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  1. Crackers

    ZAZ Tavria

    Jesus christ. The rate we're reviving these 8-year dead threads at the moment, this time next week they'll be announcing Thatcher's come back from the grave.
  2. Despite the massive repair estimate, I was feeling quite positive about the Rover earlier. Unfortunately I then made the mistake of talking a particular person whose ability to ruin my mood in the face of the slightest inconvenience is unparalleled. Now hit another massive slump in motivation, feel absolutely knackered and generally pissed off. Ffs.
  3. You can see why people love them. When they're working properly, they really do the thing.
  4. WOWsers. Yeah, that's fit as. Dollies always look fantastic in bright colours but I think that takes the cake.
  5. Actually, funny you mention it, the pipe to the expansion tank could use replacing. Shall I put your name down? 😅 Don't all rush at once!
  6. Is there anyone located between London and the South Coast who has some slightly perverse fetish for changing suspension bushings? Apply within! (I make excellent tea, purchase cake and biscuits, offer frequent helpful* advice, and can provide many many beer tokens in return for the privilege* of working on this fine 4 wheeled conveyance)
  7. Please bear with me while I drop trou and prepare for all the money in my life to be jettisoned through the back door. Basically, everything mechanical is good (oil pressure was checked and proven very healthy), and no rust was commented on (phew), however: My entire inspection report is a pretty long list which basically boils down to - "Rubber? Yeah, not seen him m8". Their detailed estimate came out at £HOWFUCKINGMUCH?! which I'm really not prepared to spend. Details as follows. We have a near full-house of lower suspension bushings and rear diff/crossmember mounts which ar
  8. Is it as nice as it looks? Enjoy it while you're not stumping up for the repair bills!
  9. That's gorgeous. I've always wanted to have a shot of one of these, they're high on my list for when I've had my fun with the P6 in a few years.
  10. Pricey, but fit. Phwooooaaar.
  11. That temp definitely wouldn't bother me at all, as long as it cools down once you get moving and it doesn't get near the red I'd be perfectly happy with it.
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