss a day then watch it on catchup, its on whenever you want then!
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