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End of year Tat Accounts.

warren t claim

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Well this year...


Nissan Micra.


Bought £175

Sold £200

Spent £0


Rover 800

Bought N/A

Sold £170 (over the bridge)

Spent £235 Parts and labour to MM5.


Pug 205.

Bought £150 with 6 months tax.

Sold £200 with no tax.

Spent £18 in T Cut and sundries.


Mercedes E200.

Bought £350

Spent £37 in nsf wheel bearing and filler +£7 on rattle can.


Not bad considering I've had no breakdowns and reliable motoring.

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Punto cabriolet sold in January £150


Astra convertible bought jan £700

Sold November £300 - costs nil


XM bought April £600

+ new HG, service, spheres, timing belt £1300


XM bought Aug - £200

+ costs (Mot, service, spheres) £220


Punto Cab - bought October £1100

service/timing belt £320


Hiace Devon Camper sold March - £450

Honda Z600 - sold Sep £800

Honda Z600 sold Sep £825

Honda Z600 shell - scrapped Oct



those are the car changes this year


servicing comes to a few hundred


smart roadster - two services - £80 in consumables, plus new wing £80, winter tyres and wheels (s/h) £60


mercedes motorhome - MoT, service £170

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I don't want to think about how much money I've wasted on cars this year. :(


Likewise but here's what I've had:


Kia Sportage. Dull.

206 1.4HDi van. Magic on fuel, shouldn't have off-loaded it.

Proton Satira Sport. Best fun I've had in years, great laugh to drive.

Volvo V70. Ok but got daft in the mpg stakes round town.

Pajero 2.8TD. Should have kept it, very impressed except economya bit dismal.

Espaz dizzler. Not too bad as it goes.

Astra Mk3. Ace.

Astra Mk4. Very good car.

Maxi. Ace.

Vectra C. Shit, shit, shit, shit SHIT.

Focus. Bad enough I had a Focus, even worse it was a chav'd up pile of toss.

E46 Beemer. Had been parked by touch and needed Red Adair to stem the oil leaks.

Vespa. Ace.

Mk3 Golf dizzler. Rusty, hateful, detestable pile of absolute wank. Went to someone who wanted it for the engine. Thanks fuck for that, one less oevr-rated heap of shit on the road.

Fiesta 1.25 Zetec. Shit.

Escort Mk6. Comically bad as you'd expect.

Chinky scooter. Damned good surprisingly.

Pisshat dizzler. Most unreliable car I've owned.

Merc 190E. Love hate/sell/keep.

Bluebird Spazzmatic. Magic old bus.

Toyota Celica. Frag time is coming.

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Here goes, although I'm not totting up figures, as it would be too depressing.......


Celica RA40, hasn't moved in three years, but would take a King's ransom tp persuade me to part with it.

Mk3 Golf GTi, sold to Pillock, who despite all the woes, doesn't seem to hate me!

Celica GTi (Gen 5) A bit battered, but hyper reliable. Probably should have kept it.

BMW 635CSi bought from Pete-M, MOT'd and serving daily duties. Not GR8 4 SNO_CHAOS

Golf Clipper Cabriolet bought from Scooters, still undecided what to do with it. Looking forlorn with a thick coating of SNO

Clio DCi, Mrs S's former daily, sold to make way for bigger family hack. Ace car, but shuddered when I worked out the depreciation.

Alfa 156 Sportwagon, Mrs S's current daily. Ace car, but loves the occasional warning light disco!


I think that's about it, which is a quiet year for me. Must try harder in 2011.

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VW Polo/Cordoba estate - bought December sold late January/early february, too uncomfortable and too thirsty.


Saab 900i16 - bought in March from Dollywobbler, still for sale. A very good car, comfortable, everything works, but too big.


Hillman Imp - bought from Cav_estate in September, nice.



The dormant Metro, holed up in a barn* a few patches made but not much else.

The stop-gap Cavalier bought in 2007 when the Metro went to said barn.





*In Triple-M and Metro fora, The Barn.

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This years Tat account has been mild.


Started the year with the Escort 1300 Sport Mk2 (in bits), and the A6 Avant 2.8 quattro.

Audi went, replaced with 318is E36

E36 went, replaced with the 4.2 SD1 VdP EFi

3.5 SD1 VdP EFi joined the fleet

Pug 406 HDi 110 turned up, still not on road, bugger all up with it.

4.2 EFi went, replaced with XJR

635 CSi arrived, went to Mr S.Shite of this parish.

3.5 went (to Bren of this parish), still to be replaced with 604 STi, but that's still not been collected or welded.


So year end is Escort (in bits), XJR, 406, 604.

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Started the year using the 87' Sterling, finished it using Micra.


Sterling # 1 (1987)

Broke down a few months back with some as yet unknown engine problem. Before that I had spent about £275 or thereabouts which included:


£120 - Balljoints, both sides

£60 - HT leads

£25 - Tracking

£60 - Part worn tyres.


Engine detonated itself, left outside for a few months then a recent additional:


£60 - Towing to mates house for storage.


Jobs to do:

Diagnose engine problem +

Long list of other stuff including ALOT of bodywork.


Sterling # 2 (1995)

£240 - Storage fees only


Jobs to do:




*Only if I intend to use it, which might not be for a long while yet.


Sterling # 3 (1990)

£400 - Storage fees only


Jobs to do:

Fit gearbox

Get car road legal

Use it



Due to Sterling # 1 dying unexpectedly, this was nominated for road duties.


£250 odd - Getting it back on road (Parts, MOT, Tax and Insurance) after a year of free storage

£50 - Balljoint replacement.

£20 - Odd trim parts from scrappy including parcel-shelf with OE speakers.


Jobs to do:

Full service

Change door cards

Replace door hinges

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my account is in the red, very red


i currently have four cars

pinto cortina - daily

cologne cortina - needs rear wheel arch and mot

engineless zephyr - long list to do

scimitar se5 - needs core plugs


i'd like to finish the zephyr (as i recently tried to sell it recently, but reserve not met)

and sort the paintwork on the se5, then sell it in the spring


but cash restraints leave me struggling just to keep the cortina on the road at present.

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Started the year with the 405TD estate. Sold it at the end of March and bought the Avensis with 125k on it, to complete a brace of Anglo-Japanese crud for the fleet. Then ended up swapping the Toyota for the Accord with my wife in June, who'd been driving the latter for two years. So the Avensis has done just over 15k in 9 months, the Accord about 17k for the year. Neither has failed to start, unexpectedly stopped or needed anything for the MOT.


Costs? Ugh. Shuffling through the receipts, the Accord has swallowed up nearly £1,500 in 2010 in repairs & maintenance - £400 for a set of tyres, £150 on a/c repair (yes, I'm soft), £200 for an ABS sensor, £500 for a mammoth cambelt/waterpump/tensioners change and the rest on fluids and consumables, where I've provided the labour. Nearly £1,500 on fuel since the beginning of June as well (8,500 miles, so about 32mpg).


The Avensis has cost around £1,100 in repairs & maintenance - £415 to fix the aircon (including a pipe available only from Toyota and seemingly made from platinum), £240 to replace all four oxygen sensors (still didn't put the "check engine" light out for long - partially blocked cat is the latest diagnosis), £40 for a parking sensor kit, £70 for a full service kit (Iridium plugs...) etc. Mind, I reckon that £0 spent would have still had the Toy' pass the MOT... this one does about 37mpg so a bit cheaper on fuel too.


No changes to the fleet likely for 2011, barring mechanical catastrophy or accident of course. Hopefully the cost-per-mile of both should go down...

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Fiat 500 brought back to life with new springs, service, bespoke air filter etc and now MoT'd.


Cheap Fiat Coupe acquired.


Daily Lexus going back to the finance company in the next few days, having had various bits of paintwork to spruce it up - bumper scuffs etc.


Frontera bought on a whim, about to go on the Bay to cash in on bad-weather-premium.


Got made redundant earlier this month but taken back on by "new" (ie same) company (don't ask...) but with no car or mileage allowance - I do 15-20k pa business mileage - so 8 year old Mongdeo Dizzler bought to cut running costs - bloke I'm buying it from is fettling a few bits and should be here next week.


Daren't add it all up but suffice to say all spare cash is long gone. Coupe likely to be next on the disposal list


2011 hopefully will be a cheaper year. :roll:

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Holden Commodore - bought for around £2250, sold for £2500


Honda Ascot - bought for £600, can't remember what I sold it for but it was a bit less, although it cost me nothing to run


Nissan Sunny - bought for $450, never broke down and took me around NZ South Island. Sold for £200 in a hurry so I could buy....


Ford Falcon for $1000, sold for the same amount and cost nothing bar a £10 alternator. And a shitload of fuel.


Ford Cortina - bought for £750, sold for £850 and all it needed was a second hand battery


Datsun Vanette - cost me £600, sold for about £400. Took me around both islands and also acted as my home


Toyota MR2 - first car back in Blightly for £800. Cost nothing as of yet but it is running a bit rough. Hopefully just a split vacuum hose or something but it's too cold at the moment and I can't be arsed to look

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Let me see.....


Bought the Transit £450


Bought a "in need of some modernisation" house, pressed Transit into service as a mobile skip.


Total spent on the transit £5 (Fan belt) plus MOT fee.


Daily Octavia had a few electrical issues caused by a puddle of screenwash, price to fix £0

Probably spent £20 at the eastern european hand car wash to keep it the right colour. (Is just wash? Is five pounds thankyou please)


Cosworth treated to 1 new wing, 2 new arches and a respray £1500. Bling again :-)


Got off lightly this year.


In other accounts, new house and new baby ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££! :o

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Hey Billy, you've really had all those cars this year? wow! PLS don't frag the Celica!


Humm, this year we have had the following activity (in no particular order)


Volvo 940 turbo saloon, SOLD for £350 plus a 1990 940 16V in exchange.

Said 16v 940 SOLD for £350

Another 940 turbot saloon SOLD for £350- owned for a number of years so no loss on it.

W reg fezza inherited from wifes perents £0!!!11!

F reg Maestro auto saved from the frag £0, borked engine but have paid £25 on a new head to put it back on the road, MOT until OCT.

D reg Maestro diesel, nearing the scrapping stage, but bought by me for £150- nice car, few jobs done on it, still in hibernation.

C reg Maestro, paid £250, total minger under its nice skin, stripped and weighed in £BROKE EVEN on this one.

B reg Maestro, paid £75 for spares, removed it mint tailgate for my diesel sold a few bits and weighed in, MADE £150 ODD YAY!

D reg Maestro van, freebee, converted into trailer, didn't keep track of the cost, but it has earned its keep ever since.


C reg Audi 100 avant, numerous sundries needed to keep this one in fine fettle. The total amount paid is CONFIDENTIAL.

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That's actually a quiet year for me Tim and I've possibly missed one or two. Trying to cut down now, ideally to a daily and one spare, ideally something shite of course. Toyota almost certainly saved from frag now!

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The Discovery was bought a few years ago for £200

Every year needs a couple of hundred spent per MOT.

This year :

1 secondhand headlight £10.00

exhuast from Paddocks £65.00 delivered

welding materials £70.00 (gas and steel)

In desperate need of a clutch but until the snow clears still in daily use.


Meastro bought for £260

spent £4.80 on a steering bush from Rimmers

now needs MOTing.


Renner 18 bought for £230

spent £19.00 on a headgasket set and waterpump

sold for £440.00



HGF erm sorry MGF bought for £930

spent £0

weekend toy but will be sacked in the spring

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2001 Skoda Octavia Diesel Estate-bought £0, spent £0, sold £550

1990 BMW 325i Touring-bought £800, spent £0, sold £950

1994 Mercedes E220 Coupe-bought £850, spent £0, sold £1k

1990 VW Golf Driver-bought £0, spent £0, sold £175

1995 BMW 530i V8-bought £200, spent £40 (MOT), £34 (rear pads), sold £700

1997 Skoda Felicia 1.6-bought £175, spent £40 (MOT), given to my Dad.

Still got:

1994 BMW 318is Coupe, one owner from new with full BMW history from day one-bought £300, spent £0.


Wonder what the new year will bring?!

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Well let's see... I started 2010 as follows:

A40: in bits. It's now in even smaller bits, and some have been away for renewal, such as head and radiator.

Capri: started the year a positive delight then mysteriously decided it didn't want to run properly. Various attempts to make it do so over the ensuing 9 months with varying degrees of success, including winning a trophy at a club driving-skills event in the spring. However for some weeks, I was completely Capri-less as it just wouldn't do anything. Weak handbrake also unresolved. Traded, see below.

Ute: aka Vauxhall Brava/Isuzu/Chevy LUV. Started the year fine, if a bit smoky, then rapidly gave up. Cue engine rebuild at 140000 miles, which is ridiculously early for one of these. Apparently it's been allowed to overheat quite badly in the past, which is why the cylinder liner cracked... This of course happened while the Capri wasn't playing, which meant we actually had to have a rental for 4 weeks! Back in action now of course, and it's our sole transport at the moment, pending admin issues with...

Granada: collected in the Autumn as a trade involving the Capri. Restored some years ago and hardly used since. Once I have all the legal stuff completed (changing its status to Classic or Antique or whatever they choose to call it) I can use it, so most of the spring will be spent sorting out all the niggles that always show up on a car that's been laid-up for a while.

Notice I haven't referred to any money. I don't like to think of numbers that large... :(

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started 2010 by breaking my tipo 16 valve turbo




then a customer wanted to scrappage a granada or a sierra,no mot's meant no scrappage so i bought them both






both bought by banger racers.


near mint saph cosworth was nearly scrappaged against a vivaro van,got him into a pre reg one instead and i bought the sierra




now sold.


next a y reg megane freebie with a burst cam belt,cut the cat off,filled it with scrap and sent it over the scales


most recently the colt celeste gsr,removed from a damp garage after 15 years




sold on ebay to a guy that wanted the running gear.


hopefully next year will be busier!

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BMW 635CSi bought from Pete-M, MOT'd and serving daily duties. Not GR8 4 SNO_CHAO


I can assure you that's a straight car.


Aye, WtC, I know I did well on that. It's good fun, too, but doesn't like the slippy stuff. Do you know the car, then? Fancy buying it in the new year?! :lol:

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Quiet year over here.


1982 Jeep Cj5: Got it late Dec 09 as a runner, sold in pieces to the same guy in Aug 10 (it's running around now) - spent $0


2008 Sportage: Daily. And I can concur. Dull as a really dull thing.


1998 Sebring Cab: Left in Illinois with Brother in Law. The winter killed it. Gone to the scrappers.


And that's it. There have been a bunch of shitey trades to roll around in at work, and I'm hankering a desire for some large Ford shite soon.

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I started the year with the BX, 2CV and Mini carried over from the year before. Also had the Renault 21 Monaco from LankyTim which I got roadworthy earlier in the year and then inexplicably swapped (with me paying cash too) for the CX. Also bought the A90 Westminster as an 'investment' at £2200 but then had the Great House Move/Job Change which rather ruined that plan. Westy was auctioned as I needed it gone pronto and I got £2050 back - not too bad a loss really given that I did enjoy the car and bought at retail then sold at auction. Bargain Hunt-tastic! Like the programme, finding profits that way is tricky...


Westy money then sat in storage because it's cheaper than storing a car. Plus, when I was waiting for the freelance money to trickle in, it was an important buffer! So important that I blew most of it on the Land Rover, before the CX had sold (although it had at least met reserve on Ebay at the time). Oh well. So much for being better with my money!


The fleet as it stands:


2CV - needs cylinder heads lapping, servicing and I've just discovered that the boot floor is no longer attached to the body in several places.

BX - failed heater needs investigating, as does a rather worrying rattle - though first I should check to see if any of my spanners are missing...

Mini - away for fettling. Brake calipers are borked, needs a tune-up and not far off needing a service too.

Landy - needs tax, fuel, a service, probably a PAS pump, probably a thermostat, hopefully doesn't have any hidden woes


Looks like January is going to be quite busy - annoyingly, the long-term weather forecast is not for warmth. At all.

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Started the year with a 1977 Maxi 1750HL and a 1966 Austin 1100.


Sold the Maxi for more than I paid for it, although not what I spent. Really regret it but seemed the right idea at the time. Have since seen it twice on e-bay. The first time it went for twice what I sold it for, the second time I didn't have the money otherwise would have bought it back.


I sold the 1100 (after the MOT ran out to a Mr. Torsten of this parish!


Bought the Renault 14 in May for 500 euro, the new rotor arm cost me around £600!!! It arrived in the country in late early June, I finally got it Mot'd and registered in August. I do love it though, it has really surprised me (and my friends), to me it is almost a perfect car (if only they didn't rust!). Don't think I could afford to sell it (not that I really want to).


Won the Allegro for £370 on e-bay a few weeks ago (the cheapest Allegro on there for some time). So far it seems pretty decent except sychro is weak on second (a fault with a lot of them apparently) and it needs a service.


Think I will have to try a resist the urge this year as I can't really justify selling either car atm, although I may be aquiring an early Sierra at some point!

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I absolutely refuse to be held accountable for my stupidity.


"Bought" a 1996 Scorpio in June. No documents as yet. Therefore no money has changed hands. PO Still grumpy as fuck, but what the hell can I do about that?


Still have the 1989 Sapphire. NOTHING has changed in 12 months apart from it's position on the "drive".


Land Rover Number 2.... Built 1961, lies in state 2010. (In about 1000 pieces, spread across 2 sheds and a garage.)

Land Rover Number 1.... Built 1970, taxed, tested, insured, shite injector pump, retarded camshaft, worn bores, fucked rings, baldish tyres, dented, scratched panels, incorrect type gearbox, borrowed axles, etc..... typical 40yr old Land Rover really.


Remains of 1991 Discovery. Help... I think it's dissolving.

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