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  1. Haynes HBOL for the Corsa "C", Collection from Milton Keynes or can post for cost
  2. Collection of car magazines and handbooks FREE! and looking for a good home, the only problem is they're in Milton Keynes...stack of Auto Expresses from about 5 years ago and various 90's Autocar/Car/Others and a couple of handbook packs for Skoda Fabia/Corsa B. (not pictured) PM me if interested and can collect! ☺️
  3. Finally all finished with it tonight! Period 90's Grundig radio cassette fitted and working a treat, locks lubed and hinges copper greased and a jolly good de-griming of the outside! Thanks for picking me up from the station!
  4. @beko1987 I'll be swapping insurance from my current car on the 1st March, likewise taxing it before coming down on the train...i like to run as legit as poss as i don't like the idea of plod/DVLA hassle as learned my lesson from that many years ago... With regards the mats, feel free to keep them as i am quite enamored with the tough cheapies in my current steed Thinking of gloss blacking the trimless wheels-something i usually do with all the cars i get with poor/no wheeltrims as the cheap ones are largely useless and genuine ones extremely hard to find. Likewise filling the ho
  5. We'll see...i aim to do the brakes at least! It's the same as any of the cars i buy...i don't abuse them as i drive like an old woman, check levels and so on, but once a repair goes past the £200 mark then i have to say adios i had hoped to buy a Almera the Shadow was working on but it's all gone quiet. What this has going for it is a very long MOT, good on fuel, had the cambelt done and good tyres...epic value for money in itself for someone like me on shite wages...
  6. I've still got to get the Ka listed and shifted off her drive as it's got a dead battery and not moved for a few months but if any of you two want to PM me with a proposal, maybe we could talk...the longer term, the better it would seem...
  7. Hi Everyone I have a bit of a dilemma. I have a 2005 Ford Ka on SORN stored on a friend's allocated, off road parking space outside her house. This suited both of us for a while as i intended to sort the Ka out when funds allowed and she has chronic Anxiety problems so having her allocated parking filled with a "safe" car ticked all boxes for both parties. However, fate has intervened. The Ka is a fairly low miler and i think it would do better with a new owner to nurse it back to health and through an MOT and i have badly stubbed my toe which is making work a no-no as i walk miles i
  8. @theshadow I could be interested in this once finished if the car turns out to be ok and the price favourable...
  9. Seconded...the MK2 Accent, despite it having a look only it's design team could love is a very competent car...your best bet is the 1.3i as shown in the picture...they look "pure" whilst the other higher spec models look very tacky with their bargain basement different grilles and add-ons. I've owned two sub-£300 examples and had no regrets other than i wish i had them now...cheap to insure, roomy, relatively comfy, lovely to drive and great MPG. I wish it was still in production now
  10. You're not the only one! (sigh) i generally run 15-20 year old snotters and the cost of the insurance often outweighs the purchase price of the car and it's scrap value...it's getting so bad i have considered doing my CBT again and getting a 125cc scooter, mind you, when i had a breif return to moped-dom on a car licence a few years ago, i was surprised at some of the pricey quotes even for 50cc's of doom...
  11. I haven't seen a copy of this since i was in School in the 90's, if i remember rightly they stripped a 5 door Renault 5 Campus for this book, and also had some cool pics of the original clay model for the Fiat Panda, a kids book so may be a bit *too* simplistic maybe?... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Richard-Sutton-Hardback-1990-Eyewitness-Guides-64-Pages/192734369196?epid=86995772&hash=item2cdfdd15ac:g:1FAAAOSw7rdagC5X:rk:10:pf:0
  12. This! along with what gadgetgricey said about Saabs...i am utterly convinced they pull numbers out of a hat regardless...the cheapest car i ever had to insure was a Mk3 Golf 1.9 N/A Diesel...at £20 a month...it was substantially cheaper than all of the small cars i had to that date, and ditto with everything since...
  13. Not sure if it's against forum rules to dreg up old posts like this, but just wanted to say thanks for everyone's responses and i'm sorry i didn't say so sooner (guilty!) i got very desperate after five days of searching for something that had to be cheap as possible and available ASAP and cheap/near to collect, i ended up with a 51 plate Skoda Fabia estate...it's a bit of a dog so will be looking again in the next few weeks once V5 through and more money saved...
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