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  1. Fabulous! I have fond memories of the pair of 104s I owned (not simultaneously!) in the eighties.
  2. Love the photo of the Volvo failing to hide behind a tree 😁
  3. Epic! And bonus shite points for poverty spec 😁
  4. Fingers crossed and buttocks clenched 😬
  5. Pug 504 pickup photographed today near Sheffield Railway Station.
  6. 1930s Mercedes advert - contains some branding they no longer use!
  7. My aunt & uncle (both now brown bread) lived at 33 City Road!
  8. I work from home, so three 2014 cars! My RX, Management’s Shogun and our son’s Ceed wagon. Terrible photo taken from upstairs window.
  9. It’s not American. It’s a British ‘Quad’ tractor, normally seen dragging a 25 per gun and it’s limber. Made by Morris and Karrier to name but two.
  10. That all seems perfectly reasonable to me!
  11. In the DDR museum, Berlin. A fabulous Volvo 264TE as used by the Commie big knobs. Which suggests they weren’t completely daft.
  12. More Berlin shite. Seen loads but this is the only photo from today’s wanderings.
  13. More from Berlin. A Hyundai XG350. I like it!
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