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  1. *looks up cost of Cinturatos* *gazes wistfully at car through kitchen window* You know what, I think I'll stick with the Toyos actually...
  2. A trundle along the coast would be a nice thing to do on a summer evening. I must be losing my marbles/eyesight/sense (delete as appropriate) but which month are you talking about?
  3. If you can find someone online/local with one of those stickers in good clean condition, it would be astonishingly easy to get a replacement made up. A high-res photo of it in bright, even lighting would allow you to get an almost perfect reproduction. Worth a go.
  4. ^What he said. I've been experiencing this very occasionally for the last few days too, through thread links from the board pages.
  5. Very much this. The booking site very much gives the feel of booking per-car, which gives the impression you could turn up with one ticket and a car full of people.
  6. This. There's plenty of old Yank cars running around as rat rods and everyone loves them. If it's safe, the Jaywick Chevy could be done as a genuine survivor/ratrod and it would have a brilliant story behind it to boot. I'm not the man for the job - money, skills, experience, equipment and time are all against me - but I really hope someone can save it.
  7. Shopping trolley. Please stop embarrassing me by doing this. And please stop playing silly buggers with the clutch. I'm getting quite tired of your antics. Please and thank you. And please.
  8. It's little wonder those old barges had so little torsional rigidity. There's a lot of weight being moved around through that narrow central beam.
  9. I saw that in motion a couple of weeks ago, for the first time. It's in really lovely shape and a great colour.
  10. Ah. I'm willing to bet that'll scupper a few plans here and there.
  11. Bizarrely, no, this can be the autobox's programming. I can't remember which make of truck it was, but a while ago I was told by a driver that a particular climb in Devon would frequently see lorries stalling out. They ran fairly low-powered DAFs and Scanias, which had a forced eco-map on the gearbox, which would only give manual control below a certain speed, anything beyond 25mph-ish IIRC being locked out of manual mode. So, they'd hit this hill fully loaded (albeit only 32 tons gross on them) in 10th or so, without being able to knock the box down a couple of cogs. So, the revs would drop right off, out of the torque band and lose boost, and then it'd get itself down to a speed where manual became available. Then the drivers would knock it down a coupe of cogs manually, to bring the revs up to where they should be, to climb the hill. However because they take a while to change gear, by the time it's engaged the lower gear, it's slowed down even more without getting boost up in time. Vicious cycle repeats until you hit 2nd gear, then you try going for 1st but run out of breath. And it just... stops. Handbrake on, select crawler/1st, build boost, handbrake off, then it sets off happily - just as it would have done if they could hit the hill in a low gear at 2000rpm so that it'd drop into peak torque in, maybe, 5th. So yeah. "Economy". Apparently screaming its head off in 1st after stalling out is more economical than working it hard on boost in 5th. And you wonder why some drivers still long for manual boxes...
  12. Well I'm not going outside tonight because it's a BILLION DEGREES. As usual, I'm up for it, but may spend most of my the call pouring ice water over myself.
  13. Yeah, I'm 99.9% certain I won't be taking the P6 up. My ticket doesn't have a reg number on it so I'm sure you'll be fine to get in, although I'm not sure if there's a difference between chod parking and 'normal' parking tickets - or which class your Merc would get into! Either way - you can have it, no skin off my back.
  14. I have a chodpark ticket for this, but now unlikely to attend as I cant face a 7 hour round trip in blistering heat with a clutch playing silly buggers. If anyone wants to take that spot, you're welcome to it.
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