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  1. Home Bargains by me are selling miniature Tonka cars for 49p.
  2. I'm afraid @bunglebus got in there first, £5.
  3. Bit of a bizarre one earlier today. I was in a collectibles shop in Widnes that sells a fair whack of die-cast. I asked the owner if I could look at a trio of mini Hot Wheels which were £2 for all three, a Transit milk float and a Matchbox laser wheels which he placed on the counter. An older lady walked in asking if he wanted to buy an Accurist watch which he didn’t. She mentioned a few times how her grandson would love the mini Hot Wheels. I said I was buying them but jokingly said I’d swap for the watch and she said okay! I’d agreed on a fiver each for the Transit and Matchbox and £2 for the Hot Wheels. The lady took the cars and handed me the watch before I’d paid the shop owner. He then said just give me a tenner so I got the watch for free! The Transit is available if anyone fancies it?
  4. No problem, I’ll set aside for you. There may be more if I get my ass in gear!
  5. Also… finally found a Majorette Transit! And this which reminds me of a Matchbox brochure front cover. I remember having this Toyota as a kid. Finally, this Majorette is electronic if anyone wants to revive it for £1?
  6. A couple of recent acquisitions… I was in Caernarfon, Wales, on holiday last week and checked all the charity shops to no avail. I did stumble upon an *Antiques and collectibles (sic) shop but such as the below was £3 each: I did purchase this Superkings for £4 which is nice and available if anyone wants it? This Majorette Mondeo is nice. Similar to the Matchbox livery but has a sunroof and steering! I bought this Matchbox fire engine purely because I was intrigued about what was on the bottom? For sale £1 I found this Matchbox Nissan Prairie which I wasn’t familiar with. This Corgi Capri is for sale at £1. So is this…
  7. I’ll tell you what… you do drop on some decent charity shop finds! As I’ve said before in the last three or four years I’ve found nothing round here! I’m going to Caernarfon early September for five days so hopefully if Ms Socket approves I’ll be hunting!
  8. This is absolutely what I'd want to do with a car if I had the time and facilities. I'm a Ford man myself but I do have a soft spot for a Vauxhall. What you're doing is amazing and I'm jealous that I can't do same! I'm looking forward to the end result and how much it's cost you against now much it's worth although I'm fully aware that's not the reason why we deal with these old cars! PS... If I win the lottery soon I will pay you a substantial amount of money to restore me a Series 1 Escort RS Turbo 😁😁
  9. You’ll find it’ll be closer to 95% 😆
  10. You could try laying a piece of thin clear plastic over the original unit and gently heating it with a hair dryer to shape?
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