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  1. The switchgear is semi-intact. I tried to remove a couple and I think they've been affected by damp ingress. When I go back ill take them all out and have a look. The interior is all there but again, decades of damp have badly damaged it all.
  2. Found an hour to dismantle this 145 suspension set up. I’ve managed to salvage the spindles which are both in good shape and may be swapped with my existing spindles if I can’t get the snapped caliper bolts out. Obviously I was left with a huge pile of rust at the end which was swept up and dumped in the bin. Amazingly one of the lower wishbones look usable, they’re known to be rot prone and are in short supply. The calipers look horrendous but might make good core units for a rebuild. @wuvvum, were you after a pair once?
  3. Well this thing failed on two out of three points. It’s far too rotten to move Its falling to bits, It did provide some parts though, I needed things like steering arms as mine has a mix of metric and imperial parts which don’t fit together properly. I bought cutting gear but forgot my 110v transformer which meant I couldn’t use any of them! Fortunately the 145 was so rotten I was able to remove the front and by hand by just cutting the radiator hose and with a little force pull the front suspension out and away. The bodywork in this area was non existent, the front axle had ro
  4. I’m going to look at this on Saturday, it’s going to be a spares source for my Volvo 145 provided- It can be extricated reasonably easily. It doesn’t fall to bits when moved. Theres anything useable left on it. There’s a very good chance it may fall down on all three of these deal-breaker issues. I might just salvage what I can and leave the rest for the bin man tbh.
  5. I’m always getting offers on it but don’t worry you’re top of the list!
  6. I know the fella who’s now got your Volvo! He’s got a few lovely old motors tucked away.
  7. The rear section opens- they're hinged from the front edge. I'm not sure what use that would be unless you had the 7 seat conversion in the boot.
  8. Mine is a Swedish market car and predates the official import of estates into the U.K. it was bought over in 2010 (I think)
  9. That's just like my Volvo 145, early with the 2 piece rear side windows. Mine's been in the wars though.
  10. Isn't there a Somerset felcher on this group somewhere? A CHEAP Somerset* https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274799480659?hash=item3ffb534f53:g:S18AAOSw2HFgoSBE
  11. Ordered some parts for the wife's Fusion from Car Parts 4 less. Their website was acting a little odd. I needed 4 spark plugs, an air filter and some HT leads but when I got to the checkout there was only 1 spark plug in my basket. After a few attempts at altering the quantity it finally went though..... after I'd paid I realised I'd actually ordered 1x set of leads, 1x spark plug and 3x air filters. Doh! I immediately rang their number to cancel the order and after 5 mins on hold listening to a message telling that delivery times were now a minimum of 1 week due to COVID I got through to a ni
  12. I A framed my mates broken BMW to a lock up garage next door to this on Saturday, it was still buried in the garage but the guy had the door open a little giving me a tantalizing glimpse of the Vauxhall secructress inside.
  13. A weird thing happened yesterday, I was perusing the VOC forum for 145 parts and came across an old advert from 2008 for a nice sounding 145 for sale. The reg was listed so I had a nose to see if it had survived- last MOT in 2011 so it sounded dead. Later I was checking out completed listings on eBay and the very same car had sold recently, looks like it had been abandoned since it's last MOT in an open barn in Dover. It's in a really sorry state now! What a coincidence though, Looks like it's been lifted by the roof and possibly had another car on top of it, added to
  14. I’ve decided to bring the 145 out of hibernation in the garage and swap it’s position with the Visa, which is now enjoying shelter in my nice dry* garage. With the Volvo out in the open I had a go at some reassembly. When I got the 145 many parts were in the boot, it has been partially repaired after a shunt which bent the front suspension. The PO had fitted a donor front axle but the brakes were still inside the car, armed with NOS discs I set about refitting them. Discs went on fine but the caliper bolts were extremely tight. After winding them in and out a million times with ple
  15. I've already tested the sensors by using the Haynes manual procedure- They both appear to be knackered. The starter is visually identical to a 2CV starter but the 2CV pinion has 9 teeth and the Visa has 10, It bolts on but obviously doesn't sound very good at all, annoying as the 2CV starter is cheap and plentiful. If I still had the original I could maybe find a 2CV starter from the same manufacturer and cobble something together but thanks to the absolute fuckwits at the motor factors this is now impossible.
  16. I’m still stumped by a lack of parts unfortunately. Ken Hanna said he can supply me with a starter and sensors but I haven’t heard off him for a while.
  17. When you ring the operator asks you if you'd like the lane closed, or did at least when I rang. I declined as it was quiet and safely pulled out into lane one (ex hard sholder)
  18. I had a go at finishing off the cutting and polishing but ran out of T Cut, I’ve still made an improvement. I’d forgotten how much fun cutting and polishing can be, it can really bring an old crock back to life. I’ve ordered some G10 and G3 to give it another going over and perhaps polish up the rest of the fleet. The wife’s Fusion has been “furloughed” for the last 6 months and is returning to the road at the end of the month, it would be nice to treat it, hopefully I won’t go overboard and take all the lacquer/paint off or something. Ive also found where the water is entering the c
  19. Hmm, CCC facebook page and hard to find Visa parts? I've asked to join!
  20. Just look how shite this seat looks. Dreadful. Anyway.. I’ve found a small leak into the interior, annoying as I thought I’d totally eradicated them all. The storage bin directly in front of the gear stick seems to fill up with water, it’s directly below the centre heater vent and the heater pipes under the bonnet are missing so I’m wondering if water is entering the cabin via these open ducts. It certainly stands chance. The storage bin is pretty small and the only way to bale out the water was via a miniature bucket which I may keep in the car for possible future bal
  21. I'd really like to keep the original interor, or replace it with a good used interior but the originals I have are shot and replacements are like the proverbial hens teeth. The S80 interior I have is destined for the tip and is in a light colour to sort-of matches the rest of the interior, I'm pretty much just seeing how easy it is to adapt. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the rears yet! I haven't seen these microfiches, they sound pretty interesting.
  22. I’ve noticed the interior on this crock is really letting it down, the seat covers especially have become very brittle and tear very easily and the whole thing looks a bit of mess. I have a set of leathers from a Volvo S80 and I had a bit of a play to see if I could make them fit. The Visa seat runners are removable and with the “chassis” of the Volvo seat removed they seem to more or less line up. I need to fabricate a few right angle brackets and the whole lot should bolt together and in reasonably easily. That will be a project for another day, so for the mean time the original
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