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  1. PhilA

    2000 Jaguar XJ8

    Repaired one of the tiny light bulbs in one of the switches. Phil
  2. PhilA

    2000 Jaguar XJ8

    This just needs a new engine. Chieftain needs bearings- thankfully it's all shells (very modern) Plymouth needs freeze plugs and transmission seals. Fun fun fun. I bought the cars with the most lightweight engines ....
  3. PhilA

    2000 Jaguar XJ8

    Yeah, disturb them and they quit. Sport and TSC now don't light up. Ordered more bulbs. Phil
  4. PhilA

    2000 Jaguar XJ8

    Pulled my finger out and reassembled the center console. Discovered the pwm noise for the dash illumination is apparently not getting in via the illumination wire. Guessing it's picking up via induction on the amplifier cabling. Fix for that is don't dim the dash. Phil
  5. Mm. Jaaaaag. Very nice. I have a ways to go to get mine looking as smart. It's a nice place to sit though.
  6. PhilA

    2000 Jaguar XJ8

    For now yes. Waiting to hear back from someone I know. Failing that I'll go through the club. Doing this is helpful to show those who are cagey about letting things go to their beloved marque that I'm actually taking care with the car to do it right, rather than a cheap flip. Phil
  7. PhilA

    2000 Jaguar XJ8

    Cruise control and Sport. Located by the gearshift.
  8. PhilA

    2000 Jaguar XJ8

    Finally the correct small bulbs arrived. Replaced the burned ones. Cruise switch lights up now. Gearshift track also lights up. That's all good now. Climate control panel, next. Phil
  9. PhilA

    2000 Jaguar XJ8

    Pulled the trim away tonight and discovered the PREMIUM SOUNDS. That runs the speakers in the doors. There's wiring for a sub amp. No idea where it is though. However, that can go on the wish list. Light bulbs in the dash were a success. Phil
  10. PhilA

    2000 Jaguar XJ8

    It's a Jaaaag. Yup, love Dalton's channel.
  11. PhilA

    2000 Jaguar XJ8

    Battery charger and battery arrived. Battery duly inserted in the hole, lubricated the mounting bolts and put the thing on charge because it's spent a lot of time in the box. Connected up, the dash provides a litany of faults. It all seems to work though. Climate control screen is half working, but the segments that are broken only show up at a temperature not normally set so that's good. Sunroof and windows all work, which is surprising. Someone's been in there before, it's all nicely greased up. Most of the other electrical things also work. Oddly this car has side repeater indicator lights, rear fog lights and the dash says BOOT OPEN when you pop the trunk. Driver's side seat has two movements that don't work, the front of the seat just whirs and doesn't move up or down, and the headrest just goes click. Radio also needs investigation. Overall quite surprising how much of it still works. Phil
  12. PhilA

    2000 Jaguar XJ8

    I'm going to take all the useful pieces off and scrap the rest, most likely. The engine, that is. Phil
  13. Fitted a new muffler, which makes highway travel much more pleasant. Photogenic mornings are upon us though. Phil
  14. PhilA

    2000 Jaguar XJ8

    Probably not. This is the smallest capacity 8 cylinder engine I own.
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