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  1. This metallic burnt orange on the wheels could look nice. For cheap and chearfull. The above dark grey is simoniz steel wheel silver and about 2/3rds of 1 can did all four wheels from the gloss black they was before, below is without the matt clear laquer.
  2. Always felt the rear plate looks wrong on these. Its a bit too snug. Id Previously done this for a funeral companys mercury limo that used odd size plates. Printing the number plate with a " flag " offsets the digits this then allows around 30mm to be chopped off. The makers name needs a shimmy over aswell as the system auto centres it. Much better, retains the bs marking aswell. Yes that is indeed a shiney New plate on a knackered bumper. Meh.
  3. The schfifty five is ready to rock.
  4. *finishes putting everything back in the engine bay and topped up coolant to bleed up tomorow*
  5. Yesterday i cleaned up the front discs, fitted new pads, cleaned up the carriers and greased the sliders. A pic says a thousand words so ill let this pic explain how pushing the pistons back went.
  6. Id go with 1984 Range Rover JUMP Citroen Visa Cabriolet STARTED E36 BMW 323i Coupe STARTED Peugeot 306 Cabriolet JUMP MGF NON START Lancia Trevi PAIN Citroen ZX STARTED Lotus Elam M100 NON STARTER
  7. Not too bad condition wise but im not feeling the black tho. Time to check what rattle cans are in stock, im not buying any paint so the cabinet decides what colour they will be. I didnt want to spend more than half hour or so a wheel so a quick scuff with some scotch bright, and some simoniz steel wheel silver gets this result. Thats good enough, certainly better. Not too silvery. Well it would have been left there, but ideally it wants clear coat over it. I didnt have any. But i did have some matt clear so i went over it with that. This changed the colour however, l
  8. Trying to find a rim with a good used tyre on it seemed to be around 40 quid and not local. A full set for 120 was fairly local but in that there east london. Ballache and ulez whatevs. Being next to luton a partworn could be fitted easily with plenty of places in the shithole town selling used tyres but given the shite the locals of luton are happy to drive on and sell as a good tyre id rather not waste the money. A chap who comes in the shop breaks the odd mx5 up so a message or two later and an order with demon tweeks ebay shop later, some toyo tr1s and 4 slightly scruffy black r
  9. One issue with sorting the tyres is the front pair are one style in 14inch The fronts have good tread but are a smigde cracked and a bit old. The rear are mismatched one recent and one shagged. So 1 part worn? A pair on the rears? Live with the mis match? Decisions decisions.
  10. The above picture highlights a slight issue with the rear tyre. Going to need some tyre shine
  11. Getting tyred Wheel arch repair kit ordered. Even comes pre painted. If you look closely you can just notice colour difference
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