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  1. I’ve just spent the last 4 days doing a 1000 piece jigsaw and today I finished it but there was 5 twicers 😩
  2. Some quality* die-cast found in the 2p machine yesterday. Put £4 worth in a different machine but came away empty handed.
  3. I'm thinking that's a re-paint. The bumpers appear to have had a touch of black paint and is that orange on the wheel?
  4. I visited the hospital to attend an appointment last year which was the first appointment I was aware of. When it was my turn to see the nurse she was a bit funny with me about missing my 2 previous appointments. It was the first I'd heard. Do they make you an appointment but fail to notify you. Another one, a year or two ago, I received an NHS letter one day and when I opened it it was for an appointment for 2 days before.
  5. That’s tremendous! How big is it? Swap for a plastic Ritmo?
  6. Why, just WHY! FFS Imagine them in the motor factors explaining what they wanted 😆
  7. Was talking about this film before in work. Years ago I got free tickets to watch a play of it in the local theatre. The prop used in the main car scenes was an XR3i convertible!
  8. It’s a Perodua being sold in Birkenhead. It’s on Auto Trader.
  9. A colleague has been looking for a cheap car. He’s found one up for £1500 and has made an offer. It’s a 2009 model with 1 owner from new with just 1800 miles! Any guesses?
  10. If it's the same one, I remember my brother having that teddy when we were kids, you put a cassette in the back and it would talk.
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