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  1. I think the reviews for this place are very unfair. Yes, the girl serving behind the counter was quite surly. She was fit, though, so I wasn’t too fussed. The owner is an old bloke who is really into his military history. Lovely bloke and very friendly. There’s a little jumble sale by the door with all proceeds going to charity. My food has been good and reasonably priced, all the times I’ve been there. A lot of negative reviews come from the fact that they don’t people other than actual customers use their toilets. I think that’s fair enough really and to be fair there’s a massive sign by the door stating the same. The decor is something else. I think there’s three different types of artex in there for a start! There is an equally dated looking bar/function room adjoining the cafe, but I don’t get the impression that gets much use!
  2. Definitely up for this, providing the dates work.
  3. Being heavily into 40s/50s family cars the news of a potential price drop doesn't bother me. In fact quite the opposite, my only concern being I'll soon realise how much I overpaid for my A40 Somerset in 2014. Younger people are being priced out of these cars at the moment and lower prices will help encourage them in.
  4. Bargain! Think they're actually A55 MK1 judging by the thumbnail, which is the model I own. Do you have a link? I'm struggling to find it in their catalogue.
  5. Well done Mark, lovely work there. Hat truly doffed sir.
  6. Yeah, when I was doing 3000 miles a year around town it was a doddle to use 1950s cars everyday. Now I do 12000 on mostly fast roads. My Rover does the job easily, and I can fix it on the rare occasion something does go wrong. I don’t want to go any newer, I just find modern cars (with a handful of exceptions) as dull as ditchwater.
  7. That emergency braking thing sounds absolutely dire. My mate has recently bought a 2018 Micra which apparently has it, and he's quite worried about the prospect of it getting confused and jamming the brakes on when he has the situation under control, and actually causing an accident (causing someone to run into the back of him etc). He doesn't think there's any way to turn it off. As for me, I'm going to keep my Rover 600 going as long as possible. I saw one at the weekend, a really battered Nightfire Red 620si, early one on an L reg. I had a chat with the owner, who said he bought it for £350 ten years ago and it's required little more than servicing, tyres and brakes in that time. He intends to keep it going "until the wheels fall off" - what a legend!
  8. If that's the P100, the load sensing valves are totally obsolete as well and may well prove an obstacle to an MoT even if you weld it up and do all the other work. I'd avoid, it doesn't seem especially cheap either.
  9. Angrydicky

    E10 Fuel

    Honda say all their engines with fuel injection are fine to run on it, so my Rover 600 is ok. The older stuff I run Valvemaster Plus in, which as well as being an octane booster and a lead replacement additive, also now has an ethanol stabiliser. So I'm not worried about it.
  10. I can’t remember where I got up to with the Hampshire. It’s been ages, but I’ve finally got a little bit of an update for you. So I popped the rebuilt Zenith carb back on, and tried for a spark. Nothing at all. I cleaned every electrical connection in sight (and got pretty much all electrical equipment working in the process) but still no spark. I cleaned the points, no luck. They still didn’t look very good, so I decided to remove the points for closer inspection. They were badly burnt and had obviously stuck together at some point. I spent about 20 minutes cleaning up both sides with a small file, as the usual wet and dry wouldn’t touch the damage on there. I knew the points needed replacing, but I was eager to see if the engine would run. I was rewarded with a fat spark! The petrol tank was full of gunge so I rigged up a lawnmower petrol tank in the back of the car, with hose straight to the rusty original fuel pipe, which I pulled off the tank. I primed the fuel pump and after a few pumps the horrible yellow petrol cleared and nice fresh stuff came through! I knew from my churning the engine was delivering the nice clean oil to the top end well, but I had no oil pressure showing. I suspected the oil pressure gauge was seized as it never moved off 20 psi. I had a rummage through my spares and found a spare Somerset one which had the right connection. I connected it up and it showed good oil pressure when cranking. Original stuck gauge: Temporary one, while cranking: The stuck valve had resisted all my efforts to free it. I managed to get it moving but it was still too tight in the guide to move without assistance from a couple of crowbars. In a moment of frustration I fired up the blowlamp and tried to get some heat into the guide, although all I managed to do was melt the stem seals and ruin and distort the valve spring and slightly damage the one next to it. I just wanted to hear the engine run at this point, even though I knew it would only be on three. No.1 exhaust valve is stuck open. After a bit of churning and spluttering it fired up, threw loads of soot out of the exhaust but sounded ok, and the throttle responded. Obviously I only ran it for a few seconds as I still had a stuck valve and no cooling system, but I was very pleased. IMG_3953.MOV I eagerly hopped into the drivers seat and attempted to engage a gear, but predictably, the clutch is seized to the flywheel, as all I got were grinding noises. I decided the head would have to come off, so after procrastinating about it for most of the BH weekend, I got the spanners out and had it off in an hour. I took the water pump off, primarily to get access to the block waterways, which I imagined would be clogged to high heaven. Surprisingly, they looked pretty good. The pump itself feels perfect, there’s no play in the two bearings and I’m going to take a chance that the seal is ok. One thing I do intend to do before refitting it is to remove the blanking nut and screw a grease nipple in so I can prolong its life a bit! I suspect it’s been replaced at some point as it’s painted in BMC green (Hampshire engines, being pre BMC, were painted blue from the factory). This engine is a Gold Seal replacement fitted in 1962. The bores looked perfect with no wear lip at all, which fits as it’s only done 10,000 miles in 59 years! I took the head into work and used the press to push out that stuck valve. The guide on that one was full of rust, I’ve honed it smooth but didn’t want to overdo it and take metal off the guide. The other guides are all in perfect condition. I cleaned everything up in the parts washer, and made a start lapping in the valves, the old fashioned way with a stick and paste! It’s nice working on an engine that isn’t totally clapped out, I decoked the combustion chambers and polished the mating surface with some very fine w&d. The heater valve was full of crud as was the thermostat housing, and needed several goes in the ultrasonic cleaner to get it half decent. Look at how well that Gold Seal paint has come up! The thermostat used on these old A70s is a very tall ‘bellows’ type which has been unavailable for many years. They’re also pressed into the housing. I watched a video by ‘Marty T’ on YouTube where he replaced the thermostat on his A70-engined Bristol bulldozer! With a modern type one as the original was fucked. It looked a right old war, he had to use all sorts of tools to chisel out the remains and then turn up a spacer on his lathe so the modern one would fit. I couldn’t really be arsed with that, so I decided to test the ‘stat, and see if it worked. It did! The spring extended then compressed back down as it cooled down. You’ll have to take my word for it as I only took the one photo. Anyway, that could be left alone. Fantastic. It also blocked the water flow off then released it, as it should. I flushed out the radiator a while ago, so that’s ready to go back in. I have all new hoses and clips ready to go on, and a new fanbelt, ordered from the excellent Austin Counties Car Club. I need to place another order now, for a head gasket and a couple of valve springs. Annoyingly, the car came with a head gasket set but where the damp has got to it, the composite (copper and asbestos) head gasket has started to delaminate so I’ll have to buy a new one. Its coming together anyway. I need to finish lapping in the valves, refit the head, build the cooling system back up and then I can get it warmed up properly and attempt to free the clutch. I went to a small local autojumble a couple of weeks ago and there was a chap there with an impressive display of old British auto electrical equipment. My partner spent ages there with the stall holder as he went through his catalogues to find the right points and condenser for her P6. Having sorted those out, I asked if he had a set of points for an A70 Hampshire. Rather than the usual blank look, he said “quite possibly” and pulled out a much older and more dog-eared catalogue and after a while selected a set from the table and handed them to me. Cost me a tenner which I don’t think is too bad. They’re in a proper Lucas red and black box and it almost seems a shame to take them out of the box, so I’ve installed them in the glovebox for the time being.
  11. I see what you’re saying. However, it’s a very different kettle of fish to someone (for example) making and selling BMW wheel centre caps or badges, which firstly carry the registered trademark, and secondly are a part that BMW sell, so they would of course have an interest in stopping the counterfeits.
  12. I’ve been thinking about using those Minor inner wing panels to replace the totally rotten rear inner wings on my Hampshire. I’m never going to find the correct panels for it. The profile looks similar, but I’ve no idea on sizing etc. If you do buy one, do you think you could measure overall length and height for me so I can see if it will be anywhere near? Please and thank you!
  13. What a load of bollocks about this copyright. I don’t understand how artists’ drawings and paintings even come under the copyright umbrella, it’s not like the manufacturers in question are losing out. So why do they care? Surely, if anything, it’s in their interest to encourage these sort of drawings as they might encourage people to buy their products. The classic stuff is even more pathetic, as it’s not like a split screen VW camper is even available new to buy. What do they gain by such a heavy-handed approach? Oh well, I have a decent list of companies to add to my “boycott list”. Love the artwork by the way. You have a real talent there.
  14. This is a bodge. Don't do it. Just replace the whole inner wing and flange, they are readily available. I know it's a few quid but at least you would have the satisfaction of knowing it's been done properly. Should be a walk in the park for a man with your skills.
  15. Got to keep the riff-raff out!
  16. That Camry looks great, proper old geezer spec. How rusty is it?
  17. Of course! Seen him live I think three or four times 😂 such talent!
  18. Number plates look great Trig, a huge improvement! You just need to sort out that suspension now, I'm guessing the usual muppet has fitted coilovers? Must ride horribly if so.
  19. I was in Aldi last night and saw this useful set of punches for £5.99. Haven’t used them yet but I’ve borrowed the ones from work loads of times for jobs on the cars, hopefully these will be just as handy.
  20. Oooh yes, great call. Susie is lovely. The “thinking man’s crumpet” as I once heard her referred to!
  21. She's cute, but she's no Carol 🥰
  22. Yeah, the use of Septic language creeping into our vocabulary irritates me too.
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