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  1. Wondering the same thing a lot.
  2. The only policeman in an area in the north of Norway had an engine failure on his 15 year old 400,000km V70 police car and there was no money to fix it so he had to use his private car or bicycle. This sounds incredible but is true so I am attaching a link to a news article about this, but it is in Norwegian. https://www.nrk.no/nordland/politibilen-pa-nesna-ga-tapt-etter-405.000-km---siden-har-lensmannen-brukt-beina-1.12936438
  3. As the title says shite emergency vehicles. Norway is good at this and especially the fire service. All photos are newer than 2010 and vehicles was all active and in use when photo was taken.
  4. Norway does not spend money on anything and it makes no difference which party is in power. The police, health, care for the elderly, the road network, etc. all have problems. The local fire department where I live was in the media a few years ago when one of the few fire trucks they had was a converted milk truck that was 30 years old and had done over 1 million km and was worn out and unreliable this sort of thing is common. The only police officer in an area up north was left without a police car and had to use a bicycle or his private car after the 15 year old police car with over 400,000km had an engine failure and there was no money to fix it. It sounds like a joke, but it's true. Link below to an article in Norwegian about this. https://www.nrk.no/nordland/politibilen-pa-nesna-ga-tapt-etter-405.000-km---siden-har-lensmannen-brukt-beina-1.12936438 And sorry it was a bit much, we are annoyed with the state of things. And thank you and my teeth are a little better now but have to do something about it and it's not easy to find a good dentist so it will be a challenge.
  5. 1987 Dodge W350 fire truck 17,822km for sale at auction https://www.finn.no/b2b/truck/ad.html?finnkode=353374115
  6. 1966 Renault R10 3537 pounds https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=353362718
  7. 1966 Toyota Crown 1,9 van has been in a barn since 1984 and the engine is seized 736 pounds https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=353372095
  8. Dad is still in the hospital. It is terrifying that suddenly he became really unwell and his right leg swollen to twice its size. They still don't know what caused this. But hopefully he won't need more surgery on his knee. He has been transferred to the nearest hospital and I visited him today. And it's hell, the hospital is understaffed, so those who work there are overworked and stressed, so no wonder we have so many mistakes that happen in hospitals. And the building is old and run down and dirty and reminiscent of something from the 3rd world. I could probably take 100 photos like the one below when I was there today. So my experience with Norwegian hospitals is still the same as always.
  9. This is a diesel for sale in Sweden, I wish I could buy it. https://www.blocket.se/annons/1400812844
  10. https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=367840125&dam=false&isSearchRequest=true&ms=23800%3B%3B%3B&ref=srp&refId=dea6199b-fe43-9ca1-af86-cfc506a7e86a&s=Car&sb=rel&searchId=dea6199b-fe43-9ca1-af86-cfc506a7e86a&vc=Car
  11. https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=352465771&isSearchRequest=true&ms=%3B%3B%3Bifa&ref=srp&refId=0fa42389-a507-4fe6-3cac-d212e3f1292e&s=Truck&searchId=0fa42389-a507-4fe6-3cac-d212e3f1292e&vc=TruckOver7500 https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=392290347&isSearchRequest=true&ms=%3B%3B%3Bifa&ref=srp&refId=0fa42389-a507-4fe6-3cac-d212e3f1292e&s=Truck&searchId=0fa42389-a507-4fe6-3cac-d212e3f1292e&vc=TruckOver7500 https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=373328397&action=topOfPage&isSearchRequest=true&ms=%3B%3B%3Bifa&ref=srp&refId=0fa42389-a507-4fe6-3cac-d212e3f1292e&s=Truck&searchId=0fa42389-a507-4fe6-3cac-d212e3f1292e&vc=TruckOver7500
  12. There was a car crash 1 hour from me this evening and there were no injuries but a 1980s Mazda 626 has met its end.
  13. 1993 Fiat Uno 1,4 turbo 201.000km 4132 pounds https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=353239885
  14. 1952 Opel Olympia 1,5 3763 pounds https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=353291449
  15. 1961 Willys ex fire truck 5534 pounds https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=353316261
  16. 1978 Ford Granada 2,3 1033 pounds https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=353314083
  17. 1985 Suzuki SJ 410 1,3 127.000km 2213 pounds https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=353334805
  18. You buying this and driving this home is a thread we all want. Just don't get me involved.
  19. Nice to see that the Rolls Royce still exists, but I really wonder what the story is with that trip in 1982 because a 1930s Rolls Royce with a caravan on holiday in Norway is not exactly a common thing. And a Shadow to the arctic circle has already been done.
  20. A picture has appeared from the Arctic Circle in Norway in 1982 with a UK reg pre war Rolls Royce with caravan on holiday. Can anyone find out anything more about the car or know it? @Saabnut is this similar to the ones you own?
  21. I don't know if I'm imagining this but have the pictures on the forum gone back to being small again? And content I started is empty so I have difficulty finding threads I have started.
  22. 1979 Chrysler Avenger 1,6 GL has mot 1624 pounds https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=353202487
  23. Below is an 1950s ad for Reginol engine oil as 2 Norwegian Scania buses passed 400,000km without an engine overhaul or reboring on Reginol oil. Reginol oil was then used motor oil that had gone through a process and was then sold as new oil. According to what I read from several sources, this were terrible stuff, but still 1950s engines lasted to high mileages on this.
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