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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114167518069 A Battleshit grey rotterbango
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184243659760 60 odd bloody pictures in the description! Low miles for a 1.7dti ,Looks well presented tho to be fair.
  3. Do like a smooth wheel, big ,small ,dished any is good with me
  4. Whilst the seat was still together I gave the back half a clean as that is being reused. I ended up cleaning about 3/4 of it as it appeared to have a void behind the fabric. It felt like the sponge had moved. Then, it was time for the big reveal, what lay beneath? Urgh.
  5. There's an arse for every seat. Like with anything that comes into a home with cats, the drivers seat had been claimed. This wasn't overly a problem due to the fact the base of the seat is fairly hanging. Now I'm sure there's certainly worse seats but this one sagged and had worn a hole through to the metal frame. The idea is to transplant the passengers old base over. Ripped / worn though to the frame, Errrrrrrrrrrrppppppppp
  6. I assume it was a popular style in design in the late 70s? I cant find what style it's called tho.
  7. Cover story. With the covers peeled away. The true beauty of what lay beneath is exposed. Look at it, finely engineered to give you the support you need whilst gripping you in place on the corners. Don't worry that is just some of the APC that's leaked through and not a previous passenger. Dried, cleaned and the sponge fixed and reglued in numerous places. The new cover was put on and stretched into place. It's on for now so that the fabric has some time to take shape then I'll pull it around again and finish it in the fiddlely bit between the base and back. These seats don't recline or adjust . Looking good tho
  8. Stripping off. Whilst the seat was complete I set to cleaning the base cover so I could give it a scrub with some APC. There was quite a bit of watermarking and little black dots, possibly mold? Either way a scrub was needed. The colour of the seats make them hard to photo.
  9. Edge of my seat! The subtle colours of the dyane consist of yellow outside, with orange seats and brown door panels, an odd selection but I love it. The seats however now being 40 years old have suffered some sun damage, some sagging and other little bits of damage. The passengers upper was very bad and the drivers based is knackered. Starting with the passengers. The base was pretty good. The back however was less so the top edge/corner had a rather interesting repair, this was under a patch of glued on Orange felt. Many moons ago I bought 1 decent looking passengers seat on ebay with the plan to swap the top half over and use the base to fix the drivers seat. My partner and i went to collect the seat. Turned out it was sold by some dyane owning jam making nutjob, who had rifles dotted about the place, him preaching about brexit and end up with him getting my other half to read out a list of iconic bellends. A truly mental experience that my partner said if she hadn't been there she wouldn't have believed me if I'd have told her about it. We left with the seat and couldn't get away fast enough. A true lunatic. The seat then sat in the workshop. It was pretty shit compared to the photos and then experience left it with a negative vibe. Anyway fast forward a few years to last week and look what I got on eBay. New old stock, so the nutjob visit was a complete waste of time.
  10. Another day another door. The last of the 3 that was painted. The passengers wasn't painted, it's not too bad so it was left at the time. Drivers door then. The window frame is a semi solid rubber that had a few retaining selftapers annoyingly put through in the slots where the glass slides. It's a fidgety job. I put a blood of silicone in the holes first. Some of the internal metal framing has rusted and is coming through but at 50 quid each to replace these are good enough for me. Glass cleaned with some g101 and a razor blade. Lock and handle fitted then the window slide rail was fitted. Door lock, handle and trim all cleaned up and fitted. Job done.
  11. Ha! I don't think it has. I Have Had alot of genuine "thank yous" which certainly lifts the mood, its been quite hard to be positive at the moment,worrying time for alot of people, Myself included so I'll take Any little boost I can get and give what I can to help.
  12. To most normal people it wouldn't make sense to spend that much on an old motor especially as it's more than the purchase price. To me it makes perfect sense. You've got yourself a sorted car for sub 500 quid.
  13. Also i checked in here to see if those 2 or 3 excess coils have been removed from the springs Or if the correct springs (possibly around 45mm shorter ) had been fitted. It would appear not I am disappoint.
  14. Looks like the neighbours got a mk4 golf, to be honest they probably wish they owned the rover.
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