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  1. Again, probably easiest to day which Saturday or Sunday in March we can't do. I'd like to keep 19th/20th vaguely free in the afternoon and evenings for potential St Guiness day bookings. 27th is BST which means a later start but also lots of rain last year. Obviously the weather is much harder to book. I'm still working on that.
  2. Firstly, it doesn't need much, I'll be driving it before long unless the weather turns crap in which case I'll wait until it gets better. Secondly, volvo pictured is cornering a gentle curve at 20mph. It's just always this exciting everywhere you go.
  3. After a while out of action due to covid, then delayed family Xmas then a very late night (for me) donning the kilt and playing bagpipes in for the new year at our local castle (for cash) I'm out tinkering. Checked the oil in all the cars; pug too low. Mondeo; too high. Volvo just right, but the oil is due a change anyway. The main job is to flush the coolant after the garage put radiator sealant in; not what I asked them to do but we'll see if it helps. I have the proper coolant to go in but it's getting a water flush first.
  4. So where are we up to? I'm ill with covid and isolating with the family with very much cancelled Xmas plans. My half a brain can barely comprehend the simplest thing and if I can manage to muster some coherent thought train I have to sleep all afternoon to recover. So naturally I start to think we should be planning a meet up in March... Who's in (covid/lockdown/weather permitting)?
  5. I'm alive, but yes so tired all the time. Its not fun for that reason. And I've no sense of smell.
  6. I got Covid, I can confirm it's no fun.
  7. With the lack of, or a different caption this photo could make you feel all sorts of unpleasant things
  8. That's a lot, the only way to make that feel lively would be an electric conversion, I reckon.
  9. Photoshop. No mx5 is that un-rusty. FAKE NEWS Oh, and SLR? Is it named after a Belgian assault rifle in British service or is the geek part of my brain riffing in this respect?
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