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  1. First owner was Europcar, according to the old V5. It was registered at their head office in Hitchin. It was sold as a used car when it was a year old through Pocklington’s Renault of Louth (still going I believe) to its only other owner who died earlier this year. I would assume that Europcar ordered direct from Renault UK.
  2. The plenum drains on this 75 were blocked solid with leaves and muck and there was a lot of trapped water that leaked out once we rodded them out. Changed the cabin filter. This has been underwater and it was absolutely grim, probably never changed before. Fortunately, the engine itself was serviced last year and the air filter is like brand new, it had a new diesel filter too. Flatted and polished the headlights, they came up well. Numberplates: I transferred the private plate from the Renault onto a retention certificate (will probably end up roffling it) and the DVLA very quickly put it back on its original X reg. I simply cannot abide the newer post 2001 font number plates on earlier cars so I had to get the older font plates for it. I bought them from fancyplates, they are the pre2001(a) font. Decent quality and price and they were nice and quick too, and came with the fitting kit. I also got some new plates for the 75 to replace the old ones which were delaminated, especially the rear. I had the script from the dealer who supplied it secondhand in 2005 applied and it came out really well. Also from fancyplates and they do the proper 75 rear plates too which is also very important. With the 75 up on the ramp, I had a poke at the crusty bit on the back of the drivers side sill. A bit worse than I thought but not too bad. Can’t find any other rot on it. I’m fairly confident it will go through the mot with this sorted out. Just took the rear wheels off and had two new tyres fitted. The fronts are matching Continentals which have plenty of meat and weren’t quite as old as the rears. The washer pump has come back to life, spurting out a load of filth in the process. I’ve spent £150 or so on service bits for the Laguna, I’ve got a full cambelt kit with tensioners etc, new aux belt and tensioner, and a new water pump as well as the oil, filters and so on I’ve already fitted, and the new plates. I’m hoping the private number plate will cover the cost of all the parts once sold, making this a cheap car, although it’s needing a fair bit of work to get it up to scratch. The air con has some pressure (surprisingly) so I’ve ordered a can of gas and I’ll see if it will come back to life, you never know.
  3. That’s the ex Rob-T one isn’t it? Still looking fine! This one has apparently been garaged its whole life which has preserved it quite well. Not a trace of lacquer peel anywhere.
  4. I feel much the same as you do about the 75. They are nice cars but just don’t ’do it’ for me like the 600 and 800 do. I think it’s probably because they’re still fairly common. It will be the second one my dad has owned and this one is better specced than his last, a cheap KV6 with a blown head gasket that the previous owner had bodged with K seal and PX’d. It had been run out of coolant and cooked on the motorway (as the cooling fans didn’t work) hence the HgF.
  5. Just before Christmas a lineup of used cars started appearing outside a local farm. I drive past there everyday to work and back and always have a look, though it’s always dull modern stuff like Peugeot 207s and Ford C-Max, that sort of thing. Earlier this week I did a double take as I drove past to see a pretty clean looking Mk1 Laguna, in ‘old man gold’. Obviously I stopped to have a look, the weather was miserable that day but it looked pretty tidy from what I could see. I’ve always liked these and they’ve really thinned out along with most of these 1990s family cars. Hadn’t seen one for at least a year or so. The price in the window was reasonable, and it was ONO. I told my dad about it and he was keen to have a look, so we drove down on Saturday and had a poke around it. In the cold light of a warm sunny day I could see the rear arches were a bit scabby, seen a lot worse though, and it needed a pair of front discs soon. It was unlocked so we had a good poke about under the bonnet and inside, dipped the oil, it was on the full mark although dirty. It’s a 1.8 petrol manual in ‘Sport’ spec. I think that just means 16” alloys and a tailgate spoiler. Rang the seller on the number in the window, he came out with the key and paperwork and fired it up. It sounded good and I couldn’t really fault it on a test drive. I was expecting it to have a slipping or at least high clutch, as it had been owned by an old man who had died, but it actually felt really good and pulled well. Agreed a price, left a deposit and returned half an hour later having made a visit to the post office to withdraw the balance. On my return, we did the paperwork and were chatting about old cars when he said he had something else in the back that might interest me. Followed him down into his cavernous yard filled with all kinds of shite, old lorries, tractors and even a Peugeot 404 pickup. Right at the back was a sorry looking red Rover 75. He explained it had belonged to his father, who died around Christmas and it’s just been sitting around since then. The mot had run out and it was pretty filthy, but what it did have in its favour was that it was a diesel auto, in Connoisseur SE spec with the lovely beige leather upholstery. It was pretty mint inside too, never smoked in. I agreed a price for that as well. It started straight up with a jump and I drove it the mile or so home. Back to the Renault. All I could really fault with the way it drove was the clutch cable which was sticking a little bit when moving off in first or reverse. I disconnected it under the bonnet and hung it up, then dribbled 3-in-1 oil down it. This made a huge difference, and it feels incredibly smooth now. The clutch is also nice and light. The interior was brown and sticky from all the nicotine. Everywhere the previous owner had touched was brown. It was pretty disgusting and I spent a whole day cleaning it and wet-vac’d the drivers seat. The others need doing as well but it’s not too bad now. I’ve cleaned and polished the exterior and it’s come up really well, the chap who owned this car must have been a really careful driver as there’s no parking scrapes at all, the paintwork is in remarkable condition for a 24 year old motor. There’s a couple of tiny car park dings but you’ve got to look very hard to see them. In the boot, I found the original unused Michelin spare and the unused tool kit. The bonnet catches were very sticky, a weak point on the Laguna 1 and twice it jammed shut and I had to fiddle around with a screwdriver and pry bar to manipulate the catches from underneath and pop it open. Anyway, I’ve cleaned and greased them up and they seem ok now, the plastic lever needs a good old pull up to release the bonnet but at least it does release every time now. The mileage doesn’t show up, I googled it and it’s a common fault, the bulb blows so it can’t be illuminated but it’s still working. I shone a torch at it and managed to make out the actual mileage, 100,848. I found the service book and, oh dear, the last stamp was for a major service in 2004 @ 40000 miles. Surely it had been serviced since then? Unfortunately, I don’t think it had. The aux belt was a genuine Renault one and cracked all over, so the cambelt will be the original too. I’m not using it again until I replace it. I went to ECP and bought oil, oil filter, air filter and plugs for it. The oil had been in there so long it had a brown tinge to it, which had even stained the dipstick, the air filter was utterly filthy, and the spark plugs were seized in and when I did finally get them out, they were genuine Renault and the electrodes were all worn down. Why do people neglect cars to this extent? I genuinely believe the last time this was serviced was 20 years and 60k ago. I scrubbed up the dipstick to get the brown residue off it, and it’s looking a lot better now, but it’s so manky in there it really needs changing again. This abuse is testament to how strong these 1990s engines are, I’m sure a fragile modern engine wouldn’t take this abuse. It runs beautifully, better than it did when I first got it but it really wasn’t bad then to be honest. Over to the Rover. I drove it home and the only thing I noticed was it was pulling to one side a bit. Checked the tyre pressures, 38, 33, 12, and 13. Well I guess it’s to be expected after months sitting around. Set them all at 30. I’ve given it a once over for the mot and all it seems to need is one rear tyre (sidewall all split open) a windscreen washer pump and a small 3x2” patch on the os sill. It’s never been welded before and is in fantastic condition underneath for one of these. It’s only done 96k so has loads of life left in it. Obviously it’s nowhere near as good bodily as the Renner but it looked quite presentable after a wash and polish. First one I’ve had to use a toothbrush on to get the greenery out from around the windows, for quite a while. The boot on this one was full of water and the carpet and spare wheel were all mouldy, lovely. It runs and drives fantastically, it has only done 2000 miles since the last service. I’ve cleared out the bulkhead drains and a lot of water came out, once I got all the leaves out. Bodywise it’s nowhere near as mint as the Laguna with a lot of parking dents and scrapes but being the SE it’s incredibly well-specced and all the toys still work, including the rear window blind! Fatha-AD has taken a shine to the Rover so he’ll probably be having that. I’ll take the plate off the Laguna and will probably roffle it if there’s likely to be any interest in it, it will then hopefully revert back to its original reg X47 FBP and I’ll get some decent number plates made up for it. It’ll be good to get rid of the previous giffer’s homemade effort, as amazing as it was to save £15. Once I’ve done the discs, pads and belts on the Renault I think it’ll be up for grabs as well as I just don’t have any use for it. Personally I think getting two nice cars for a grand is pretty good going in 2024. What do you think?
  6. Reminds me of an old lady I used to deliver to, she was well in her 80s and had a Ford Fusion (2004-ish) turning green on the drive of her bungalow, with weeds growing around it, just like that Focus. I asked her about it and she said she didn’t want to sell it as she hoped she might be able to get it back on the road and start using it again. She said there were people knocking on the door wanting to buy it all the time. There was no way she was going to be driving again, she walked very slowly on a zimmer frame, but lived in hope I guess. I looked the car up on the mot history and it had some tiny mileage like 6,000 miles and I think that was an auto too.
  7. Bit of an odd one. Normally I'd say it had been winched onto a beavertail and weighed in at a dodgy scrapyard, but the fact he's got a ticket shows they must have got it started and driven it away. It's pre-keyless nonsense, I'm sure it could be started by someone with the right kit but why would they bother when there are loads more valuable and newer targets available? Has he still got all the keys for it?
  8. Got excited here thinking the thread was about old cars. As you were.
  9. There's no comparison, the Somerset is like a rocket in comparison! I'm actually going to be moving it on soon. I prefer driving the Hampshire and it's just sitting there not being used so it deserves to go to a new home with someone who can lavish more time and attention on it than I can.
  10. Fitting a filter is a nice idea, but to be honest I’m not that bothered. I’ll just change the oil regularly. I’ve already changed it once. I don’t like SAE 30 (it always seems too thin for cars) I settled on a quality 20w50 instead. Oil pressure at idle when cold is 50psi and about 20-25psi when hot. That’s pretty decent for an old sidevalve and I’ll happily take that. The oil is staying very clean on the dipstick which shows the sump is good. The engine must have had work done over the years but I really don’t know exactly what. It’s nice and quiet and doesn’t smoke. I bought a new set of number plates from Tippers to replace the dreadful, cheap rubbish it had fitted. Also fixed the headlights, the switch was faulty so I got a good secondhand switch and swapped the original ignition barrel into it to keep the original key. Not a lot else to do on it really. I’ve trundled around a bit in it locally, the longest trip was about 15 miles. It’s definitely no speed demon. Quite like driving a prewar car with better steering and suspension. Great fun though.
  11. Where abouts in Lincolnshire are you? I’m approx midway between Boston and Horncastle. Ruffgeezer is local too.
  12. Nice. Same year and interior as mine (mines the sporty 130bhp Si model). All pretty standard issues they all suffer with there. PAS leak will be the oil cooler behind the bumper. Mines on its second set now. Pipes from contemporary Honda Accord are much beefier and I liberated a near perfect set from a scrapyard a while ago which I’m keeping for when mine starts leaking again. I had to repair one arch on mine, I spent ages getting it just right but it did need work behind the sill cover too. Strangely the other side was perfect. They are absolutely brilliant, completely underrated and very rare cars nowadays. I find mine very comfortable to drive and faultlessly reliable. Another vote for keeping it original, covering it with tat would totally spoil it imo.
  13. Think Bluemels supplied most of the steering wheels in that era. Did about 20 miles in this beast yesterday. It ran really well and I managed to swap the ignition barrel over onto the replacement ignition switch, so we have headlights now.
  14. Fatha and dog approved. Shame the weather hasn’t been up to much lately.
  15. It’s a shame about the number plate. The first one I viewed in South Wales did have its original plate but the car itself was a dog, awful paint, poor welding underneath and lopsided. Also very overpriced for the condition. This one might have lost its plate, but it was cheaper and there’s no comparison between them in terms of condition and how much more original this one is. It’ll look better once I’ve got some half decent number plates from Tippers on it, the el cheapo ones currently on it look dreadful and the rear one hasn’t even been stamped straight.
  16. Yes, there’s been a few people who have fitted Herald/Spitfire engines and some even retain the original gearbox with column change. I’m quite happy with the little sidevalve to be honest. It’s got loads of charm, if you view it more like a thirties car it doesn’t seem too slow.
  17. Yeah that’s well overpriced. I paid less than that for this one which is all on the road and very well sorted with a fortune spent on it. I did really want one which still had its original number. This one is a very original car which was in the same ownership 1969-2017 then in 2019 fell into the hands of someone who robbed the original number plate off it (MRM 79, now on a Range Rover). I suspect it was a bent mot as it did virtually no miles between 2013 and 2019 and the subsequent owner spent a fortune having it all recommissioned.
  18. I’ve been improving this car since picking it up on Saturday. Greased all the points, changed the oil (no filter on these) therefore it’s important to change it regularly. Second gear was an awkward bastard. It was very reluctant to engage going 1st-2nd, but going down and the other gears were fine. The previous owner who traded it in for a Minor got in touch and said that second gear problem was one of the reasons he got rid of it, the other was the lack of speed. We can’t do much about the latter but what about the former. He said he used to slip the clutch and move off in second which is less than ideal. Although the accepted thing to do with the Hampshire is pull away in second, it’s got a very torquey 2.2 OHV engine which the Mayflower, well, hasn’t so it’s important to have all the gears working correctly. Adjusting the gear linkage made it so it always went in but it wasn’t very smooth unless I double-declutched. I had a look at the clutch adjustment. The free play should be 1/2” but it was at least 2- 2 1/2”. Adjusted that up correctly and now it works perfectly and smoothly in all gears. Other jobs included tuning up the engine, and feeding the very dry original leather with the leather cream Vulgalour used on his Lanchester, I went and bought a bottle on his recommendation. It’s had two applications already and it’s getting there but it hadn’t been done for years so it really needs another application. I also tightened up the fuel pump and the stator tube on the end of the steering box, both were leaking and topped up the steering box. I think the fuel pump may need a new gasket as it’s still weeping slightly but the steering box is now dry which is good. Unfortunately the (recently recored) rad is leaking from two places, the drain tap and a soldered joint on the side so I’ll have to whip that out and repair it. I’ve got a spare tap which should fit. The only other thing I’ve had to deal with is the non-functioning headlights. The car has a brand new loom so my first thought was they’ve forgotten to connect something or wired something in wrongly. I couldn’t find anything wrong with the loom so tested the switch with my test meter which showed it was faulty. To prove the point I ran a link wire across the back of the switch from sidelights to headlights with the switch turned on and the headlights came on. I ordered a secondhand replacement from the Austin Counties car club (same switch used on Somerset etc) which turned up and I tested it and it’s a goodun. Unfortunately you need to turn the ignition switch to the on position to remove and swap the barrel over and none of my keys would operate the switch. So that’ll have to wait until a key turns up for it. So far though, I’m loving it. It drives beautifully and it’s brimming with character. Also it’s nice to have something that doesn’t need welding!
  19. How much did he want for it? They’re not very desirable as you know and four grand should get you an absolute minter.
  20. Holy thread resurrection! I bought myself a Mayflower on Saturday after years of wanting one. For once I spent proper money (four figures!) and got a decent one as my project queue is out of control and it’s embarrassing how few of my cars are actually on the road. The solution is obviously to buy MOAR cars. It’s a bit of a sad story this. It was cherished for years by some old boy in Northumberland who bought it in 1969 and presumably when he died or gave up driving it was sold and immediately got plate raped. The original number MRM 79 ended up on a Range Rover and the car ended up down south with a chap who spent over £7k at a vintage Rolls Royce and Bentley specialist having work done. It’s had a full suspension rebuild with all new springs, bushes, kingpins, new loom, fuel pipes, recored rad, rebuilt carb, distributor, new brakes all round, 5x new Michelin XZX tyres and loads of other stuff. He then became ill and died before he had a chance to enjoy it. His son sold it for a fraction of the money spent to a chap who barely used it as he found it too slow. Also the gear linkage had been apart when the gearbox was out and they hadn’t got the adjustment correct so 1st to 2nd was very difficult. He used to slip the clutch and move off in 2nd which isn’t ideal on a Mayflower as 2nd is quite tall, being only a three speed. So he PXd for a Morris Minor it after doing about 150 miles. And made another whopping great loss on it. I bought it from the dealer. Spent a bit of time adjusting the gear linkage and now it’s a lot easier to engage, it was possible before but there was more of a knack to it. It drives like a new Mayflower in 1953 would have done. The ride is excellent and the engine quiet and smooth. The steering is nice and taut with little play and it’s a delight to drive. There are a couple of minor tinkering jobs to do. It has no headlights at the moment. I’ve traced the fault to the switch so I’ve got a good used one winging its way to me. The drivers seat is sagging and it needs restuffing. The leather is all quite dry and needs feeding. But the interior is amazingly well preserved, it’s all original. The headlining is in perfect condition and it even still has its original rubber mats under the carpets and underlay . It also needs some decent numberplates as the cheap and nasty ones fitted look crap. The rear one hasn’t even been stamped, or fitted, straight. I’ll get onto Tippers when I get the V5 through. One of the most amazing things with this car is how straight it is. It’s had the undersills replaced but apart from that, it’s had no welding at all and doesn’t need any. I can’t see any filler in it at all. It’s a great little thing to trundle around in and ok, it’s no speed demon but it’ll go at 45 all day and I’ve had it up to 50 a couple of times. Here’s some pictures. Is @vulgalour still around on here? I’m sure he’ll like it.
  21. I agree, I have no interest in going to YouTube meets, you can just imagine the kind of people that will be there. No thanks. Without a minimum age it will be full of moderns as well. FOTU can get in the sea as well. It started off well but Hagerty have got very greedy, looking at pictures from the last couple they’re full of modern cars now and the entry price is ludicrous. Piston heads come across as a bunch of rich wankers who look down their noses at ‘lesser’ cars (such as the Sierra) so that doesn’t appeal at all, although it sounds a laugh invading their snooty meet they would genuinely be angry and upset if we did and the atmosphere wouldn’t be very fun. I find local static classic meets really boring. Road runs are a lot more enjoyable but there don’t seem to be many.
  22. Nice save! These look so good in saloon form and with the paint patina, missing wheel trim etc, looks like the sort of car you used to see just parked at the side of the road in London. I love it. I’ll have a proper read of the thread later.
  23. Lovely! Was it owned by a bloke in Devon for years? I seem to remember one a few months ago that was teetering at death’s door.
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