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  1. I agree, I sold mine to buy a 2005 5VY R1, which was by far the best looking Japanese bike ever but I have to admit the zx9 was a better all rounder apart from the brakes.
  2. Yup, drives me mental when people just force their way in rather than merge into a gap like they should.
  3. 14th Sept for me, and its still costing me £150 a month plus insurance and tax sat in the garage, it'll probably be April before it gets used, buying outright next time methinks.
  4. Yeah I realised my fork seal had blown when I was rapidly approaching a corner pulled the brakes as usual and only had 50% stopping power, fork seal had blown and oil had pissed all over the pads, it can be very dodgy
  5. Jeez that is grim I hope it was cheap 😀
  6. Maybe, is it a Hymen Hymer? Looks fiat based by the wheels.
  7. It will be normally spaced as I'm not a knob.
  8. Always makes me laugh when folk tell you to run tyres in for 100 miles There is no need, take it easy for the first 10 miles, get some heat into them steadily increasing lean angles then just ride normally, I can normally remove the chicken strips in the first 15 minutes, or on the second lap on a track day. I guess if you ride in winter it may take longer to scrub them in so its better to err on the side of caution.
  9. No, 'private plates' are nothing of the sort, its just the VRM from a pre-registered car (as you know), the value is if the letters mean anything to anyone, then there is a value, the plate on the Audi is in reality worth a couple of hundred quid, there's lots of silly money asked for worthless shite where the previous owners has paid hundreds or thousands to get the 'dream' plate and then found that its worthless to anyone else, I've just bought one from here as it was Y4 CSU becuase the last 3 letters are the initials of my missus (i.e Caroline Sarah Underwood for example) the R8 plate you mention would look good (in some peoples opinion) on an Audi R8, just like M3, M4 etc would be good on a BMW. Also, you never actually own the VRM, it belongs to the DVLA and can in theory be removed at any time. As an aside, anyone with a BO55 XXX plate is a cunt.
  10. You can use Vauxhall's op-com for quite a lot of things on the GM Saabs, You are right about the Delphi's, they don't really do a lot.
  11. Yeah it's normal, I've just driven home from work and several places are flooded but it's nothing new, it'll drain eventually, stick to the main roads and you'll be fine....probably.
  12. You can't ignore PE tickets anymore, we use them at work as we have selfish twats dumping their cars in the carpark all day, it's not as if we don't have enough signs either.
  13. Spotted this in the work carpark the other day it was the oldest car there by a long margin.
  14. Are you just jealous or a sad twat who's done nothing with their life and can't afford an 'awful Porsche convertible'? I thought this was a car enthusiasts site, obviously not.
  15. Street Triple's are brilliant, I had a 2010 'R', they aren't the comfiest things but the engine and handling are right up there, that one looks good if the mods are to your taste, make sure its had the correct map put on to suit the exhausts, you can actually diy it with tuneecu if not, get it bought
  16. Or just buy some security torx bits, dirt cheap in the usual places.
  17. I have a set of Vanucci (I think) textiles you can have for the cost of postage if you want some all weather kit, I bought them online and they didn't fit (obviously)
  18. Never ever buy clothing without trying it on, because it never bloody fits and when you try to resell it you'll get offered 10p for it. I have boxes full of really nice bike kit that isn't the advertised size Its going to be chilly in your new vented jacket at this time of year, you might end up buying another yet
  19. Yes they do deteriorate over time, I have always changed both when having cars with HID's as its sods law the other will fail immediately after.
  20. Maybe it's time to get her in an automatic 🤔
  21. Swap the yellow and red leads on the harness behind, the positive and switched lives are reversed on VAG shite.
  22. It looks fab, I really like these and have been waiting for a decent 530 i or d to pop up locally but they are all knackered with 200k on usually.
  23. Have to agree with that, I've bought many a 'cheap' bike, when it would have worked out cheaper buying a better one, consumables can be very expensive although you can still get a decent pair of tyres for under 200 fitted.
  24. They are decent suits but make sure you try anything on before buying as the sizing is all over the place, nothing wrong with lightly used kit.
  25. I'd have to disagree with this, the build quality may have improved but the resale value hasn't, if you buy something like an MT07 for £3k, put 10k miles on it and look after it it will still be worth £3k, a Chinese no-name bike will be worth about 50p, they make zero sense to buy to me.
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