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  1. The newly named, to fit in on here; Oswald (the Orange van), the fair wife & I have just returned from a pleasant trip down to the English River Area. That was 600 miles in a forty two year old van without a single hiccup. Since discovering that the speed O meter indicates 60 when it is in fact only doing 55 has lead me to driving it a whole lot more enthusiastically.
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    The 944 has always been noticeably smoother & more economical when I use Super. Presumably all the others will be too now that I'm obliged to run everything on the stuff. Can anyone reccomend a fuel saver type snake oil that works, to bung in the tanks when I lay a couple of them up over winter?
  3. Since we bought our '87 944 back in '94, we've used it mainly for the wife's commute. 54 mile round trip five days a week. We've put 250,000 miles on it doing this. I believe that if a car is properly serviced and maintained, it will last forever - like aircraft do. She used to insist on driving it whatever the weather, thick falling snow, ice - the bloody lot. It was only one morning when I couldn't even get it off the drive having dug it out that I insisted on buying a winter beater with snow tyres - enter the £400 '87 Scirocco that I bought from here. Happy as Larry she was. All went well until I won the '53 plate AS Vel Satis. Clearly a bigger, heavier & safer proposition, so more winter tyres were bought, the Porsche was taken off the road for some overdue repairs & 18,000 miles were covered in my £5 car. In turn, it too was replaced with something more to our liking, the '02 plate R75. This is low mileage, giffer owned and in it for the long term. Along with the Porsche which now only goes out on sunny summer days, the Scirocco which I use locally, but would drive to the end of the earth. And of course the bay which I've also owned for a quarter of a century, maintain religiously and again, would drive anywhere. Proper, regular maintenance is the key. The fact that the bill is likely to be more than WBAC say my car is 'worth' is neither here nor there if you plan on keeping the car. I don't think that even after all that I've answered the original question, have I?
  4. The same thing happened to my Scirocco and as an interim 'fix', I've just fitted an old style vinyl steering wheel glove.
  5. Just a quick recap; Cunt, I too feel obliged to begin naming my cars, was sent to my man with the spanners for oil/filter/transmision fluid/brake pads so that we'd be all ready for winter. All sorted, the fucker then went into limp mode on his test drive. Neither the plenums or the spare wheel well had any water in, but the whole car had gone crackers. It wasn't even sending power to the OBD port. It's finally been tracked down to a couple of faulty earths beneath the passenger seat carpet (someone knows their way round a multi-meter) and will be returned in the morning. I shall be conducting a lengthy test drive before sending the fair wife up the motorway on Thursday.
  6. I have spent hours on this site. It's where I discovered the proposed M17 that was to bypass Castle Donington. In the event they extended the runway at EMA instead. https://pathetic.org.uk/unbuilt/m17/maps/
  7. Will you be able to drive it on two wheels, or cross the channel in it?
  8. Does anyone know the answer to this? I've begun clicking this, & similar links obsessively because they never, ever tell you why you should do the thing with the bag. I've just clicked 'next' about thirty five times for 35 pieces of utter crap advice and still, no sign of the fucking ziploc bag story!
  9. When we visited the bakelite museum they had a tiny caravan. It's like every other pod caravan except; if you look closely, there's a panel that drops down from the floor onto the grass, it's protected by bellows, but it provides more foot room. I don't think it's brilliant, but you could appropriate the idea, and expand upon it. For fair weather camping you might have a removable panel - that doubles up as a table!
  10. My lovely 75 is currently being examined by a skilled auto electrician. The problem is, I'm going to need a car suitable for the fair wife's hefty motorway commute in the next couple of weeks, and as I drove out of the garage I spotted a Jaguar X type estate in bronze for a reasonable price - Fuck sticks!
  11. My Connie SE has all of those things and until about a week ago they all worked. Now nothing works at all. I'd take issue with some of the comments about the ride quality on here though; my example is a very early tourer - a Mk1 '02 - running on 15 inch wheels & relatively tall 65 profile tyres. The ride is OK but I doubt it's Rolls Royce quality, its certainly not a patch on my old XJ-8 or even the AS Vel Satis.
  12. Not recently, but during my ownership. I have the official tool from the owner's club!
  13. As @NorfolkNWeigh recently said in another post; "That’s a a surprisingly nice car to drive, isn’t it. I got it for one of my daughters from an actual hairdresser in , I think Nuneaton. It was always reliable and we only got rid of it because the back window started falling out and water started falling in... Here it is this time last year in Mid-Wales, the last time it was used by us". But what is it that actually makes a car 'nice to drive'. I asked a friend who without hesitation told me that it was torque... I wasn't convinced by that and think that one of the primary things is that it must be capable of being driven smoothly without too much effort. My little old Scirocco is probably a nicer, smoother car to drive overall than my 944, which despite having about three times the power is dreadful to drive in slow moving traffic, but is a revelation & a joy to power through an empty roundabout with merely a flick of the wrist. I'm going to start the ball rolling by asking for a smooth gearchange and/or transmission, but I stand to be corrected.
  14. My real 75 is being a complete twat. I took it down to the garage for an oil & filter change, transmission fluid change, brake pads & exhaust repair. All sorted without bother but then on its test drive it went into limp mode coupled with lots of random electrical things not working as they should. Apparently it's reputed to be a common failing; a wire under the rear wheel arch that's been chafed by the rear suspension. Now all he has to do is find the little bastard, but he seems confident enough...
  15. Or you could screw in a ground anchor and ratchet strap the towing hitch to it. Fifteen quid fron eBay, my dog goes no-where without he asks me first!
  16. The Dormabile roof on my bay is supported on each side by two tubes running one inside the other & a little ball that pops out when it's fully extended. It feels strong enough to withstand some pretty high winds and it's much bigger & heavier than yours. Here's a crap picture.
  17. I've just seen that, or an identical one over EMA.
  18. Was it he who was after a Bedford CF Camper? Only there's been one down at http://www.sherwoodselfstore.co.uk for about the last three years. I asked about it when it arrived & was told chap didn't want to sell. But it hasn't moved since and the building is about to be demolished & replaced by an Aldi. In other news, my Scirocco appears to have drunk all of its brake fluid - bastard!
  19. I used to mend things - very badly but now, some of my best friends are very skilled and well paid mechanics.
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  21. No, cars with names is twatty & childish.
  22. I used to work with a bloke who had one of these. His was the V6 auto Monaco version. I only went in it the once, on a long, long motorway trip. It was silent and effortless. I had a soft spot for them for many, many years, but then I won a Vel Satis. Well bort.
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