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  1. I'm off to show my face at the new, local car meet in the morning and shall be going in the 944S. To me, it is obvious that I should dress in a sharply pressed white shirt & red braces, but does everyone on here dress to suit the vehicles they drive? I always used to wear a Breton shirt & hang a string of onions around my neck when I went out in the Vel Satis. What a palaver, I was glad when that moved on & I finally stopped smelling like a greengrocer.
  2. Remember my grumble? I emailed this to the offending garage on Monday morning. By close of play that day, he had offered a refund which landed in my account this morning. I don't think that's too bad a result, do you?
  3. No, but I suspect that it's engine will have about a millionty hours on it's... I'm fucked if I know what you call the thing that records running hours.
  4. The TUGs at UPS and a multiplicity of other service vehicles at EMA don't wear number plates, so I guess they're never registered with DVLA.
  5. Thanks for that Ian, I really enjoyed reading it & the pics. The last thing that I want however, remains a Panda.
  6. My old 944S passed its MOT the other day. The chaps down at my local VW garage gave it a service, although the oil was still golden, replaced the leaking fuel pipe & the very expensive ignition leads. I shall be taxing it in a few moments & may even drive it somewhere at the weekend!
  7. Should two year old/250 mile fuel hose that's only ever seen E5 behave like this? Fuel Hose.MP4
  8. Sorry, not been on this thread for the last couple of weeks, Jubilee etc. Without having to trawl through another 40 odd posts, can anyone let me know if it's back on the road & rackin' up them miles?
  9. A good point, well made.
  10. I have edited my original post to be a little less aggressive, because I really am a lovely chap. I have looked, and the chap who recovered it has looked. We both think the leak is from where the new flexi joins the old steel. I never do anything without making sure! I shall post comprehensive photographs in the next couple of days...
  11. I booked my old 944 in for an MOT & a bit of a service tomorrow. It's barely been used these last couple of years & despite a solar panel connected to the battery, it had gone flat. Not a bother thought I, connected it to my old fashioned charger & left it for a couple of hours. Sure enough, after just enough churning to produce some oil pressure, it burst into life. It was a bit lumpy & rough, but the back window was open as it was still attached to the charger. I bobbed out disconnected & thought it smelled like it was running a bit rich. Perhaps it's the fuel preserver additive I can smell, but no, it was vigourously pumping fuel out from under the driver's floor & all over the drive. Obviously I switched it off and came in for a cup of tea, but I had a quick rummage through the pile of bills that accompany the old motor car & found one dated 21.5.20 for replacement 'rubber' fuel pipes - a mere 245 miles ago. I remember querying whether they had used the correct ethanol resistant type at the time, but I got the impression that he didn't know what I was talking about. Recovery has been organised for tomorrow. It is unlikely to be returning to my local Porsche specialists...
  12. Fucking Download Festival. I live in Castle Donington & have walked up to it for most of the last forty years. This year they've made it impossible to get to on foot. There's some sort of drop off/pick up point over towards Melbourne. Which is via the A453 which is the busy main road past EMA without a footpath. Twats.
  13. The exception that proves the rule.
  14. I like the 200 BRM a whole lot more.
  15. Curious that a 1.6 Cortina was 0.7 sec faster than a Capri with the same lump?
  16. Whatever floats your boat.
  17. An old mate, who I've not seen for a while popped round at lunchtime to show me the car he'd just bought for his 17 year old daughter. I think it was a FIAT. I'd not seen his daughter for ages either, probably since she was about 9 or 10. It turns out that it’s really poor form for a chap to say, 'Christ Bill, she's certainly got her mother’s tits hasn’t she?'
  18. My Uncle repaired his Sunbeam Rapier with a bodged in sleeper to replace part of the rotten chassis. In other exciting shit car news, I once went to buy a Mitsubishi FTO for a grand. It had been taken in p/x by a local retailer of exotica. Chap spent ages thumbing through great wads of service history before we went out to the car. It looked very nice, but it wouldn't start because the battery had gone flat. Not a bother, out came the jump pack & the V6 clattered into life, and kept on clattering while it pumped some oil up to the hydraulic lifters. Again, not a bother, TADTS probably. And off I went on my test drive... It was quite exciting, the old manual overide on the gearbox was good fun, but I soon realised that if I left it to its own devices it would only shift between 3rd & 4th. And then I spotted the temp gauge stuck right up at the top of its travel, so I drove it gently back to the garage. I pointed out the faults & to my amazement, the chap said that it wasn't a problem, he'd have both faults resolved for the original price & he'd give me a ring in about a week or so. 12 years on & I'm still waiting for him to call.
  19. It was OK The Corsair had a 302 ci V8 lump in it, the Scirocco does not.
  20. I'm off to the inaugural Castle Donington Classic Vehicle bollocks meeting in the morning. I shall be driving the classic antidote; Suzie the scruffy silver car and have spent three minutes this evening preparing a plaque to denote; 'Winner of Worst British Respray award 2017' as voted for by the twats on Autoshite. I wonder if I'll be invited back.
  21. That pic suggests that they're telling to stop pissing about with the dull oily bits so you can enjoy a phat exhaust & some cool rims, innit?
  22. Some of you may remember back in the mists of time that the clutch cable failed on my Scirocco. I was away on my holidays a couple of days later so I booked it in at my man with the most local spanners for the Monday after I got home. I took the keys down to him (in case he had idle time on his hands) in the meantime, and asked him to order in the parts so he'd be ready. I returned from my holiday to find that he'd not collected it, but on the appointed day he turned up, collected it & away he went. A week later I rang to be told he was waiting for parts, today I rang with much grumpiness to learn that they'd just arrived as he was picking up the phone to talk to me. Arsehole. He's done the job today, and a nice smooth clutch he has created, but I'm not very happy with the fucking about-ed-ness of it all and the chasing that I've had to do. I will pay up but not with the usual, extreme promptness that he's become used to. I'm taking the little VW to a classic car show on Saturday. Because I'm thinking of becoming an utter fucking twat, I've toyed with the idea of making up one of those little cards for the front window. 'Suzie, the scruffy silver Scirocco was born on blah blag blah bleugh retch retch VOM etc'.
  23. It's not just roofers, round here it's any fucker you want to do anything. I've taken to leaving reviews along the lines of; 'Most of the reviews on here tell me that XXXXXX is great and well he might be. He certainly turned up for a look at the job promptly enough and returned to his office promising a price by XXXXXX. Not a peep have I heard from him since. As I say, he might be good, but I wish you the very best of luck actually getting him to turn up and do anything.'
  24. Buying tickets for Download festival. As you are probably aware, the ticketmaster site has a countdown feature, which keeps resetting as you progress through the various pages. Got to the last one, I'm entering my credit card details, the countdown ticking merrily away... Nat West wants to send me a One Time Passcode via text. The signal is so shite around here, that I've given up with a smart phone & bought a dim-boy special. No sign of the fucking OTP & ticketmaster timed out on me. Three times I went through that before phoning the bank who after looking at the debacle on my account managed to pre-authorise me for that site. Woo fucking Hoo. Biffy Clyro & the Darkness here we come.
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