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  1. 1973 Ford Falcon XB as per it's appearance in the first Mad Max film.
  2. 1986 Plymouth Gran Fury in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. Dodge Diplomat with a different badge I believe. Also received these two from Dick Longbridge - cheers.
  3. Thankfully, nobody has been that rude to me yet.
  4. I wish they only looked. Unfortunately, they pester me. Pest: Is that a DeLorean?! Me: Yes. Pest: Don't see wonna them every day, do ya?! Me: Well...actually, I do. Pest: *Insert Back To The Future joke*. Me: ... The most common thing is wanting a picture. I don't really understand this; there are plenty of DeLorean pictures on the internet. I try to be accommodating though - as a life-long DeLorean fan, I understand the excitement of seeing one in the wild.
  5. No, funds haven't allowed for it yet. I know where it's going - The Automatic Gearbox Company | Derbyshire | 0800 027 5662 | Automatic Gearbox Specialists
  6. 1980 Chevrolet Custom Stepside in 1:64 scale by Auto World.
  7. I'll take the Capri and Corgi Metro if that's alright?
  8. 1976 Ford F-250 in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. Good roller and the bull bar on the front is well executed for a separately fitted part. Shame about the paint defect on the roof. New Year, same Greenlight.
  9. Excluding the trains, all this year.
  10. 1967 Ford Custom in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. It's a 100th anniversary edition for the Maryland State Police. Very distinctive livery and a nice model overall (other than the uneven rear axle). And here's a round up of my year in miniature shite!
  11. 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. NYC yellow cab livery. Last year of the square body and LTD model name.
  12. 1978 Dodge Monaco in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. Ever the sucker for an old NYPD livery. The bonnet looks like it opens, but I've not managed it yet. Interesting* fact - the car number is only one different from the Monaco that appears in Ghostbusters.
  13. Another '90 Chevrolet Caprice in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. This one's in a NYPD "City Housing Authority". I'm not familiar with this department, just liked the unusual livery.
  14. I teased it yesterday, so may as well post it properly - a 1985 Jeep Cherokee in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. Don't think we got them this early in the UK? Anyway, what a gem. Finally, a Greenlight with nothing wrong with it!
  15. Mercedes-Benz 200D in 1:64 scale. It's my first Schuco and I'm quite pleased. It's pricy and the level of detail isn't mind-blowing, but it is done competently. Nice roller. I think they've got the right idea with packaging, too. Compare with Greenlight's large plastic clamshell which is wasteful and difficult to open. Anyway, the model itself.
  16. I don't buy many Hotwheels, but this one was compulsory. It's the DeLorean time machine from Back to The Future part III. Nicely detailed and because the detail is moulded in, it still feels rugged and sturdy. It must be said that Hotwheels roll much better than my usual fare of Greenlight and Auto World. It's the finish that lets the model down; not very convincing. Clearly painted silver instead of a brushed finish. It's not even painted well. Unfortunately, the wheels sit just either side of OO gauge rail track. However, there's room to move the wheels inboard by shaving the stubs off and trimming the axle.
  17. Homemade; 6"x6" cardboard base with a 3" wide strip of cork laid diagonally for the road. The cork was painted with black and white acrylic paint mixed to make a dark grey resembling tarmac. I bordered the road by laying a bead of PVA glue with sieved cat litter over the top. When I brushed away the excess cat litter, it left a nice weathering effect on the road - accidental bonus! I spread PVA either side of the road and laid model railway grass on one side and dried builder's sand on the other. It looks a bit incoherent as a piece of scenery, but I only made it to practice before I try building something larger.
  18. 1990 Chevrolet Caprice in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. Chicago Fire Department livery. Unfortunately, there's slop in the rear axle which causes it to roll poorly. Still, quite a good looker and I've not had any fire service vehicles before.
  19. 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. Nice weathering job on this one as per its appearance in Terminator 2.
  20. 1977 Dodge Monaco in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. As appeared in The Terminator. It was made to resemble LAPD livery, though I believe the specifics are fictitious.
  21. Had the valve covers off last week. Only the inlet valves needed adjustment, and even then, they weren't loose enough to be a problem. All back together and running again. No improvement, but I've not made it worse either, so we'll call it a draw.
  22. Hopefully the DeLorean for me. I lusted after one for years, so don't plan on selling. Ever.
  23. 1975 Cadillac Eldorado in 1:64 scale by Auto World. I've posted one before in Lido green. This is the Jennifer blue colour option. Bonnet fit could be better and I've had to flip the front tyres around as the white-wall was printed wonky. First issues I've had with an Auto World model. Some nice pinstripe detailing. As always for Auto World, a nicely detailed (for 1:64) engine bay.
  24. 1989 Ford LTD Crown Victoria wagon in 1:64 scale by Greenlight. Nice roof rack and opening tailgate features, but one cracked window, so usual Greenlight quality*. I keep buying them, so I'm the fool.
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