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  1. Such a satisfying transformation before and after washing!
  2. That black overspray looks terribly done
  3. The Focus saloon looks terrible but the Astra isn't too bad... Suppose it's like the Orion and the Belmont.
  4. Only ever been a passenger in one but wowsers it felt rapid! It was a lovely orange colour. What happened on that track day to make it flip?
  5. Yes, exactly this! I think I've owned mine for 17 years... almost 3 of those sat on the drive and not turned a wheel. I parked it up when I bought a new daily and couldn't part with it at first but then offered it on here cheap with no takers. Then I checked under the carpets in the boot and found the rust between the boot floor and wheel tubs ☹️ I can't sell it now like that... I would however give it away if someone was genuinely willing to get it back on the road. Anyway, mines a MK1 1.6 5 door and I'm in Merseyside and I have Heko wind deflectors, a K&N panel filter, 16" Cosworth style alloys, stainless exhaust, chipped ECU and a nice leather interior from the 'Ink' special edition going cheap if of interest?
  6. The hearse looks like a McDonalds toy? I've got that Guiloy Opel Kadett E in red... it's terrible!
  7. That’s brilliant! I wonder where he got the box template from? What does he do to the corners at the top of the box towards the end?
  8. Exactly what I was thinking 😆
  9. That reminds me of the Quasar Matchbox did. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275337381596
  10. I spotted something pretty odd yesterday in Home Bargains. They were described as Micro Toys, around 8 or 10 in a pack. They were essentially micro versions of the actual toy. The Hot Wheels in the blister on the card can’t have been more than 2 cm!
  11. Nice looking Escort 👍 I had a rear tie bar go on one of my old ones at low speed and would hate to think what would of happened at high speed! I must say that replacing the clutch ratchet was probably the worst job I've ever done on a car purely due to the access. I had the dash and driver's seat out and was led on my back in the car with a head torch. Taking the dash out was probably a little excessive.
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