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  1. I was just thinking that the chap mentioned he buys stuff off of people to sell on. I wonder how much he gave for the Yester Years (or Days Gone By, I can't remember)? It might be worth buying a load for £1 each and flogging them to him 😄
  2. I couldn't get my head around this photo at first. It looked like a mirror leant against a wall!
  3. I was in a charity shop on Saturday and spotted an old Corgi Lotus F1 car. I asked how much and the chap replied that a colleague said they should keep hold of it for now as it's probably worth some money. I shown him an eBay listing for one at 0.99p with no bids and he seemed quite surprised!
  4. Yeah, I thought that. I believe it's the 3rd Monday of the month for cars. There's another night for motorbikes but I'm not sure which day? I've only ever stopped off at this pub on a Sunday if I see anything interesting in the car park. I think I might pop down tonight so I'll only get there around 6ish. This is the last one as it's getting darker earlier. I haven't driven the MX5 with the roof down at night for a while. The pub dates from 1302! https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/181261/merseyside-weekly-mondays-scotch-piper
  5. The owner of the Bentley (in the yellow top), his name was Bob Bentley! He was an old chap who explained he had it professionally restored over four years! He was a retired commercial pilot and had newspaper cuttings in an album from when he crashed a plane in the Lake District (Scaffell Pike?) in 1978 when he had two people on board who he was teaching to fly. He said they were found by ramblers 32 hours later! http://www.yorkshire-aircraft.co.uk/aircraft/lakes/awbd.html
  6. Was out in the MX5 earlier for a couple of hours and stopped at the Scotch Piper pub in Lydiate. Really old quirky pub with a thatched roof. There was a couple of classics gathered round the back. I was told there’s a classic car meet there tomorrow night so might pop along. Anyone in the North West fancy it? Couple of pics:
  7. Tell me about it! 3.50 for both after bartering. They had loads of Yester Years for £10 😄 They also had things such as a Matchbox Porsche laser wheels boxed for 20! There was a Dinky Hillman Imp for 15 but not sure on the prices on them.
  8. I found these earlier in a curios shop. They had lots of over priced boxed tat.
  9. I’ve managed to get the steering motor working but I’ve not got a clue what’s going on ? IMG_0227.MOV
  10. I think the red wire may be the aerial? I’ve got it running but I can’t figure out why the steering isn’t working? I’m going to clean up the circuits with an ear bud and acetone. Video below. Turn the sound down though because the car is squealing! IMG_0226.MOV
  11. This is the loose red wire that may be the cause of the steering not working. Not got a clue where it goes ?
  12. Remember that Corgi RC Golf I bought... I cautiously tried the original battery and charger! I don’t hold any hope of it charging though ?
  13. @Datsuncog Is the QXR Mustang available?
  14. Check out the boot lid badges...
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