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  1. I've posted this picture before, but here it is again in response to the big car little car thing...
  2. Your daughter don't half look like she's got the measure of you & your stupid idea of fun!
  3. And in further exciting news. Although they've agreed to agree a value, they've decided that the maximum is £20,000 as opposed to the 30k I've had for the last 2 years and 25k for however long before that. Worth arguing the toss?
  4. Have you all seen this? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/money/2024/apr/06/uk-car-insurance-cost-up-by-third-despite-smaller-rise-in-payouts Only in the UK has car insurance gone mental.
  5. Brand new* and young* driver? Me, 161 earth years old in 45yr old van , little change. The big test comes in July with 87 Scirocco & 944 and 02 Rover 75 on same policy.
  6. How old? Reading stuff on here suggests old vehicles suffer little change. Newer cars - mindfuck!
  7. Renewed today, turns out it's 3,000 mpa. But tbh that was more than enough for the isle of Skye and Cornwall.
  8. Apologies for shit post but it looks a fucking bargain and I'm on my phone that I can barely use. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/433361725875654?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post
  9. I have no idea, when is the next bank holiday?
  10. Nipped down to the Malt Shovel but spotted some old motors outside the New Inn, so went there instead. A Rapier! 1,100 twin cam with pre selector gearbag. One of just 46 built. Popped in the pub, barmaid a bit thin in a black T shirt... And then another appeared. All of four foot eight in a white T shirt with pneumatic breasts. I'd swear that they swelled up as she pulled the bitter. So I had a second pint to check.
  11. Is that displayed on one of those old Airfix bases to make it look like it's flying?
  12. My daily is an 87 Scirocco with 75bhp, 125 torks and about 850kg. At 75mph it's doing 3,000rpm in 5th, but its maximum speed is only about 100mph in 4th. I like it.
  13. Test drive time; to Loughborough in the slowest of crawling market day traffic and then to Manchester & back, twice in two days - Sorted.
  14. I'd forgotten about that too, but I ve just rewatched the milk float and the taxi. Thanks
  15. This is not entirely true. I took it to him and asked if he'd be able to sort it. I said that he needn't worry if he couldn't because I knew where there was a nice Citroën C6 that I'd replace it with and he could work on that instead.
  16. It was Paul who worked on my car. He seemed a nice bloke & gave me a lift back to the bus station however, I suspect that he may be just a little prone to exaggeration. He told me that he'd previously worked as a chauffeur. Now pay attention to the numbers. He told me that he'd been provided with a Mercedes S class which had 200k on the clock. When he returned the car a year later it had 160k. So that's 960,000 in 12 months. I went home & got out my calculator and assuming he worked 48 weeks of the year, he'd have been driving 20,000 miles a week, which is 4,000 miles a day. Assuming that he drove everywhere at 70 mph without stopping for fuel, he'd have to put in 57 hours a day...
  17. This garage was recommended by someone on here, to someone else ages ago and I made note of it long before I actually bought the car. When I took the car in, there were pictures of Dave and a very different looking Kaylie. But hey, you live and learn and I won't be going back.
  18. Rover 75 - OMGHGF update. I can reveal that the MG Rover specialist in Derby are a bunch of out & out tossers http://www.mg-rovermobilemechanics.com 'Yes Mate, HGF innit, you can leave it with us, but I doubt we'll get round to it before xmas' . I was advised that with 'the dreaded vat it'd be £168'. Surprisingly the VAT was not itemised and there was no VAT number - Hmmm Fuck right off then, I'll have it recovered to a bloke down the road who has no fear of anything. He has had it for about 3 weeks & has had it in a million pieces for much of that time. The new radiator, uprated fan & relay all turned out to be pants, he's replaced the lot again along with a temp sensor and all manner of other crap that I really don't even pretend to understand. It wasn't HGF, but whatever it was, has been well & truly sorted. https://www.amosmotors.co.uk Would recommend.
  19. I remember painting the helmet of a 1/72 YF16 pilot red white and blue, like the paintwork of the exterior.
  20. I don't think so, we certainly did Skye and Cornwall a couple of years ago, so it must be 5k. Anyway it's via Classic Line, but I'll check.
  21. Just had the renewal for the T2 - £193 up from £186 with an agreed value of £30,000, although it's time to submit new photographs and complete the daft form again. I see no point fucking about with other quotes, do you?
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