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  1. Could well be. Is he involved in rallying? This was at Brands Hatch for the annual stage rally.
  2. Better get eating then, especially if a particular plan comes to fruition over the next few weeks... I'd recommend not getting in a car with me for a while. Could be a bit... Beany...
  3. You're saying I need to eat more beans?
  4. You can't deny these rallying types have a good sense of humour.
  5. True, but you at least stand a chance of actually enjoying the food.
  6. I bet it isn't. It hasn't got any meat in it.
  7. I get those horrible-for-the-environment-plastic-single-use-tub-things they do. But then I've eaten beans once since I moved here in December 2020 so I'm not exactly murdering the environment with plastic bean tubs.
  8. Sounds right enough, it's got an MOT right up until the point it doesn't. Can't really argue with that.
  9. The badge and the front, the badge at the back, and everything in between the two.
  10. No, I just prefer food that doesn't come in cans.
  11. Bit pricey, but it's absolutely mint. I reckon this would be worth every penny if you kept it for a few years and looked after it. 3.0 V6 with full cow. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202103230482754
  12. The replies above have made me realised I own not one but two can openers, and have never opened a can with either of them.
  13. Despite being a lover of the green oval I must agree with this, every D1/D2 I see nowadays is the spitting image of that photo. You never see a standard one being driven by a normal person any more. Shame, really, 3 years ago I'd probably have had one (with a remap and slightly fruitier exhaust), but otherwise standard. Their newfound image problem puts me off, to the point I wouldn't even touch one.
  14. Bugger me, Tuesday already. I'll have a go at joining tonight as it's been a fair while.
  15. All X-range models that land on an even number are hideous. In fact, most of the ones with an odd number are pretty bad too. And then we get onto the ones with extra letters, like the iX and XM. Yeah, OK, the whole X lineup. That'll do.
  16. I wonder if its like my MX5, i.e. When it's hanging off the bottom of the gauge after 250 miles, you go to fill up the 50 litre tank but only 39 litres goes in - it's hiding 11 litres somewhere but makes you think the fuel economy is even worse than it is?
  17. A very smart, late D90 I papped outside Medstead & Four Marks station on the Watercress Line. I do like a sunset.
  18. Did this today and it didn't take the rust off, but did get slightly warm, less so than the right hand side though. Also found I can drive the car along my car park in 1st, with my left foot mashing the brake pedal into the floor on its hard stop, and accelerate through it. Sponge-tastic. Both left brakes are now consistently cooler than the right, which is a complete about-turn on when I bought the car and found the front left to be getting warmer than the front right. Anyhoo, it's getting looked at on Friday by a man, because a) I can't be arsed b) I'm busy this weekend c) can live without the car for a few days and d) I'm a lightweight and don't want to work on the car at night in freezing weather. Deduct Man Points™️ as appropriate.
  19. Bugger. That's the brake diagonally opposite the one that was sticking the other day. This was after a 2 mile drive and the light surface rust from a few days' rain. So that brake is doing sweet FA. Ballcocks.
  20. November 2019. Not a car, per se, but yeah.
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