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  1. I thought they were all the same. All vauxls R... (Grin)
  2. Grumpy because a 1992 vehicle is now registered as "antique". Phil
  3. PhilA

    Ford timelord

    I would if I had somewhere to put it...
  4. Senator with frills on.
  5. Cadillac Catera. Senator in drag.
  6. Yup. Particularly as this is a very seafood area. You just put a ratchet strap around it, haul it to be taken away and go buy a new one.
  7. That's my conclusion too, just surprised it didn't throw a code because it was way out of limits.
  8. That quote made me think- is that some sort of weird governmental mandate? Austin did the same thing too, sold the big engines to Australia and South Africa and left the 1098 versions to the UK. Chrysler sell their cars there, but fit only a 2 litre diesel instead of the 5.7 hemi V8. What's that all about?
  9. With the usual American habit of a wheelbase borrowed from something a few years older, to save money.
  10. Whatever it is needs to be simple enough that I can rebuild or recreate the parts it has by myself. Though, once you're not allowed to drive a car yourself (the car must drive itself for safety) would probably be the point where I am forced into whatever corporate podule conveyance you must share with your tenement neighbors. That future is unknown. But, something like the Chieftain would work. Mechanically quite simple. Interesting enough to be worthwhile. Big enough to be able to retrofit the power cells and electric driveline kit off whatever Toyota vehicle. Saw a DeLorean not that long ago, and at the same time a Studebaker Avanti. Both sold for way more money than I have, but they were real good condition. The DeLorean even had it's Renault engine still, which ran very nicely.
  11. Stopped at the dealership today, when car was meant to be ready. Apparently they cannot find anything and the car was on download/communiqué with Infiniti HQ when we got there so apparently we get it back tomorrow. Guy said he has had bad fuel from the station I filled up at and had the car go into reduced power mode. That didn't flag any faults which was strange. I guess working on cars these days is a bit like updating an Xbox
  12. Oh, but one thing I did do when we were testing the VoIP phones- I took out old test machine with an Intel external dial-up modem and tested it dialing in. On the regular landline I maxed out at about 42kbps after screwing with the line gain on the back end of the switch (something average punters don't get to do) but on the VoIP phone it connected with a solid 56kbps and worked flawlessly. So yeah, you can do dial-up over fiber and it works well. #pointless
  13. Depends on the REN capability of the device. Most of ours are about 2.2 so you can fit two regular old phones and one fifth of a third before they won't ring properly. A lot of alarm panels get really stroppy because the exchange provides you a very stable -48V supply when the line is picked up, with a quiescent of about -20V. A lot of these modern ones sag and only punch about -45V when picked up and the alarm goes into freak out mode that someone's tapping the line. Also faxing can be a real crapshoot if they haven't got things set up right for it to work. TL;DR:- it kinda works but some alarms don't like it, especially older ones
  14. Depends on who set it up and how nostalgic they were feeling. By default our remote voice kit is tone only, but I enabled pulse dialing and tested it works just fine. All our customers can use rotary phones with it. Phil
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