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  1. I plumbed in the wipers and washer bottle. The seals have shrunk and it all doesn't work very well again. We'll see how long it lasts before I sack it off and install electrical wipers and washer pump... Phil
  2. With equal length exhaust headers, correctly tuned- it would sound just like two 4-cylinder engines running beside each other... Phil
  3. Yes. A single 3 watt bulb that illuminates a sheet of acrylic mostly edge-on, with the words cast in to the sheet, and the backs painted black and the text painted white. The principle is sound and still used today, though nice thick plastic makes it look "jeweled", which is really pleasing to look at both illuminated internally and from an external light source. Phil
  4. Bought some tube and fittings. Hooked up the oil pressure line to the gauge. Needs a couple P clips to hold it in place. Now all my gauges work. Phil
  5. Haha no. But it will be going there at some point for a chocolate malt Phil
  6. Runs much better now. Still needs a tune-up but that's so much better now. Phil
  7. That's part of the reason I am thinking about it- the intakes are very unequal length and the far end cylinders have a habit of leaning out at higher RPM. Having either an injector per port or a carburetor per port/2 ports would also work. That represents 550cc per cylinder. The volume drawn is not huge in terms of CFM because the top speed of the engine is fairly low (3750 RPM) so a moderately small injector with a finer spray pattern would probably help. I was considering TBI because that would allow me to retain the hotspot but it doesn't address the runner lengths. From the port itself the Y split is visible so having an injector underneath pointing upwards towards it should work well enough (likely better than the carburetor). Phil
  8. That's a traffic light lens. From the driver's seat, with the sun visor fitted to the outside of the car it becomes very difficult to see overhead traffic lights (the norm here) without leaning forward a long way. The lens gives a very wide upward view, allowing traffic lights to be seen from a regular seated driving position. As above (library picture) Phil
  9. No, because the Megasquirt folks haven't figured out siamesed intakes, stating impossibru with port fuel injection Phil
  10. Carburetor and points for now. (FFS points). Wanged the head back on. Set the tappets by eye. Ended up having to scrub the hell out of the points. Bueno. Phil
  11. Rusty Fairlane distraction out of the way, I plan on getting back to this and reassembling the engine. However, in the interim I am having naughty thoughts about fuel injection and electronic ignition. Somebody stop me. Phil
  12. Haha. 200ci six, Fordomatic 2 speed, single barrel carb. It did crank over and had oil pressure but it didn't want to run. Solid (ish) underneath, absolutely rotten as a pear up top. Moral of the story? Don't park your car under a tree, kids. Bottom of the wings all totally solid, solid arches, solid sills... 56000 miles. Shame. (It had ants, spiders, frogs and mice too)
  13. Doesn't have 289 badges. Waiting for seller, but in the cold light of day... The scrap man calleth, I think.
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