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  1. These have all but disappeared from the roads. Such a cool mirror design on something fairly uninspiring at the time and yet 20 years on its looks seems to have improved and has a definite charm. Id say this is probably helped when comparing the style to most new cars which seem to resemble some kind of fat duplo bozuku toy.
  2. Had the pleasure of tinkering with this wee beast today with Ken. Left with it looking more like a car and one happy owner. Pictures to keep @loserone happy!
  3. Andyrew

    Mk1 mx-5

    Heavy coating of Silicone grease spray usually shuts them up.
  4. Forever remembered, fixing the unfixable. RIP Mr numbers.
  5. Although here doesn't appear to be welded underneath the fuel lines. I understand why, But a fussy tester may pull this up one day.
  6. I'd guess most of the comments are from people who haven't welded before and seem to expect the world for fuck all. If it had been in for a mega expensive restoration I'd understand a comment but, If it's been to a garage to make the car solid and usable for a reasonable sum id say it's fairly standard MOT style welding.
  7. Given the circumstances I can't understand why the LUK wasn't chucked in. I get the fitting the best quality possible idea i really do but as both brands appeared to be on par with each other (and are not exactly no name recon white box specials) Surely a simple "any problems with the LUK / the clutch you've provided are not my problem m8" would have been sufficient.
  8. Ohh dear, that sucks. Hope you can get it sorted for a decent sum
  9. This is why you don't design a car on a wobbly table whilst at the pub. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184366053467 Must Have had a pint of absinthe when they came to thinking it's worth 20k!
  10. Did anyone re fit some clips to the fuel filter after testing? The fuel filter that was fitted, the pipes were pushed on (bloody tight admittedly) and the clips left loose on the hose for testing it out. Worth popping some jubilee clips on as id doubt the self locking ones will fit around as the filter was fairly large or swap it out for a plastic filter. Don't want any unexpected heating should the lines pop off.
  11. Andyrew

    My SJ

    Finding a not shagged axle is pretty rare. If you can fit a tbox you can fix the axle. Cleaning up, regrease and reassemble about 2hours a side. The Swivel leak will be the half shaft oil seal failed, age or caused by up and down movement from worn kingpin bearings. Swivels on these don't retain grease or oil like a land rover so the balls and the axle and dust seals can be pretty hanging and not cause problems unless wading in mud etc etc. King pin bearings will probably be worn unless they have been changed. White box cheapo bearings are sub 5 quid each on ebay. Front halfshaft Oil seals are a few quid on eBay Tons of info info and dimensions on our club site. Link below is all axle info. https://forum.suzukiclubuk.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2801 You can buy swivel rebuild kits from India but the quality is laughable on most parts.
  12. Andyrew

    My SJ

    Sorry dude. I glanced at the pic, noticed the lack of drum and assumed samurai. That other photo tho. That's a tbox from a jimny
  13. Andyrew

    My SJ

    It will fit into yours. The gearing if it's a samurai unit will be a bit off for the 410 and make it marginally slower on acceleration. But you won't know untill you confirm what ratio the knackered one in yours is currently. If the price is right and it's a known good one I'd nab it.
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