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  1. It's actually a variant of the last two words of the Cavcraft post I quoted but I see what you was thinking...
  2. For the last 2 years I've been using the M62/M57 to commute. It's been an eye opener to say the least. People driving with no lights on in piss poor visibilty. When you're in a queue joining the motorway and people in the nearside lane don't move over even when they can. The one that does annoy me is people moving into the middle lane immediately after joining the motorway and staying put... Absolute shaft bulbs!
  3. Those Cortinas are flippin' fantastic.... ...goes to eBay...
  4. That's one angry Metro...
  5. Any more pics of the large yellow Cortina?
  6. That arch wasn't as bad as I though it would've been underneath. Great work, carry on...
  7. If a car is MOT exempt but you put it in for one anyway for peace of mind but it didn't pass, where do you stand? I mean for example, if something was seriously wrong and the owner ignored it and an accident happened...
  8. But then do you need to ask yourself why the first person didn't want it?
  9. That would be ideal for my son but alas you live miles away... unless anyone could Shitely near to Merseyside?
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