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  1. The 305 is a remarkably light engine, much lighter than the 3.3 that was basically the Blue Flame Six.
  2. You'll see the steam coming out from under the bonnet before you'll notice that gauge in the red. It's so far off your line of sight it's silly. Consider fitting a thermo-switch that comes on at 110C that puts on a light or buzzer. Ask me how I know. Also, Rover V8 with Borg-Warner model 35 gearbox on the 3.3 rear axle netted me about 20 mpg in town and 33-35 on the motorway at 60-70 mph. Much better than Vauxhall's efforts.
  3. Like people have said, short answer is no. The rules of the Airport, particularly airside in the Restricted Zone do not follow those of the public road. We had a Mercedes Sprinter van that stayed on the field so never wore plates. It had an airport safety test annually but aside from that it was considered like any other piece of equipment on the airfield (and insured as such too, driving anything into an airplane is expensive). Our fuel tankers had plates but that's because they were owned by the fuel farm and would sometimes need to go on the road. We never did, only airside. Driver licensing was also RZ so I drove a 44 ton fuel truck having passed my airport license and safety. It's a whole another world inside the RZ. It's almost like it's own country. The rules of the plebs outside need not apply.
  4. Was followed home by a mullet/baseball-cap last night, driving an early 90's Ford F-150. Truck itself didn't look too bad but every time we went around a left hand curve the cars behind him vanished. I think somethin' was leakin'
  5. Couple photos from tonight because the weather's nice. "Down on Main Street". Up by the church.
  6. Damn it, now I am looking at options and how to build A/C into the car as it sits... The system is not really designed for it; however I am going to go look under the wheel well because there might be space to put an evaporator there, but I would also need to design in a new flap to block the air from outside and force it to recirculate. Not impossible.
  7. They have a few kits that would probably work. Can't really afford it right now though.
  8. I have been looking at them, it would be possible, but it would have to be an under-dash unit. There's physically no space underneath to put anything else in. There's no vents for pointing at you; the only ventilation comes from up under the dash. Phil
  9. Today was 98°F (36.6°C), with humidity at 85%, which gave a heat index (feels-like) of 108°F (42°C). I caved in and bought a fan. This temperature is fine so long as you're moving. Stop in traffic and it becomes unpleasant. Cheap Chinese fan for $16, same molding they've been making since the 70's.
  10. "He's having trouble with his differential" Yeah, it's on the other end of the car, mate
  11. Nice! Should be a pleasant drive on the back roads. Hint: get a fan that plugs into the lighter socket, suction cup on the window. Stuck in traffic it hammers the battery/alternator much less than the cabin fan. Looking forward to updates. You need a GoPro! Phil
  12. The main problem would be the rectifiers- most small Hewittic rectifiers 1) don't like being moved and 2) only pass a few amps. The glow would be impressive (and give you a decent sun tan at the same time).
  13. They already have been. I don't care, the alternator is significantly better than the generator the car had when it was new. There's always things that the manufacturer wished they could do better- windscreen wipers being vacuum operated, simply because of a patent on electrical wipers that didn't expire until 1957... With the advent of capable solid state diodes, the alternator is a viable proposition. Technically you could make a control, rectification and regulator pack from vacuum tubes if you wanted, to keep it period correct.
  14. Hot damn, this alternator packs a punch. The old one topped out at about 30 Amps. It was meant to be 63. This one slammed 70+ earlier after I had been giving the battery a hard time with the starter motor. I'm glad I put a shunt in the ammeter. I'm also glad I uprated the wire to a couple sizes too big. With everything on the ammeter reads halfway to max on DIS. It nearly pegged to CHG earlier. Fun times. Phil
  15. Couple boxes arrived. New alternator, same as the last but not worn out. Also with much smaller pulley, so now it charges at idle. It went where the old one went. New dash bulbs. Not totally sold. Was aiming for turquoise/EL green but got something closer to Cherenkov. A little bit blue. Still, goes with the car. Phil
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