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  1. Wrights coal tar soap and a nail brush the best way to scrub up oily hands. You smell like a grandads bathroom after tho.
  2. Thats a very tidy repair. Top work sir!
  3. Day 21 No pictures and not much work! Today the aggy got a fluid check and a top up. It leaks and burns a bit of oil on a high rev run. Fuel sender connection given a wiggle but i think its the dial thats had it. 25 quids worth of dino juice collected to chuck in the juke in the morning to do the service finally. Zafira has me about at my limit of my skills and tech i feel. A bit more of a look tomorow for anything obvious but i feel getting a diag guy i know in may be the cheaper and better option as id just be parts darts guessing. He has the skills and equipment to see whats going on. He is good. But good doesnt come cheap.
  4. Day 20. Today was a very chilled out day. This was over with a friend and some grub was cooked and a beer enjoyed while i fitted some shocks up front. After my friend departed in the camper i had a little noisey at the juke that a friend who is a car painter has asked if i could service it. Picked up from a trader/dealer customer of his as it needed to much body work to bring to saleable state and make a profit. It was getting a bit late and when i clocked the square drive sump plug i knew the oil wasnt getting done today. While id had it warming up in preperation to drop the oil all of the dash is flashing to let me know theres zero diesel in it with zero miles on the dash flashing and beeping. Great! Lets just do the cabin and come back tomorrow then. Glovebox out the way. Small flap behind two pipes. An access panel quite a bit smaller than the filter that needs to fit through it. So you have to really scrunch up the new filter and stuff it in. A pretty wank design lets be honest. Tomorrow ill do the oil. Filter looks like a lovely thing to access. Facepalm
  5. Dial it back a bit will you, As possibly one of the most pleasant people ive come to meet in my life, big hearted and always welcoming, Always checking people are okay and always putting other people before herself when visitors to her home or FOD. You know nothing of this person, Your asumption on her via this website is very very wrong. Please remember the moderators are people doing what they can in the little spare time they may have for free on a forum that doesnt charge to be a member. The forum and its members and moderators owe you nothing. Dont like it? Leave. Its that easy.
  6. The only time a zafira can be called the most stylish of the group!
  7. Day 19 Just a quick and cheap improvement this one. At harpendens classics on the common i manged to find a aggy front bumper and what appears to be a recon steering rack. With a price of 15 quid the pair i snapped them up! The front bumper had previously been rattled canned silver which i didnt like so some thinners took that off a while back. Replacement £7.50 bumper Lobbed on and bling bling! Been driving this quite a bit the past few days and its still a charming old shed to drive.
  8. Day 18. Fail! Feeling shite i admitted defeat and just had an evening in and an early night.
  9. Day 17. Gimme fuel, gimme me fire, me that which i desire! Oooohhh. Today see the shitfire, not fire. Another clogged fuel filter. And even after a quick repair if ran it was pretty rough. Tweaked the timing by just going by what i could hear and adjusted the carbs a smidge and it drove really really well. Given the issues i figured i swap to the aggy. Did that want to start? Nope. Sucked fuel up to the carb and they tried again. We coughed into life, i then moved the car and noticed the gauge pegged all the way off past empty and not moving so a the senders packed up id say. After moving the car it decided it didnt want to fire up again. Got some fuel and chucked it in. A dash to the station to fill the tank up then. Fuel pissed out the neck suggesting a full tank after about 11 quid. Go in and pay and as i return theres fuel pissing out the front near the mechanical pump. A quick forecourt repair and its back up and running. Thats enough simple jobs tuned saga for today.
  10. Day 16. Not much to report tonight. Done a quick compression test on the zafira. Noted that cyclinder three still appears to have a damp patch to it. Could be something could be nothing. Will investigate a bit more later in the week.
  11. Day 15 Yes that brake dust build up is impressive! Today after a jolly out in the shitfire to costco (running a bit shite) i popped to the workshop and had a nosey at this zafira. Nothing obviously wrong so far, using my cheapy code reader and a bit of googling may give some clues. Ive also asked on the ask a shiter section as this site has some very knowlegable people on it. Its going to be repaired either way. Wether its a simple part or a whole engine swap is the question i need to answer!
  12. Top notch work as always from a PhilA thread. Your attention to detail is great and really shows in the finished results. Awesome work.
  13. Day 14 Today i grabbed some more fuel for the shitfire and once again being topped up, it eventually fired up again. This time I removed the sender and tested it against the dial. Moved from empty to full just fine. The old one was also discovered in the boot. This worked aswell however it looked incorrect to me. The newer part that was fitted looked better. But there was a locating tab that in my opinion was in the way and made the sender sit more clocked than it wants to be which would allow the float to bottom out of the tank. I cut the tab off and reffited it and with my guessitmate that the tank level matched the dial im happy all is well now. After that i went and collected a troubled zafira with a running issue. Now electric and sensor diagnositics really are not my thing. Im not a mechanic, im a guy who can fits parts and tinker a little. but i also dont want to parts darts it so ill see what i find out by going through the motions.
  14. The starter trick ive used a few time. However the starter wasnt going to cut it this time. A google map point to point suggests the push of shame i had to do was 322 metres! Urgh
  15. Day 13 Another day over at the FOD and some c15 tinkerage. Drivers door finished up, passengers door recieved the same treatment. Window regs swapped over and the door locks aswell. Van was also give a good scrub aswell so rusty spots can be treated and some seams resealed. Tomorrow some zafira poking and the spitfire broke down again just at the gate of the farm tonight. That long driveway that the photogenic tree is on? Yep pushed it the whole way up the slight incline! I was completely fucked at end of it!
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