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  1. So is this going to be drawn this month then? If all tickets are sold then let's get on with it!
  2. "Pulls like a train" on every single fucking cunting twatting diesel car advert, it doesn't pull like a fucking train, a train has slow gradual almost imperceptible acceleration at times, a car would feel utterly fucking shit if it really did pull like a fucking train, also most mainline trains are electric but the ones that aren't are fucking noisy, smelly and slow as fuck, fucking stupid dumb twats.
  3. Haha I'm camping at Oulton this weekend and have had to do the same! I nearly achieved low earth orbit holding onto mine when the wind picked up!
  4. Carry mattress inflated from car park, it's hardly heavy as it's full of air!
  5. You an download an app called ACR onto your phone and it will record every call for you! It came in very handy for the wife when she was being bullied by her boss.
  6. Amazon special? I've bought a couple since the Halfords ones went to 60 quid!
  7. So I'm guessing you are now home, what did it taste like? HP or Heinz on it?
  8. Should be, unless its been owned by a dozen teenagers, one of my staff has a Suzuki Intruder 125cc V twin cruiser and its a really nice bike that is low but not small and has a bit of road presence.
  9. No it's at Carlisle Airport.
  10. Had a run out today and ended up parked next to a cold war weapon
  11. Yeah I pass that every couple of days and wonder when they are ever going to get round to fixing it, can't see them turning it into a 'smart' motorway though.
  12. Haha do you want an Avensis?!
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