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  1. This, THIS, and I cannot stress it enough, THIS! LR might tell you these are a "sealed for life" gearbox. They are wrong, and the boxes do shit themselves bigtime if not serviced. Don't ask how I know.
  2. Fantastic job. I still think the L322 was a real high point in LR's recent history - both the original and facelift models have aged really well in their own ways, much like the Disco 3 and 4. Excellent purchasing; much approval given.
  3. "I bought the cheapest Discovery 3 on Autotrader - and it went WRONG"
  4. Second year running I've failed to get into an apprenticeship. Last year it was because I didn't get good enough grades (my fault, fair and square, should have worked harder), and now that I've spent £8000 of somebody else's money on retaking college, every single apprenticeship I've applied for this year has turned me down. Phone rang last Tuesday morning, from the last company I was yet to hear back from. Would have been my dream job and a great career. Apparently they really liked me. But they liked someone else more so I didn't get the job. Been a week and I still haven't told the parents yet, I haven't got the balls. I should have just fucking gone to university,
  5. I read the title and thought "Sell it to me!" Then I read the description and thought "Shhhhit no don't do that!"
  6. Yes the CF base cab must be getting on a bit now. Definitely as far back as early 2000s and possibly the earlier 90s ones shared the same cab, not sure. I agree on the noise too, we have some of the euro 5 9 litre ones still hanging on at work and I can hear them coming long before I see them roll round the corner. Much louder than the euro 6 Dafs, Mercs and Scania we also have. Personally I think they sound fantastic, properly old school, but I imagine that racket must get a bit wearing if you're living with it all day, every day.
  7. Dodge/Renner products rust for fun it appears. Lawrie's Mechanical Marvels on YouTube bought a Dodgenault fire engine a few year ago, and so far the cab has turned out to contain more holes than metal 😬
  8. Right. A couple of grins tonight. 1) I'm apparently a key worker so I get to go to work. This in itself is a major grin as I'm lost if I'm not kept busy. 2) The roads are EMPTY. This means people are, at least locally, obeying the rules. It also means I can drive like a twat sensibly, Officer. 3) Working in the yard unloading and reloading a lorry tonight, I was having a chat with the driver, who remarked on how clear and fresh the air is. My work is right on the A30, not far from the M3, and wedged between several towns and villages, not necessarily conducive to pleasant air... But The air tonight was so fresh and stunningly quiet, it really was something else. Lovely. A pleasure to be outside on such a refreshing evening. Would repeat. If only we could have this little shit in the air all the time eh... Definitely an eye opener. Right, Greenpeace propaganda finished, now where did I leave the keys to my V8..?
  9. If you're running a 330 DAF at 18 tons and feel it could use more torque, I wonder what our guys running the same 330s at 32 tons must think!!
  10. That's impressive, I didn't know LPG had this (passive? ish?) cleaning property.
  11. Extremely dependent on the car, but Mini Specials are definitely one that springs to mind immediately. Also, surely there's someone else in this world who thinks Primula Yellow is a FANTASTIC colour on the Mini shell??
  12. Right, own up. Who was it?
  13. You're not joking. Here's the offender... I nearly spat my brew out when he sent me these! 😲😲😲 I can't imagine the noise that must have made as he hit it 😵
  14. No cones, no paint. I've seen the pics (it's HUGE). He wants to avoid insurance if poss, for various reasons. Not my place to be posting about his personal life so won't go further.
  15. He's going to try, for sure. However apparently they came out and fixed it the same day it happened, so christ knows if anything will happen as they can claim they knew about it.
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