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  1. Anyone who thinks Hatchloons look good should have a meeting with a 50 cal pencilled into their diaries.
  2. What the bloody hell is that? Other than "hideous" of course?
  3. Come to think of it, I wonder if there's a plate J35 USC which one could space illegally to J35US C... Would have to be on a Honda Jizz with a god squad fishy thing sticker on the rear window though.
  4. Spotted 7 WHO yesterday, had to slow down to see if it was Roger Daltrey or not. It wasn't. Disappointed. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a pair of absolute tragedies spotted today were: - Ferrari 488: DAN12L - Audi A3: S3AN W. How tragic and empty does your life have to be that you stoop so low to spell your own name on your reg? Or is it meant for forgetful buggers who can't remember their names? Jesus H Christ.
  5. My 2020 prediction is going to go 1 of 2 ways. Either: 1) I finally find a decent example of the practical modern daily I need, for a good price and isn't 350 miles from here. Or... 2) I end up keeping the worlds most boring car forever more and lose my head entirely therefore buying a second car, either something old, really old, or a bit less old. And here's a note for myself in 10 years time: 🖕
  6. Looks a million times better than that awful CLA. For a start, it doesn't look like it's been heated up with a hairdryer and sat on by an overweight bovine.
  7. Sorry, got to disagree with you on that one. Have you seen the arse end of one of those? 🤮🤮🤮
  8. No rev limiter? I hereby decree a video of all the revs should be posted ASAP. Ok, maybe after an oil and belt change, I'll give you that
  9. Best way across London. Hateful place.
  10. Definite grandpa spec. Awful colour, awful steelies (now long gone, replaced with alloys in pic background), 1.6 manual, as base as base spec can be (fog light blanking plates yo), handed down from giffer to giffer until it got lucky?unlucky? (delete as appropriate) landing in the hands of 18 year old me. It's got true old-people mileage too, having done 42000 miles before I got it (just hit 60k the other day though) and covered only 191 miles in 2016!
  11. That Alfa looks a bit smokey, I'd be concerned about its service history if I were you.
  12. That is stunning. Want factor is through the roof..
  13. No photo as it was a while ago, V8 CUM spotted on (no less) a Range Rooney Sport. How utterly classy classless. Checking the reg now, he seems to have upgraded(?) to a Discovery.
  14. I've got one of these. The area around the boot seal at the bottom collects water and crud like nothing I've ever seen, then goes mouldy and will not budge.
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