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  1. Moved the battery to the boot. That's tidied up the engine compartment nicely. Under the back, hard lines complete, shoes adjusted and handbrake set. Had noticed the brake flexi was a bit taut, find and fixed the reason. Left hand side of the axle wasn't properly mounted to the spring. 3 nuts, no lockwashers and it wasn't located on the centering dowel. Phil
  2. I've taken today and Thursday off work, mostly because I need a bit of a break and partly because the weather's fairly cool right now and taking advantage of that in the garage is well recieved. The ground is beginning to dry out a little (not going to last, more rain due for the weekend), there's a slight break in the clouds right now which suggests today will turn warm but I want to try finish the brakes and move on to a few servicing items if I can. Phil
  3. If everything is well balanced you'll notice a difference. Maybe not at face value but during slightly more spirited driving certainly- the light blip of throttle on a downshift will come more easily, piston slap is reduced so take-up on the clutch is more smooth and general engine longevity will all be improved with balancing work. A well balanced engine- particularly a 4-pot where you have primary and secondary vibrations inherent in the design makes a notable difference when all in sync at high RPM. You hear the note change from a warble to a much more dull tone. Audibly it sounds less
  4. That's just lovely* All new. Bosh. Need to make the hard line up, then it's time to adjust brakes, bleed brakes. Phil
  5. Look what was in my mailbox today. Genuinely surprised at that. Delivery schedule was Wednesday. Phil
  6. Red line was to remind you that is the limit in a built-up area.
  7. Work is on halt because the last wheel cylinder shipped. Might as well wait until that arrives and do everything in one go. Phil
  8. $2.30/gal here right now for 90 RON, which is E10. $0.62/liter. Cheap yes but you would be saying byebye to your piston crowns and valve seats running it in an engine set up for 95 RON minimum. Phil
  9. To a degree. Figures below converted to UK mpg for your viewing pleasure. I don't do much in the way of what we call long run driving any more, but around here driving a round trip of 160 miles isn't unheard of just to go shopping or get dinner. Highway figures are quoted for a steady 70 mph, with exception of the Chieftain, where they're quoted for 55. Pontiac Chieftain (1951). 4.4l i8. City 12, highway 15 (book figures). Renault GTA (1987). 2.0l i4. City 15 highway 22. Jeep Grand Cherokee (2016). 3.6l v6. City 18 highway 33. Dodge Challenger (2019). 6.4l v8.
  10. I ran new hard line from the master cylinder to the front left, front to rear and rear to left. Bent pipes to shape and flared them. Cleaned up the rear tee, it was a wad of gunge. Rear shoes looked fairly new but were falling apart. Stripped it all down. The bias adjuster at the top there took an eight foot breaker bar and my foot to shift. Beaten with hammers it finally came out. Cleaned and greased up. That hadn't been adjusted in.. forever. Forgot to take a photo with it all back together, but it's now in. Phil
  11. Old, gone. New, much better. Bollocks. Well, we've all been THERE, haven't we. I'll get some new fittings, pipe and a flaring tool tomorrow. Phil
  12. The tripod cups wear oddly too.
  13. Haven't played this in a good while. Never ran this fast, either!
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