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  1. Not spent any time geeking out on here for ages and then one of my FAVE threads is on the front page!! GOD BLESS YOU MK2CRA1G AND THE PEOPLE OF THE CHANNEL ISLANDS
  2. Early 2000s I picked up loads - well, 5 or 6 - Landies cheap out of the Friday Ad. Usually sub-£1000 Series 3s but did go halves with a mate and splashed £1100 on a V8 110 with a fucked chassis. Got our money back on the doors and gearbox alone. Happy, oily days.
  3. I am pretty sure Drotts are British (and they are deffo very shitey)
  4. A35 has done me proud again this weekend. 350 mile round trip to a baptism down south completed with no dramas. I was hoping to leave in daylight on Friday but got waylaid with work (err, spending too long looking round at Cheffins auction). Plus as I have been without wife this week to run be over to fetch it, the austin was marooned at the workshop 8 miles away, meaning I had to scoot over there in the Land Rover and swap over first. Jump in, shut door. Take in the pleasant aroma of 50s leather and the unpleasant stink of slightly damp carpet. Been a wet week. Fumble with keys, sliver t
  5. Again, excellent pics and words, brilliant progress. What I know about Sentinels can be fitted on a stamp but I was interested to see you have a reflex water gauge in your S4 (your S4 I have never seen before so thanks for that). I am amazed more people don't!
  6. Would love to know if it lives again. Met Cropley at Goodwood this year, little star struck, nice bloke though and still sounds australian
  7. Outstanding..!! John Keeley was a lovely old boy, a hoarder perhaps but he was not afraid to use his engines (the ones that worked anyway) and he ran an excellent rally in the fields around his home at Knowl Hill. I was 16 when he died but my grandad and some of his chums knew him well and I am friendly with his nephew and great niece. He was a very astute collector and although there was a lot of scrap that would never have 'gone again' he had a good eye. The motorcycles were sold separately a few weeks before the Cheffins sale and made a fortune...!
  8. Yes indeed, known a few Janets as well.
  9. From CMR website: WHAT!!!! One of my all time fave CAR tales! https://twitter.com/StvCr/status/748830450626494465
  10. I think I was constantly in the red for well over a year, entirely down to delayed payment on my not inconsiderable fuel expenses. Nice riding round in Range Rover press cars but not being able to eat took the shine off a little. Thanks for the heads up on CMR, Datsuncog - I too miss Jylopa terribly and it still makes me hoot with laughter when I dig em out.
  11. I would have guessed the frame will be ash to allow a degree of flexibility, the side boards perhaps pitch pine.
  12. Never ceases to amaze me who is on AS. Excellent thread. I assume your old tractor is the one a gentleman collector in Essex now has. We have engines too but much slower and noisier !
  13. I realised I was spending a fortune and cut right back. Occasionally treat myself to C&SC or The Automobile, do like a bit of Motor Sport as well. I've not read Car for years. Who's the editor now?
  14. I find myself pondering about adopting one of these relics from the thirties that they were still selling in the fifties. Has anyone on AS got a 103E or similar? My brief experience in one a few years ago was not exactly pleasant but they are an interesting curiousity I suppose and most have got V8s in them now.
  15. I encountered the Top Gear Tracktor earlier this summer. It's basically a Chevy blazer or some similar yank pickup with big wheels on the back, the roll cage to make the tractor shape, and some really rather toss wiring. A few people had tried to get it to go to no avail, so I gave it a tow half a mile or so to it's transport back to Beaulieu.
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