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  1. Purely for decoration purposes, unless i can find a 2ft x 2ft oven!
  2. Thanks, i hope she will like it. Fun fact: the circle of the head is the circumference of a 300tdi bottom crank pulley.
  3. With my new powers to shrink and stretch metal and my good ladys birthday coming up soon. I wondered, should i use my powers for good or evil? My better halfs favourite sweet treat is the humble gingerbread man, This cutter looks cool on etsy, A bit small tho . . Much better.
  4. Slighty off topic but at work its very common for eastern europeans to always want the "best" parts no matter what the vehicle. I understand it on something a bit new and with a pricey lump like a large Audi/Bmw but 50 quids worth of castrol edge in a rough Y reg tdi bora seems a bit late to me. I guess probaby similar situation to America as the cost of used cars in europe being fairly high so its seen as an investment that needs looking after.
  5. The few times i visited the states i recall numerous adverts on the telly and banners outside garages warning about oil sludge build up or advertising "anti sludge" aditive products and oil. It just surprised me as the only sludge related things over here are normally the one or two types of engines known for lunching themselves from it. Im guessing low quality oils and maybe low quality engines, I drop the oil and filter on my 1.7dti around 4k. Probably overkill but its an old turbo lump on about 160k that id like to sqeeze a few years out of and at less than £10 for the o
  6. Unloading at the other end would be the issue. But With practice, Loading at the fields easy. Failing that , the waffle board material may be a good start. 4 strips, end to end with a length of angle section down either side would make a simple ramp. But, costs soon come pretty close to buying those used already made ones.
  7. Worth checking the rear inner wheel archs for rot from inside the boot , i Have seen some of these completely rotted out there.
  8. Good idea. Better to finish on a good note. Its knowing when to stop thats the issue
  9. Todays tat saved from the skip Next to the skip save henry for scale, 6ftx 3ft, with clamps and roofbars inside. I know the skip owner and he found the keys aswell after i asked if i could nab it out the skip. I may be an actual womble. After a scrub it will be going to sister-rew to upgrade her from the smaller one she has at the moment.
  10. Yeah, china specials, bloody Unavoidable it seems unless you go for the american made ones at 200 plus roughly each. Uk based importers 1 body and 2 jaws so you have to swap the jaws out each time £115 China direct £90 ish again 1 body 2 jaws These tho, 2 bodys 2 naws £145 delivered from germany.
  11. Thought about getting a shrinker / stretcher for years but the price is fairly up there for an occasional use tool. But when the price of these from germany was too good to resist i Finally hit the buy it now. First test seems good.
  12. Just pop by my work 😆. Some of the old tat still kicking around, infact from the first picture below (estimated around the late 70s) those windows and doors were only replaced about 3 years ago! The door was hanging off and all the windows had dropped down. Prime shite outside as standard too. Bonus street view of Our shite van (still around as i sold it to the now sadly late vauxhall lover ian, so hopefully it lives on with someone else as he loved that van when i had it and wanted to make it look like new again. Puma was bean canned.
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