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  1. Need to check my dates for this one, not sure if I have any motorsport on. If I'm free all weekend I will probably only come one day and use the other day to visit the Grandparents.
  2. Sell it and put the money into tarting up the XM.
  3. Freaky, I was thinking about this exact thread just a couple of days ago...
  4. Funny you mention it. I believe they are exempt from pretty much everything everywhere, and because they accelerate quite well for their size, they seem to do surprisingly well in cities as long as you have a steersman who's well and truly on the ball. A decent road engine will do 12-15mph in high gear flat out and the average speed of London traffic isn't much more than that, so you can do stuff like this: Definitely something I'd love to have a go at.
  5. It's quite literally slower than walking. Factoring in water stops, service stops, a longer route, and sleep, even if you double-shifted it it'd probably be a 3-4 day ordeal!
  6. Did you say you needed some heavy machinery to smooth out the field? 😁
  7. How I spent my afternoon. Got to steer it round the field for a few laps. And then took a seat in the living van for the road run back to the owner's yard. Quick water stop. Conveniently also a pub. Home and dry.
  8. These two were at the Heaven Farm steam rally today. 2726CD is a right honey.
  9. Just a couple of the various nice lorries at the Heaven Farm steam rally this afternoon. There were lots more but I managed not to take any pictures. Obviously.
  10. Presumably visiting Players Classic this weekend. I've seen all manner of slammed, cambered, straight piped shitboxes on the roads today. Including some 80s/90s Mercs that would have been fantastic cars if they weren't 2mm off the floor with 30 degrees of camber in them 🙄
  11. HFM? https://www.spurofslindon.co.uk/used-ford-escort-arundel-west-sussex-4424976 https://www.spurofslindon.co.uk/used-ford-fiesta-arundel-west-sussex-4424987
  12. Need to do the drivers window on mine as the window bush is binding - TADTS. How's the MPG now more GLF is possible? I got 37 the other day over 300 motorway miles, New record 😲
  13. I emailed them a while back about a potential data leak/security risk on their website and had the MD back to me in under 24 hours, and his web developer a few minutes later. Issue resolved within 2 days. Impressed.
  14. Bloody good pics there Mr T, the legends one with the differential blur especially!
  15. I'm not stupid (honest*), but I did click the play button at least 4 times before I clocked what it was...
  16. This chap doesn't think so!
  17. An video. Nothing too exciting, just the start up, lots of idle noise and some revs while letting the choke off. The smoke visible in the 2nd and 3rd clip is nothing to worry about, just some crap burning off after it's long sleep. Once up to temperature the exhaust is completely clean as usual. Featuring my entry for "campest mince away from camera" in this year's Olivier awards.
  18. As part of my attempt at hypnotic wallet control, I need to remind you that you agreed to an extremely amicable* purchase price which can be paid in advance to my account...
  19. It's a bit dusty like, but it's alive! Started on the first attempt - what a machine. Battery still had 12.5 volts left after 7 months in storage, so that was handy. Had plenty of juice to crank it over for a while to spread the oil around before reconnecting the coil. First start video coming later. I can confirm it still sounds absolutely bloody brilliant.
  20. Fine... I'll qualify that. Remember who's involved here...
  21. Actually, not too slow. 1/40, F20, ISO 100. It doesn't take much to get that much blur on any moving object, however a faster movement or slower shutter speed will obviously give you a much better blur on the background. This was 1/25 on a 55mph vehicle and you can see the difference in the background.
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