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  1. Dropped my car off at the main dealers this morning for a service. Whilst waiting for my lift I browsed the ‘Approved Used’ cars. I approached a car for sale (25k ish) and noticed it had new tyres… Joy Road !
  2. This is the laserwheels I bought last year but didn’t pay the ticket price for it, I paid a fiver.
  3. Thanks. It’s nice that. I don’t think I’ve seen one before?
  4. What's the Rover, Corgi? Any more pics? *I know it's sold...
  5. I can't believe someone even attempted to begin restoring that!
  6. This is what I keep in my office. Keep it subtle…
  7. I too believe that personally it's a desire to hold onto the past. A time in your life when you're care free. Wanting stuff for ages and the anticipation of finally getting it. It's not the same when you're older with disposable income. It's not only die_cast that does this for me but many other things. Retro mountain bikes for example from growing up in my teens doing a paper round. Needless to say I have those too. I have a personal cassette player for when I'm mowing the lawn. I like to collect items from the 80's. I remember the Majorettes in the clear plastic packaging on a spinning display in the chemists. Getting the red XR3i from Weetabix. The Matchbox laser wheels... etc. etc. So I understand the nostalgia associated with such things.
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