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  1. So, what is Starlight meant to express? (Sun notwithstanding) Doesn't provide enough energy to be tangibly useful? May cease to be at any time, either by vanishing or exploding violently?
  2. Then the fixing has to be aerodynamic, so it turns into a flat piece with a huge wide slot that is chewed up immediately by any screwdriver known to man; particularly when the mix of grit, mud and oil on the backside has glued the thing in place. That coupled with having to be made from environmentally friendly plastic means it'll have the strength of Dairylea. Result: flappy undertray. "We're sorry we broke your car trying to undo it" does need to be a phone call; 160 for a front shock (assuming McPherson style) isn't bad once you factor in shiny floors, air conditioning, free coffee and wages. For Old Jim down in the Arches whose only outlay is electric and rent on the space, fitting a Euro Crap Parts shock is only a few minutes in his own day so charge an hour and add 30% onto ECP's price and call it good, mate. He answers to nobody but himself. There is no chain of accountants waiting for the monthly figures.
  3. Then feedback to Volvo; underneath cars need to have stainless bolts for pieces that need to be removed for service routinely. Answer to come back: Volvo announces it's no longer to sell cars in Scotland due to environmental concerns. (The Scottish environment causing rust is a concern). It's all turned into a massive time and motion study so they can quantify every moment of the day.
  4. Thieved classics are on the rise, here. For as much technology has been added, it's still better than 60's Americana; with a handful of small tools that would fit in a jacket pocket you could make off with my Plymouth. The bonnet just pops open from outside the car. 99% chance the car is in P so clip a wire from the battery to the coil, screwdriver across the starter. Do it in that order because at least you know you've got a running car before breaking into the cabin. Jemmy down inside the glass and pop the door lock up, bingo you've got yourself a car. No steering lock, everything else you need works without the ignition switch. These days the thefts are less complicated. Generally just hook up to a tow truck and clear off with the entire car. The parts market for older cars is hot right now, so trim, mechanical parts, engines, gearboxes- all just reappear elsewhere for sale. Occasionally the entire car ends up in Mexico to be driven but most the time they're picked clean and the rest fragged.
  5. Changing my tires today. The spare, which someone had painted the rim red, got a coat of black. It's a Giti PRIME WELL.
  6. Car was looking a bit sad. Started to polish it up. It's come up okay. Got this far, needs some more detail work and the chrome polishing. Too hot to continue now, the polish dries before I can buff it off.
  7. Yeah, lead acid batteries are weird in the way they work, but you can still approximate their behavior to an air tank full of pressure. A new air tank you can pump up to, say, 200 psi. Twist open the valve slightly and it'll let air out at a decent rate but the pressure will hardly drop. Open it wide and you'll get a massive amount of air and a bit of a drop in pressure. That's because the tank holds a large amount of air. However, if the tank gets filled with a contaminant- let's say rusty dirt- you can still pump it up to 200 psi and if you open the valve ever so sightly you'll still get the same small flow and negligible pressure loss. Open it up more and it will "run out of steam" much more quickly with a significant drop in pressure. If you want to be really pedantic, consider the inside of the pressure tank to be full of dense foam, through which it takes a finite time for the air to travel. If you rapidly drain off the air then close the valve, it'll take a little while for the air to move and equalize the tank again, which is why at the terminal you will read the battery voltage climb a little after cranking the engine over. But yeah, your symptoms sound like a failed battery and those handheld testers don't pass nearly enough current when testing to make even a halfway decent judgement on the condition of a battery, outside of one that's absolutely kippered.
  8. Yeah, once those get woken up they are ok for a few months then they'll start to weep. Ask me how I know.
  9. Yes. Given the abundance of colloquial English used here, you've managed to do very well. The additional time to write the posts appears to have been focused on grammatical structure, because you use casual linguistic form very well. Writing in an informal style is one of the hardest aspects of learning to communicate in a new language. English, in particular has such a mish-mash of rules from being such a mish-mash if different languanges it's surprising anybody can speak it at all... So no, the effort you have put in is noticed by the lack of people correcting you (and they will), plus interesting content about an interesting car. Keep at it, it will eventually be easier. Flip side, I am on a German forum for older computers and there too they are very tolerant and understanding of my Google Translate skills (or lack thereof), and writing anything intelligible takes me at least three times longer than in English. It can be frustrating but is a good way to learn. Phil
  10. I really don't know. The cost of oil changes here has gone down at dealerships massively in the last ten years. There's some economies of scale going on. I just don't understand them.
  11. I thought the point of auto parts stores selling oil and filters was for it to be cheaper for the home spanner wielding idiot to change their oil? Oil for my car, $63 (fancy synthetic water thin stuff) plus a filter for $23. Oil and filter plus a carwash at the dealership $53. At least the Pontiac costs $14 a change
  12. That's what makes it that much more of a strange thing- here there's a massive church influence in a lot of places, predominantly affecting the 30+ age group. There's also a "I have my freedom and I'll do what I want" attitude in the sticks. In the city the older generation tends to be the worst for "my way or the highway" type driving, with the millennials coming in a close second mostly due to being on TikTok or Facebook for the whole journey.
  13. The rules of the Common Man appear to trump the Rules of the Road. At which point do you have to remind people they only have rights when they obey the rules? Not just that they have all the rights no matter what they do? Do what that lot did over here, if observed by a cop, every single one would be slapped a fine and a court date. The pavement is for the walking and not the driving; the road is for the driving and not the walking. End of story. No ifs, ands or buts. Don't like it? Don't do it. Yes, you have freedom but not to the point that you endanger yourself or others by being an arse. I have to agree with a previous post about the British attitude of "get out of my way, I'm doing something here and it's all about me" that appears to have flourished again recently. Is it to do with religion? That's the values upheld by the church (I'm doing a thing and y'all should also all be doing it my way, if you're not then expect to reap the wrath of my righteousness")? Nobody trusts anybody to pay attention to the rules, therefore everybody else is wrong? Baffles me, honestly. As much as there is derision directed towards an antipodean way of life, sometimes a little introspection doesn't hurt.
  14. Towing it averaged about 19 mpg.
  15. Thinking more along the line of something like Oldsmobile 442
  16. No particular attraction to any particular brand, but so far the pentastar has featured a fair bit, yes
  17. Just saw this parked up on the side of the road, had to turn around and go bang on the door of the house. That's my wife's old truck, 99 Dodge Ram with the 24 valve Cummins turbo diesel. We sold it 11 years ago, so strange to see it again. It's got 1,400,000 miles on now, still runs good but the body's falling to bits. The guy bought it as a farm hack. Phil
  18. Yup, fifty state is the Cali version. Must've been specced particularly so and shipped to KY, it's unusual to not have a 49-state car most other states.
  19. Yes, but how big is the tank? 35 gallons and that number becomes less impressive...
  20. It must have an effect, I have a similar output electric motor in my truck (partial hybrid, belt driven) and it really helps- an extra 100lb/ft of torque up to 3000 rpm. Apparently it kicks in to help along the road, if you press on the brake just a touch, not enough to get the hydraulics doing anything you can really feel the deceleration. It'll pump all that back into the battery (which takes up all the storage space behind the rear seat). It's gotta do something, the truck will average UK 23 mpg with ease. Sounds poor but it's huge and that's not bad from a 5.7 liter engine. Fixed the front seat on the golf cart. The base was made from chipboard, and being outside hadn't done it any favors. Replaced with a piece of 3/4" marine ply. I hate upholstery.
  21. Cleared everything out of the trunk. Straightened the braces up and gave a lot of pensive looks at it all. Stuck the repair panel in. The dimples don't line up. Gonna have to work something out there.
  22. PhilA

    Rozzer Shite

    Cop shocks, cop wheels. If you squint from a few miles it looks like it could be an Anglia. Blue and white (Chicago PD). Yes yes I know. But I have a vested interest.
  23. Sounds ok, oil pressure came up nicely, heard everything load down and quieten up. Go drive!
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