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  1. Seen a number of these in Police service down here. If they're that easy to nick, that'd be quite funnya shame, wouldn't it?
  2. Passed a few Circus Vegas wagons on the A27/M27 heading west on Sunday, between Portsmouth and Southampton. From memory there was a big RV with a Range Rover on a trailer, Daf LF with a red single axle trailer and something else which may have been yellow if my memory serves. Don't suppose you were in any of them?
  3. I agree, at that size it's definitely more likely to be a 2-cylinder. We have one in a 7 1/4" locomotive at the miniature railway I'm involved with which looks pretty much identical to that one, and it's an incredibly rough engine. Clatters like hell, never smooths out at any revs, deafening at idle, smokes like Snoop Dogg flat out. It's pretty torquey though and seems well suited to run hydraulics, which probably translates well to a CVT drive too. I don't think I could imagine it with a conventional gearbox attached, it's definitely an engine that likes to sit at a goverened RPM rather than rev up and down.
  4. A nice day today. Went up the road to Goodwood circuit to have a crack at the BMW Performance Track driving day, which, as usual for Goodwood, was brilliant. Started off in an M4 Competition, I've driven one before and they are frighteningly capable but you do feel it's a heavy car. You'd really have to be a proper driver to get the most out of it. Then took a step down in power and weight, and tried a Z4 M40i. I wasn't expecting that much but it was absolutely fantastic, much more precise and place-able than the M4, a bit slower but it felt a lot more confidence inspiring overall and I had a few absolutely cracking laps in it, the instructor even said afterwards that he'd gone quiet because he didn't really need to say anything! I really gelled with that car and would happily drive one (or a Supra) again. Finally went into an M5 Competition for the last session, knowing it would be a heavier and less agile car, but it's not every day you get to use all of a 620bhp car. And yes, it's staggeringly fast. Coming down the Lavant straight I had 151mph out of it before the braking point, and the instructors doing hotlaps would have been going even faster. Afterwards I went for a quick look around Rally Replay, a pretty cool place with lots of genuine rally stuff on sale.
  5. I could never work on a rig, but I'd love to visit one one day. Awesome feats of engineering.
  6. I fixed a thing, and it worked. Rare. Granted, it was only re-greasing the window sliders on the Mazda, but still. I made something better, which never happens.
  7. Sheil Buses up along the west coast of Mcscotland have the smartest, best kept fleet of any bus operator I've seen and that's not exactly a densely populated region!
  8. That's the cheapest way to get 90% of the comfort of Rolls-Royce Ghost whilst keeping 100% of the running costs. Well done that man.
  9. What type of seal is it? This sounds stupid, but if it's capable of trapping air inside the seal itself (i.e. bubble seal or d-shape etc) then it'd be worth making sure it's got somewhere to vent to.
  10. Crackers

    Rozzer Shite

    We might laugh, but if you're going to be taken back to the nick, you'd want it to be in that!
  11. You are reading my mind. A 320 estate is very much on the radar and fairly high up the list, although a decent 500 or 55 is far beyond what I'm willing to spend!
  12. Been thinking about selling both the MX5 and P6 recently to fund a nice luxury estate and release some spare cash. I'd probably take a loss on both, quite a big one on the P6 looking at where their values have gone lately. If anyone wants either of them...
  13. Then look away. 🤷‍♂️ Let people have fun.
  14. Couldn't have said it better. £1500 isn't gonna get me much, and for the sort of car I want, it'll be absolutely scraping the barrel for the ropiest, most risky examples. However, a £3500 E-Class is potentially a worse proposition than a £1500 one... it's at risk of all the same faults as a £1500 one, but you stand to lose more money when it lets go. You're just paying the extra for it being a much better example while it's working. I could only risk it on a really short-term purchase, hoping it'll work properly for 6-7 months and then sell again for a small loss some time next year. What I really need is for someone on the forum to sell me a nice Saab estate in petrol turbo flavour so I can stick a Noobtune map on it (m8). That'd do nicely for a few months.
  15. I hate car hunting. I've got my sights set on buying a cheap barge for the winter, but as usual, I've got a fairly specific set of criteria. Bring on weeks upon weeks of frustration... if anyone's got a decent 530d/E320cdi/Saab turbo/Volvo T5 they want to part with, I'm interested...
  16. If oil pressure survived you should be OK, V8s are pretty hard to kill. I expect the hydraulic lifters drained out, causing the rattle. With a new sump and fresh fill of oil, the lifters should pump up again after a while and it'll go quiet again.
  17. I've possibly missed it upthread, but has it always been green? Your first set of pics lead me to think it might have been white at some point in its life (or it's had some panels off a white car, resprayed): There definitely looks to be a fair bit of white under that chrome finisher, and the TURBO badge has that odd peeling/cracking effect going on around it that I wouldn't expect to see on a factory finished panel, regardless of age - and that also looks to be cracking to reveal white underneath.
  18. That's... that's just how an auction works. That's the point. I don't think it's within your remit to administrate the sales of vehicles you don't own and haven't been appointed the auctioneer of.
  19. Now that is an absolute stunner. I'd love to go into business doing locomotive/traction engine/general heritage logistics using a classic truck like that.
  20. The highlights of the Great Dorset Steam Fair. Forget the traction engines, give me shite.
  21. I've had a bit of a change of plan and will now be driving home from Manchester (deep joy) this Saturday evening so could swing by the field, or come up on Sunday if anyone else is about.
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