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  1. Some suzuki progess over the past few weeks. One out, one in. With the old lump removed it was robbed of its sump and pick up pipe. The sump was full of almost tar like oil so I'm glad I never bothered with this engine. Some more bits bolted to the new engine and the gearbox was given a quick clean up aswell. Suzuki alto aluminium rocker cover and Webber carb bolted up, found a dizzy in the pile and chucked on new leads cap and arm from work. Cut out two blanking panels and bonded them too the bulkhead over the old pedal box, and columb holes. (this body was from a LHD Spanish car) I then painted the bulkhead in black stone chip paint. And shove the engine and box back in.
  2. Photos certainly hide the horrific damage to the paint. Not one panel doesn't feature scratches down to the primer. Mother-rew has a habit putting stuff in boxes, when she unlocks or locks the car these boxes are usually slid onto the bonnet or roof. The rest of the damage is other people. This little motor gets treated like shite when it's parked in car parks. The bootlid and bumper are from another car aswell after a tailgating knobber walloped it.
  3. They are good cars, simple to work on. Although This one's only still alive because I won't let it die, mother-rews attached to it as it belong to my late grandfather and he gave it to her when he stopped driving.
  4. November sees mother-rews Felicia due for its MOT.The cars used for taking the grandkids to school, pottering about locally and to her weekend job at a local stables. I took the car up to the workshop for a check over and gave it a dam good thrashing So the cars covered in kids crap and smells of horse poop inside. And outside it's grime, tree sap and moss. Today was just to clean the car and give it a quick look over, next week I'll do a service, get the wheels off and give everything a check over. Car was washed, clayed, waxed and the rear number plate was taken off and machine polished. You can see in the picture it had gone Matt and made the plate look pale. It's warped and the backing is lifting but I cant bring myself to fit a new one as it's the originals on the car.
  5. Unfortunately after drying the car off, whilst it was looking very shiney from a distance, up close it had some large areas of staining/ kind of water marks. I went at them with a bit of quick detailer and it softened them up and go rid of some, but it was hard going. So I busted out the trusted g3 wax, whipped over the whole car and this helped remove them and when buffed off the marks had gone. Whilst I think the product was good at achieving a quick shine I think it may have performed better on a car that has some form of protection on the paint or paint that's not quite as oxidized/damaged as the Felicia.
  6. Out of curiosity i Decided to do a bit of a product test. We Have this in stock at work so I get it cheap and having seen a review that said it was good on YouTube I decided to give it a go. So I needed a grubby test mule. So I nabbed mother-rews Felicia which is covered in sap, grime, bird poo and rust also has some bad scratches all over so the paint is far from well kept. Handily the drizzling rain highlights the lack of protection on the paintwork. So a good scrub, then a quick whip over with the clay mit to get some of the contaminates off but not going to crazy. Then rinsed off, which is then when the product should be applied, left for a moment and the rinsed off. And the results looked very promising 20191020_154743.mp4
  7. No no, was wondering if it was a disco 3/range rover sport , I was going to suggest checking the servo for oil as these have a common issue with filling them with oil. Island4x4 is a good place for landy bits. I've spent way to much with them over the past few years. My discos a 300tdi so bits are usually cheap as chips anyway.
  8. Photobombed with Some hot eco4 Astra action aswell (that spoiler is specific to the eco4) Good job finding the wheel trim too!
  9. Not mine, my one has sparkles and ponys on it . . .
  10. Congrats on the mot. Worn more on one side? Sticky caliper?
  11. Sounds like a run of some shit luck. Sorry to hear about your losses. How's the chassis on the disco?
  12. Assuming the brake pipe is standard 3/16s, Have proper brake pipe flare tool, pipe straigtner and cutter. 25ft rolls of copper and imperial fittings can be sourced via my work cheap. Will work for tea* and biscuits *Tetley tea bags can GTF .
  13. Ohh yeah Certainly. But I was picturing bolts that have become circular, so the idea of filing them down to a smaller sized hex to get him out of trouble untill replacement ones are sourced.
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