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  1. Not sure if serious! They are all universally shit, people will not be getting nostalgic about Lifans or whatever they are called this week, have you been taking drugs?
  2. I've got one of these and its ace https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08M97BJ39/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 edit, the above is out of stock on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sealey-VS820-Clutch-Bleeding-System/dp/B000ROARTI/ref=sr_1_19?dchild=1&keywords=3L+Brake+Fluid+Bleeder+Hydraulic+Brake+Clutch+Pneumatic+Air+Fluid+Bleeder+Kit+Brake+Bleeding+Kit&qid=1614256186&s=automotive&sr=1-19 Sealey also do one
  3. I'd have stuck a screwdriver in the sidewall of each one, maybe.
  4. Its not difficult to do if you can get the piston out, compressed air or a grease gun can help if its not moving.
  5. Yes plenty, Peugeots, Fords, Nissans, Toyota's, BMW's, Skoda's, VW's, Audi's etc etc some do, some don't, it takes 2 minutes to check so its a bit of a non-issue really
  6. Hope your not planning to do much driving in the rain!
  7. Surely the cost of having it delivered won't be far off flight+fuel home costs anyway.
  8. Just go and get it then, its not against the law to buy a car, or get it delivered.
  9. TikTok's only purpose is to make self important attention seeking wankers feel good for the 30 seconds their vid may last, its the worst type of social media there is.
  10. Stick a jerrycan in the back and run it from full to empty and keep track of the miles till it actually runs out, hell I get 350 miles out of the 50L in my old 2.0 golf.
  11. And here's the Hahaha a leaf is far removed from a Taycan as a Fiesta is to a GT40.
  12. Have you actually been in any electric car? You might find your attitude changes dramatically as some of them are hugely impressive, I was blown away the first time I went in one and that was a relatively humble Vauxhall Ampera, I'd love a Taycan or Tesla.
  13. Nope, you can get Avon 3d storm XM for 150 a pair, or Michelin Pilot 2ct's why take the chance on 14 year old tyres when the small contact patch is the only thing keeping you out of a hedge.
  14. Its crazy at the minute trying to get a day as so many people have credits from last year and people are gagging to get out on track, its going to be a complete crash fest this year and I'm not booking any general days, its like a badge of honour for some to fall off, on my last TD at Anglesey there was at least one red flag in every single one of my sessions, I managed a whole 12 uninterrupted laps all day, not good value for the £500 it cost me for the weekend, I may book a road bike only day later in the year as they get a much more sensible type of clientele who do care about killing their
  15. My cement mixer is more refined than the Ford 1.8D lump, it really was/is a terrible excuse for an engine.
  16. Its complete bollocks, just like this fucking advert that runs in the classic car rags every month
  17. I've not owned one but ridden a couple, at 95kg they will be very slow indeed, I felt very vulnerable in and around traffic on one, they have zero road presence and traffic just bullies you into the gutter, they bounce from pothole to pothole, I'd say they are only really any good in town, they suffer the same problem as any other 125 on the open road that they can't get out of their own way, I also think they are silly money for what they are but each to their own, it was fun to ride in the right environment but would quickly become tiring (to me anyway).
  18. Very nice, always fancied one of these, but have never been brave enough due to my Dad's experiences with a V7 Classic
  19. Mine was the same, they decided not to auto-renew like they had done for the previous years and I have to take the new terms and conditions at £37 a month instead of £18, its mildly annoying.
  20. I'm especially grumpy today and people using words such as Halfrauds, eGay, bookface, Aldi ,pickarse and the like are really getting on my tits, we are not at school any more (and I haven't been for 34 years) and it winds me up, bloody sheeple.
  21. That's a standard feature on a lot of VAG cars
  22. You don't fancy pulling the glovebox out and the passenger seatbelt buckle and posting them do you? cash waiting
  23. CC's are fantastic and worth the premium price, I've had them on a few cars now in the worst of weather and they are amazing things, multiple test winners for lots of very good reasons.
  24. Its very easy to unfollow or block them.
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