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  1. I'll just leave this here, okay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/204286474822?hash=item2f906c3a46:g:sHgAAOSwnlxkIYlw
  2. Chevronics have listed that Xantia as such . Phil P doesn't know what V car stands for.
  3. This 15 thousand mile trailer queen turned up on Friday Booked in for an MoT on Tuesday. Phoned the owner yesterday asking for the front numberplate. "It's in a carrier bag at home, why, do you need it "
  4. Four months ago some timewasting tosser went all keyboard warrior slagging us off on Google. I posted it on here where he cancelled a booked MoT on the day. Then the rearranged MoT was cancelled leaving a message at 1 in the morning. When he phoned again I told him I didn't want his business and put the phone down. Yesterday I was surfing the net , like you do, when I came across a picture of his Mazda MX-5. The numberplate was in view so I checked. Well wouldn't you know, a car whose MoT ran out in 2016 four months after booking it in with me is still out of test. No keeper change either. Just proves my point that he would have not turned up to any other oppointment and more than likely cancelled on the day like the two times before. I feel like adding to my reply like he did when I replied to his slagging off but that might put the whole thing as the most recent review.
  5. I watched the whole series on iPlayer . Yes some of the cars weren't quite right at the beginning but it stretched to 1986 for some of the gang to appear in court. The soundtrack was similar, Temptation by New Order wasn't released until 1986 but was played on an early episode. I enjoyed it . Some great 80's chod and great music. Echo and the bunnymen, The Fall, Gang of Four and The Smiths. What's not to like.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225411660643?hash=item347b94fb63:g:yiAAAOSwJshj5fOY
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185773969751?hash=item2b40fdd157:g:kPQAAOSwy6Bj6N5h
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/285140546807?hash=item4263b374f7:g:U1wAAOSwybRj5Qx-
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/155408872175?hash=item242f1732ef:g:k3MAAOSwgtlj68v2
  10. Don't think you could call JCC delicate. wrong car though John, i wanna be your vacuum cleaner breathing in your dust I wanna be your Ford Cortina I will never rust.
  11. One of nextdoors customers dropped a car off at the weekend to MoT "when you get chance". I have been putting it away in my workshop at night then parking it down the side of the workshop during the day.Today I thought I'd have time to MoT it so parked the car infront of the workshop. Firstly a delivery driver almost crashed gawping at it, then one of my customers came in "woah, oldskool 306 , is it yours ?" . Then the midday MoT "nice, is it an XS " nope a 306 GTi....6.
  12. meggersdog

    End of shite?

    Well I missed it because I was out but Mathewsons lot 244, a Rover 600, just sold for £800. A 1999 with 40k on the clock and MoT until October. Not the best example with the drivers window not working and a grubby interior but proves shite is still about.
  13. Did my annual training on Friday . The guy training us mentioned this and urged us to fill out the questionaire. I have two email addresses, one for the authorised examiner and one for the nominated tester. I filled out one Friday night. Told them if the two year mot comes in I will close the business as we have no other income stream.They ask for reasons why you think it is a bad idea. I quoted last months national average figures, tyes, brakes and suspension all figure highly although lights are about 45%. Most of these are easy to check so I said most people don't care about the safety of their vehicle.Advisory items rarely get seen to and are only done when they actually fail. Early on they asked about first MOT going to 4 years . To which I replied that I had failed many first mots on tyres and brakes. Then much further down the questonaire they admit one in ten cars fail their first mot on brakes or tyres . So extending that won't work as what would it be , one in five ?. They go on about light goods vehicles and the fact they do thousands of miles a year. I said it should be like hgv's where they have safety inspections and an mot every year. Safety inspections every 10k miles maybe. The 40 year exemption was mentioned so I said it should stay as the owners of such vehicles were enthusiasts who enjoy looking after and maintaining their cars. In conclusion I said if the mot was extended then it would need to be more involved, should be allowed to remove items such as wheels and undertrays. If it is more involved then the cost should go up . I suggested double the price now and no discounts. I also suggested more traffic police to do roadside safety checks.Yet again I mentioned people not caring about the safety on their cars.
  14. Had a LR defender in today. The new valeter for one of my best customers brought the car in and complained about a steering shake at anything over 40mph. He said it felt like the car was breaking in half, the front going one way the back going opposite. Put on the ramp and there is a new A frame balljoint on the rear axle and a new steering damper. The car had obviously just come out of the workshop. Whether the "technician" missed the bleeding obvious or forgot I don't know. The steering drag link was held on by gravity alone. The nearside balljoint had no securing nut what so ever. After finding a suitable replacement nut I phoned the workshop manager. The "technician" is the same one who left a wheelbearing so loose it affected the brakes. When it came back from the MoT he spent two hours fucking about replacing the servo, brake master cylinder and bleeding to still have a brake problem. Tightening up the bearing cured the problem. Hope the dangerous twat was given his cards this afternoon.
  15. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125700891342?hash=item1d445b62ce:g:q5IAAOSwOmRjtYbi
  16. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/155348701424?hash=item242b8110f0:g:N80AAOSwHPtjuxyF
  17. @sutty2006 the engineer at a boatyard I used to visit was great for this. People would ask him to look at their car so he would go along get them to open the bonnet. He would hold the bonnet up and ask them to start the car. "yeah rev it up" he'd then drop the bonnet say "it's fucked" and walk off. Even boat owners were treated the same. The boatyard owner would tell them he could get the engineer to have a look "but I know what he will say"
  18. 205 GT. little bit crumbly though https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144885939971?hash=item21bbdfff03:g:Vn8AAOSwcS9jtVj1 is @barrett still after one ?
  19. Called in to the local shop on my way home tonight. I have two matches to light the fire with so bought a box. Shop keeper hands me a 12 inch pizza with my change. Use by date is today and half an hour before they shut hence giving it away. It's in the oven now.
  20. My Discovery has become undrivable . Initially I thought it was fuel starvation or a blockage but it always started fine. I replaced the lift pump and fuel filter then found, with bleeding, it was drawing in air. As I've had the tank out a couple of times I am almost positive that the pick-up is cracked inside the tank. There is no smell and it doesn't drain back so that's my thinking. As it doesn't get used much hasn't been a problem but now won't rev at all. I wanted to leave it in the workshop over the christmas break so rigged up a gallon can on the inner wing with a fuel hose to the lift pump and a return to the can. Success it revs up . On to the ramp up in the air and now I can paint the workshop floor ( always do this christmas eve as the break gives the paint chance to dry). Back to work today and ..........bugger, there is diesel all over the fresh paint under the ramp. Even though it has British Standard numbers printed on it looks like the return hose isn't fuel hose as it's a black rubbery mush. As the can is higher than the fuel filter, lift pump and injector pump when the hose began leaking it acted like a syphon. Well the floor has been mopped, dried and repainted. The gooey mess has been replaced with proper fuel hose now.
  21. where's @Vin these days https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255861502089?hash=item3b9288b089:g:kQoAAOSwXYFjjJT~
  22. Someone visiting a neighbour does this.I don't know if they visit a house in my street or ( i suspect) in the next road. Always outside my house half on the path half on the road. There are spaces further along where you can park fully on the road. They choose to park half and half because it is opposite a dropped kerb. Doesn't bother me as if I walk anywhere it is always left and the car is blocking the path the other side of my drive. The car is often there all weekend and my neighbour opposite said it is sometimes awkward getting on and off her drive. I've never seen the owner but my neighbour has. I told her next time ask him politely if he knows what that T shaped lump of concrete painted yellow on the edge of my hedge is and does he know the meaning of the yellow perspex sign attached to it with a large H and some numbers printed on it ? Yep he always parks on or very close to the fire hydrant cover on the path outside my house.
  23. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304751353344?hash=item46f4989e00:g:SYkAAOSwg5Bjqe6i
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