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  1. Ooft... A sudden pang of nostalgia looking over the bonnet humps. Sounds superb too, can't remember from up thread if it's got a juicy exhaust or standard? Would love to have a ride out (or maybe even a little go in) this if you end up bringing it to the FOD at some point...
  2. If I have time I'll try and pop up as I have a mate just round the corner I can visit afterwards, so put me in the "maybe" pile also. Scratch that, I'm on a stag do in Manchester.
  3. The ad for the new* C4 (I think). I did spot the brown GS too but I don't remember seeing a number plate.
  4. Christ, you can pick these up sub ยฃ1k these days?! Such a cool car, and they've aged brilliantly - far better than most late-2000s street furniture. Top marks.
  5. Cracking on nicely, hope to see it at FOD/elsewhere some time!
  6. Technically yes, actually, and it's used in varying forms in almost every automotive plant.
  7. From what I can make out through the very squiggly handwriting, this is quite an insightful read, I'm very surprised they would send it out with the car though - surely they wouldn't want the customer to know how badly they'd built it the first time round, and how much rework it needed. Would be interested to know what the total rework minutes were, although it's probably not counted anywhere. 81 miles of road testing is quite something. Again, quite surprising that some of these faults made it to the final quality report before being rectified. "Headlamps loose" especially - I assume this car has done all its road testing in that condition. Wouldn't be allowed out on test nowadays until that had been sorted.
  8. Wow! My dad learned to drive in - and I believe, crashed - a white R4 just like this.
  9. Waste of time typing all that, by the time I posted it you'd already said everything! ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. Nothing out of the ordinary for a high miles car. Brakes all round, wipers, lights, tyres, over the years. Last pass in Dec 22 has a ball joint and rear tyre as advisories. Been a hack since day one as MOT'd brand new at 636 miles. Guessing it's been out of taxi use for a few months, as it's been tested every 6 months from brand new until end of last year, so couldn't have been used since about June this year? Or has it been sat awaiting an NLA part for 6 months...
  11. @Wibble just read through the last couple of pages of your thread and it's gut wrenching. You've had a truly awful time lately and I can't imagine how you all must be feeling right now. The next few weeks will be difficult, as they always are when you lose someone. Make sure you look after yourself, go out, see friends and do things you haven't done for a while when you get a chance. It will make a world of difference to how you feel, even if just for a few hours here there.
  12. Shocker as man with reputation for having more cars than weeks in the year reports a shortage of viable transport options!
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