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  1. I have a set of Vanucci (I think) textiles you can have for the cost of postage if you want some all weather kit, I bought them online and they didn't fit (obviously)
  2. Never ever buy clothing without trying it on, because it never bloody fits and when you try to resell it you'll get offered 10p for it. I have boxes full of really nice bike kit that isn't the advertised size Its going to be chilly in your new vented jacket at this time of year, you might end up buying another yet
  3. Yes they do deteriorate over time, I have always changed both when having cars with HID's as its sods law the other will fail immediately after.
  4. Maybe it's time to get her in an automatic 🤔
  5. Swap the yellow and red leads on the harness behind, the positive and switched lives are reversed on VAG shite.
  6. It looks fab, I really like these and have been waiting for a decent 530 i or d to pop up locally but they are all knackered with 200k on usually.
  7. Have to agree with that, I've bought many a 'cheap' bike, when it would have worked out cheaper buying a better one, consumables can be very expensive although you can still get a decent pair of tyres for under 200 fitted.
  8. They are decent suits but make sure you try anything on before buying as the sizing is all over the place, nothing wrong with lightly used kit.
  9. I'd have to disagree with this, the build quality may have improved but the resale value hasn't, if you buy something like an MT07 for £3k, put 10k miles on it and look after it it will still be worth £3k, a Chinese no-name bike will be worth about 50p, they make zero sense to buy to me.
  10. MT07's are great but physically quite small so something like a Versys 650 or Vstrom 650 would be ideal if you want to take the missus out as they have plenty of room, plus they are a nice upright riding position which helps for visibility and seeing over hedges and walls, you could also get a very nice Fazer600 for your budget or a CBF1000, don't worry about capacity as such as sometimes having a big engine is useful, especially when carrying a pillion, 3-500cc twins will feel gutless with a passenger on board and you'll have to rev them a lot to keep up with traffic which is hardly condusive to a relaxed ride. Also have a look at NC750's they are a great first bike. Buy what you like, not what people tell you to buy, as long as you avoid silly cramped sportsbikes with peaky engines you'll be fine.
  11. Knob, you shouldn't be welding a car up in a shared parking area, I hope your neighbours put a stop to it as its irresponsible to say the least and not particularly neighbourly either.
  12. Then you really shouldn't be doing it there, I don't want to piss on your chips but communal areas aren't places for welding cars up, anyone could walk past whilst you are working under the car, people have children who are inquisitive, do you really want to be responsible for potentially injuring a curious child? If you were doing it in the communal area next to my house you'd be told to stop in no uncertain terms.
  13. Is it a communal/shared parking area you are planning to do the welding in?
  14. Surely you'd just say you were shopping or picking something for the wife and that would be the end of it, MB fraud is rife I know of a couple of people who have MB cars and the people who should be benefiting from their use have never actually been in the car and one of them lives in a different county, I hardly think that what you want to do ranks up there with that.
  15. You can use the Motab car all you like in reality Eddy, no-one checks on you, the petrol thing is back to normal too, all the stations in the area now have fuel
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