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  1. Enjoy the noises for the rest of the week and the weekend!
  2. When I got my passat the next day it stopped boosting. Problem was given via obd2 diagnostics curtesy of a neighbour; the MAF sensor wire had freyed. That was easily twisted back and taped up and its been fine since. I like cheap easy fixes!
  3. Me and my 7 year old have been missing my 5 door Noobtuned black 93og. Crazy, comfy and very pretty.
  4. Who knows when dealing with FaceFook... Good luck, hope it goes well.
  5. I did notice it getting attention on the motorway from other people.
  6. With the Mondeo in the garage over the weekend (wasn't the plan!) The Volvo is doing the family long haul work. It's easy, the most relaxing long distance drive I've had in a while, possibly ever!
  7. It would be bad luck if the other lights lit up rather than just a milage...
  8. Haha yes I remember doing one and it being a right laugh!
  9. You did, which is why I'm still holding out for a spare. Someone on the Volvo OC forum has promised my one when he gets around to stripping it out of his hearse. But as mentioned if I can get another then great, spares.
  10. Oops, I guess I'll have to see when it turns up if it will fit!!
  11. Part for Volvo 740 ordered, from Germany. Thanks to HMS Clusterfuck of a Border Arrangement and Delivery Network for throwing excitement into ordering parts from Germany. Place bets on when it will arrive...
  12. I ordered a part for the Volvo, the heater control valve. Volvo don't make them but a Scandi parts company do, the local Volvo dealer even told me to look at an independent Scandi parts company. The only thing is it's a German company so thanks to some new complications I won't get into regarding pride and imaginary lines who knows when it will arrive... Fingers crossed.
  13. I honestly think they tend to draw aggressive drivers. Obviously not all Audi drivers are total nobs but a lot of total nobs seem to drive Audis.
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