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  1. The big problem I have is that I live in Norway and the car market here is much smaller than the UK so there is a high probability that this is Norway's last surviving Renault 19 diesel. But I should also stop looking at cars for sale but struggle to do it. Had I had space and money and a car transporter, I am convinced that I would have owned hundreds of cars within 10 to 20 years. This is how bad I am.
  2. No I do not unfortunately. I'm struggling to find a way to get it home. Talked to Dad today and he does not understand why I need another car and understands even less of what I'm going to do with that old Renault. So I wonder if I have to let this pass also something that is a bit annoying as i will probably not get the chance to buy a diesel 19 again. But I am considering contacting the seller and asking if he can let me know if he is unable to sell the car and wants to scrap it something I think is a big chance will happen.
  3. Yes, they are probably simple for those who can. I have tried in the past to change timing belts and I have always messed it up so it is a job I do not do myself unfortunately.
  4. The fact that it is a diesel is one of the main reasons I want it as I like simple old diesel engines. And these are good engines as you say it also contributes a lot to wanting it. So I want it the problem is just getting it home. I guess it's been a long time since the timing belt was replaced and that's the biggest thing that stops me from trying to drive it home as I do not want to risk destroying the engine.
  5. No it is the non turbo version something I actually prefer for simplicity.
  6. I wish he could work internationally. It would also have been convenient in case some of us wanted to buy an old Moskvich from Kyrgyzstan.
  7. Knew that asking for help not to buy more cars here is like asking a drug dealer how to stop using drugs. And do not know there are problems as always, the biggest is that it has not been on the road in 4-5 years and that it is 4 hours drive away. And the timing belt makes me not want to drive it home. I also do not have a drivers license to tow a large trailer either and a-frame towing is not legal here which is a shame as a-framing a Renault 19 home with a Hyundai i10 over Norwegian mountains for 4 hours would be interesting.
  8. I regularly struggle with wanting to save cars and the current one is this. It does not get better that this is a diesel something I like a lot and that they are almost extinct here. It is also cheap and is 30 years old next year so will be cheap to own. Can we possibly create a support group here? Because I need help.
  9. If that's what I think it is then I can imagine it is. I have no experience with it.
  10. Ford Taunus 12M owned by the Norwegian serial killer and rapist Edgar Antonsen he and his brother Terje Antonsen used this car in 2 murders and rapes where one of the victims was 12 years old. Edgar had previously also committed a murder for which he was not arrested and several rapes. Both were convicted in the mid 1970s and released in the 1980s and given new identities. Edgar took his life in 1993 when he was wanted after a new rape, Terje lived until 2005.
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