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  1. I may have slipped up. The ultimate turd for polishing may have been acquired. My YouTube channel and blog at grizzmakes.com will have its first dedicated story. But need to complete current build first.
  2. Thank you mate. Well, a lot of people challenge me about the wheels, height etc, but what I have built, and wanted all along was actually one of these below. A tribute to the Filipino “Owner Type” jeeps. Pics below. Are you slinging chainblocks etc off your carport frame or do you just like things a bit too strong? I do have a block and tackle that will pull 500kg, So the MX5 engine and gearbox was a doddle, as was the original jeep etc. I do prefer over engineered to “Oh Shit” and the engineer who I had to make the frame up for me, has told my local builder that I have the strongest carport in the Medway. We also have winds mostly the rear, hence the slope, but if it came from the front, I would prefer it all to stay put, as it becomes a huge windsock the way it is enclosed on 3 sides.
  3. I used to contribute to 13, then 11 and eventually now about 8 very different forums. As long as people read, respond, and help/advise, I am happy to post. Forums frequented by dickheads I tend to just quickly leave quietly rather than waste my time. Thank you. Yes, the carport was relatively cheap, totally over engineered but turned into a great space to work in, especially in the rain. I wanted to build this for years, and sometimes one just needs to be patient It certainly has come to to about 95% of what I visualised, and that, to me, is a brilliant result. Problem is………. I am already here……
  4. If I use iMovie music for a soundtrack on a video I post on YouTube, is it free?Or will the video be pulled from circulation? Thank you.
  5. Thanks. Yes, the C10 is a weird one. There are loads of new parts, just needs assembly and paint. Not that that is a 10 minute job.
  6. Even I think that at times.
  7. Thanks, I hit a wall, electronically in August, then it was the whole redundancy survival thing, now I just need to do the dash and a few small jobs….. Looking forward to seeing it done.
  8. PS. I like to keep busy. Great antidote to a very clean, clinical day job. Which is why I started this thread. I am still hoping and looking, in case something interesting presents itself. This……. Absolutely floated my boat. It was sold in 30 minutes.
  9. And eventually sorted and on the road.
  10. More swearing than a ship filled with seamen.
  11. Along with a load of other work, days spent cleaning and fixing little things….. And cutting and welding a load of rot out.
  12. Thank you very much. I left this site years ago, for no reason iirc, just stopped coming. Then someone tagged me on RR’s and I came to look, and started coming again. When the redundancy loomed, I saw some shite on here, and bought a Micra on here for the ULEZ exemption and to drive till I got a company car or whatever again. The Micra was £40.00 but probably ended up nearer £500.00 fully MOT’d The one reason I am still on RR’s along with a few others, is that the system allows me to edit, copy and paste indefinitely from there. What I hate is ……. Fuck, let me stop before I get banned. Micra started thus………
  13. I can’t wait. HOWEVER…….. The front crossmember is 85mm or under 3” off the ground, as is the exhaust as well. Meaning the “wild” for this will be fast A&B roads. You can’t quite see how low it is there, but that join is also 3” off the ground, unfortunately. Had I raised the engine by 30mm and set it back by 30mm it would have been better, but hey…… first time doing this, working blindly. And a clip of the gusseting I did on the whole chassis, every possible movement or twisting point. Along with the complete polybushing of the suspension it should be reasonably decent. And final testing of all the switchgear, lights etc before stripping, to ensure it all worked. You can see how low mileage this car was, at 68k miles, but rotten as a pear. And minus the catalytic converter, hence the £400.00 delivered and scrap removed price.
  14. Thank you. Being a two Ford kitcar (Cortina and Escort parts used) and then fixing a load of weak spots, flaws and improving safety, plus putting an MX5 in there, was likened by a friend to grafting an elephants head onto a giraffe. And in restrospect, I should maybe have started by just grooming a giraffe or doing a head transplant from one Giraffe to another. No regrets though, except a few design changes, should I do it again.
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