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  1. Jobs that I really hate. Pressure washing all of my concrete surfaces every year. Then sanding in all the joints with kiln dried sand. For those who have no idea, a lot of my hard standing surfaces have what is known as block paving. Small individual bricks laid and compacted as driveway. Pretty, but a bastardo to clean up yearly. Those in sunny climates like Africa, Australia and lots of the USA will never understand. Moss and fungus, weeds and whatever can germinate will grow there in the grooves, so you need to spray poison like Roundup or pull the weeds twice a season as well. When you then come with the pressure cleaner, and I buy the most powerful one you can get for the money, you blast all the sand, moss, roots of weeds out. Keep in mind that every brick has four bevelled edges to deal with plus the flat, mossy green top surface. Yup……… I hate it. Takes me three days to do all of it. Keeping in mind you cover everything in a 10 meter radius in sh!t and constantly have to go back to clean where you left off. The amount of debris from the cleaning builds up so sweeping it up, collecting the dirt etc is more time consuming. LAST THING. I am 1.83m or 6 foot tall. The lance or sprayer is made for a 1.65m or 5’5” short person. So you are bending over all the time to get the nozzle working 80-100mm off the ground. Don’t tell me about those sexy round brush things. THEY DON’T WORK for my application. So I started at the garage. First job……. Clear all my junk, left after the big clear out the last few weeks. Clear a years worth of leaves and dirt under the hedge. Then start the torture. What you have after a year. Junk moved. The target. Takes time. The before and after images give an idea of how important this actually is. Never looks that bad, till you start. Two hours to do this section so far. Next day some more. Once it is dry, the idea is to sweep and brush kiln dried sand into the grooves. This prevents stones moving once you drive over them. Wet sand is not ideal. But I paid for it, so I would use it. Right? Garage area done. Concrete strips next. Video shows it a bit weird but trust me…… horrible job. Then area behind the kitchen, followed by alleyway and out front. Kitchen parking done. Front area. Bloody storm winds were not helpful. Almost done. By this point, I was cold, sore and tired. But I finished the rest of the drive. Next job was to grab the VW Caddy and go fetch a massive wooden double bed frame. The rest was good, but I almost couldn’t get out the van I was so stiff and sore. Loving this van doing it’s job. So next job is to go buy some fresh kiln dried sand for the driveway block paving. Till next year. Three days worth of work in 6 minutes video. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/-WhOu6tTYkg?si=HbIVrREXmGkTbMP4 Thanks for watching.
  2. Summer is coming. Antihistamines and cutting grass. Also parts of the garden waking up, bringing once a year beauty in the form of certain flowers and plants making their reappearance. I just couldn’t get going yesterday. Opened my woodwork shop and started dragging parts out to build an oil can ukelele with. Mickey popped around, twice. We had coffee, chatted, I enjoyed the distraction as I really wasn’t feeling the shop. I searched for a small cheap, working ride on mower for him. Unsuccessfully. I am sure Wolf tools used to make an extremely simple one, but finding something that works is not that easy. Then went around to his place to help him lift some stuff in his garage. He is 78. Years old and forgetd that he is slowly getting older. He offered me a gazebo frame, before he scraps it. So I now need to order a 3x3 meter canvas roof for it. Could be useful when working on the C10 outside in the sun, if we have a summer. Of course after all the wind and drizzling rain the van once again looks like a step child, grubby and neglected. But I did take a few pics and took some measurements…… Based on a conversation I was having with a long time friend. My Suburban comes in right around 80 inches to the tyres, The ##### is 79.5(ish) to the widest point on the arches and the K5 Blazer is about 79.5 too (not including mirrors on any of them!). Makes the Jag and Merc look positively skinny! Always something brewing. When I reverse (the only way I park cars out back) down the alley, the mirrors both have to be folded in. You can’t get down there unless you have done that. Measurement of the alleyway. You need to subtract 3 inches from the 80 inches to accommodate the boiler pipe and windowsill on the one side. Life’s challenges ehhh?? Saved by the tape measure? Have a good week.
  3. Cut the grass at number 1 position yesterday. I tend to keep to setting number 2 throughout winter to keep it tidy. I also washed and polished the Astro van as I was heading out to a late afternoon (4.30 onwards) car gathering about 30 miles from here. I also had some multi ton lifting straps to deliver to mate Darren, so the van was being used as a van. I keep saying it but I do love this thing Pleasure to own, drive and look at Got to go fill it up before leaving, despite still showing a 1/4 tank of petrol. My dad brought me up not to leave on any trip with less than 1/2 a tank and to replace a battery the first time it refused to start a car. Do remember that this is an American commercial vehicle that would have been destined to do loads of long distance work so a 30 liter fuel tank would not have been needed The trip there and back was pretty good, van loving to hover right around the legal speed limit, I have had this dancing Elvis for years and he made me chuckle when the road conditions made him move about erratically as only Elvis did Sad reflection on the state of our roads And also points a finger straight at local councils who continue to squander our taxes on non important things while allowing the infrastructure to fall apart I made a short video, including some pics of the cars that came out, despite the crappy weather There was a relatively large contingent of Toyota Celicas and Corollas. Mostly rough, but all someone’s pride and joy VIDEO LINK Today is Sunday, not yet decided what slow job to get going in this morning Thanks for checking in and any comments
  4. So the Caddy continues to deliver great service both as a cheap daily (cost me £1200.00 as it stands) and as a load lugger and functional tool. Amazingly I saw it early, and bought by it mid October. Making it 6 months ago. So in doing basic man maths, (which usually includes insurance and fuel) the car as it stands on the driveway cost me £200.00 per month. If you include insurance pro-rated to 6 months and diesel it probably comes to an unscientific £250.00 per month. The longer and more it works here, the cheaper it effectively becomes. So a tip run to dispose of my two lodger spare room double bed mattresses and two large TV’s, two TV stands, cardboard and polystyrene resulted in me scavenging out of the metal disposal bin (with permission, in the UK where I live, you can be prosecuted for removing a paperclip.) a small rotten kids size cast metal garden bench. Bench as seen and into the Caddy before I got rid of the mattresses. Back home I quickly unloaded my treasure and took stock of what I had. Hmmmmmmmm……?? Why do I do this every time? Coffee and a digestive, chat with a buddy, check email etc Then headed out to go play Disassembling with caution as its old and I really don’t like breaking stuff like this Also headed into my secret wood store to find some correct wood. Something the right thickness, texture etc I love old bed frames, IKEA shelving and such as its already planed, smooth and usually good quality, so the Caddy could pick those up when you drive by After preparing the wood I cleaned up the rest of the frame and proceeded with etch primer and then painted the parts Originally I had some dull blue to use but the can (was 50p years ago on an end of production sale) kept failing I eventually switched to a can of burgundy, which actually turned out to be a good choice Overnight the paint dried nicely. So yesterday I continued with assembly And this was the loose assembly. And finally completed. Looking a lot better than 18 hours before. Stepping back, I noticed that there was more to do. So another piece of wood liberated from the store. My £20.00 bootfair router from a weekend away about 10 years ago came out, along with a sander Mickey threw out years ago. So I made and detailed a name plate for the grandkids. Sally’s, not mine. Harry is 5 years old and Alfie 9 months old. After a quick practice session I free handed the names. drilled holes in the sides just for detail Painted……. And finally the 24 hour turn around If I were to value my time, this becomes an extremely expensive bench for a couple of kids that are not even related to me Delivered to Sallys place Now she wants one in adult size as well Looks great with the sand box I fixed last week Not sure what to do today
  5. I guess I have never been pregnant so its got to be very valid. Worst is waking at 01.00 in the morning with a huge reflux.
  6. A former colleague sent me a tiny bottle of Nexium once. I used it only once or maybe twice but brilliant results.
  7. Like Prozac the Berlingo, the VW Caddy continues to earn its keep. Every time it does a new job, it ticks a mental bank account box for me, justifying its existence throughout igu “man maths “ Two double bed mattresses, two TV’s, a wooden TV stand, some other random junk. Tomorrow it fetches a wooden double bed frame and disposes of a double bed base. Yup……. Function over Form. Caddy delivers. And at an average of 43 MPG (imperial gallons)! I think it’s a bit more special than it looks. Almost the weekend too.
  8. Every time you think it’s all over, you trip over something else. A 14 year hoard of nuts and bolts, washers, brackets, hinges, wood screws of every conceivable kind, and many more small items was a full day’s worth of sorting out. Hard to believe? You never saw my hoard. Ask any previous visitor to Grizz Towers. Cake tin after cake tin of imperial, metric and unidentified fasteners and random stuff was poured out and sorted through. Keep in mind that I also ha md to create and rearrange all the storage space and containers. One thing I did, with a heavy heart was to jettison all the traditional wood screws that were stored in various locations and containers. Modern Pozi-Drive type, self cutting screws are just so much quicker and easier to use and I certainly don’t create artisan level work any more. I didn’t take any photos of this at the start, but trust me…… It was a lot worse than that. Eventually I also cleared the “electronics table” where most of the Rezin Rockit nuts, bolts, washers and electronics plus paints etc lived for three years. Could be cleared of a few more bits. Looking at this lot, it is hard to believe that this is the result of a days work unless I mention that stuff found it’s way to possibly as many as 10 destinations from the sorting table. There still are jobs to do as part of the clear out and preparation for the C10 build but it’s not easy to understand unless you’re actually here on site. The cash fund that started with an imaginary target of £500.00 in junk sales has made it up to £1670.00 so far. Yesterday I spent just over a third of it on two new mattresses for my lodger’s bedrooms. Possibly a better investment than buying another car for now, especially that red Camaro. It still blows my mind that despite low prices and cheap selling of excess junk, this amount of money has come in over four weeks. Coming back from town, I had offered Salky our usual 3-6 monthly treat of a quick cheap Turkish lunch, she declined and asked for a McDonalds Biscoff Frappe and something random to eat. Now McDonalds is something I don’t eat as a habit but I have to remind myself once a year why I don’t eat anything from these “restaurants “ Crispy Chicken Ceasar wraps and caramel Frappes eaten in the carpark like the common people. Dodged a bullet with the heartburn too. Came home after this and Sally went home to work in her garden and I started on a two day job that I do yearly. Spent 4 hours out there hurting.
  9. Local dealers are thieves. DAMHIK except that they failed a perfectly good car on an ABS sensor that was perfect the lifetime before and the day it got taken in for MOT. Then quoted my ex wife something like £2k to fix or £2k as s trade in. No…. Fuck them forever. Plastic revitaliser is just that. will shine it up but not make the molecules stick together like they used to be. I have had chunks of ceiling missing for a year. Getting a plasterer in to do small jobs…. Nope. Want a weeks money gor a two hour job.
  10. Thank you. Toad needs boot to open. I never progressed with Caddy keys. Still opening up with ket in rear door. Not ideal. Woody is perfect as is. Plastics are brittle and I rather see the age on it. No idea on your lintel problem. I have in the past hit a chunk of granite when drilling. It stops progress. What I did once or maybe twice was to put a punch in the hole and whack it to break the stone in there and then carried on drilling. So not sure if that helps.
  11. Amazed at what has sold. My relatively low price may help on many items.
  12. You know those days where you are busy all day but have nothing to show for it? Couple of them this week. Some of you may recall that I built a small raised sandbox for Sallys grandson during Covid. Sand was super expensive but my time was not. Harry her older grandson always plays in it when he visits. He has been joined by a brother, Alfie now, about a year old. So the rime had come to replace the plywood lid and to repaint it more appropriately. I used some checkered vinyl that was in the back of my 1963 Ford Taunus Transit. Painted it all. Then headed to Sallys place and painted the box. Also made a new name and redecorated the step. I will tackle the paving with my pressure washer some time in the next few weeks Box done New name plate and step painted. And put together yesterday. Sallys younger son, Ryan, was 24 this week. His choice for a birthday dinner was a kebab and chiips from the kebab shop 200 meters from home. I passed on my normal choice of fish and chips and went for a lamb kebab, salad and chips. We also watched Topgun. Maverick on Netflix and Sally stayed awake for the whole movie. Today is Saturday so shops are open. I have a parcel to post. The excess from the garage continues to sell out in fits and starts despite the number of illiterates not becoming any less. Still, despite the irritation, cash is king.
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