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  1. I am now on a weird shift pattern, running 5 days on a 12 hr shift, then 5 days off. Planning on a big push welding up the Rover on my time off I decided that after running out of welding gas again..... I would ditch disposable bottles and go big. Over the last few days, a welding cart, an adapter hose thing, a bottle of Argon mix gas (with funky built in regulator)and an optimizer have arrived. I spent a good few hours setting everything up only to discover the optimiser wont hold pressure, it pings off the connection every time you open the tap.... Obviously the welding company aren't open again until Monday and then they will have to post the new part out... I might have to do DIY instead....
  2. John Noakes goes sidecar racing - yet another attempt by the Blue Peter producers to off a presenter...........
  3. Neither do I really, I am 99.9% sure its going to be crispy, crusty and in need of fresh metal....
  4. Rust update.... I have been hard at work over the last couple of weekends, lots of head scratching, lots of c.a.d, lots of chopping bits of metal from my stash, and a bit of metal inert gas zappy sparky thing. Pro metal workers, body shop peeps and welders please look away! Just needs fillering, job jobbed right? Wrong, it seems I missed a bit. Looking further down the sill I noticed the edge looked a bit crumbly. Trying to view the car how an MOT tester would and prodding a bit harder , I made a further grim discovery. Further prodding revealed this... Seems as though water had been sitting in the sill for a long time rotting it out, further cutting and digging revealed this.. I do wonder if the other side is just as bad? This is going to get complicated but it wont stop me getting the car back on the road, it might just take a bit longer than planned. Still a bit annoying so much for a quick an easy project...
  5. Having worked at dealers for BMW, Saab, Skoda and Peugeot. I am happy to say they all seemed to have warranty issues, Peugeot didn't really seem worse than anyone else. I can back up Motorpunks tale in that claiming back warranty work was a bear at Peugeot though. I have only had one French car a Citroen ZX which was a dependable old thing even if it had a pretty hard life before I bought it. I kinda miss the old lump, would have another. The irrational hatred of anything French annoys me.
  6. Another update.....,In a break from painting bits of house, I decided to have a look at the crusty sill end. As is always the case the hole was bigger than I remembered and when I started prodding the lower section of the wheel arch sort of broke up.... Its a tad manky, so at this point I got busy with a wire wheel on the grinder and went on the attack... Okay its not pretty but its all fixable, I have started with the cardboard templates but at that point pretty much ran out of time, so its business as usual crap photos and little progress. I might do some proper metal work next weekend. In other news I was reminded that the horn needs to work for the MOT, I hadn't checked that so thought I best try it. Oh surprise it doesn't work, so that's another job to add to the list.
  7. Luckily driving the Atego was a bit of a one off, fortunately all of my own cars have perfectly readable instruments so its not an issue otherwise I would be down the opticians for some varifocals.
  8. My better half has a Suzuki Ignis which has a clock in the dash display and one on the radio screeen thing, they both show different times as they seem to update them selves separately and we cannot figure out how to correct this, its rather amusing or massively irritating depending.............
  9. Not so much a feature that does something but a feature of some Mercs is small letters and numbers in important places. I jumped into an A class to move it and found I couldn't read the crucial D-N-R symbols on its tiny column stalk gear selector, so I had to put my reading specs on before maneuvering it. Had a similar issue driving an Atego truck, couldn't read the MPH side of the the speedo, could read the Bigger KPH numbers. Obviously I cannot wear reading specs whilst driving so I had to do maths on the move to figure out how slowly I was traveling... I think Mercedes Benz dont like long sited people?
  10. I do like to spanner or that is what I tell my self! I do have the benefit of a a garage and a pit but I also have a couple of projects which are hogging my attention. Also from bitter experience I totally agree with the summer MOT thing and try and have at least one useable car whilst working on another if at all possible!
  11. Isn't that what most of us need after Xmas having run out of adjustment? Wont help with trouser strain though......
  12. The 18mm skinned nut is a temporary solution, I have replacements on order from Rimmer brothers but they are a bit delayed, not sure were they are made but a lot of things seem to be out of stock until Feb or March... The bleed adapter I am using is a Draper one, which is a fairly good design with a stepped rubber cone thing which sort of fits in the reservoir's spout and it has a solid metal top so it can't distort, its a bit trial and error but this thing is way more convincing than my old Sealey one which is pretty useless. Apparently the brakes were okay before the car was sat for a while and then they just went squish according to the PO which as there is no obvious leaks, mean I strongly suspect a failed seal in the master cylinder.
  13. Things are progressing a tad slowly. I have given the car a fair going over, engine seems to be sweet as a nut, the gearbox will remain a bit of an unknown quantity until I can get it on the road but it goes forwards and backwards no bother. I have found a hole in the very back end of the drivers side sill which may be an MOT issue, its a bit border line as its in the sill but it is just in the wheel arch and doesn't seem very structural as it has fresh air above it, probably best tackle it with the high voltage tickling stick just to be on the safe side. The rear of the passenger sill has a couple of patches from some ones previous repairs but seems solid enough. Tyres are comedy gold, four different tyres, one is a Conti, good start but then it plummets down to the bargain basement, there is a Mohawk and a Radial K??!! But to make amends it also has a Semprit winter tyre! I mentioned the brakes are spongy previously, I checked the calipers first, no leaks, sliders move, one rear has been replaced, maybe it wasn't bled properly afterwards I thought hopefully... Last weekend I tried a bleed, tried my favoured solo method, reverse bleeding no good at all. So I dug out my pressure bleeder, the main cap doesnt fit so had to use the universal adapter. I successfully washed the garage floor with brake fluid, fucking useless thing! The conventional pump the pedal routine was out of the question as my better half had hurt her back. I did manage to have a complete saga with the wheel nuts they are normal nuts covered in a kind of silver foil outer, over time he outer distorts, it should be a 19mm but when they get mashed out of shape nothing really fits. After a fight I manged to remove all the nuts, some of the bad ones I have effectively skinned so they are now 18mm nuts and look drab and brown but at least i can get them on and off. Gratuitous engine bay shot, Honda made a very workmanlike V6 you are never going to mistake this for a busso are you? Anyway, I obtained a much better adaptor for my pressure bleeder and my other half's back had recovered enough for some brake pedal bashing, so round 2 of the brake bleed. This time the fluid kept itself in the system, mostly, but the pedal did not improve, looks like its master cylinder replacement time... Minor issue but Master cylinders for ABS equipped 800s appear to be out of stock everywhere. I shouldn't be too surprised really considering its a 28 year old car from a defunct manufacturer, I will have to do some parts hunting. If anyone has a good 827 ABS brake master cylinder just lying around that needs a new home please let me know!
  14. How about some Rovery illumination? sadly its stuck in the garage due to a failed master cylinder.
  15. I forgot to mention it comes with some paper work..... an owners manual a Haynes manual an original dealer brochure and best of all a workshop manual! Behold the majesty and yes the carpet needs hoovering.... That proper workshop manual will make working on it a tad easier!
  16. The weather cheered up slightly so I pulled the Scimitar out of the garage, empty the pit of water again... and see if the Rover will fit? Swap over time.. George having just finished snorting about 7 gallons of silty water. It fits! Pit access wont be possible with the garage door shut though unless you are Eugine Tooms. But hey if I need pit access I can open the door an roll it back a bit so no problem really. Tomorrow when I have recovered from all this I can start looking at the brakes and have a general prod around. Quite excited about this really.
  17. 0 End up on my drive way, say hello to my new pet ROVER 827 Sterling.. I just need to clear some space in the garage to give it a bit of a check over before I risk an MOT. Its brakes are very spongy and are not right, a service would be a good idea and just to make sure there is nothing else amiss.
  18. Fumes are always a concern, I might get a canary.... Actually the plan is to never run a car engine whilst over the pit if possible and remain vigilant.
  19. Looking damp but not filling yet.... Give it time though, I suspect its slightly below the water table!
  20. Ha know doubt, to be fair I have parked a car over it, so cannot fall in without a lot of effort....
  21. I consider my self to be fairly lucky, not only has my new house got a good size two car garage but it has a pit except there is always a snag... Some bugger had filled it in.... Its taken a while to get around to sorting this but about a month ago I pulled my finger out and hired an 8 yard skip (stupidly thought that would be big enough) and rolled my sleeves up.. What you have is a layer of sand on tarpaulin on top of rubble. The sand was pretty good builders sand so I dug it all up and bagged it (might come in useful). Then started on the rubble, so much rubble, much wow! It went on and on until I started to hear the tinkle of stones falling in water... Bollocks! Still I kept digging.... At this point I had pretty much filled the skip, so paused for a week or so. Then skip 2 arrived and I got back on it. Pleased to say last night I found the bottom and no I didnt find any bodies or any other real horrors. I did have to vac out a load of water for this I used a Numatic George, what a bloody brilliant thing that is. I did try a so called submersible dirty water bilge pump thing by Prokleen (what a waste of amazon vouchers!) that was utter crap. Anyway one final shot, another skip full, my back is starting to cry enough but i have achieved pit! Its a good five and a half foot deep so plenty deep enough, should make certain jobs a lot easier. Cant quite believe I have bothered to create a thread on making a hole in the ground but there you go......
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