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  1. I found the only way to get leathers that fit is to go and try them all on in J&S then either buy new or find someone selling the same ones that fit you that they bought online and get them for half price. Italian leathers are always too small, German ones are generous in the fit and UK sizes are generally about right.
  2. @Dave_Q If you are near the M62 then Oulton is the only choice for a bike trackday, it is simply the best circuit in the UK on a bike. I have a set of well used hein gericke leathers you can have for cost of postage, I fell off at the top of clay Hill in them at 110mph so they look like I have been bear wresting with them but they are still in good order, they should fit you, they are red and white and black, drop me a line if you want them. They are like this but in worse condition
  3. There are no cheap campers these days, buy a convertible and AB&B/pod it, I was supposed to be doing the NC500 with a friend on our bikes in may this year, it didn't happen, so myself and the wife are going to do it in her 308CC early next year, we will have the roof down all the time unless its raining, using a camper wears thin when you are shitting in a bucket and you want a comfy bed and hot shower.
  4. I bet it loses 5hp when fitted.
  5. Just how is it going to force you off the roads exactly? Do you buy brand new cars now then?
  6. I agree, lots of misplaced ire and anger, over nothing really.
  7. Your Google sign in will transfer your contacts automatically onto your new phone, I don't understand why you didn't back up your pics to Drive or Dropbox? It's free and 2 mins to setup and will save photo's automatically, too late now obvs..
  8. You can lease a car (like a corsa or ibiza) for under £150 p/m if you shop carefully and do a relatively low mileage, I sorted a friend out with a Seat Leon lease last year, £600 down and £145 a month for 3 years, I know people who are 'skint' who spend more than that on fags and booze in a month, A brand new car under warranty for under £170 a month if you amortise the numbers, which will need one service in that time, no tax, no tyres, no mot to worry about, no breakdowns or costly repairs to worry about, in fact I'd say if you want fixed cost motoring leases are the 'cheapest' way of
  9. Its a damn sight better than a ropey old TT with lots of issues as a daily I'd say.
  10. They are nice cars, I ordered one 3 days before lockdown no1 and cancelled straight away, I've been looking at Corsa E's on lease today, £250/month, considering I'm spending £100/month on fuel and another £30 for tax it seems like I can have a brand new car for £120 a month (as I can charge at work) seriously tempted.
  11. Sounds like a result, although I'd be returning the coil packs for a refund myself rather than forwarding them on. Shame as they are nice cars.
  12. I have to laugh at the 'I have aircon but never use it' brigade, I guess some of you like sitting in a hot steamed up car then, same for CC, why wouldn't you use it if you had the opportunity? It makes long journeys easier, you can always tell the drivers who don't use cruise, they are the ones you overtake a dozen times as their speed constantly changes on an empty motorway. I try to never use the brakes on motorways and rely on observation and anticipation.
  13. Top tip for frozen door seals, put a light coating of silicone grease on them, it doesn't freeze and you can open the door in any temperature.
  14. Its a straight flush royal is 10JQKA
  15. I reckon around 50% of the cars on the road are in a similar condition, people just don't give a fuck and will ignore lights/noises/tyres until they take it in for its annual MOT, where they will get a shock and have to pay £££'s to have it repaired, and rinse and repeat, I don't know anyone apart from me and my Dad who do any preventative maintenance at all, I've never had a car fail its test and sort any issues that arise immediately, you should be charged double for the mot test if it fails on bulbs or tyres at the very least! Its also one of the major reasons I don't really like buyin
  16. Not a chance, people have had 4 months free to mot their vehicles, those who haven't done it already if they had an extension should really get their priorities in order.
  17. Why not just mot it now and you'll get 13 months ticket?
  18. Nice to meet you Anders and glad you managed to beat the Kendal traffic I'm sad to see the car go if I'm honest as its been brilliant for me and I'm regretting it a little but onwards and downwards, I have a £24 VW Golf for the winter!
  19. Cheap that, 15 mins to go and still £650
  20. I drove it to work today after using the golf for a week, I'd forgotten what a nice place it is to sit and so quiet compared to a creaky 20 year old VW Its peeking round the corner at me, it knows its time, like a dog when you take it to the vets for the last time.
  21. I agree, 407's of any flavour are automotive leprosy, nobody will buy them, they are nice places to sit and wait for recovery though.
  22. I don't understand why you are having these problems the minute you have bought it, it was faultless for @jamiechod and then myself in the weeks leading up to the sale apart from the missing pixels in the central cluster, otherwise I'd never have bought it in the first place and subsequently sold it on here, (if I'd known it had issues it would have been punted on eBay or FB and I wouldn't have dropped £400 on a cambelt and water pump) we have done less than 750 miles in it since buying it as the wife genuinely found it too small after her 307cc after I pushed her into the TT as I didn't want
  23. @Tim_Ejust noticed your profile, are you sure you want the whole world to know exactly where you live? is the field outside yours and your conservatory door is unlocked
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