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  1. Sold at £960 which seems very cheap for a sierra in 2021
  2. This has @RobT's name all over it...
  3. I saw an ad just last week for a Focus on marketplace listed as - MOT expired, no idea what it will need as I've no time to get it tested. He seemingly had forgotten that he'd put it in for a test the previous Tuesday and it had catastrophically failed 😂
  4. That's the nicest one I've seen... colour suits it. I saw keef Adams was selling his so when i saw this thread I presumed you'd bought that! As Local shopping trollies these are absolutely fine, they were just overpriced for what they were. Missed opportunities are what MG Rover excelled at so its no surprise really.
  5. Despite being a serial ZT licker I've never driven an F. Like them though! I'll buy a raffle ticket if it goes that way Might be better hanging on to it til the spring for a better sale price when you get fed up as flogging a floppytop heading into the winter is like trying to sell rabies.
  6. I'd love one too, and looked at getting one 10-15 years ago when they were relatively cheap, but even then parts were made of unobtanium which put me off.
  7. looks a STUNNA for a grand
  8. Did you get one @cort16? This has just pinged up in the next morris Leslie auction in Perth...
  9. Stomil must have had egg shaped moulds in their factory. Absolutely terrible tyres! I had them on a 2.3 ghia sierra and it slid about like Torvill and Dean. 2 of them suffered blowouts too within a fortnight of each other, after which I ditched the other 2!
  10. Samsung for sale ! Complete with a pic of grandma's grave
  11. Tempted to do exactly that ! Looks excellent. EDIT: it's done 200k. I'm out.
  12. I just told him it was 250, take it or leave it. He left it. Rang back the next day and gave me the £250, by which point I'd readied it for weighing in, so had stolen quite a few bits off it. Muppet.
  13. Buyer of my old red MG ZT was the worst. Turned up in an MG jacket and t shirt combo and pored over it for (i kid you not) two full hours jacking it up and putting it on axle stands etc before picking every miniscule fault he could find, then telling me he was interested, but not at the "strong money" I wanted for it. It was £250.
  14. I'd just screengrabbed those to post but you beat me to it! Both are 500 quid each which isnt massively unreasonable given they look quite tidy. Looms seem to get quite a lot of interesting tat in
  15. Tempting and just along the road....
  16. Looks like this one survived at least... passed a few more MOTS but on a sorn since 2015. The others mostly don't seem to have been tested again after 2012 so I presume they were scrapped
  17. Just reading that in the launch year they shifted 127000 mondeos in the uk. Last year they sold 1400. Even taking covid into account, its hard to argue they should keep building them with those numbers
  18. An SUV couldn't be less appealing in my mind, im still a saloon/hatch sort of a guy. I used to drive nothing but Fords and Vauxhalls, even as an early 20 something a late Sierra GLS with the smoked tail lights was something to be drooled over.. a mate with a Cavalier SRI was the hero of the car park. But in 2021 no one drools over insignias or mondeos, especially not 20 somethings. They're very worthy but just not very sexy. Audi and BMW have absolutely stolen the mondeo market. As to other Fords, we have a 66 plate focus as a company car at work and it couldn't be any duller. Wallowy suspension and a sea of grey inside, with the world's most unfathomable radio.
  19. I've had half a dozen ZTs and absolutely loved them. This was my last to date, driven back to Fife from Manchester the night the Beast from the East hit. They're fantastic machines, but the local mechanic has had to downsize his house since I got rid and bought the A4 instead.
  20. Are they terrible alloys made to look as much like wheeltrims as possible or did Rover really only give you plastic trims on a large executive saloon in the 90s?
  21. This Alfa looks a bit crispy round the edges...
  22. Dads cars i remember... A 70 and a 76 Viva HC. the latter was green with leopard print seat covers. A 77 Capri S - i remember this from a family trip to Blair Drummond safari Park. We weren't allowed in as "the monkeys will hurt themselves on the rust holes in your wings sir" A 76 Hunter - i remember this mostly for the appalling back pressure smell. Every journey was an ordeal and possibly why I now have asthma. Looked great though. A 76 Alfasud. Rear suspension collapsed with rot and it was towed away to the scrappy. A 79 Cortina 1.6L. Lots of good memories of this one. KFS498T. furry dice and seat covers and I remember walking home from school to see my dad brush painting underseal up to the middle of the doors. After that he had a string of company cars - astras, fiestas and escorts which were all new and much less fun.
  23. Thats fantastically terrible. My old man got a G reg Escort popular brand new from Laidlaws in Kirkcaldy as a company car. Coming from a 76 Viva we felt like royalty in it. I had an Eclipse 20 or so years ago. It had electric windows which seemed a big deal. I remember that 1.3 HCS as being hellishly noisy though, sounded like the tappets needed setting no matter what you did
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