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  1. probably faulty twin filament stop/tail bulb or bulb not in correctly
  2. should be plug and play just try to match the numbers on the pedals
  3. Also got a SGS 3 ton jack , been used daily for couple of years now , only had to replace the spring for the handle [ £1.47 ebay ] steer clear of sealey jacks
  4. Have changed a few of these engines in early galaxy's , used to fail because the relief valve in the oil pump would come undone causing low oil pressure . Would check it on your replacement engine as wouldn't want that to go the same way . Would also be interested to know if that is what happened to your old engine , seemed to be a common thing a few year back .
  5. Thermostat is behind cambelt rear cover on these , so if you do it best to change that at the same time
  6. Shoysty

    Free valuation

  7. Just put a second hand set of injectors in a kangoo 1.5 dci , they wouldn't code in . Got it running , ran very rough ,lots of smoke , stopped and started it lots of times lots of revs etc and smoke has cleared and runs nice and smooth . Think yours will be ok once you get it run up the road
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