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End of year Tat Accounts.

warren t claim

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I'm the most boring person I know, so no surprise to find out I'm leaving 2013 in the same car I entered in. 




Total cost (exc. fuel) in 2013 (insurance, MOT, breakdown cover, repairs and servicing) £247.50. 


It's an awesome car. I considered changing it a few times over the year, but while Vulgalour was pining for a roof over his head I was discovering the all season joys of convertibles. Even in rain and snow, it's more fun with the roof down. And I can't really afford any other classic convertibles, so it looks like we'll be stuck together for a while. 



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I'm pretty boring due to only usually having one car at a time. Started this year with a vectra c 1.8. Quiet economical,enough room for me and the wife. Absolutely appalling on hills and overtaking at motorway speeds. Overall not too bad. Also had a lovely low miles reliant robin. Owned for 8 months and covered about 10k. Really regret selling it. Got my wife out the shit in the snow numerous times. Great on fuel and good fun to drive. Three wheeler went and was replaced by a mz Saxon motorbike and then a Honda cub. Cubs are great bikes. Hopefully buying my old one back in the new year. Vectra was replaced by a Citroën Picasso 1.8. What a shocker,thirsty,slow and handled worse than a tanker. Swapped for a Renault scenic dci privilege. Great on fuel,full leather,twin roofs,climate etc and everything worked. Only got rid due to cambelt replacement was looking like an engine out job. Quick shufty through local rag and we ended up with a clio on a l plate 1.4 auto. Day after we bought it,it failed mot so weighed in at what it owed us. Next in line was a t plate micra k11 1.0. Slow dreary and surprisingly uneconomical for its size. Not big enough for dog either. Swapped that for the e class 7 seater auto. Three tyres and a auxiliary belt is all its had. No rusty arches and very clean underneath. Was used by a friend for work so interior was neglected. Will try steam cleaning after Christmas. Rear drivers window don't work and sunroof don't slide is all that's really wrong but I can live with that. Mot due after Christmas so if it fails ill break it which would be a shame,if it passes or don't need a lot spending then will keep it. If we keep it,it will have the laquer peel sorted and all its other little niggles. Done 3k in 4 weeks and its never failed us.

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No fleet  changes this year however  mighty big spend sheet to  show for it

£800 on Morris Minor repairs (new boot floor/chassis legs/inner rear wheelarch repairs

£100 stopping the damper van from leaking (still does - a bit) 

probably a grand putting the Cowley on the road  (still runs like a bag of shit)

£££ on storing the bloody Oxford

and next to nothing keeping the 190E running which is doing most  of  the mileage.

Theres a lesson there somewhere but it will be wasted on me....

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Bought three and sold two this year. In were the Sierra Ghia from Wuv, Mk1 Rover Vitesse and Rover 416GTi. Out were the Montego GSi and BMW 325, both sold to gents of this parish.


In terms of maintenance, I've spent 150 quid on tyres this year and a few more hundred on service stuff.


By the end of the year the Vitesse needs to go, and I'm thinking of getting rid of the lot and just sticking with one for next year as redundancy might be on the cards so i'll be skint. Might even sell the Metro as the 50 quid per month storage I'm paying is hard to justify for a car I hardly use.

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  • 1 year later...

As it's coming up to the end of the year I thought I'd bump this thread for our 2014 arrivals and departures.


Bit of a dull year for me with only a couple of Mongdeos bought this year, a mk 4 bought for £3000 and a mk 3 for £750.


On the bike front the GPZ500 was sold to a friend for £375 a £125 loss and the CBR1000 was bought for £620.

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Same old story for me, 2014, was....


No fleet  changes this year however  mighty big spend sheet to  show for it

£800 on Morris Minor repairs (new boot floor/chassis legs/inner rear wheelarch repairs

£100 stopping the damper van from leaking (still does - a bit) 

probably a grand putting the Cowley on the road  (still runs like a bag of shit)

£££ on storing the bloody Oxford

and next to nothing keeping the 190E running which is doing most  of  the mileage.

Theres a lesson there somewhere but it will be wasted on me....


Another £800 on the other side of the Morris 1000 (chassis leg, inner rear wheelarch )

£600 plus a new screen sorting the Damper van properly 

£500 for replacement engine, carb and rad for the Cowley 

£££ on storing the bloody Oxford which has now been SOLD - net gain after storage roughly equivalent to the cost of MOTing it.

Oh, the 190E has had a new wiper blade and an oil change this year and its still doing most of the mileage.


So, £2000 and one car on the minus side of the balance sheet.


Not good.

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MX5 and Eunos left in January to free up space for a Range Rover.

Discovery finally admitted defeat went as a 'Bobtail project' more space for Range Rover.

Those 3 also generated a £1000 for... You've guessed. A Range Rover.

Turned 50 in February - wife promises me a Range Rover.

E30 doesn't start or move during 2014. On the plus side costs no money .

S-Type ditto.

CLK needed battery ,also secondhand ebay engine loom that didn't cure emissions problem.

Arosa still costs nothing apart from MOT fee for 4th year, I don't think it's even had any oil added.

Gaylander 2 gets 4 slightly larger Pirrelli winter tyres - part worn £200. Now a real off-roader* like a Range.....

Chrysler 300 gets written off.



Rover 600 from AngryDicky on this very forum, bought for kids to go to France in as oldest daughters Fiat 500 ( not a proper one) not big enough. The plan was then to offer it back on here or scrap it , but it sailed through an MOT and second daughter has taken possession ( not paid for, you notice). Hasn't cost a penny so far in 7,000 miles.

BMW 530d estate, new car for work to replace Chrysler . It's done 120,000 last of e61's 59 plate- hopefully will run for 2 years or till it gets to 300,000. This one pays for all the others and puts bread on the table. Impressions so far 150 mph and 45mpg- what's not to like? Just a bit boring and mainstream after 3 years in a 300C.

Range Rover, no I haven't got one,thanks for asking! I used my RR fund to add to the insurance payout to pay for the BM. Best laid plans etc.

Plan for next year- get a Range Rover!

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2000 Accord - sold to Tetleysmooth in October for £275.  Total cost (exc. fuel, tax and insurance) over 175,000 miles/11.5 years owned - 4p/mile.

2002 Avensis - sold via eBay in November for £300.  Total cost on same basis over 80,000 miles/4.5 years owned - 5p/mile (although this excludes the £750 net profit from it being written off and subsequently repaired).



2001 Mazda MPV - bought August for £400, £200 paid out on parts (servicing, rear shocks, new door, paint), now have enough bits to do cambelt and waterpump change.  2,000 miles covered since purchase.  Exhaust still not fixed.

Nissan Qashqai - non-shite Avensis replacement, 2010 1.6 with 105k on it, bought end of October.  Paid £shudder (although well-priced), spent £220 on 16" steel wheels with winter tyres and hubcaps, sold 18" alloys for £400.  2,000 miles done in a month, oil/filters change approaching.

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Began 2014 with too many cars, many of which were broken.


Volvo Amazon (SORN)
Volvo 460 Turbo (SORN)
Citroen GS 1220 (SORN)
Peugeot 305 S5 Estate (SORN)
Isuzu Piazza Turbo (SORN)
Citroen C4 HDI (on road) 

Work and finances were severely depleted towards the end of 2013, so I decided to let the 305 and GS go. The Pug ended up in Ireland and currently being stripped down ahead of a full restoration. The GS ended up going to a specialist in Grimsby after attempts to repair it got nowhere and most of the old Citroen community took it in terms to test my patience. The Amazon was still off the road after its MoT ran out along with the 460 Turbo, which took the place of the 305 indoors. The Isuzu moved from Birkenhead into a Bootle lock-up. The C4 passed another MoT and ferried me about without breaking. 

I'll be finishing 2014 with even more. Here's the current state of play. 

Volvo Amazon (MoTd but awaiting sunroof repairs)
Volvo 460 Turbo (still SORN)
Peugeot 305 GLD Van (being sorted)
Daihatsu Charade (on the road)
Mazda MX-3 1.8 V6 (on the road)
Isuzu Piazza Turbo (still in its lock up and hasn't moved since)
Unidentified shite British car (roadworthy, yet to be collected)
Citroen C4 HDI (still on the road)

The Volvo eventually returned to the road after a protracted restoration. It then decided it wanted some more down time when the sunroof panel ripped off and cartwheeled down the A55. After locating some new Golde catches in Australia, using inheritance money to pay for them and arguing with HMRC over duty, they were fitted to the car. I'm currently seeking a lead loader to sort the warped sunroof out. 

The 460 has done very little other than gather dust. I still haven't fitted the leather interior I collected from Aberdeen, but I have gathered some of the parts needed to return it to the road. It's hard to believe it's been off the road for 18 months - I'd intended to take it to RRG 2013 but it failed an MoT on a leaking CV joint, and a knackered hand brake. I part paid for an new exhaust system from JP in Macclesfield but work then went to the dog's and I never followed it up. I'm sure now things have changed I'll be able to sort that out.

The Charade and 305 were both cheap and bought on stupid whims. The former will be going up for sale in the New Year after I move it into a garage for hibernation - it's due to appear in a feature for work before then. Very little has gone wrong with it - it breezed through another MoT, attracting derision from bitter judges at the Concours d' Ordinaire and did several laps of Rockingham roaring its nuts off in glee. 

The striped and decrepit KNOB VAN attracted a lot of attention on Retro Cars' Facebook page and will be staying around for a while as some kind of mediocre winter beater of distinction. It's also useful as a van, and has a gear lever hacked out of wood. How long the MX-3 and unidentified shite British car will stay on the fleet is anyone's guess. The Mazda drives way better than expected and I don't want to let my first V6 car go just yet. I suspect the other purchase may overshadow it somewhat. The Piazza's fate is more or less decided, but it won't move until early next year. 

My C4 is still around, but will need attention to a clacking CV joint and a grabbing brake caliper pretty soon. It needed a pair of new tyres recently but is otherwise chugging away happily. 

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Nothing went, however I have inherited two MYSTERY CONTAINER FINDS which are currently neutral on the cash front. 


Land Rover's been good as gold bar the broken prop which is gonna be a pricey fix, currently owes me about £400 for the year in insurance and some new sidelights and indicators, although it earned that back by getting all famous in a magazine. 


Capri's been denting my wallet badly though.


Coilover converted Bilsteins with hubs - £400

New brakes to suit - £250

Leda rear springs - £80

Spax Adjustables - £20

Kent V63 cam - £50

3.1 block, BV heads, GP1 cam etc - £400

Steel timing gear - £100

MOT + faffing - £60

Insurance - £320

Fuel £shitloads

I need to go and have a lie down. 

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Started 2014 with:


1975 Rover 3500

Peugeot 405 GTX 2.0 Auto Estate

Citroen BX 1.9 Diesel Estate


Current situation:


1972 Mercedes 280SE

1975 Rover 3500
1978 Mobylette AV89

1984 Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia X

1984 Daihatsu Charade

1994 Peugeot 405 GTX 2.0 Auto Saloon


In between there was a brief fling with the 1984 Mitsubishi Colt.


However, the year isn't over yet...

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Poor show for me this year


Ford Ka, did 1000 miles in it, paid £400 sold £400 spent £30 on service items

Audi A4 TDI, paid £800, sold for £1k, spent £80 on service bits and 20 hours cleaning, did 500 miles in total


And that's it, I don't need a car really, wife has a new company car and I have a van so I mainly just buy and sell shite motorcycles instead, of which there have been a few this year.


On the lookout for some cheap automatic shite at present as I'm having an op and won't be able to use a clutch.

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Renault 16.

CFUC Germanic bejewelled wanker rep chariot (aka BMW 428i).

Lancia HPE.



Lancia HPE, returned to seller after it turned out to be a fairly major project.  Deposit lost, lesson learned (well, sort of).

Rover 75 - sadly scrapped due to terminal meltdown of the electronics.  Sorry.

The Skoda Yeti is technically still mine, but is out on loan to a friend and will be sold after Christmas.


Neither the Jaguar nor the Lancia have hit their deadline of getting MOTd this year.  Sum-up: Must try harder.



Edit:  Running costs?  Biggest item was de-rusting the Rover's tailgate and a few other bits, which was about £600 including painting.  Not had this year's MOT yet, mind.  Second was a new driveshaft for the Yeti; Skoda chipped in towards the cost, which was decent of them since it's well out of warranty.  There'll be something to pay on the Lancia but I don't know what yet.

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Started the year with:


The Audi. I took this photo as a selfie for the bad parking thread but think I forgot to post it up.



The GT6




The Lancia which was owned with Volksy




and of course the Imp still waiting for me to have more money to finish it....




By the end of the year the only change is that I have sold the Lancia and got the Visa.




Only update from me is that the Audi fell into a coma and is now undergoing potentially lifesaving surgury under the steady hands of LankyTim and was replaced by the Shaguar:



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Quite a busy year.  Started with these two...




The Rover went to live with RobT back in June and was immediately replaced with something even scruffier.




It'd been off the road since 1997 and recently MOT'd by the seller.  Despite this, it's been mostly reliable and has just got better with use.  I still have it and it's wanted for little beyond an oil change and spark plug.


A couple of months ago I decided to sell the Kia as it wasn't getting used much and when it was, I was using it as a van.   Its temporary replacement was sourced from Cavcraft's Used Car Emporium and is probably one of the best-handling cars I've driven.  




I had fun chucking it around for a couple of weeks but it was far too small for my needs so couldn't stay.


The 323 sold fairly promptly on Facebook of all places and set a new personal record for ownership duration of under 3 weeks.  It was replaced with a 940 2.3LPT estate which has been just plain brilliant despite being a bit ropey in places and continues to do sterling service as a car, van and occasional trailer mule.




The only other one to arrive this year will be Philibusmo's Lancia Y10 which is arriving at the end of December for a couple of months before moving on to other autoshite foster homes next year.  It should provide a welcome contrast to the 940's lumbering road manners.  

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Cant do the sums


Started year with

Transit van




Xsara gearbox went, replaced with Saab, which has been replaced Honda civic.


Xantia bored me so was sold and replaced with 405 estate.


Transit was sold, triumph bought, triumph sold and another transit minibus bought.








So 8 vechicles have passed through Moog towers since 2013

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It's been a good year so far:




Cavalier - February

Rover 220 - May

Rover 75 - October

Corsa B - November




Rover 416 GTi (gave to Pa T)

Cavalier - June (I think)


I might end the year with another Cavalier purchase which ties things up nicely, and hopefully sell the Corsa B for a small profit for a change.

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Nothing much changes here. Mercedes went to breaker,ford fiesta 1.6 bought. New rad and aux belt fitted. Got rid as the 3 door part was a pain and the dog wouldn't fit in the boot. Bought the Vectra in April for £800. Two Michelin primacy tyres fitted to front. 20 quid ebay find and new front discs and pads. Went through mot with 1 advisory on centre section of exhaust so had down pipe to back box replaced. Cambelt,water pump and rear discs and pads fitted to it too. Done 10k since April. Plan on keeping this one due to parts fitted and I know its a good motor. Does on average 38/40 mpg which ain't too bad for its size. It has a nasty habit of needing front sidelight bulbs on the left and tail light on the right.

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Started the year like this - 


1985 Renault 4 F6

2004 SEAT Toledo 1.8T 20V

2010 Mazda 5


And we end the year just the same. The disappointing bit is that the most expensive to run has been the newest with the Mazda having knackered rear shocks after 35k miles and is currently off the road waiting for a new master cylinder reservoir to turn up, the current one having decided to take early retirement and leak fluid everywhere. Great.


R4 had a couple of weeks off the road over summer when the mixture screw fell out of the carb, SEAT keeps on doing its thing and should roll over 100k in the next two or three weeks. So a relatively painless year other than the usual consumable bits and pieces.

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Not much happened with me on the car front.

no departures but I did gain a vehicle.


mitsubishi l300 van is now a camper (owned for 3 years now)

Mitsubishi lancer is still going strong (my mum uses that again owned for 3 years going on 4) did the cambelt this year and front pads.

Ford capri 2.8. Sadly just parked up on sorn. Owned this for going on 13 years. As much as it pains me this needs to go. Only because ford scene tax means it's now a lot of money sat doing nowt.

subaru pick up. Parts obtained and awaiting a mild restore.

ford anglia. Nearly finished a 7 year rebuild. Hopefully have this running and on road in 2015.

And the new addition a 1979 morris marina. Been off the road 11 years and awaiting a mild re commission.


Think that's it. ..

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Began the year with blue MG ZT diesel on the left : bought it in July 2013 for a grand and knocked up 30k in it with no real hassle




By the time we got to august this year it was on the wane though needing a fair bit of work so I bought the black one as a replacement for £800. Blue one sat on my drive until recently when a local MG nut took it off my hands for £350


Cutting a long story short the black one turned out to be a total dog that had been both written off in the past and clocked to the tune of 60,000 miles, so I sold some parts off it and weighed the rest in and got a decent chunk of my money back.


This is it a week after I scrapped it in U Pull It.




Some you win etc....


Then there was the Breadvan-baiting Alfa. A straight enough car that just didn't work out for me so I punted it on quickly at a small loss.




Once that had gone I invested in a 52 plate Hyundai Coupe which I don't actually have a picture of. Looked good and did its job adequately but thirsty on fuel, vague to drive and generally felt cheap and disposable. Sold it on for no reason other than it was boring.


Now I've got the cavalier. 2.0 GLS and other than the RAC woes getting it home you might remember from my old thread its now pressed into service, returning 40mpg and giving me no grief. Best car this year by a mile!




The Cortina lives on in a half finished state in a garage I rent nearby. its not turned a wheel this year.

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Started the year with these two:


which went to the Rgt. Honourable Shitpeas, and is now in wales.  Great car, can't rate these highly enough.  Only did a couple of hundred miles in it this year though.

Next up was this thing, which I put about 40k miles on, 16 of which were this year it seems.



It didn't seem a sensible car to be relying on giving the miles I was putting on it, so it too was sold and is now untaxed and unmotd in Wales.


Replacement was at the start of August, with this thing for a bag of sand:


I've now clocked up 8k on this, and can confirm that it's thirsty, but capable and I'm looking forward to maintaining 2k a month throughout the winter.


Plans for next year? IN MY DREAMS a garage, and a fresh-import Eunos Roadster.


More likely, a longer commute and something oil burning and boring to rack up the miles.

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Started the year the same as the previous one left; Silverado and Challenger doing daily work, dailyboring.


Renault was then commanded into service after spending a bit on commissioning fees:


Insurance $60/mo on 7500 mile p/a fully comp policy

Plate $28

Inspection $10

Wiper blades $23

Brake fluid $3

Screenwash $3

Wheel valves $4

Circuit breaker $7

Electrical connectors and tat $2

2 new H2 halogen bulbs $19


Stuck $55 of fuel in it so far and done about 450 miles.


Total spend over 7 years of ownership including buying it for $150 is not at about $1900 so not totally horrible considering how well it's been behaving for that long off the road.



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Started the year with a working 88 BX19RD, a broken 72 Austin 1100 and a Broken VW camper.


I was bored with the BX so part exchanged it with DW for a 1993 Disco 200tdi which promptly broke.


After the first attempt at fixing went a bit wrong I bought a 1986 Nissan Cherry from Micrashed to cover it's absence and now have two working legal cars.


Some attempts were made to fix/sell the other two but they're both still here and still broken.


New years resolution is to rebuild the engine on the camper and get it back on the road to see if I'll use it.


I really can't justify 4 vehicles when I have free access to another 15.

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Beige Princess was with me at the end of 2013 and is still with me near the end of 2014.  Before the end of 2015 we'll hopefully have her back on the road after substantial welding and other works are completed.



I acquired another Princess, this time in orange, which was hoped to be in better condition than the beige one.  It was thoroughly rotten but possessing of many, many valuable spares and was therefore broken for parts and scrapped.  It helped keep the beige Princess and the red Princess in good order.



The red Princess finally saw fit to move under its own power.  It almost became reliable but conked out only a few miles into new owner Philibusmo's trek back almost to where I got the car from in the first place.  He has been doing battle with it and I'm sure will be happy to be shot of it, proved to be one of those cars.  Masochistically I have been considering buying it back, but have thankfully been devoid of the funds to do so.



Then Dollywobbler told us all about the Field of Dreams in Wales and I purchased a Renault 6TL for £80.  This car is still in Wales, I still haven't seen it in person and I'm going to be transporting it back to Englandland early 2015.  At one point it was practically sold, but now it's practically bought back again.



Veg powered Xantia arrived courtesy of my brother, chompy_snake, who bought it from TheMoog.  Just had the clutch and LHM done and is currently being a Citroen by randomly breaking things that were perfectly fine.




Started with: beige Princess, red Princess

Arrived: orange Princess, green 6TL, white Xantia

Departed: red Princess, orange Princess


Resident: beige Princess, white Xantia, green 6TL

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