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  1. Not much Plymouth news. Accumulated a box of trim. Came up available for significantly less than anything on eBay so it was snaffled up. Just need the side straight pieces (hard to find) and the bit that goes along the leading edge of the bonnet. Trouble is, it appears in general people would park these cars using the French Method. Crunch, that's far enough
  2. C2C have floor pans for it if you get stuck. https://www.c2cfabrication.com/collections/all/ford+galaxie+1964+floor-pan
  3. New pressure regulator purchased and on the way.
  4. Don at Fatsco Transmission is checking their boxes after his computer said no- he says he probably doesn't have a new pressure regulator but he's going to go look. I like customer service when it's good.
  5. Yup, just went for a test drive and it's behaving like I would have my foot flat to the floor all the time. Ungood! I'm going to pull it apart again tomorrow when it's light, and check see the line pressure and all that jazz. Being as that part is linked to the pedal pressure, which in turn appears to be all jacked up... Ugh, this has so many moving parts, so many of which can cause this behavior.
  6. Tonight. I had a thought on what the gears are doing, and how they do what they do. There's an afterthought in the control of fluid pressure; at light throttle, there's a valve that keeps the pressure low because the additional clutch capability built in made for thumpy changes. So, the main line pressure was reduced, to be increased with throttle position. A secondary valve was added for reverse to bump the pressure way up to get the reverse cone to grab without slipping. So, I pulled the main pressure regulator out. I checked it and it was a little dirty. So, I cleaned it up and reassembled. Now it acts up even when the gearbox is cold. Hmmmm. I might be able to get another one (new) for not too much. Phone calls abound.
  7. Stuck the car up in the air again. Graded all the grease points then set about taking the gearbox to bits again. Fluid drained, side pan off and valve block removed. I was going to block the throttle valves off but instead decided to polish everything up because a few valves were a bit rough. Buttoned it back up again. Net result, nope. Same old nonsense. Gave up with that and washed the serapes instead, they came up nice again.
  8. TBH I don't know. Pontiac always sends to sit a bit in the shadow of the other GM marques.
  9. Should slush around quite well in a sloppy dive/pitch sort of way. Does not look as rotten as I would expect from a NC car either- lots of pine around there which drop needles and make the road wash acidic. Not a bad find for the money- in that condition that's more of a 3500-4000 car these days.
  10. Derek got himself a TV show. Thought YouTube was a bit quiet.
  11. Pulled the valve block tonight, cleaned it out and took a look at the throttle modulator and modulator pistons. Took the burrs off but the 1-2 is worn to the point of getting stuck. Really I need a new block.
  12. Managed to get the torus drain bolt undone. In true fashion, hammered a smaller socket over it and got it to turn that way. Draining it down completely is possible this way. With it emptied as much as possible, I dropped the lower pan. Not bad, actually. The fluid was quite clean, not burned. A little friction material, and a few errant metal shavings from before the rebuild which must've been in oilways. They stuck to the magnet. Refilled with $115 of shiny new Valvoline ATF. Cold, it's a lot more delicate, changes gear almost imperceptibly. Hot, it's doing the sticky gears thing. I think I know what's causing it; I'll drain it down again and drop the valve block, I think I know what might be causing it.
  13. If BL had actually advertised and sold their vehicles on the engineering prowess instead of LOOK IT HAS DOOR HANDLES
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