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  1. If I'd have seen it on here I'd have been very interested but I never saw the for sale post, nice cars and definitely on my next car list.
  2. At 4mm I'd be running them for another couple of thousand miles and buying something not dirt cheap, they are only 50% worn.
  3. Yes there is! I've changed the headunit in most cars I've had, even moderns, the kit to put a double din android auto in my insignia cost £200 but its was worth it as I have *cringe* full connectivity, I put another of the same headunit in the wife's 307 too as it didn't have Bluetooth
  4. Its immediate, if you download the knowyourcar app and add the van it will notify you about 30 seconds after its passed.
  5. I agree, 3 of our cars got a Boris mot, all of them will pass I'm sure, they get looked after, I've just done the brakes all round on the pug and the insignia has had tyres and a couple of bulbs, I got the Bini's MOT done even though it had a Boris as it shows the EML occasionally and I can't find the issue and wanted 12 months ticket on it whilst it was staying off as daughter no2 who's car it is is going travelling in 12 months, I'm £75 up, happy days.
  6. Self driving cars are a long long way off becoming a reality.
  7. Moral of the story is?.......don't fit part worn's
  8. Funny things roffles, they either sell out before you have logged in from yesterday or take ages to sell out, then people fuck around and don't want the tickets anymore as they have roffle remorse, or have spent the cash elsewhere or have realised just how much their £10 win is actually going to cost them in time and money to collect (I'm guilty of at least one of these)
  9. It'll probably be an abs sensor and a lamba or something, find someone with VCDS to scan it for you, it will probably cost buttons to fix. I have vcds I'm in the South Lakes area if you are anywhere close.
  10. I'm in, please make sure it's an auto.
  11. Errrrrr...... Did you say this was going to be a rally car? And you're using epoxy to sort out the roof? As Dome alluded to in an earlier post it seems like a very bad idea to me as there's every chance you'll end up on it and you can laugh when you are sliding along the road as the epoxy falls out and lands in your lap. It should be welded up, properly, we would have been laughed out of scrutineering when we were banger racing never mind rallying.
  12. I've been out for a ride on my bike into the countryside today and people are wandering round in the middle of nowhere wearing fucking masks, fucking sheep incapable of thinking for themselves, it really is ridiculous, thankfully most folk are just getting on with it and life has returned to normal for the most part, you still get the odd one who has to jump out of the way if they get within 6ft of you but the majority don't seem that bothered.
  13. Runways despite my disdain for Chinese tyres are actually OK and grip better than I thought they would in the wet, give them a try.
  14. Lots of dire warnings on the OBC and a lack of power and eml on the Insignia meant something had broken, a quick scan and YouTube search led me to this So £25 on ebay later and a new one is supplied the next day And all is well again, apart from having to go out and get a jubilee clip.
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