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  1. Cheers dude Will do the other side and the other wheel arch when I can get it in the workshop as the yard is a bit windy/dusty/buggy for painting. Handily the filler, primer and laquer were all free samples to test from work so the only thing I needed to buy was a can of basecoat.
  2. So at 146600 miles a new Cam belt has been fitted along with a new aux belt As we had a nice day yesterday with the sun blazing I decide to smarten up the front corner of the bumper. With the heat and wind the basecoat dried a bit to quick from the Can and most was blown away. so on the corner it's a bit tiger stripey it was done relatively quickly so it's a good enough repair for now. The clear ran but I nibbed this out tonight and whipped over with some 2000 grit and a blob of compound.
  3. Spent a few days traveling Wales south to north via the lanes with some friends. We got lucky with the weather. I love the place even more now. What a country.
  4. Andyrew

    Stance hilarity

    Although That crying dingleberry needs to man the fuck up and get his credit card out. If you can afford new tyres every few months and expensive wheels you can afford the fine. Stop with the Instagram, snap chat , whateverbook look at me bollox. I'd bet my arse that some of the fines increased and punishments got worse due to self entitledness and phone waving camera bellends.
  5. Andyrew

    Stance hilarity

    I loved a good modified car but it's silly to get your pants in a twist when you get pulled up on something that may or may not be legal, you did the mod accept any problems it may cause.
  6. Some rough calculations seem to suggest it's averaging 59mpg So today a Cam belt kit, and aux belt ordered in to work, I've taken the lazy option and I'm leaving the car with a friend to fit it whilst I'm off on a jolly to Wales for 5 days of green lanes in a mates Suzuki. The belts fitted will be about £140 all in which is a lot for a £170 car but it's piece of mind and if it does snap it's game over for the ecto4. Plans for ecto4 to be going to Edinburgh and Cornwall later this year justify the cost.
  7. Funny you should say that, I popped in to the dirt bike centre near me and he recommended I contact venhill. I also Popped in my local browns today and they guy there said they had the stuff on rolls at the haddenham and they can make cables on site he said.
  8. New trims fitted, one big scratch taken care off. Arch is a bit wobbly for my liking but it was a rush job with a DA so I can live with it.
  9. Had a few spare hours today so I took a little trip to the scrappy with a mate to pick up some bits. Just a couple of parts to tidy up some damaged areas. Yesterday I also 're painted the arch as I looked too patchy and had a run in the clear. This time it came out okay for a rattle can and today I gave it a little bit of compound to get the shine up. Good enough for now. The arch damage originally starts along the rub strips on the doors, these had some big scratches in them so I nabbed a better pair
  10. The little things. Something that bothers me is scruffy plates. I also have a strong dislike for boarders and fixing screws, I've always just stuck plates on. So at work I decide to treat ecto4 to some new nametags. Much better.
  11. If we did you would have been the first person I'd call 😁 We do have cable ties, duct tape and a kettle. Was the gearbox really That big of a difference?
  12. Please tell me there was a drag race at some point?
  13. Awesome to see these two together. They have Come along way from sitting in that field. Im fairly local to Milton Keynes in dunstable,I work in a motor factors aswell should you need anything. Shitters discount applied 😁.
  14. Anyone for a hoofing big vice? Vise? Surplus to me so may aswell go to a new home £50 Located in Dunstable.
  15. I get a good car vibe from it, something about old motors that just plod along. They have a certain charm and faults are just the norm really. The battery was old and we must sell 20+ springs a week for Vauxhalls at work. So a busted coil wasn't much of a surprise. I love the fact I can go scrap yard rummaging again too! Handling wise I think the 175/80/14 balloon tyres combined with some worn in suspension doesnt help 😅 but it's comfy.
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