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  1. Bluetooth board arrived today so tested it with the radio I'm rebuilding (not mine, this is a 1932 Zenith from a Ford Model A). Works rather well. That'll be going in mine. This one's getting an aux-in socket though. Phil
  2. Mine was 375hp and was plenty quick. Wife wants a Hellcat. How they going to get around the rear turn signals? Phil
  3. Front loader machines are just becoming popular here. I've got a top loader with a fully mechanical selection dial. It'll try to migrate to the other side of the room if there's something in it that's unbalanced (which is the correct way). Phil
  4. 000 wire wool Cut Polish Fit It's a five-footer for sure but that really cheered the rear lights up. Phil
  5. Yup. Started first twist of the key and even went down the street and back. It's not liking sitting up though. Phil
  6. No, it was an Adventurer. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeSoto_Adventurer Phil
  7. That was probably around January because the 1960 DeSoto is still sat up out front at the scrapyard a bit further back up the street. Phil
  8. Yeah, it's gonna be grubby inside because it's not been running right. Probably a speck of carbon on the plug. Phil
  9. Tweaking the carburetor on my backpack leaf blower, got it running really nicely. Switched it off and the damn thing carried on running for about ten seconds. I've had A-series engines run on, VW ones too but I have never had a 2 stroke engine run on before. Phil
  10. Final coat of red. Clear to follow, then flatting, cutting, polishing and wax. Phil
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