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  1. It would work better as the anchor.
  2. It rained. I went get the kids from school. It's only been raining an hour.
  3. Got a bit damp here today.
  4. But over there, the passenger gets the wheel and pedals. I like Derek from Vice Grip Garage's designations:- Captain's Side and Drinker's Side.
  5. Eyeballed the tailpipe this morning in the sunlight. Don't think I'm going to get it any better than that, to be honest. Phil
  6. Mostly, yes. The interior is junk so that needs to be addressed. Eddy got even that beat on length by another couple feet, and this one's longer than the Pontiac.
  7. Doing a little research shows that the poly-head 318 can be fitted with modern "magnum" heads (they just bolt on) for a significant computer designed improvement to the engine. That also means the fuel injection manifold fits. Mmm. Phil
  8. Always found that engine punched well above it's weight.
  9. I bought a pair of slightly too big arm assemblies for the Pontiac, so I could strip the rubber out and fit it to the car; $1.99 each For that price if they only last a couple months it's not terrible. They won't last even they long, probably. The first set I put on have gone all hard and chatter across the screen already.
  10. Modern rubber parts are terrible.
  11. I said to the wife that it would fit. She said it was too expensive to do. It's a '66
  12. Went out for a test drive this evening after work. Car drives well without the boost pump on now. That can be left as a rescue for being stuck in traffic. Checked pump too, by now that would've been barfing oil out of the breather. It is dry. Winning
  13. I already bolted a Chinesium copy of a Russian engine to my bicycle...
  14. I have*! *It's a Chrysler product, a Plymouth Fury 3.
  15. 318 is still a good lump, all things said.
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