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  1. Love the look of this Granny and I have no problem with a free car (had a couple!) but this rings alarm bells, most free cars have a back story, mine certainly did.
  2. If you let the white lines fade, people will park were they like, then it's chaos!
  3. Have you tried the parking light feature to see what that does? I agree with you though its way more likely to be a switch fault rather than an earth fault, my guess would be indicator stalk issue as it gets the most use.
  4. My better half is doing a spot of online clothes shopping and spotted this and then did a double take, if you think Detroit and cars what's the first thing that comes to mind? Obviously there are loads of options but I bet most people wouldn't go TR7 would they?! https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/en-gb/shop/uo-green-detroit-derby-sweatshirt?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=030&searchparams=q%3Ddetroit&type=REGULAR&quantity=1
  5. I am going to completely ignore your criteria and suggest this, assuming it stays below the 4k mark! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/186377872921
  6. Another day off so more work on the filler, well after an exciting morning trip to the tip, yep I know how to party! Firstly I smoothed off the end of the breather pipe were I had created a kind of flange. Used the bench grinder and the finger sander, as I need to keep it flanged so it wont pull off the hose easily but it needs to be smooth for obvious reasons. Next job was to fit the flange/collar that bolts to the body of the car, inside the filler flap area. This was a pain in the arse! Turns out that the filler is a very tight fit and fitting the collar and pipe lose is easy, getting them into place when attached is very difficult. This part took a lot of trial and error. Initially cable tied it all together but this gave a bit of a false impression as it allowed a lot of movement. Next up I started tacking it together. Not pretty but it works. After much faff I found that the best way was to just secure it on 2 sides so it can flex a bit. Finally for today - another trial fit, it feels like I am actually getting some were! Sadly it will be painted black, I quite like it in red but that is just primer and I only have black top coat at the moment!
  7. Subaru neck - mainly luck I had one lying around and the top half is roughly the right shape and size. Clearance is a concern I am testing this by re fitting a wheel and jumping up and down on the sill at each stage of the build. Its all a bit trial and error. The other thing to consider is my car is a Sterling and is on relatively small wheels, later models may have come on wider wheel and tyre combos.
  8. Back on the fuel filler, some metal pipe arrived a straight length and a curved bit, time to make the breather.... Firstly I used an old bit of brake pipe to rough out were I wanted it to go then, copied it on the bench with steel tube, I haven't followed this through step by step so here is a rough before and after. Before.... And no those bits of copper pipe are not the breather, they will be in the final build as they are part of the other bit of the fuel system. Trial fit with the main sections of breather tacked in place... Welding the main sections properly. Adding the end part and creating a flange to hold the hose in place... Paint with primer but never mind focusing properly....... Jobs left are to clean up the welded flange to make it nice and smooth, re check fit and possibly run some water through it to find pin holes in the welding. Then this part will be done.
  9. Soup classic motoring is finally back, his videos are nearly as sporadic as Bad Obsessions (actually that's unfair nobody is that bad!)... Lotus update.
  10. Not sure if this will help but..... The red circles are definite attachment points. It gets a little vague at the dash end, red circles are clearly attachment points - green circles are a case of I cannot remember but there is something going on there! Hope this helps.....
  11. I have 2 of these books, they are pretty good but I think you missed a trick in not doing a "pop up" edition, all the best books are pop up!
  12. I cannot remember it being particularly challenging but it was at least a year ago (time can help heal painful memories!) . I will dig it out and have a look at it for you when I get a moment.
  13. More interior faff, rear sound proofing in then carpet in but sort of loose should I need to lift the rear section for access... Then dig out the front seats and clean them up, well give them a wipe anyway....... They're in rougher condition than I remembered..... Never mind, they will have to do. Front seats in! Then back on to the fuel filler neck. I have made up some copper nickel lines in two different widths to replace the mysterious pipe work and have started experimenting with welding on fixing plates. I have also had some 13mm wide steel tube arrive to make up the breather pipe. This is properly fiddly work and yes I have re fitted the wheel and lowered the car back down to check clearance, I have even jumped up and down on the sill to try and get full droop as it were! It seems to clear okay. Yet more filler faffage to follow, I know how you all love the filler faff! Thanks for reading and looking at the pictures!
  14. Next fun issue with the Forester, is that it occasionally leaks fuel when filling up.... Being yelled at on loud speaker at a petrol station was embarrassing! My initial thought was the filler neck as these are known issue, I removed and checked the filler neck, its definitely crusty and on the way out but it didn't appear to be the actual culprit. Still it was heavily corroded so I ordered a new one and also the main hose that runs between the filler and the tank (the tank is brand new see page 1 of this thread!) . The new filler arrived and turned out to be the wrong version, this ended up hacked about and is being trial fitted to my Rover (see my Rover thread for more.... ) , so I ordered a different version and that was just the ticket. At that point in time the filler hose (rubber section, not the neck) still hadn't arrived, it was ordered from Japan so wasn't going to be quick. Problem is I needed to move the car so I went to just fit the filler neck on its own. On faffing uncomfortably under the car for a bit I skillfully snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and pulled the original rubber hose off ! Hmm it should not have just "pulled off" at all as it has a hose clamp on the fuel tank end... I think the hose has had it and I suspect the hose clamp cannot be much good either... Finally the new hose arrived, so time to crack on and get it fitted. The main issue with this job is access, were the tank connects to the hose is just above the rear subframe and is basically inaccessible. The best way to deal with this is to drop the subframe and which is a bit involved. I did want to use my garage pit but thanks to the constant damp weather I cannot get it empty of water (first world problems I guess), so next option do this on the drive. Jack the car on the rear diff, support the body of the car on axle stands. Drop the crusty old exhaust out of the way then undo the four main subframe bolts and lower the diff which takes the subframe with it... Subframe in place.. Subframe down... Like working through a letter box! A properly fiddly job but hopefully that will fix the incontinence! Just need to brave a trip to a petrol station to find out of its all good! Thanks for reading.
  15. I got fed up with the DVLA/DVSA so decided to do what I do with my insurance and shop around. I have now moved my road tax to the RSPCA, not only is it cheaper they through in a free rescue Guinea pig with my first years tax win, win!
  16. That is proper time warp wall paper, although the illusion is some what shattered by the modern double glazed window!
  17. I always hang my clutch cables in my wardrobe with my shirts and trousers, I though everyone did this?
  18. Looking at the diagram and having a reasonable idea of how these things work, I think part 18 should come with part 1 - (bracket assembly thing finis code 6713933 )
  19. I have written off one as well Spring loaded key - No Remote central locking -yes Keyless entry - No Push button start - I fitted one to my Citroen ZX after the ignition switch broke! Pull start - Nope Handle cranking start - Nope Automatic gearbox -Yep Rover 827 CVT gearbox - Hell No! Overdrive (that isn't a selectable gear) - Yep both MGBGTs Odd number of cylinders - Nope Turbocharger - Sadly only Turbo diesels Twin turbo - Nein Supercharger - Nah V6 - Yep 2 x Alfa Bussos in 164s, An Essex in my Scimitar and a Honda lump in my Rover V8 - Nope Boxer engine - Yep - flat four in my Forester Air cooled engine - Noooh! Electric - Nada RWD - Yep - MGBGT x2, Opel Manta, Ford Sierra, Porsche 944, BMW 528, Mazda MX5 and Scimitar Part time 4WD - Nyet Full time 4WD - Yarp - Forester and Range Rover Locking differentials - Nope Hydrolastic suspension - No in Brummie Hydro-pneumatic suspension Non Adjustable ride height - Yep P38 Range Rover Longitudinal mounted FWD - Mid Engined - Nah Rear Engined - No no no no no ICE which doesn't drive the wheels by design - No I have never been into banging tunes and a monster stereo ......... 😁 Front wheel handbrake - Nooooooo Electric handbrake - Absolutely not Left hand drive - Sadly not yet Cruise control - Yes but never use it Radar cruise - Missile? Nope dont have one of those Heated seats - Yep Honda Accord and Forester both have these I have a toasty arse! Heated rear seats - No but I have no friends so not a problem Air conditioning - Yes Two seats - Yes - MX5 More than five seats - No but again I have no friends... Fabric roof - MX5 Sunroof - Yes lots of mine Carburettor - Unsurprisingly yes on the MGs, minis and Scimitar but also on my Sierra and Golf DMF - Is that an Indy band? DPF - Dont think so Android auto - No droids allowed Bluetooth - No but I do have some fillings Speech Synthesis / talking dashboard - No but it does rattle and squeak ? Ribbon / drum speedo - No sir No speedo - No chance! Odd number of doors - do 5 and 3 door hatch backs count? Gullwing doors - Hah no.... Pillarless windows - Yes Plastic windows - No No windows - No Opening front windscreen - No Opening rear windscreen - No One or more heated SIDE windows - No Heated mirrors - Yes Heated washer jets - No No radio of any sort - No No belts in fitted rear seats - minis and MGs and MX5! Built from a kit - No Plastic bodypanels - No Plastic / GRP bodypanels - Yep Scimitar Electric pop-up lights - Yep, Porsche 944 and Celica Manual pop-up lights - Nope Sliding PASSENGER door - No Fresh air face ventilation with the heating on - Yes Wood rimmed steering wheel - the first BGT came with one, I didn't like it and replaced it with a leather jobby instead Imported from abroad - Nah Made by a manufacturer which no longer exists. - Yep, I currently have both a Rover and a Reliant Made before you were born - My first BGT was made in 74 pre dating me by a whole one year. Owned more cars than you have lived years - Sadly no Car bought from an Autoshiter - Bought a car from an Autoshiter's friend (Sutty) but also sold a car to a Shiter (Hairnet) Car owned previously(or subsequently) by three or more Autoshiters - Nein Bought sight unseen - Yep the Rover of regret Bought without even a photograph -Not that mad... Collection included flight - Nope Collection included more than two trains - Nope Collection included a drive home to a pre-booked MOT of more than 100 miles. - Nope Won in a ROFFLE - Nope Brought home on an A Frame / used to A frame another vehicle on its first journey - Nope Didn't make it home on it's first collection attempt - Yes, P38 Range Rover ate its alternator and required help from the AA Sold within a week of purchase - Nope Ex-taxi - Nope Car had previously been off the road for five or more years - Yes Scimitar and 2nd MGBGT Owned the exact same car (not just the same model) previously - Nearly both minis were 1980 1000 HLs but one had been modded by the previous owner so it ended up quite different in character Owned in part, as part of a convoluted shared ownership scheme - No Required solicitors letters / police assistance / detective work / confrontation / breaking and entering to collect after purchase - Hell no! Was displaying the wrong identity at purchase - Hell no! Given for free - Yep both the second BGT and the P38 Range Rover were freebies part 2 V4 engine- Nein Inline 6 - BMW 528i and Range Rover p38 DSE V10- Nada Rotary engine - No Inboard brakes -No Drum brakes all round - Yup first mini had terrifying brakes - had to adjust them every couple of weeks because I drove like a knob. Dog leg gearboxes- No More than 4 wheels- No More than 6 gears- Sort of both both the Forester and Range Rover have selectable low ratio gearboxes so they were 10 speed Manual choke- Yep, 2 minis, 2 MGBGTs and a Reliant Scimitar Rear wheel steering - Does steering with the throttle pedal count, no? Digital dash- No Limited slip diff- Kinda both my Range Rover and Forester have limited slip center diffs Part 3 My 20 loaded questions Under 603cc - A 125 Motorbile doesn't really count does it? Left hand Drive - Nope Yellow car- Hell Yes - 1974 MGBGT Engine larger than 4972cc- No Car manufactured in Australia - No Freewheel transmission - No Twin ignition systems - No Variable cam timing - No Transverse V8 - No Vacuum operated fuel pump -No Hydragas suspension- No - havent we had that already? 2 Cylinder Diesel engine - No 8 track in car player- No Air cooled diesel - No 1 wiper as standard- Yes Citroen ZX Column change manual gear change- No Column select Automatic - No Floor mounted dip switch - No Twin points in distributor - No 4 carburettors- No
  20. Didn't Olivier Panis win the Monaco Grand Prix in one of those........
  21. I have been told June-ish, I will update the thread when I know more, it will be an online auction.
  22. That's the kind of car that would help unravel the Secrets of the Motorway or possibly you could visit every single service station in the UK in......
  23. I like 95s but this one has the 2.2 Vauxhall/Opel lump which is normally a horribly unreliable/gutless nasty pile of toss of an engine. A bit amazed its got such high mileage I guess there is always an exception! If you can find a 1.9 Fiat diesel propelled 95 I think that would be a better bet.
  24. Fleshing this out a bit more - pics from Mrs Marina Door Handles phone from the first collection... Black shadow before we had a massive fight to get it off the bike lift/ramp thing (which was jammed in position 3 foot off the ground!). Oh and that engine in is/was his spare Honda Goldwing flat four... Which was another slight issue in that he had spares for bikes he no longer or had never owned making things a tad confusing.... What does this go with? Who knows! The Elsinore... Sweet little bike American import rather rare over here. Suzuki 150 Sadly no pics of the Norton international cause it was just a frame and a big pile of parts!
  25. This is one for the bike pervs! My sort of Father in law (I am not actually married to his Daughter but its close enough!) liked motor bikes and didn't really like selling them. He also had a bad habit of taking them apart and then he would get distracted and start working on the next bike and then the next bike. This habit/hobby interest started in the Sixties but fortunately he was fairly selective and as a ships engineer would spend a good 6 months or so at sea unable to purchase more bikes! Fast forward to January 2024 and sadly he left for the great race circuit in the sky, leaving behind a collection of 12 motor bikes, only 2 were properly complete. He didn't label anything as " he knew were everything was", this meant in the shed and garage there were piles of parts, draws of carburetors and gear sets etc but with no clues as to which bikes they belonged to! This isn't a dig at him, like most of us he hadn't spared too many thoughts about dying! But it has inspired me to actually label up my various car parts for my 3 project cars, so should I get run over by a number 42 bus, my other half will find off loading all the cars and bits that bit easier! After talking to the Mother in Law a decision was made that it all bikes and bits needed to go, she suggested scrap! We suggested auction as it might help towards her care home fees especially as one of the bikes is a none matching numbers Vincent Black Shadow! Anyway after a bit of shopping around My better half got Bonhams to agree to deal with all 12 bikes. A couple of weeks ago the first batch of bikes got collected they were the Vincent, a Norton International, a little Honda Elsinore scrambler and a Suzuki 150 - photos to follow as my other half has those... Today the rest of the bikes and bike frames went... Including a Moto Guzzi, Norton Rotary, Yamaha Vmax, Honda Gold wing (early 4 cylinder) Honda CB750 and a Sunbeam. Guzzi and Goldwing (the Goldwing looks like a bobber, its not its just been stripped back to its frame). V-Max, Norton and CB750, plus a spare Honda Engine.... A Sunbeam in a shed... A van's load bed of mostly bike parts and bits... I'm not really a bike person but it was nice to have a proper (and last) look at these, I can certainly appreciate the engineering and they are all quite interesting in their own ways. It was sad to see them go a real end of an era for me. I believe most of them will be auctioned as reasonably complete projects, I hope they find good homes! More pics to follow hopefully, thanks for reading!
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