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  1. Yeah I'm pretty chuffed, it's been a long time coming and I'm annoyed with myself for not getting it going sooner. The timing needs to be set correctly and the float in the carb appears to be stuck as with the engine off and the pump on fuel sprays out of the jets and down into the manifold which at least clears them out I suppose. I drove the visa up and down the garden too, the first time it's moved under it' own steam for 10 years or so. The clutch is good but the brakes are absolutely lousy. More bleeding/adjustment needed there.
  2. We are now "officially" a one car household. I sold the V70 to a mates dad on the weekend after he took a shine to it. I work nights and the wife works from home so there really isn't the need for a car each. We're using her 2004 Fusion, which perhaps isn't the obvious choice for a family of four but so far things have worked out well. The wife loves it as she'll never have to scrape the windows in the morning again. I have a tow bar ready to fit so I'll still be able to use the small trailer to take rubbish down the tip although I think I'll have to refrain from A framing. I put the word "officially" quotation marks, as of course I have some crunchy old chod tucked away, namely the Visa and the Volvo 145, neither of which are on the road. They'll be times when we could really do with two cars but I'm hoping we can plan around most of these but hopefully the Visa will be on the road this year, so any second car duties can be carried out by that. It'll be tax exempt soon which makes it even more attractive.
  3. I think the petrol powered Visas have the master cylinder on the drivers side, mine at least has the pedal pushrod acting directly onto the master cylinder so there's very little in the way of any linkage that could develop any slack. I do remember the fun with the linkages behind the dashboard on the succession of C15s my Dad had. I could apply the brakes with my toes from the passenger side which he found funny for approx. 2 seconds the first time I did it. It might be worth looking at the rear brakes again, good call.
  4. Thanks to @MrSteveI managed to order a Citroen AX front brake pipe from ECP for a budget busting price of £1.89, collect it and get it fitted to the Visa. The hose is identical to the part removed except the method of securing it to the bracket on the inner wing is different and uses a spring clip. Fortunately I had the bits I needed in my parts box and it was straightforward to install. I bled the brakes a couple of times to make sure all the air was out as the pedal has a large amount of travel, the pushrod acting on the master cylinder is adjusted properly so I recon it's just a feature of non-servo brakes and a narrow bore master cylinder. It's been such a long time since I've driven anything without assisted brakes, I think the last such car I had was an 1100 MK2 Escort which had terrible brakes as a result. Hopefully the combination of new braking components and a lighter car will ensure the Visa slows down with a bit more confidence than my old Escort did! Either way, all of the wheels now brake with a satisfying sharpness and just as importantly release when they're meant to. A job off the list, hooray!
  5. He did return for awhile recently, then vanished like a phantom in the night or something.
  6. So…I assembled the rest of the master cylinder, filled it with fluid and bled it all up. We now have have brakes! Unfortunately the passenger front brake hose developed a large bulge and needs to be replaced. No problem… the 652cc Visa part seems to be different to all the other Visas however, the other Visas sharing the same part with the Peugeot 205, Citroen AX etc. I can get the right item from eBay but I’d rather get it from somewhere like ECP as I could get it myself, they only stock the other type though. Does anybody know if they’re interchangeable? By looking at images the only difference seems be the 652cc version is slightly longer, but I’m not sure. For all I know they could be the same part anyway. AUTODOC has the correct item for £4 odd but I CBA waiting a fortnight to get it.
  7. Weird seeing shiny new parts fitted to such a scabby old barge. I should have the reservoir and get everything bled up tomorrow. Hopefully there’s no issue with the new parts and it’ll be another job ticked from the list. On closer inspection the one of the old calipers is a recon unit and the other appears original, both are partially seized. The recon one is slightly different to the other too, where the brake flex attaches is much deeper, the mating surface would need an extra long threaded section on the brake flexi to reach, which it didn’t have fitted. Either way it’ now in a box with the rest of the stuff I’ve replaced. Maybe another Visa botherer can make use of them, they’d need a rebuild though!
  8. Maybe these electric cars could have diesel powered heaters installed? You’d only need a small fuel tank and they don’t use much fuel at all.
  9. The local garage were too busy to remove these tyres so I had a go myself. I broke the bead by using a 10 ft metal box section tube balanced under the V70 tow bar and pushing a very robust garden hoe thing into the bead. It actually worked very well although after removing the tyres with tyre levers and washing up liquid I’m absolutely knackered!
  10. I spied these poorly advertised Cobra slot wheels on eBay, as they were local I stuck on a very low bid and won. After getting over my immediate buyers remorse I arranged with the seller to collect and picked them up today. The seller hadn't advertised the size or the PCD but it turns out they're 14x6 with a PCD of 130mm, meaning they were probably fitted to a classic Beetle, although I think they'll fit some Skodas too. Not much use for me, unfortunately. I'm going to remove the scrap tyres, clean them up and stick them on eBay again, except this time I'll give them a proper description.
  11. Just for @Cavcraft It’s amazing what you can do with builders foam and a Stihl saw
  12. Despite tracking showing that they’re still in Germany, look what just showed up! OMGOMGOMG! They appear to be the correct items, cannot wait to fit them!
  13. "Just needs a cam belt as it's snapped. Ran A1 prior"
  14. That’s encouraging to hear. I’ve now bolted it to the inner wing, when I get some new fuel pipe I’ll get it all plumbed in. I actually got this thing to “run” today too, albeit on EZstart. With the engine turning over I fired some down the carb to get it running and simply kept giving it a squirt when it sounded like it was about to cut out. I think I managed 30 seconds or so of running time, enough to get the manifolds hot and convert the rain that had covered the engine as I was working on it to steam. To add to today’s excitement I’ve had an email to say the brake parts I ordered have been passed to the courier! They’re still in Germany of course but hopefully I shouldn’t have to wait too long.
  15. There’s been absolutely zero update with the dispatch of these parts, only that they’ve received payment. Hopefully that’s nothing to be too worried about. In other news, I found this fuel pump that was liberated by me from some place I used to work at (I can’t think where). It works fine and should do as a replacement for the mechanical pump… unless anyone can think of a reason it won’t be suitable? Will it overfill the carb and spray fuel all over the place?
  16. I visited a local breakers the other day. The complete looking fusion they had on eBay was pretty stripped and didn’t yield any parts I was after. A tour around the piles found mostly modern write-offs. The most interesting car was a fire damaged TVR. They did allow me to crack on with mooching and rummaging undisturbed though which was nice. There’s another breakers I’m hoping to try soon that has piles and piles of cars everywhere but always seems to be closed when I drop by. I got fed up trying breakers and ended up buying the bits from eBay.
  17. I visited an old friend a couple of days ago and drove the V70 down, we then went and visited his parents who live a couple of miles away. His dad was absolutely bowled over with the V70, he bought his current 940 saloon from me 10 years ago and now he wants first refusal on the V70 should I ever sell it. I had been thinking about moving it on for a while as we don't really need two cars at the moment and it seems pointless running a big petrol muncher like this. It's a 2004 2.4 N/A auto, 90k FSH and clean as, plus it's had a 2k gearbox repair a couple of years ago. Low mileage clean V70's fetch decent money and he's happy with £1500 ish..... Should I get rid? We could use the wife's Fusion as a daily driver and get the Visa up and running (finally) and use it as a second car for occasional use. The money would come in useful too.
  18. Isn't that a flower car for funerals rather than a pick-up (strictly speaking)?
  19. I was going to pay with a credit card for this reason but opted for PayPal in the end. Hopefully they will offer me some level of protection if things go tits up.
  20. Thanks for the offer, hopefully these parts will arrive in good time, not that I'm in any particular rush
  21. After careful Christmas budgeting I've finally pulled the trigger on these brake parts from "onlinecarparts.co.uk" (soz kids, crap presents this year) The reviews are mixed with some reporting parts taking over a month to appear, incorrect parts being substituted for parts that are suddenly out of stock and a protracted returns procedure seemingly designed to discourage customers from returning faulty or incorrect parts. There are many happy customers however, so fingers crossed!
  22. Is that a 940? There’s a heating element in the Lambda sensor which is controlled by the fuel pump relay, the relay often plays up and can put this light on.
  23. They’ve both been there years, I’m not sure who to speak to about them. If I see any builders about I’ll ask. Nearby I spotted this. I recognised the reg and it turns out it belonged to the wife’s grandparents and then her parents when they inherited it. They sold it 10 years or so ago to a woman to left a note on it in a car park asking to buy it. It’s looking a bit sorry for itself now, randomly half the paint has fallen off on the drivers side.
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