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  1. Yes that is a good point and I have thought about this. Just hope that it is the right way according to the manual, if not then I don't know what to believe.
  2. I understand that life is often like this. And i had the opportunity to buy one of my dream cars, if you haven't seen it, that's why I had to sell it. So even though I didn't want to sell it, it was worth it.
  3. Thanks for the update was wondering how things were going since you have been quiet for a while. And now you are the only one with one of these Audis here as I had to sell mine. So glad there is still one of these here they are great cars. And great news about the writing job for those car magazines!
  4. I don't know as I am not familiar with that tool. So had to check it up. And threds are normal.
  5. I might try to get it loose but will wait until the second part has arrived. Because if I destroy this and the other one I have bought should turn out to be the wrong part, then I have a big problem as this part is not something that is easy to find and I was lucky to find another one. But these are good suggestions you have here.
  6. It's a good idea, but the bolt is so tight that this probably won't work. And there is a high probability that the threads are broken. So I bought another one.
  7. Yes, this is bad luck. And I have thought about it and it is probably as you say that the threds are damaged, this is perhaps due to the fact that it has been mounted incorrectly. And the bolt is a special bolt and it is probably not possible to get it out without destroying it. So I've been looking for this part and managed to find a complete one for sale in Greece that wasn't expensive so I bought it. So that should fix this.
  8. Visited the local garage today and don't know what's wrong but he wasn't as helpful and nice as he used to be. So they couldn't or possibly wouldn't help. So I have to figure this out myself. The bolt is 6 mm as I have said and a 6 mm socket just slips and does not get hold of the bolt head. I have tried other sockets, also 5.5 mm, but none of them fit. I have also had to grind down the outside of the socket to get it on the bolt head because it is tight. So I think I'll have to see if I can find some tool I can buy that can loosen it. But attaching pictures of the bolt in case anyone has any suggestions and ideas.
  9. 1958 Wartburg 311 2095 pounds runs and drives new brakes but bad rear exhaust. https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=275814796
  10. Got a problem with the bolt for the cam now. I can't get it loose. I had it out yesterday when I was cleaning and it was hard to get out then but I screwed it in without a problem and didn't tighten it too hard. But now it is impossible to get out and this is made worse by the fact that the bolt is 6mm and it is tight there. I'm going into civilization tomorrow so will take this to the local garage and see if they can help as I'm out of ideas.
  11. Thanks. This is a very good idea and I have thought about this so I will do this. To be honest I'm not very comfortable messing with a diesel pump so the fear of blowing up the engine has been in the back of my mind the whole time.
  12. Thank you both. And it's possible that's why there was a hose there. And it is possible to put in the bolt on both sides of the cam. So tomorrow, unless someone says otherwise, i will turn the cam to the right way and then start the engine and see what happens. I am excited to see what will happen then.
  13. One of my dream vans has come up for sale here and would make a perfect camper. 1998 Iveco Daily 4x4 123,000 km 1668 pounds https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=275045207
  14. Thanks. This is exactly what I think the part is mounted upside down. And I think you're right here, but it will be interesting to hear what others think also.
  15. To help with what I have explained above about what I think may be a wrong angle on the part, I have made a shit drawing. The top is as it is now and the bottom is as the manual says it should be.
  16. It did. But I don't know these cars so for all I know things could be not as they should.
  17. I have then discovered a problem after that in the post above that I desperately need others to look at and think about. But first how the linkage to the throttle work when the throttle pedal is pused down. And this I have marked with arrows below. So the throttle lever on the diesel pump must go up to increase the throttle and I have marked this with a red arrow below on the throttle part that came from the diesel pump. But this will cause the part marked with the blue arrow to go into the wall behind. So something is wrong here. And on a parts diagram of this, it can look like something is wrong. The part marked in blue above is part 15a and 15b below and do you see what I see that this blue part is mounted incorrectly? Look at the mounting bolt to the part and the part. What this part which I suspect is fitted incorrectly does is press on the part below marked in red and pushes it inwards also marked in red. And the blue is the stop on which that part should rest on when the engine is idling. So is this mounted wrong or have I misunderstood? And post pictures below where I move this and arrows show the way that is up. And the first picture is full throttle. And the picture below is idle. So I don't know if I have misunderstood how this works and find it strange if this is wrong that the engine has worked at all. So I hope that someone can look at this and I hope that I have explained this well enough.
  18. Had a bit of troubleshooting on this today and quickly discovered that the throttle on the diesel pump doesn't move as much as it should, so I took off the linkage and the throttle on the pump hardly moves an sticks and after moving this a lot in one direction it got completely stuck. The throttle on the pump is marked below and is not very easy to get to. So since this is now really stuck, there was no other choice but to remove the rearmost part of the diesel pump where this system is. And when it came off, it was clear why it was stuck and not working as it should. So after disassembling this and cleaning it thoroughly, I put it back together and greased it up. And now this works perfectly again. Then I took a picture inside the diesel pump as it is impossible to see inside there. And noticed something very strange has marked with an arrow. And this strange thing was this a piece of a hose. How did this get into the diesel pump? I really wonder how this is possible. And I never cease to be amazed at what you can find on old vehicles. But there is a problem I have discovered in all this and I desperately need help with this, so I hope someone can help and it will be a bit technical. I will make a separate post on that here.
  19. I do not think so. The car originally had it, but I think the ones that are on now are better to look at and these wheels are 14 inches compared to the original 13 inches, which are more difficult to get tires for. And I'm going to start writing a post now as I've done some troubleshooting on the car today and have found a lot of strange things and things that are wrong.
  20. I am not very familiar with the many old truck manufacturers and types in the UK so I found this interesting and is a great collection of trucks they have.
  21. No, they are not. Are non servo drumbrakes front and rear on this one. And I think this one has a vacuum pump like most diesels but I'm not sure but in that case wouldn't what you're talking about not be necessary?
  22. Thanks. This is a good idea to check so I will. The linkages are among the worst parts on the car now as all the ball joints are worn out so there is a lot of slack in them and they are about to fall apart. I have replaced the 2 worst ones and was planning to replace the rest this winter. This makes me think, the ball joints I replaced were for the flap on the air intake, so it is possible that something is wrong here as well. But it's strange that this has a kind of throttle flap in the air intake, I didn't think that mechanical diesels needed this?
  23. I'm not entirely sure, but I've managed to increase the revs quite a bit. And the pre-filter is transparent and I can see that diesel flows through well. So I don't think lack of fuel can be the problem, but I could be wrong. But this is something I will check.
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