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  1. Red line was to remind you that is the limit in a built-up area.
  2. Work is on halt because the last wheel cylinder shipped. Might as well wait until that arrives and do everything in one go. Phil
  3. $2.30/gal here right now for 90 RON, which is E10. $0.62/liter. Cheap yes but you would be saying byebye to your piston crowns and valve seats running it in an engine set up for 95 RON minimum. Phil
  4. To a degree. Figures below converted to UK mpg for your viewing pleasure. I don't do much in the way of what we call long run driving any more, but around here driving a round trip of 160 miles isn't unheard of just to go shopping or get dinner. Highway figures are quoted for a steady 70 mph, with exception of the Chieftain, where they're quoted for 55. Pontiac Chieftain (1951). 4.4l i8. City 12, highway 15 (book figures). Renault GTA (1987). 2.0l i4. City 15 highway 22. Jeep Grand Cherokee (2016). 3.6l v6. City 18 highway 33. Dodge Challenger (2019). 6.4l v8.
  5. I ran new hard line from the master cylinder to the front left, front to rear and rear to left. Bent pipes to shape and flared them. Cleaned up the rear tee, it was a wad of gunge. Rear shoes looked fairly new but were falling apart. Stripped it all down. The bias adjuster at the top there took an eight foot breaker bar and my foot to shift. Beaten with hammers it finally came out. Cleaned and greased up. That hadn't been adjusted in.. forever. Forgot to take a photo with it all back together, but it's now in. Phil
  6. Old, gone. New, much better. Bollocks. Well, we've all been THERE, haven't we. I'll get some new fittings, pipe and a flaring tool tomorrow. Phil
  7. Haven't played this in a good while. Never ran this fast, either!
  8. Stopped and stared at the sky this evening. Someone louvered the clouds
  9. Ordered a length of 2/0 welding cable for use of battery relocation. Phil
  10. Don't know, yours is lighter and you can actually control your gears. Mine has a mind of its own. I can get to 60 in 19 seconds. Hot rod!
  11. Familiar sight again today. Pulled the wheel and brake drum off the passenger side front. Removed the old flexi, fixed the mounting bracket, got the new cylinder in. Old one was leaking. Got everything back together, checked clearances. All good. Going to move on to the other side tomorrow if time allows. Phil
  12. That's not a bad list at all. Race you to roadworthy!
  13. That there is nice and sympathetic. Hopefully the repairs last- keep applying conditioner until the leather is fully supple over the next few months and I think you'll be good. It should settle in as the weather changes. I'm leaning toward having to unpick and then redo the door cards on mine, something I don't relish. The cards look to have been sewn using a leather machine because the fabric is textured and sewn direct to fiberboard... What's next after the interior? Phil
  14. Removed the fan belt and alternator. New belt is the correct width. Added the additional bolt through the alternator arm and put lock washers on all the nuts. Gave the thing a coat of paint; ready to go on for long term service now. Phil
  15. Box of things arrived. Typical, one brake cylinder is on back order. Phil
  16. Another item potentially off the list- got a crank breather tube coming in the mail, complete with flame trap. Saves having to make one. Phil
  17. Main thing would be missed grease points, I think.
  18. I just want to see if they would put down oil change $, new filter $, air cleaner element $ and a whole bunch of things it doesn't have...
  19. It's certainly a bit different to the UK. A new vehicle here doesn't depreciate like the ski-slope drop in the UK; it's a lot more level. My 13 year old truck sold, at a dealership in P/X for $7500; a running, driving vehicle represents an expensive investment in a lot of cases. Sunset on a lof of vehicles here is approaching 18-20 years old, that's where the "beaters" exist, the autoshite. Generally by then the cars have been driven into the ground- there's a lot of "got problems, don't run, haul it away for cheap" adverts going on for cars that vintage. Past 25 years old, a car is consi
  20. Okay, so: The List. Rebuild brakes Replace rubber fuel lines (*) Replace intake and exhaust manifold gaskets Replace heat riser gasket Windshield defog tube (*) Refit glove box (defog tube first) Rewire battery to trunk (*) Manifold stud (*) Crank breather tube (*) Air filter needs oil Coolant change Fill screen wash Oil change Rear axle oil (*) Grease everything again (*) That's everything between now and putting it on the road. There's more, but that's the prep list. Phil (*) - Item that I don't have in stock
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