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  1. I reckon that's good enough. Lessons learned from this exercise: I do need to make a smaller die for the shorter ribs. The metal doesn't stretch too badly, that test piece is a bit steel drum only because it had the big first test rib in. I hammered that flat so the panel warped slightly as a result. Phil
  2. Apparently it's hard to paint, and even harder to touch up when it chips... But, on a big flat sided car it works. Usually it's coupled with matte black but I'll be going the other way and using chrome as the detail instead. Phil
  3. Nope, they've gone back to giving the colors interesting names.
  4. Alrighty, I think I've settled on a color. Hellraisin.
  5. Was worse yesterday. It feels positively dry today, in comparison.
  6. Apart from when the dog sees something out the left of the car gets in my lap, leans on the horn and scares the daylights out of herself and the people walking alongside!
  7. Use any reason you can! Today the dog didn't want to walk so we went for a joyride! Phil
  8. We have big pumps. Phil Edit: it's this time of the year again. Time to board up the progressively shittier garage doors. Then haven't fixed themselves yet.
  9. Similar here. The blob of purple is right over us, indication of a forecast of 12" in 12 hours. Gonna get wet.
  10. Great. Hopefully it doesn't pick up much. First storm to hit mainland US this year and we get it.
  11. Why does a hell of a lot of tree always look smaller when it's piled up? Still, that's now much less likely to cause problems. There's fewer skeeters hanging about (they like to stay under trees) which is good. Gonna miss the shade, though. Neighbor's trees made up for the missing one in the sunset though. Weather like this here, this time of year means only one thing. There's a storm coming. Went get dinner, that's a 2 foot wide drawing of the USS Paul Hamilton, done from memory by a 12 year old kid on the paper table cloth at the restaurant. Not a bad drawing
  12. I have a feeling that's the case with these. 3 there because one's gone. Buuuuuut, it does show that look is a good case of "yes please". Shame, those ones are aluminum and would polish up nicely. Phil
  13. Just found 3 of these in the undergrowth. I'll keep looking for a 4th.
  14. Yup, that's from a local hire place.
  15. The hills are alive with the sound of two-stroke Tree trimming time. Got someone in to do it because frankly, I hate cutting trees.
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