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  1. This must be zoomed in order to be read. But I find this interesting this is an overview of used cars for sale at the Ford dealer in Sandefjord Norway 13 May 1966. Cheapest car and oldest car is a 1947 Prefect for 300 kr next up in price is a 1959 Moskwich for 1500 kr . There are also some 50's American cars here that are very likely ex taxi. The average annual salary in Norway in 1966 was 22,970 kr. Has calculated over to today's money value 300 kr in 1966 is 3352 kr today, 1500 kr in 1966 is 16761 kr today and 22970 in 1966 is 256,668 kr today.
  2. While looking for pictures for the estate thread, I found a picture of one of the favorite cars I have owned. And the interior was brown so the perfect color combo.
  3. I really like estates and have owned some. My first car that I drove. 1985 Volvo 240 2,3 manual was previously a van and had lived most of its life in Oslo delivering food was very tired and rusty. Lived on a bit after me but was eventually scrapped. 1990 Volvo 740 2.3 manual great car had almost no rust was taken in exchange for an impulse purchase and I still hate myself for this. Was bought by a girl as the first car and was driven to death and scrapped. A fate like thousands of Volvo in Scandinavia. In between these I had a 2000 Avensis which is not worth mentioning that used a lot of oil and was scrapped after a short time something it deserved. 1997 Volvo V70 2.4 NA petrol manual. This was an attempt at what I call modern Volvo and did not like this or anything Volvo has made since. It was difficult to work on, used much more petrol than the older models. It was also very boring and nothing was better than the older ones. Few want these here but managed to sell it after a while and it was finally scrapped when the engine broke. 2005 Citroen Xsara 1.6 manual bought as an extra car, comfortable nice to drive but was uneconomical to repair was taken in exchange for Hyundai and think it actually lives still. Picture below is the only one I have of it behind a timber crane. And can add 2 that are almost estates. 1997 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 diesel manual van. Owned this for a short while it was very rusty and bodged, it was also very tiring to drive was taken in exchange for Suzuki lived a while after but think has been scrapped now. 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.9 diesel manual. Impulse buy previous rental car, it was tired, boring and the Renault engine should never have been in these and was difficult to work on because of it. But took it on some trips to Sweden and explored remote forests as pictured below. It was sold and is still alive.
  4. Cultivation East Germany August 1989 with 4 Fortschritt ZT 323 tractors.
  5. I've worked a little more on the car now. And has connected the vacuum ports to the choke. And I struggle a lot with explaining all this but the engine runs a little better and can increase the speed without problems now but the engine can cough occasionally. But what I think I have to do is wait a bit until things thaw more outside so I can drive the car out of the garage and it gets warmer. And if there are too many problems with this, I will probably have to find someone who can help as this can quickly become too complicated for me. Have a manual for these carburetors but it does not help much as everything is made too complicated to understand. So I just have to wait a bit before I do anything more.
  6. https://mortarinvestments.eu/catalog/onStock/t-34-85-fully-repaired
  7. Thought you might like this one that is for sale in Norway now. https://www.finn.no/mc/all/ad.html?finnkode=230440564 This is a French Monet Gyon invalid carriage these were built a lot for ww1 veterans and had Villers engines.
  8. Thanks! Most are connected are just the vacuum ports of the choke that I managed to forget. But I will work on this again tomorrow so I will see if I can find out something more. But I appreciate the help.
  9. The local bus here I live in the 1930s. It went on a route from Tovdal to Arendal and back again. One way is about 70 km so a round trip was about 140 km which probably takes its time on the bad roads and especially in winter with a snow plow.
  10. The local bus here I live in the 1930s. It went on a route from Tovdal to Arendal and back again. One way is about 70 km so a round trip was about 140 km which probably takes its time on the bad roads and especially in winter with a snow plow.
  11. Then I got another carburetor. And yet another Pierburg 1b this has in fact previously been converted to manual choke and the manual choke part of this is different from the others I have seen. This should also have been a working carburetor when it was taken off the car. But this carburetor came from a 1.5 Jetta so I had to move over jets from the old one which on these involves splitting the carburetor. ' After that I mount it on the engine but was too excited so forgot picture. And since it is hot today as much as 5 degrees, I could test if the engine now works. And it did, started quickly and went fine at idle for a while. After it had been idling for a while without a choke, I tried to accelerate the engine and after that the engine will not run properly, coughs and runs at low speed and does not get better. Do not know what this is and are struggling to figure out what could be causing this. The other thing I find a little strange is the part of the choke that is supposed to regulate the engine speed. Struggling to be able to explain this but when it is like the picture below to then use the choke then I have to press the accelerator pedal a bit to be able to make the choke close completely. So it seems like something here may not be quite right but I'm terrified of touching this. Also notice in the picture above now that I forgot the vacuum ports to choke possible this affects things I am an idiot.
  12. Of the cars I have owned, there are 2. The first is the 1990 Volvo 740 estate comfortable world's best seats in my opinion, covers distances very well, built to last, reliable easy to work on and had better fuel consumption than what people believe. Together with 240, they are among the best cars ever made in my opinion. Has no weak points other than that they are starting to get old and that together with 240 and 940 they have been popular as first cars and among young people in Scandinavia means that the number of cars has decreased a lot. Number 2 is probably conversational and I'll probably be laughed at. This is my 2017 Hyundai i10 that I own now. It is surprisingly comfortable and good to drive, covers distances very well, is very simple mechanically for today's cars and is easy to work on and maintain. Uses almost no petrol and is very economical to own. And I like it and like to drive it. These will probably be among the last relatively simple petrol cars we can buy. I have driven many modern cars and most of them are so depressing that it makes me want to drive to a high bridge and jump from it. But this little Hyundai does not do this I do not know why, And I like it surprisingly much and will do everything I can to keep it alive for as long as possible.
  13. Came across something a little rare a Norwegian registered Tatra that did not belong to the Germans. Photo was taken towards the end of the war and it has a wood gas generator fitted.
  14. Combination buses with freight and passenger transport that were common here and that I have previously written a bit about here are starting to become rare. But today came one of the newer ones for sale this is a 2004 Volvo 9700 which has been in the north of Norway with 1 owner and has done 920,000 km and has 20 seats and almost 11 ton payload. ' https://www.finn.no/b2b/bus/ad.html?finnkode=238063431
  15. 1 out of 2 maybe 3 Audi 80s that are still daily drivers in the area here.
  16. Got the car back today and happened more than I thought. What was the reason for everything was a damaged wire to coil no. 3 which short-circuited and knocked out the fuse to the ignition and killed coil no. 3. They have fixed the wire and replaced the coil and fuse and the car works again. Not sure what has caused this possible it may be mice that have gnawed on the wire but do not know. The mechanic has also fixed this so well that I can not see where this happened. But is good to get the car back.
  17. Since it has 322,000 km, it has been well used. And I would have preferred a normal car transporter but would have considered buying it if it was not winter now, am I crazy?
  18. https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=244497930
  19. 1 owner and has never been driven in winter and original paint. 1963 NSU Prinz 4 https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=244377621
  20. Saehan Max 850 The pickup version of the Korean produced opel Kadett C which was made by and sold under the name Saehan later Daewoo.
  21. Saehan Max 850 This is special, google translating text from the ad below to cover everything as this and the story is amazing if true Unique car with unique history. Should be 1 in 5 left in all of Europe! This is the car's story as it has been told to me (and which matches well with what can be found online): In 1979, GM transported material from the Opel Kadett C production to its factory in Korea, then called Saehan, later Daewoo, later Chevrolet. Production of the Kadett C continued there, including as the Pickup Saehan Max 850. Approx. 100 of these were imported to Greece in the early 80's, but due to some tax / duty trouble they were never sold in Greece and the authorities scrapped most of the cars. But a Norwegian car importer bought some thirty cars sometime in the late 80's. The cars were refurbished, so many were repainted and it was put on a Norwegian-made aluminum plane behind. 28 cars were sold and registered and of these, 23 are. wreck. So this is a pretty rare car I bought this car from an older gentleman (honorary member of the Opel Club) he bought the new one in 1991. The car is guaranteed to have only walked just over 50,000 km. It was on sign and in use when I bought it in 2015. I put it in a barn waiting to renovate it, but so far it does not seem that I will come with the first .. It needs a little cosmetic love and probably a bit technical even now after a few years of hibernation. Went like clockwork when parked. https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=244368941
  22. Escort diesel estate https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=244286692
  23. Is 5 days without a working car now. Have talked to them and the coil has been ordered, so I hope it comes and is replaced quickly. I hate this not being in control of something, and not having a working car and most of all I hate phone calls. So this is a sign that I need more cars or a car transporter or both.
  24. Hope it goes well that another vehicle that is not a car comes here. In a DDR/GDR information video about Sugar Beet harvesting, I saw a self-propelled Sugar Beet harvester that I have never seen before, after much searching, I finally found out what these are. This is KS-6 a self-propelled Sugar Beet harvester (possibly it could be used on several crops such as potatoes?) Produced in Ternopol Ukraine in collaboration between DDR and the Soviet Union. And this is clear as I see parts from both Fortschritt and Rostelmash. But most of the parts came from VEB so it probably has the IFA V8 diesel engine that the Fortschritt E 516 combine also had. Unfortunately, I do not know how many were produced and how long the production lasted.
  25. Here are some old bus pictures from Norway
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