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  1. Right, been having phone mischief again, kot to mention general business. However, I've this to report now I'm back, One, V70 has a rattle in the aux belt, I think. I was going to rest it and use the 740 for daily purposes until I sort out until Mrs' Peugeot 307 went all French and both headlights failed at the same time at 6pm after work, leaving her to drive home on side lights or full beam. Not fun. So, she has the V70, rattles and all, I have the 740. Here's me at a wedding fair I was piping at, with a rather tasty wedding Rolls. Taken by the very friendly Rolls owner. He was very complimentary of my comparatively tatty 740. Note: apparently we are upside-down and there's nothing I can do about it.
  2. That was the ex- @mat_the_catcherished plate. Good to see it serving a noble cause.
  3. They are ok, can't say they are over noisy or wear too quickly. I'm sure they proper ratings! They aren't the very best for fuel consumption but I can't complain about that, can't either myself. They have decent grip and handling all year so I like them. And considering the next better brands are 10 or £20 more each then I'm sold thanks very much!
  4. V70 has four brand new Vredstein all- season tyres (after much research looking at ice tunnel testing etc etc I'm now convinced that decent all-season are the best overall for UK conditions). It was costly enough, Bridgestone, Continental and Michelin were a bit too expensive for comfort and I've had Vredstein before and liked them very much.
  5. 3 year olds wants a story... Ok, very good. Wait, I know these! Vauxhall Astra, orange Astra, I had a Belmontin that shape and that colour, BMW, BMW, Saab. And look those prices, pretty much Shite prices. Is that an orange Sierra? Looks at the editorial, 1992. Of course.
  6. I feel stretched and lacking in time and and money to give three cars the care they need so I've been thinking of downsizing . Then Wife Shite runs out of MOT without telling us and 740 steps in again. I'm so confused about the right thing to do now. Maybe be more organised... I think I'll need drugs for that though.
  7. Oh look, just passed a minor milestone!
  8. Right, I failed at adulting. I've still not got all my energy back from covid, kids are harvesting bugs of all sorts. I'm working part time on average but it feels like 80 hrs a week. I left the kids to entertain themselves yesterday while I had to sleep which started a chain of events leading to leaving the ignition on in the V70, now the French is jump starting the V70. A month or two ago I broke my phone rather spectacularly and I was unable remember my password to AS or which email I used to sign in so I had to message the beacon of functionality that is @brownnova in the end to get back in! Thanks to @ruffgeezerfor reminding me that I'm missing 😁 I'm not moaning by this post, it's more of an excuse. Over-worked, looking after kids while Wifey settles into new job and works far too many hours etc etc So, after waking up first thing in the morning (youngest likes to climb in our bed at random-o'clock in the morning and cough at us and wrestle us) I realised that during my parenting fail yesterday I had left a thing on charge in the v70 with the ignition on... Oops. Anyway the photos of jump starting the V70 at stupid o'clock on a Sunday morning before a crazy full day of work (yes i'm working basically all day on remembrance Sunday) are very AS I think so I've finally managed to get back in to post the picture of my adulting fail! Yippee.
  9. Family camping trip achieved, home now. Ideal car, especially when Mrs buys the most ridiculous family tent off Facecrack. Car behaved impeccably. Shame about the leaky tent though.
  10. I've been at a very small family festival in mid Wales, and the automotive shite had a much stronger representation than out in the wild. Some highlights:
  11. Are you saying 337k miles is high mileage or summat?
  12. It turns out that if you don't fasten the seatbelts when folding the rear seats in a V70 then the seatbelts reverse lock. Fix: unbolt the seatbelt. Bit of a faff but not a serious wpsi. Then remember this always.
  13. I learned something about the folding seats. Always have the seatbelts done up when folding. The way they enable the cavernous cargo load is by putting the seatbelt reel in the seat tops so sometimes they lock too short to return the seat backs to upright. Fix: unbolt the bottom of the seatbelt.
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