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  1. Did a tidy number of miles in the P6 yesterday and it behaved really well except for its increasing oil leak. At one point a modern SUV pulled up behind me in traffic, I could see its occupants having a look at the car, then they started point and laughing. Was it something I said? No! It was the Autoshite dealer sticker in the rear windscreen. Thanks @ruffgeezer 😁
  2. Mech Eng for my apprenticeship.
  3. "To insure that vehicle up until your renewal date next year, there would be an additional cost of £59." GET IN! Potential collection mission booked for Saturday.
  4. On the flipside I guess I'll get to sit down for a day.... my phone reckons I've walked over 30km so far this week at work. Christ!
  5. Back to uni (2nd year) tomorrow. Balls.
  6. Base in the place. But he's got a Jaaaaaaag.
  7. Yes, that's a woodie* 75 estate. No, I have no words.
  8. RAPID -ly into the next hedge.
  9. No different to loading an articulated car transporter, in many ways. I believe some of the De Rooy HGV transporters also use the same method.
  10. Enjoyed the X1/9 video too. That's a car I could definitely see myself in, one day. The black one with the bumpers removed looks FIT. Oosh.
  11. A few from me here. In its day the P6 would have been a large saloon car, and in isolation its proportions make it looks like a fairly big beastie. Collection day told the real story: Citroen C1 looks tall and bulky in comparison; Parking it next to a small SUV and a standard hatchback, it almost vanished:
  12. Not permanently. Just most of the time then.
  13. It was suplexed into the nearest bin a long time ago.
  14. Yep. That breather hose that was spitting pez, looked like it came from the top of the head - how or why petrol was getting to that point, I have genuinely no idea. Chinese kwality.
  15. ...and of course the JCB turning diesel into darkness. Snapchat-628278365.mp4
  16. Great day as usual today. A few showers but generally OK weather wise. Today's actives mostly involved the green Range Rover being not-started, various cars being shuffled around, and my right shoe being dissolved by the JingLing ATV spitting raw petrol all over it. Nice to meet you @St.Jude and thanks as usual to the Cylinders for the tea and hospitality!
  17. Lovely looking motor though, and those seats look sooooo comfortable. Would.
  18. Doesn't work well in music class.
  19. Hang on, I've got a jumper somewhere with that on it. (No, I don't know what Nicce means either)
  20. We probably crossed paths on multiple occasions without knowing. I used to stack shelves there.
  21. @Mr Pastry has just set me up with some really fascinating info on the history of this machine. Bloody strange this world, I never thought I'd learn anything on "No. 2"'s history, yet of all the places that information could be hiding, it turns up thanks to Autoshite? Yeah man, that's odd! Short answer is, thanks to Mr Pastry, that it started life as an 0-4-0 Steam Outline loco built by Cromar White powered by the Villiers drivetrain (which was probably an industrial power unit rather than ex-car) in my photo. This setup wasn't successful so, when CW moved onto the Hymek outline locos driven by the power bogie in Mr Pastry's pic, CW's designer took the loco on and rebuilt it as the 0-4-4 chassis shown in mine. When I got hold of it, the remains of the bodywork were absolutely knackered, plus I have always had adhesion and stability issues with "No. 2", so I am going to rebuild it in a similar diesel shunter outline, but with a lot of added weight to improve balance and grip over the 4 driving wheels.
  22. Thanks @Mr Pastry - interesting. Here's the only photo I could find, with all the body panels off, part way through disassembly. The shape of the loco is obviously a very crudely cobbled-together affair, we measured it up and not a single part was straight compared to any others. I did find a hand-painted date on one part of the body when I disassembled it, I can't remember what year it was but 1975 rings a bell. That would probably have been the rough time it took its current shape.
  23. Not a clue mate. I've not seen it in ages but my memory says 9E. It's got a 4(?) speed manual box not a CVT.
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