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  1. Ha! Ive got a queue of rusty shite after this one. This has dragged on for two months already the ungrateful bastard thing.
  2. With the lower half latch panel bit tediously repaired (loads of bends and angles ) it was welded both side so i could grind it back smooth on the external face. Few plug welds and a couple of additional stitch welds. After This it was ground back, etch primed the n painted black .This took alot longer than it should have. Only the other side to do now. Urgh.
  3. This video shows the rust that would be almost impossible to repair, unless the quarter panel was removed and I wasn't up for that, I chopped out the two sections and repaired them off the car then fettled them untill they fitted nicely with the new arch and tub panels. Everything was cleaned back and upol zinc primed. 20200119_161242.mp4
  4. I had already fitted the a new wheel arch panel but didn't have photos. After doing some previous MOT style patches to the lock area I then found the rot had set in further back and it was right upside in the wheel arch, I hate welding upside down and figured I could do a nicer repair from inside. So Chop chop
  5. Rust rust Rust, Discoverys love it, the C post/rear wheel arch is a common place. My disco had been patched and welded here many moons before me and now the rot had crept through the patch. The issue is the rot comes up the C post and is very inaccessible so I opted to go full chop. The wheel arch tub goes aswell so I opted to use a repair patch panel to fix the wheel tub.
  6. Just Turn the Volvo around on the back, it'll be fine.
  7. That's actually ok. They are more of a bump stop than a mount. The new one you get will be just as loose. The tube bit just floats on a thin bit of rubber. What and when is the noise happening?
  8. It was a soiled pair of ladies pants. Two women walked past them. One of them clocked them the other didn't look. I reckon they was hers , she looked like she was having flash backs of one Guinness too many, and re living the aftermath of eating that kebab she found in the bin on the way home in her mind hoping that her friend didnt notice. Dirty cow.
  9. It actually wprked aswell, tho it's on a land rover so it was a mere drop in the ocean!
  10. Sitting waiting for my MOT spot as I switched with someone who had turned up earlier than booked due to a mix up so gave them my time slot. So im just taking in the veiws. Nothing could sum up Luton anymore than this.
  11. Hmm, I can't remember. I recall it was a tad melted, but that would have stopped it working so it must have been a bulb.
  12. My crankshaft oil seal fix probably fit in here aswell.
  13. Headlights came up well. Did you manage to sort the melted bulb?
  14. Swivel housings absolutely shafted. They are bloody expensive new tho (around £150+ per pair) and difficult to find decent used. So going to take them off, degrease them and as I have a tin of chemical metal kicking about and going to try smooth them out and see. For a couple of quid I'll give it a bash,
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