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  1. Wire wheel and fire and paint. Straightened it out too because it was bent on one end.
  2. My old man found my old Minolta Zoom-8 cine camera. Battery holder is bad and it appears to still have film in. God only knows what's on the film, I think it was in there when I bought it. Know anywhere that develops super-8 film still? Phil
  3. Liberated the driver's front sash channel tonight. Is that household window putty I spy? Yes it is. Front glass channel is missing, the glad was done up into the metal fixings and broke from there. Marvellous. Now I gotta find one of those to fit, new glass and probably a new top/rear glass channel. The rubber doohickey that grabs the glass into the sash channel is available new. Phil
  4. Bearings aren't wrecked, they're just a proper Scots "money's worth". As stated previously, nice to see it getting a bit of TLC. Trigger's Broom is unimportant. Structural integrity counts at this point. Gotta give BL a little credit that so much air could hold a car together. Phil
  5. I am hoarding this for the GTA for that reason. It lives in the fridge. The cans get leaky if you store them outside, the pressure inside goes up considerably. Also, you need this for it, to be EXECUTIVE. Phil
  6. Yup. It should have a 180F thermostat in (nothing fitted right now) and it's a 7lb pressure system so it'll not boil until about 223F. 170 is cool enough for sitting idling when it's 90F out. Phil
  7. Tidied up the wiring for the oil pressure warning light switch, tightened the oil pressure gauge union because it was leaking and added a return spring to the throttle shaft of the carburetor to get it to sit fully home because the linkage going over the engine has a little much slack in. Engine got a bit warm. Just how warm was a bit worrying but it didn't smell all that bad. IR thermometer showed that the whole engine and radiator were at 170 degrees while the needle showed 220. I need to adjust that, then. Phil
  8. I bought some silicone lubricant and sprayed the non broken window channels. I now have functional glass in 50% of the doors! Phil
  9. Because they actually hold stock and know they gotta be better than everybody else, so their distribution hub is near to a major national/international mail center. Plus they have 6 hours advantage in the day; you order it at lunch time, they get the order as they open, it gets picked, boxed and sent out and is on that evening's mail flight. Phil
  10. You've made that look great nice. You got this model of phone now, or the wireless version? Either way it's nice to see the pictures Phil
  11. PhilA

    Famous Five

    For summertime I had reasonable luck with a big solar panel on the dash, but that's always a bit hit or miss. Particularly if the diode dies then instead of it just turning light into electricity, at night it turns electricity fed into it from the battery into heat, further flattening the battery and being utterly useless.
  12. PhilA

    Famous Five

    I would think an inexpensive "smart" trickle charger/maintainer would be good to have if the cars are stored in a location that allows their use (driveway not road etc). Extension lead out, end tucked under the hood, charger clipped to the battery and just left there. The charger will run the clock and radio memories and other little drains and stop the battery from sulphating up from low voltage. The one I bought is good for 1.5A and can be left plugged in. Once the battery is charged, it stops charging and monitors the battery. Once it falls below threshold it'll charge it up full again then stop. Rinse and repeat. Cost me $15 so nothing to really break the bank. Cheaper than a new battery. Phil
  13. My mother scanned and sent a photograph, showing I haven't changed much in 20 years; Nope, project car is still sitting with the hood up. Phil
  14. Jaguar Design Office, 1983: Alright lads, the management has given us this project, it's all about economy and making a few quid because the economy is a bit tight. *Crowd of engineers scoffs* Alright, alright, calm down. So, this paper calls for a *checks paper again* single cylinder engine with an eye towards fuel economy and, uh, reliability. *Muffled grumbles* Yeah, yeah. Now, the board want the prototype ready by the end of the week. Go on. No overtime either! *2 weeks pass*
  15. I see a signage opposite here. At the beginning of the road work there will be a sign that reads the distance of the road being covered by construction work, accurate to 2 decimal places (ROAD CONSTRUCTION NEXT 2.17 MILES) which has always seemed a bit excessive in terms of accuracy but when FINES DOUBLED IN WORK ZONE is in effect, you want to know if you are 2.16 or 2.18 miles away... Then there's Texas, upon which you enter crossing the river on I-10 and immediately hit ROAD CONSTRUCTION NEXT 54 MILES which has been there for the last decade at least. They use the space to store their road construction equipment and cones. Phil
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