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  1. Marvellous, that swung it along with Mrs Skizzer’s 997 accounts 😁
  2. Thanks very much! Actually I already have a Volvo 480-related plan lined up, otherwise I’d be all over that...
  3. This just happened, which is nice 😊 Massive thanks to everyone for the support, it’s much more motivating to know people are watching and hopefully enjoying the little films. Just finalising the edit of the next one, which will be out at teatime on Tuesday.
  4. Excellent! I share your fondness for 2 door (3 door? Kinda, maybe 2.5 door) estates and love the look of 480s.
  5. Loving that rollover jig. I need one for the Rancho but I’ll probably buy rather than build, as I’m a wuss. Might weld myself a new workbench though.
  6. Thanks! I fixed it a while ago - ignition bits - but then it got blocked in behind the E30 after I lost the only key just before lockdown, muppet that I am.
  7. Cheers gents 😊 Still nursery slopes but I’m learning.
  8. You and me both! LOL at ‘Bavarian security device’, that could stick.
  9. The Italian is in the doghouse, the starter motor has packed in now. Noted re Webers, that’s not the worst idea!
  10. My current work project finished last week so I’m making use of some time to catch up with car and house jobs, plus a bit of filming. The Elite seems to be running generally well and the coolant leak has calmed down, but is still under close observation. I’m braving a slightly longer run, and there should be a video next week on how that goes. Here’s a preview pic. The Vauxhall 2300S is in good health and featured in my latest film, as you may have seen. The video seems to have gone down pretty well with a lot of views by my standards and some nice comments - who knew there wa
  11. I'm not surprised it sold quickly, that seems a very good price in the current market for something in such lovely condition. You really do know how to pick 'em and improve 'em. Looking forward to the next one!
  12. I've looked it up now - we're both right, there are two 🙂
  13. The TSR-2 used to live at Duxford, didn’t it? I’m sure that’s where I saw it, many years ago. And yes, it is fantastic.
  14. Their incompetent ‘national call centre for better service’ messed up the booking and the woman at the local branch of Sytner, formerly a really good independent, was very rude about it, as later was the call centre.
  15. My local BMW dealer told me to piss off when I tried to drop off a 3 year old car for a booked service. Never, ever again.
  16. Does sound rather toppy, but who knows in these fevered times? Guilty secret: I have the horn for that ZT260, body kit and all.
  17. What’s going on with people selling FE Victors at the moment? Strong drugs? This blown over 1800SL with VX4/90 wheels and grille looks kind of ok but £7,200? WTAF? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1972-Vauxhall-Victor-1800-saloon-/224493989461 never been weldi m.o.t egxment Egxellent. Jesus wepi.
  18. Shiii-at, I done died an’ gone to redneck heaven. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1965-Ford-econoline-American-pickup-truck-Hotrod-Hauler-classic-/164908540065 Very pricey though.
  19. Indeed. Said kitten would have to be wearing steel cap boots and trying to get out of a tumble dryer, and I speak as a big fan of Simca.
  20. Flippin eck, a running RHD Simca 1100! Pity the listing is just annoying matey-bloke bollocks, the pictures are shit, the sills have rust stains and the starting bid is about double the actual value. Hell of a find though.
  21. Think I’d rather have the dents, personally.
  22. Be like me but on slotmags (er, ok) and with an automatic gearbox (eugh no). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284314008921 Shit the bed, EIGHT LARGE? Good luck with that. A slushbox and more grip will suck all the joy* out of one of these. At least the original wheels are in that garage somewhere.
  23. Oo, another one! And on the factory wheels and ride height too, plus in 'base' (actually quite posh) EX spec like mine, too! They look good in red. The considerably missed @skattrd of this parish has a lovely red EXi.
  24. I’m going to say it because other people have been too polite to, but ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND? Because someone is on YouTube you think it’s ok for random strangers to turn up at their house and for them and their family to have no privacy whatsoever? And they’re naive to think they can be safe in their own home? That’s a frighteningly twisted perspective.
  25. On the subject of kit cars, quite tempted to get a slightly tatty Douglas Leopard JBA Falcon one day. Having based my professional* career on the Clive Owen character in Chancer, apart from the bit when he was in prison (so far), it only seems right to have the car to go with it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Morgan-Style-JBA-Falcon-/294215396542
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