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  1. It's no good to me as I don't have the charger for it! Just to add, fucking Vauxhall and their penny pinching, the Insignia is SE spec, 5 metres long and has no fucking parking sensors, what's that all about? Its also supposed to have a USB socket in the drivers armrest cubby thing, nope that's not there either, aftermarket sensors are being fitted tomorrow as I've already crashed it into my workshop at work, plenty of evidence of others missing the parking sensors too on the rear bumper
  2. Meh... the 307 is ok when the sun is shining and has done 60k at minimal cost in our tenure, the Insignia, well it was cheap and its big enough to carry my shit.
  3. I serviced the wife's 307CC and the Insignia today, I had a moment of panic when I stopped the folding roof operation to lube all the seals then got a 'Roof Faulty' message, I thought the missus was going to kill me but I'd noticed the bootlid drop slightly when applying the gummi pleghe stuff and with her sat in the seat I lifted the boot lid slightly and it started working again. Bonus tool find was a led ring inspection lamp in the undertray in the Insignia, if the previous owner reads this you can have it back if you send me the service booklet
  4. There's something cool about having a TV in a car but seeing as you can stream everything through a phone or tablet these days I guess you must *really* want a TV in your 75 to pay that sort of money to do so, my TV in the house cost less than that and its 55"
  5. Our local skip hire places are still open, you might not like the prices though.
  6. Its half an hour you plank, go and have a wank.
  7. That's nice, tailgate is easy, pop the gas struts off, remove wiring harness and bolt new one on, depending on what you buy tailgate wise you may have to swap the lock/wiper motor etc but its simple and just nut and bolts
  8. Its not underpowered though and drives fine, just like the Octavia 1.0, they still have 115bhp. I'd go for the Sierra 1.3.
  9. Hehe I used to chase my boss to work in his Audi S4 in our Ka down 10 miles of twisty bumpy B road, he could never shake me off which annoyed him greatly (no kittens were harmed in the above, and it was all on private roads obviously)
  10. What? Unless you were being silly there's no such word as anorl, do you mean 'and all' or 'as well' The Ka isn't an auto, they were all manual, FB defaults to 'auto gearbox' on their listings unless you change it. I've had a couple of Ka's for the children to learn in, they are a good steer but I'd not have one now as mine were rusty at 3 years old.
  11. They are similar but quite different to ride, the Honda is very smooth and just turbines along, the bmw is a little more agricultural plus has the worlds most stupid switchgear.
  12. What are you on about?
  13. You'd think after owning one you'd know how to spell Alfa Romeo
  14. Mine was a blue Talbot samba like this for £262 a very very long time ago I bought it as my other car (a tuned 200SX) was no good as a winter car up here in the wilds, I may have scrapped the Samba the following year as it needed tyres and a backbox, there was nothing wrong with it
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