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  1. I think you're right, I stuck my head under it in the light and there's a patch on front of the centre box that looks a bit suspect, but I didn't get my hand in to confirm that's where it is.
  2. I expect so, haven't really looked for the hole yet though!
  3. That's an ultrasound image... You've bought a fucking baby?
  4. Over a month since I received the money for it, the MX5 has finally left the building. May not be the last time it features in the thread, as I've sold it to my uncle's friend who has had it transported away this morning to a specialist in Essex who will be converting it for trackday use, and if I play my cards right it'd be nice to get a go in it one day! In Saab news, it's developed a slight exhaust blow from (I think) the centre silencer, nothing too major but its slowly getting worse so I'll get it sorted when it fails the next MOT in Novembereventually. Can't be having too bad an effect on it though, as on a non-stop run from Farnborough to Loughborough this weekend, this was the reported figure just before we left the motorway! 😮 What a score, this car is bloody fantastic as a cruise missile.
  5. Might join tonight, later on my way home if I can work it out.
  6. What's the deal with this then? Nice looking E90 BMW on British style/colour/font plates: JK 53 AB Only 6 digits, and not recognised on the DVLA site. No country flag on it either - whose plate style is that then?
  7. That is a Billy bargain, great find.
  8. I have been quite unlucky. Minutes later... (AA van was not for me, but made a good photo while broken down) 14 months later... And then... The bridge in both "before" photos is the same one on the same road. The "afters" are the same parking spot at the same petrol station, and with AA vans. I'm never taking an old car down there again...
  9. Is that shared storage or do you have any connection to the fire engines and ERF in the background?
  10. Panel Gaps? Never heard of her...
  11. Long live das E-Klasse. New sills should have it on the road to 300k?
  12. A big old thumbs up to Mobile Brakes and Tyres Ltd in Portsmouth. Really lovely guy, efficient, polite and communicative. https://www.brakesandtyres.co.uk/
  13. If they're insured (both premises and vehicles), surely their financial risk is little-to-nothing except for a hiked premium?
  14. Will Champion, of Coldplay, drove a humble Polo until recently. Their bassist Guy Berryman has a slightly* more extravagant collection which includes an SM so he can be considered a WINNAR.
  15. A very kind offer - Ladies, form an orderly queue please! Local friendly tyre man should be here tomorrow morning assuming he can get hold of tyre, so fingers crossed should be back on the road.
  16. I've got my annual good deed out of the way early this year by lending the Saab to a friend for the week so he could get around. We were out in his car at the weekend and got a puncture on the way back to mine, no spare/repair kit/goo can, so got the car rescued to my place as it was much closer. You can see the damage on the SP of "Sport". Nearly new Pilot Sport 4, I'm glad I'm not paying the bill on that one! Of course that now means I've been left with an immobile BINI until the tyre fitter comes later this week, hopefully I don't need to go anywhere because I can't! I think I need to refer to the @Six-cylinder book of motoring and buy another car to prevent this happening again 😁
  17. That parts list could be useful... Dad's in the middle of changing the manifold gasket on his at the moment so if something goes Pingfuckit then I'll forward him your list, though he's pretty much only been able to do one bolt every few days because of his back. Also, there's no heat shield that I'm aware of, but of course it could just be missing!
  18. I hate to tell you this, but all you've done is make the inside of the door a bit closer to your elbow so you'll clonk it more often
  19. OK, that's bloody weird. My other half's black BINI has this reg (and previously had it on an R56)...
  20. Because it's the law. Never did quite catch the Mk4 or get all 4 types in a line though. Almost confused myself with this one. I'm informed this is also the law but I don't drive a Bini so cannot confirm. For bonus points note the lorries in the background Not strictly twinned as it's a DAF and a Merc but I usually had either 2 DAFs or 2 Scanias in the yard at any one time, just don't have any photos of it happening!
  21. Definitely up for all of those! Barn is looking fantastic with the scaffold down now, too.
  22. Happy new year to you both! Especially looking forward to the Saab, Range Rover and LNA, hopefully!
  23. Pretty sure it is Coolant, it asked for a top up the other day.
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