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  1. Yeah, initial impressions are that's helped. I'll see how it behaves in traffic.
  2. Bought some brushes, modified them to fit. That got it running again. It won't last but should be ok until the new motor comes in. Filled the transmission up with new oil. $60 at Tractor Supply. Seems to be better, will give a full report once I've done some miles on it. Phil
  3. I now wish I hadn't taken the heater fan out. The motor has a brush that disintegrated and it's all overheated and... Dead Ordered a replacement. It'll be here Tuesday.
  4. 1500 miles elapse, check. Oil change. Needed it.
  5. Took the bloody thing apart twice in as many days. First time to clean out the governor, which did admittedly help smooth things out a touch. Next up involved this diagram because looking at the witness left behind on the gearbox case of the valve block, I was unsure it wasn't leaking between passages; Red area highlights where it appears to not be seating well, leaving a potential leak path between the two holes, which are governor pressure and compensator. So, I made a gasket. Sadly, I know by heart the tools I need to pull the valve block off by heart now. Gasket was applied and it does make an improvement so that's a bonus. However it still does the same thing so really the only thing left is where the oil remains static and gets hot inside the valve block, becoming less useful and leaking out when pressure is applied. I think instead of the SAE 10 weight Dexron oil I'm going to use TO-4 hydraulic oil (as used in Allison transmissions and various heavy duty applications) in SAE 30 flavor and see how it fares. It might just get 30W engine oil as a test first because it's a heck of a lot cheaper...
  6. I was going to suggest Subaru Justy but it would appear somebody discovered that under the paint they're made from platinum and gold. Damn, they went up in price. Very capable little cars though
  7. Funny, 15 is common here. You'll get stopped also for 20+ in a 15 if the cops are running a trap down a complaint street.
  8. Post Office will hate you for bringing business Yeah, I think that's why the PO is having difficulty...
  9. A story of sleepless nights, work stress and forgetfulness resulting from those things. Junkyard Digs have a store where they sell shirts and other assorted tat, but they don't ship internationally. I said I'd act as postmaster middle man. Time passes and a shirt arrives addressed to me. Nice, thinks I. I then remember after the fact that I had said I would send a shirt onward. TL;DR:- hairnet got a new shirt, plus some other goodies in a package to say sorry for me being a dumbass.
  10. Drove to town to get some hardware stuff on Monday. 60 mile round trip, seeing about 25% increase in fuel economy after the ignition upgrade. I'll buy that.
  11. House: Do something with the garage. Sort the wood, pull nails from boards and work out how to store what's in the workshop so I can tear that down. Car: Make more progress on the bodywork of the Plymouth.
  12. Rainy day today. Wipers work, lights work, heater works. It's an all-season car. Doesn't misfire in the rain any more now, which is better than it was.
  13. Got seriously hacked off with crappy quality points. Electronic ignition upgrade. Now runs smoother than a smooth thing.
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