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  1. Spotted this in a communal car park near me. I suspect any probing into what’s happening with it might result in aggro so I left it well alone.
  2. Lankytim

    Kade's Volvo 940

    Looks great, I think the US head lights for the 940 were these crappy plastic things that look similar to the European items anyway. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not going to do anything with my 940 so should probably sell it. 1997 turbo auto anyone?
  3. I’ve been trying to beautify my old Volvo over the last couple of days and recently swapped the centre console and “space ball” gear lever from the donor Volvo S60 into my V70. Turns out it’s a very easy swap to do and although I replaced the whole gear lever mechanism it looks like it should be possible to just swap over the gear stick itself. The console went straight in but the handbrake wouldn’t go all the way down without hitting the console. Turns out the handbrake is different, 20 mins spent swapping that over and everything is ship-shape. The original hand brake was slightly damaged anyway... the seat runner caught on it when I removed the drivers seat for repair a while back. It looks much better now! I’m not sure if the S60 centre console Is considered an upgrade to the original V70 item but I couldn’t fit the space ball without it. It certainly feels nicer and there’s now a handy place to store CDs! IMG_1284.MOV
  4. I just give it a brush or a scrape to remove loose scale and slosh the rust proofers on, although many will say it’s important to totally remove/convert the rust first. Underseal is a different product to Waxoyl or similar rust proofers, it’s more of a bitumen type product. I’ve never been a fan of it as water can get trapped behind it and promote rust.
  5. A 1977 Volvo 265 GLE!
  6. I bought the compressor for other duties ages ago. They're well worth having- mine was only a cheapie. Once you get one you'll wonder how you managed without. Impact guns, blowing up tyres, great fun!
  7. I did think about that but the risk of explosion or impromptu flamethrower seemed worth the risk.
  8. The wife’s Fusion had an advisory on rust near the rear suspension mounts for its last MOT, as I didn’t have much to do yesterday I thought I’d have a go at treating it. I had a can of Waxoyl dating from the early 2000s so I fired up the compressor, found the oil gun attachment thing (Aldi special) and gave the whole rear end a thorough dousing after thinning it out with petrol, I used the long lance to get inside hollow sections the best I could and it seemed to cover really well. I’ve got another can of Waxoyl and may do the front end when I can be bothered, although this time it’s clear rather than black. The result looks quite nice, and should bring a tear to the MOT testers eye- best of all it wasn’t nearly as messy as I though it would be. It gave me an idea of using this oil gun more often and maybe experimenting with other rust proofers. Wax oil is the old favourite but apparently isn’t rated by many in the old clunker world. Do any shiters have a favourite? I’ve used Dinitrol before but it was very messy, do people still recycle sump oil and spray it around the underside of their cars or is that something from a bygone era?
  9. There's probably a batch that had this manufacturing defect back in the day and they spent decades on a dusty warehouse shelf before finally finding their way onto ebay.
  10. Fixed my daughters scooter and the first thing that happens is she puts a big scratch up the side of my 940 with it 🤬🤬
  11. I remember in the 90s it was always a real treat to see a surviving Princess in this condition in every day use in a supermarket car park or trundling along an A road.
  12. AS GOLD is a good idea I recon. The seller of that 306 seems to have been an all round bad egg. Are all people who welch on eBay car sales sex offenders too I wonder?
  13. Loving this thread and lamenting all the £50 Minis I passed up back in the day. I never got to own one! I removed the flywheel from a 1300 Allegro engine a while back though, similar issue with the puller on as hard as it would go and still no movement. I was sat with the thing on the floor between my outstretched legs tapping it with a hammer when predictably there was a bang and the flywheel hit me straight in the balls with some force. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. Lesson learned! 😂😂
  14. Nice, bit of a weird spec I think as it's got the fake walnut fitted which I thought only went into the Celebration model. Same year as my 940 too!
  15. The last time a funny noise stopped a wheel overtook me on the M5.
  16. I don’t think a note has ever worked for me, and even knocking on the door has rarely resulted in me taking custody of a crunchy old knacker. I’ve had a nice chat with a few people but usually they have an inflated idea of the cars value. Many of these ended up scrapped soon after anyway. I’ve recently missed out on dead V70 that had been parked up for 6 years or so. I was going to wait until restrictions had lifted to ask about it but it was dragged off for scrap last week. Doh!
  17. Vic also partially buried a Mk1 Cavalier, it was left sticking out the ground at a weird angle. His posh neighbours complained and he eventually had to exhume it and presumably it went for scrap.
  18. That looks super! What a lovely lockdown treat for you to crack on with!
  19. Hey! That looks a beaut! My Visa is still away having a bit of welding done, hopefully it should be completed soon. I still haven’t managed to get it running though.
  20. The aircon clutch on the V70 seems to be making a right whine, inspection showed the pulley section was a bit wobbly. I’ve got a spare pump in the garage so to avoid letting all the gas out I had a look at swapping the clutches and pulleys over. After finally getting the outer part off and then the large circlip on the outside got stumped by an inner circlip. I’ve broken my elderly circlip pliers, can anyone recommend a decent set? They seem to range from 99p up to £999.
  21. Had a spare hour or so today so had a crack at fitting the ancient Nokia hands free kit into my V70. It came from an S60 I scrapped a while ago and I had no idea if it worked or not. It’s 19 years old and has spent the last 18 months or so rattling around in the boot so I wasn’t hopeful. Anyway, it all plugged in great and it only bloody worked first time! That doesn’t happen very often.
  22. Washed Mrs LTs Fusion. This was rewarded by a valve stem breaking off a wheel. It must’ve been super perished as I only hit it with a sponge! As the local tyre bays were closed I had to improvise with a trolley jack to get a new valve in.
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