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  1. That colt appeared on ebay about 3 or 4 years ago. Not dissimilar condition. I contacted the seller to say I had a brand new wing and a carb but never heard owt back. Looks like its deteriorated further.. I'm tempted to bid but just for parts on my Lancer...
  2. Been watching your exploits with the Jag for a bit, it looks simply amazing and great to see all the effort you are going to.
  3. Great thread and nice to see all those yellow number plates on old chod just as I remember...
  4. I've never managed a shite fest before, would love to make the effort to attend this one... Dates look OK too..
  5. Hpi says registered overseas prior to import. Manufactured 1998 date of registration in UK 1/10/1999. Not on a cherished number but sorry to say is a previous cat C in 2017 but to be fair given its age when written off it could have been for sod all...
  6. Doing a grand job, always felt guilty for scrapping my 1300 years ago. Glad you're saving one....
  7. Great work in securing those.
  8. Are the sills from Giles? If so while profile not great, nice thick steel though and if you trim back they don't look bad.
  9. Sorry but I don't need another car. But thank you
  10. I'll be giving this a proper look over and quick clean this weekend. Don't be shy at making an offer. Will probably end up on ebay at the weekend on a 99p no reserve auction... Would prefer not to have to deal with the ebay numpties though..
  11. Just taken this in part exchange against my wifes Fiesta today. It helped seal the deal and to be honest I just need it gone. its a 2002 1.0 Tempest (no idea what that gives it but it does have a factory sliding roof - which does work) central locking but keep kit windows and manual mirrors. Mot to Nov 2019 Mileage is 83700. Tyres all good, clean interior but slight hole on drivers bolster. Cant see any welding been done and not been flagged as a rusty shed on MOT history but is starting to go round the arches (nowt serious and easily caught if it bothers you) Few minor scrapes on the bumpers and a dodgy paint blend on the o/s/r 1/4 Its never gone win any prizes - but as a an honest car it ticks all those boxes. Previous owner had it since 2012. Need it gone - £450ono Car located near Wakefield just off jct 40 M1
  12. Another thumbs up for rock auto. I sourced all my parts from there. Only rear shoes were wrong as the US brats have smaller back brakes. I managed to source a rear disc set up so that solved that issue. In the process of fitting a new fuel tank in mine and a steering arm for the mot.
  13. Enjoying your thread, I own a 91 model that I restored a couple of years back. Mine leaks oil and guess its from oil pump. Will keep checking in on your progress...
  14. You won't get charged storage till its cleared by the police but ring daily as when cleared they may forget to ring you! Insurers will more than likely see it as a total loss just by the time you add everything up and see what's available. Taking into account liability for state of engine etc. Good luck and wish I could have helped with parts.
  15. Well done with the purchase. Certainly looks saveable. Have you seen the latest cc weekly, the scene shot of Doncaster looks to have one of these crossing a bridge in front of the 1100/1300...
  16. RobT its many years since i worked on a mk3 cav. But unless my memory is totally shot im sure those 1/4 windows were bolt in with 8mm nuts. No glue required..
  17. Excellent news, great job. Slowly but surely as they say..
  18. Need some pictures yeah it was always good on fuel... joys of the fuel injection.
  19. My old 87 Lancer wouldn't start in park, the switch is in the engine bay near the battery but i could never work it out how to remove. Never had an issue with the proton though. If you want to remove the centre console, there is a thin plastic strip in front of the lever, lift that off and it reveals two screws. The plastic hand recess under the handbrake just lifts out revealing another screw and ashtray hides another. Then it all lifts out and auto lever is then accessible.
  20. Yeah did you fix the central locking in that door too while trim off? Good luck with the sunroof, i gave up with it in the end and sealed it up. Slightest bit of rain and it pi$$ed in. You can get new seals though... buying the handle at 15 quid was enough for me as original was snapped.. Clearly gone to the right person... chuffed its seeing some attention. ...
  21. Don't drive it, sell it to me seriously though, just bite the bullet one day and take it for a long drive. If it has gone round the clock the chances of it doing it a second time are very slim indeed while its parked up. Having read your thread has made me look at a gt myself and fingers crossed im going to look at one tomorrow thats for sale...
  22. Looks better after the clean, sorry i didn't get chance to clean before you collected it.. and yes that buzzer is annoying! !
  23. Glad back ok, that must have been what the drone was... well thats a cheap fix. In the time i had it, it never saw a spanner so be great for it to get some attention. Glad to have helped and look forward to the updates....
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