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  1. With the VP fired up and spun round i got its bum up in the air on some axle stands. The main areas of grot are the rear floor pans and the O.S rear beam mount which was the concern of the garage and indeed its pretty shot but wasnt going to fail anytime soon. Some rather questionable welding has taken place over the years. But most of the patches have rotted away themselves or what they was welded over/ tacked to has dissolved. I decided ill start with the nearside which had Previously had sill panel welded over the top and some odd shaped wee patches elsewhere.
  2. With the cover sill panel off i had hoped to be able to clean it up and re use it but it was beyond help and gone wafer thin in places. The original sill is fairly about 1.3 mm iv only got 0.9 or 1.5 ish in stock. So thicker stuff it was. Curving this thickness is a bit tricky so i went for the gentle bends in stages approach. Came out good enough and will be covered up anyway.
  3. If thats the one people mod then might aswell. One less thing to worry about. I will be dropping the tank out, not a fan of welding near them and on something with a obvious leak may not end well.
  4. Tried to video it but it didnt work but i think the leak is from around the pipe where it goes through the flange on the sender. Theres a wee wiggle of play in there.
  5. Better get some Chicken wire, fibreglass and newspaper aswell.
  6. Did they mention what modification they require? Theres a definately leak around the sender. Its fairly damp but not dripping so id assume the seal has failed. I was going to drop the tank fpr welding but with the sender pipework looking a tad frilly i thought id open a whole new can of worms if i did. Ill have the car spun around and its arse in the air later on today ill try and nab a couple of pics.
  7. I had a look around and im surprised the sender isnt shared with anything else like the maxi etc.
  8. One of the planned welding days was scuppered by my sneezing thing and when feeling a bit poop welding is the last thing i want to do. So i do some simple jobs. With the seats out i decided to give them a clean to see if theres room for improvement. That would be a yes then. Some mild APC and a detailing brush and we get a much brighter in person seat.
  9. I done the N.S first which was awkward as all 3 parts of the cill had to be repaired from inside as the wing is welded on, on the OS the wing is a hardly attached fibreglass one. Ive not removed it but with a few bolts out it can be pulled away enough to get some better access. Not to bad looking from the outside. Time to cut out the grot. It got a tad bigger after this. The drivers footwell is heavily pitted in some areas and whilst its got plenty of life in it, it was easier to trim a bit more and weld to better steel further in. Right then. Inner suppo
  10. VP Progress, not much sadly but some. With the interior stripped out it was time to look at the rot. As normal theres more than first appeared but in all honesty its a fairly solid dollop. After looking at the rear i decided to start with the easy bits up front. A poke about and we have Ns
  11. As the shadow said id just rust treat the roof and fibreglass it to keep the moisture out. With paint that dead i think it will be a perfect candidate for a father and son roller paintjob. Have fun with it, thats all that counts.
  12. Friend whos a painter has got an elderly ladys car in at the moment. A reg w123 estate. 1 owner car. 117k on the clock. He was re-wobbin the arches for the 3rd time over many years and had advised new arches and wings but shes happy to just have him tart it up a bit every couple of years. Fair play lady. It was rather spiffing. It looked very elegant Next to a new bmw with a wanky number plate.
  13. Traveller funeral. Fairly common occurance in this drab shithole town, the town gets blocked off and they force people to stop by driving vehicles down the wrong side of the road at them. Not much point in trying to prevent them. May aswell let them do what they want and go. Takes less time / effort overall.
  14. Kwality shite parts found at work.
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