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  1. Have they taken their Budgie on holiday!?
  2. I can concentrate on this next. I’m thinking of adding LED’s for the head and tail lamps?
  3. Update: RC Golf It runs! IMG_0421.MOV
  4. It's got the new style BMW grille 😄 Things like this just seem like a waste of time, effort and money to me but each to their own I suppose!
  5. Update: RC Golf I needed to make some upper wishbones* for the steering. It turns out the picture hanging kit I bought has come in handy after all. I made the rough shape of them, drilled and trimmed and epoxy resined in place. So that's the steering sorted now. The battery compartment cover was missing so I used the cover off the donor parts car, trimmed it, relocated one of the retainers and added two locating lugs. Looks a bit poor but it will do the job. So the next thing to do is to look at the motor...
  6. I had one of these delivered today as part of a joblot.
  7. Wanna trade the Escort badge?
  8. Oh bum. Too late on the Escort badge!
  9. Interested... Will it go as a large letter?
  10. I'm interested. I'll have a look what I've got...
  11. What would you like to swap for?
  12. Yes please @Datsuncog if your going...
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