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  1. This job application was around 2001ish so legislation may well be different now. One employer I looked at said they wasn’t recruiting at the present time, however if I was from a minority or disabled then they were offering interviews. Hasn’t the RAF been in the news recently for only recruiting from BAME and other minority groups?
  2. I remember applying for a job years ago and getting a similar reply. I think there's provision in law to discriminate with recruitment on the grounds of diversity, I forget where I read it but it's all legit and has been a thing for at least 20 years. It made me wonder what would happen if you said you were gay to get the job and then "came out" as straight a few months later? Also what do they determine as a minority, if you had a mixed race grandparent would that count?
  3. This had been left parked on the road for a few months, complete with flat tyre and assorted detritus accumulating underneath. The other night it was rear ended by a mystery vehicle and left in a bit of a state. A few days later it was dragged away on a recovery truck, I don’t know if the owners arranged for it’s disposal or the council classed it as a hazard and had it binned off.
  4. That looks amazing! I had a few back in the early 2000's when you couldn't give them away. Great motors.
  5. Are these engines prone to piston slap? The wife's Jazz has a weird rattle which I was fairly sure was a big end bearing, but somehow it didn't sound right. Turns out it's piston slap and it's really common on this engine, some even rattling from new. The rattle goes away after a few miles when the engine has properly warmed up. Apparently it's absolutely nothing to worry about and can be safely ignored.
  6. Today I made the most of the nice weather and got the Laguna up in the air to change the auto box fluid. (Obv it rained as soon as I set everything up) The procedure with these is pretty involved requiring the car to be totally level and the fluid to be drained via a drain plug, inside of which is an overflow pipe which is used to check the level, if the oil overflows then the level is too high. With the drain plug and overflow pipe removed the oil can be drained. To get the level right the gearbox temp needs to be at 40degrees and checked via a Renault dealer plug in device, which of course I haven’t got so some guesstimation was involved. Refilling involves removing lots of under bonnet items to get to the fill plug, which looked to be a job on its own. The gearbox on these is a Nissan/Renault affair which is meant to take Renault Elf Elfmatic J6 fluid. Unfortunately it's pretty pricey and there's no aftermarket alternative, Renault apparently keeping the gearbox oilspec requirements a secret. Fortunately Nissan use the same gearbag and the official Nissan oil is Nissan Matic S which does have an aftermarket option that fulfils the specification. After talking to the guys at Westway oils I bought 5 litres of this stuff. www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121852237241?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=wvial-CyTyu&sssrc=2047675&ssuid=vDPbX2K9TU2&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY With the Laguna up on ramps and levelled out with a jack under the tow bar the fluid was drained. To my surprise it looked to be fairly recent and still a nice red colour. Although these boxes hold 6 litres or so only 2 litres actually came out, which was pretty annoying after going to all this trouble in the rain. I thought about how I was going to replace the oil without dismantling half the engine bay as I literally couldn’t be arsed with it all, my tools and clothes being absolutely soaked by the rain. I then had a bit of a brain wave and left the last few drops of oil to drain out while I scurried away into the garage and adapted a V70 power steering pump with assorted hoses and a long bolt an turned it into a pretty nifty battery drill powered fluid transfer pump. A thin piece of silicone pipe was used at the end and was pushed into the drain plug hole, butting up to the refitted overflow pipe inside the gearbox. The whole contraption worked much better than I expected, pumping a couple of litres of fresh oil back into the box in just a few seconds and with such pressure that I could hear the jet hitting the inside of the box. I didn’t even spill any! The engine was run until warm and any excess fluid drained off. Now I’ve got a technique for refilling the auto box I might drive it for a few weeks before swapping another couple of litres until I get through the 5 litre tub of oil I have. Then again I might not bother as the drained oil looked pretty good anyway. edit, I've no idea why the last image is upside down, I've even flipped it on my phone and reuploaded it and it's still the wrong way up!
  7. Some more spots from today, including the black Reliant Regal that was at the Biddulph show. It’s a nippy little thing! EDIT Rialto, not Regal…
  8. I shared a yard with a recovery firm that had a contract with the AA to recover vehicles broken down on a close by section of the M6. They used the garage next door to repair these cars. After a complaint was followed up it turned out this garage was invoicing for loads of work they hadn’t done. The end result was the recovery firm lost the AA contract and ended up going out of business.
  9. Went to a car show in Biddulph yesterday, I didn’t manage to snap everything but I did take pics of a few… The Mk2 Golf was found in the local Sainsburies!
  10. I’m just going to cover the number plate next time so the ANPR camera can’t see it. The Llangrannog website (for local ppl by local ppl) even advise people do this so they don’t need to pay at all.
  11. Sounds like it but I think it follows the letter of the law (if not the spirit)
  12. Find out where they live and next time you see them parked on the drive quickly drive around to their house and park on their drive instead. In other news, I found out today that I've been unsuccessful appealing a parking ticket via a POPLA appeal. I went over the 10 minutes grace period by 5 minutes to buy a parking ticket as the ticket machine wasn't working properly, there was no internet to download the payment app and the machine kept spitting a coin back out so it's basically impossible to pay unless you already have the app and use a local pubs wi-fi. By the time you realise you've got no hope of paying you're already over the 10 mins grace period. . Apparently I didn't provide enough evidence in the appeal ( make a video of the machine returning coins? a screenshot of my phone with no internet reception?) Obviously you don't know you've got a ticket until you get one in the post a week or so later so you don't gather any evidence at the time and the car park is 100's of miles away so it's not practical to return. So £100 goes to the car park bandits this time, at least I made them work for it rather than just caving in. Next time I'll make sure to cover my number plate and park for free. If anyone's interested it's the carpark at Llangrannog in mid Wales and it features heavily online because of the difficulty punters have in paying due to defective equipment (The ANPR camera always seems to work perfectly, mind)
  13. Spent a pleasurable hour or so this afternoon fixing the Lagunas sticky OSF brake caliper. It looked pretty scaly so a wire cup brush on an angle grinder was used to remove all the flakes and tidy things up. The pads were copper greased where needed and the caliper reassembled. It seems to have done the trick, I’ll do the NS at some point too as presumably it’s nearly as corroded as the OS.
  14. Check out that terrifying eye staring back at the bottom of the photo!
  15. Visited my Dad in Brum today and finally got a pic of this. It's been parked up for a few weeks. Fridge fire or turf war?
  16. A couple of colour changes in quick succession too, unless they told the DVLA something erroneous. Ripe for a diesail conversion?
  17. I think the only person in the UK with the same model is JonCedric (who was on Retro rides but not on here) I can't see him wanting too many parts so I imagine most interest will come from abroad. I also recon it's very unlikely Synetic will sell a car complete which has a scrapped marker against it, does anybody know what category of write off it is?
  18. I’ve noticed his 265 has a scrapped marker on it too, dating to 2005. I think it was too far gone to revive anyway. A very sad turn of events. Hopefully he’s getting the help he needs. A car is just nuts and bolts at the end of the day.
  19. My daughter and her friend found this over the park yesterday and brought it home. No idea what it used to be as it’s well stripped but I’m guessing it’s only of those shite Chinese mini-motos that the police like to seize and crush. I might salvage a few odds and ends before I chuck it on the scrap pile.
  20. I read about that on Facebook and went into full "COUNCIL R CU*NTS" mode but a recent statement from the council suggests the museum was only there temporarily anyway, they were meant to go this year but have been given a years extension to find a new place. Undoubtedly many aircraft will end up scrapped as a result, sadly. Housing is the likely reason for the council wanting the land back, but I've also read a story about Richard Branson wanting somewhere to store his space ships.
  21. It looked like it was all going so well too . Presumably instead of being repaired it was subject to an insurance claim and ended up as salvage. Maybe the damage was worse than it looked. *edit* I've read up on the previous owner, hopefully things are working out for him now and he's making a good recovery.
  22. What’s the deal with that then? I’m not sure if I’ve seen it before.
  23. I’m sure you remember the Lagunas dipstick. It’s next to useless! I changed the oil yesterday and I’m not sure if the oil level is correct or not. It could me next to empty or filled up to the rocker cover for all I know.
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