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  1. Why? It's not a XR2 or anything, just a ropey old Fiesta, anyone who pays more than 500 quid for it is a mug.
  2. It is completely fucked and a complete waste of time now, you can filter a lot of it out but the number of scamming cunts far outweighs the genuine sellers now.
  3. Weird, ours costs us around a pound a washload to run, and was only 200 quid to buy, but I guess the hive mind has spoken.
  4. Why not just buy a tumble dryer? I don't know anyone who doesn't have one.
  5. The most they can charge is the rate set by the DVSA at Β£54.85.
  6. You are hilarious sometimes, the business is a huge success for the owners and they are continually expanding, its obviously a very good business plan for them, but you know best πŸ‘Œ
  7. Looks suitably grim for a collection
  8. You can recalibrate the gearbox to learn your driving style and they can become more responsive. https://mbworld.org/forums/e-class-w211/260003-how-reset-transmission-ecu.html Also mine always showed the 'battery protection' when I'd been using it for local short journeys, they do put a lot of load on the battery it seems.
  9. @SiC does this have the hidden CD player behind the minor controls above the ashtray? They are a big old bus, my missus thought mine was a tank.
  10. Looks like it's pretty steamed up so the a/c isn't working or the old duffer has it set to recirc constantly.
  11. Yeah that's exactly what you do
  12. Me too, its normal but quite disconcerting. SBC hold is very useful, SBC stop is wierd 😁
  13. That's a very brave purchase if I do say so.
  14. Nice to see its found a new owner on here, I almost wavered and bought it back as it was ridiculously cheap.
  15. Never said I didn't like them, I had a 600 and two 1100's This was the nicest My '97 1100, it was mint, swapped an e39 528i for it, think I got the better deal.
  16. They are also 25 years old, I rebuilt my mates last year as the chain snapped and ruined the crank cases, they are ok and cheap enough but they are a bit meh to me.
  17. to be fair it just looks like every other 'individual' T/4/5/6, also can't see if its been lowered and had shit wheels put on it to further ruin the driving 'experience'
  18. Just remember its 30 years old, its likely that every single rubber component is going to need replacing, the emulsion tubes in the carbs are probably worn oval, wiring looms are going to be crusty, the plastics are incredibly brittle, exhausts are likely to be paper thin, radiators failing, inside the petrol tank is likely to be corroded etc etc, if its a bike you want to use every day be very careful, if its something to polish and use occasionally then maybe, but you could get a decent late 2000's VFR800, CBF1000 or Fazer 1000 for a couple of grand which are better in every single way. Obviously if its a mint low owner garaged bike then it should be considered, but it's 30 years old still.
  19. Assume everything will be absolutely knackered, my 94 one was ropy 20 years ago, they don't age well, good bikes though, mine was black and pink. I wouldn't be swapping a CBF600 for one though.
  20. Tell your CC company your card is lost, get another card which will have a different number/expiry, if its just a rolling contract (as I'm sure they all are) it should expire naturally if not paid.
  21. Just block him, then advertise it on here.
  22. It was probably present 5 minutes before the car was collected and cleared :πŸ˜€
  23. Decent one for sale on this very forum @yes oui si
  24. @goosey Also screwfix https://www.screwfix.com/search?search=O ring
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