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  1. Does Paul know he's got VW logos on his wheel trims.
  2. Would anyone be interested in this FOC?
  3. Hello Any shiters in or near Minnesota? I’ve found a part I need on eBay US but the postage is expensive compared to the part itself and I wondered if logistically a cheaper alternative could be arranged? Cheers
  4. A quick trip to the shop earlier I stopped off enroute. Cars a bit dusty!
  5. Regarding the E10 fuel, can you elaborate please as I own a MK1.
  6. That Capri looks great. Is the passenger door frame homemade?
  7. Looking forward to updates...
  8. Thankfully they appear okay 👍
  9. I forgot to post that I’d received the Sentron-9. Apart from the faded box it’s pretty mint! Unfortunately the seller forgot to mention the broken wire on the 9v connector ☹️
  10. Look at the price of this body shell!
  11. Where is this garage @purplebargeken?
  12. Any more pics of the Escort please?
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