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  1. Dragging my thread up to the top for no reason other than "because I can". Looks like some tyres have been decided upon at last. Ebay wasn't turning up any decent options for any less money than new tyres, everything on there was either 20 year old tyres or brand new ones at retail prices. We'd dismissed Dad's local tyre place out of hand initially, as they don't stock any 4x4 tyres and they generally just cater for normal cars. However, by complete chance, it turns out they can supply and fit General "Super All Grip" radials at £20-a-corner less than anywhere else we've managed to find, which is good - so it looks like that's what he's going for; just need to buy some decent inner tubes now. Crossply Super All Grips were standard fitment on Land Rovers sold in South Africa, for a time. Great service as usual from the chaps at Merityre Frimley. The place has been going for longer than I've been around and every time I've used them they've been brilliant - prices and service are top notch. Subject to a couple more maintenance jobs and an oil change, it looks like the FOD trip over the Jubilee weekend is a goer! (Image lifted from LRUK.) P6-related content will resume in June after the FOD weekender, not that anyone cares.
  2. Didn't know you could still buy those here to be honest! That market segment must be tiny compared to what it once was. I rarely see Cabstars/Isuzus any more, and don't recall ever seeing a new-shape Canter.
  3. I might agree if I was paying to run one... But as a driver's vehicle I was very impressed, in typical Ford fashion. Caveat: I have not driven a Transporter, Sprinter, Master/Movano etc so have no frame of reference in the van world.
  4. Short of the Nissan Cabstar (NVxxx?) and Isuzu equivalents of the cabover-type 3.5t minitrucks, I can't think of anything. I expect for 4 main reasons: 1) Crash safety - a cab-forward van is going to be pretty much impossible to get through crash safety regulations, because if you hit something hard enough the fire service will be pressure washing your legs off the floor. 2) Comfort/NVH - having the engine between the driver and passenger reduces cab space, introduces noise and heat into the cabin, and would also (probably) mean you can make less use of parts-bin interior bits from your own car models. 3) Maintenance - much easier to work on a vehicle that's got the engine hanging out the front, than to be working through an engine-cover inside the cab compartment. 4) Driving - a conventional layout just drives like a big car. A cab-forward is a weird thing to drive, because your steering inputs happen under/behind you. Suspension also can ride a bit funny, as you're hanging off the wrong side of it all. I had a brand new Transit for a day the other week, and frankly, it was lovely. Can't imagine a forward-control van being anywhere near as pleasant.
  5. "I am selling a tyre with a wheel attached. If you would like a wheel with a tyre attached, I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere."
  6. "Yes, you heard me right. Palestine!" https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Palestine,+Andover/@51.1675451,-1.6325752,2834m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4873f097432d055b:0xb084e7dae9979507!8m2!3d51.1677884!4d-1.6215912
  7. The gapping of the chrome finishers around the quarter glasses and rear screen is truly laughable. I know 70s Buget Yank isn't exactly a recipe for quality, but whoever signed that off needed a slap.
  8. It's not that bad. Everything there is absolutely reversible in a matter of hours and let's face it, it's people who modify them like that, who give them the values they now have. If it wasn't for them, they'd have all been scrapped.
  9. Nope, still confused. I posted about wheels and suddenly we're onto choke jokes (snigger)?
  10. As I have said before on other threads, there's a significant difference between a shite car and a shit car.
  11. I have literally no idea what you're talking about. Wrong thread?
  12. 🎵 THE WHEELS ARE BACK IN TOWN 🎵 FFS Phil, not now! Before/After: Almost unrecognisable! The pristine finish will need toning down a bit as they're far too shiny for the car they're going on, but that can be sorted in time and they will naturally weather in with use. The main thing is they've been done properly, and for not a huge amount more money than an equivalent DIY job. Next job is to get a set of tyres fitted (we're thinking Avon Rangemasters, but having experienced Avons perishing very quickly, I don't really want him to spend a load of cash on something that won't last.) General Super All-Grips or Michelin XZLs are other contenders but are significantly more expensive and probably not worth it. We've looked at budget options but there's not really that much more money to be saved, unless he finds some at the Beaulieu autojumble this weekend. Dad's been working through a few issues including a persistent leak from the water outlet at the back of the head to the heater box, which he thinks is now sorted. Unfortunately now the header tank appears to have sprung a leak so that'll be either plastic-welded back up with a soldering iron or replaced. I'd like to give it an oil change before the FoD trip as it's quite black now, and dad's back isn't really in a position to be working underneath a car at the moment so I'll do that one next time I visit. Hopefully with that sorted, it'll then be ready for a FoD road trip at the start of June. Anyone fancy being my official escort vehicle, y'know, just in case, like?
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