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  1. It was, very solid shell. I regretted selling it but had too many cars and something had to give.
  2. Bloody hell, that's my old MG!! By eck its changed a bit, was a totally original rubber bumper one with original deck chair seats! I sold it for a grand to guy in Hull during lock down. I still have the heritage certificate somewhere. I'll have to get some tickets in the hope if winning the shite thing back!!
  3. Nice, what's your plan with it? I have one, not quite standard that I have owned 15 years now. There's an Anglia owners club meet up in Wakefield this weekend if you fancy a run
  4. That looks like a military tag, I have a share in a Daimler Ferret and that has the same plate riveted to the rocker cover and same colour paint. Our history says the engine was rebuilt during service and the plate matches our history.
  5. That's my old car, I bought it in 2010 and sold it last year. I bought it so my mum could get around, then it stood a few years. I welded it all up and did loads to it then my mum passed away and didn't have it in me to finish it. Sold it for 750 with no mot. Young lad bought, put an mot on it then flogged it, been hovering around between buyers ever since. It really is a cracking car and that mileage is genuine. I put two brand new mitsubishi wings on it. I hope it finds a good home. My mum drove it all over the place.. deserves to survive as super rare now..
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