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End of year Tat Accounts.

warren t claim

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Pug 504

Pug 205

skoda felicia 1.3

Citroen Bx

Triumph GT6 MK1

Audi A6

Volvo 960 3.0

Range Rover 3.9EFI



jaguar S type 64

peugeot 504

pug 205

Range Rover 3.9EFI

Sierra Ghia Estate

Skoda felicia

Volvo 960 3.0

BMW 520 touring e34


currently just the GT6 and A6 in the stable.

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Started with the V70, GPz750, and CZ. Still got them, but acquired an 850 T5 along the way.

T5 broke down twice, then blew its' turbo.

V70 required an obscene spend at a Volvo specialist, to get it MOTd. Thoroughly fucked off with that, and no money to fix anything else now. Volvo specialist having gold plated unicorn crown for Xmas lunch, at our expense. We'll be eating the dog.

And I'll be finding someone who understands what pre-booking an MOT with a few crisp tenners under the desk, is all about.

Better luck next year.

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I spend ages typing out all my shite then cocked it up at the last minute by navigating off the page TWAT.

its been quite a busy car year for me but now I've knocked the trade insurance on the head after BMW gate I recon it'll slow down a bit now.


In then out Audi A3 1.8

in then out ZX XUD Vegatronix

Out Jaguar XJR

In mk4 2 dr Cortina

Out Mercedes C220 Coupe


In E60 520i SHITE HEAP

In 318i then out

In 316i then out

In the 320d that still makes me hide behind the couch now out and driving around town! Fair play for fixing it I was well OUT


520i out

Rover SD1 2600 Out

In Renault Avantime 2.0T now out 

In Juke 1.5Dci TeknaTeknaTekna

In Mercedes CL500

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Started with the hilarious Sirion, Discovery and the 2CV.

Discovery converted into a BX estate with cash adjustment.

BX estate converted into actual money.

Sirion converted into a Maestro van with cash adjustment (shortly thereafter, Sirion converted into bean tins).

Maestro van converted into cash at Birmingham International Train Station. Train ride. Cash converted into a Rover 416SLi so I could get home.

Rover 416SLi converted into cash at Birmingham International Train Station. Ride in the BX sold earlier in the year. Cash converted into a Citroen XM.

XM and 2CV remain and very nice they are too. If quite rusty. And leaky. 


A fairly quiet year by my standards then, but I am in the rare position of actually feeling happy with both the cars I currently own.

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Out -XM - sold to costadelglosta - £450

In - ZX - £350+£120-£120-£40 = £310


Misc - 4 wheels - £20 something, 2 tyres - £40, washer jets - £3.99, wiper blades - £5ish, throttle cable - £7.99


Mot is in December so another £45 on that


Should spend some money on it next year...

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Net for year: zero.

Started with the unremarkable Clio, still have it. It's a keeper for now anyway.

Total costs...a couple of tyres, two window mechanisms, seatbelt, engine work, and a snapped off rear wiper...about £600 all told. I think. Wasn't really counting.

Still to fix, washer pump and driving lamps.


I did blag drives of a few other things, and went to look at a Clio Sport in a fit of optimism: it was a total heap, and I wasted an hour of my life! All part of the learning curve.

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Mazda Lantis, engine sickly. Back on the road very soon.

Citroen BX, not one penny spent on it yet, everything works, love it.



Audi 200 Quattro Turbo, always needed something fixed but actually never failed to proceed. Huge fuel thirst when pushed coupled with huge fuel tank to keep filled.

Always seemed to be just on the edge of going bang, happy to see it go.

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Loads have come and gone this year including

MX5 stayed for the summer

Maestro right wife van swapped for cinquecento now also gone

Citroen Acadiane only here a week after bringing it home from France

R2087 truck also wasn't a keeper

Renault 25 V6 again not here long

My Hotchkiss truck also went a few weeks ago along with the Izusu and trailer so no more trips to France buying tat

New to the fleet that are still here

The Senator hearse haven't used him for a while but he can stay

The Juvaquatre that I haven't made my mind up about yet

and finally the Rolls this should be the long term keeper but we will see this time next year

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Its been a busy year at Shithouse Towers.


I refuse to add up costs. I instead choose to believe that I'm "about even" over the year.


The movers and shakers -


First out was last years last in:

N13 Sunny. OUT






Mazda 323F GT

In (and then out)







Then 1.6 LPG Ashtray:

In (and out)





Mercedes SLK Kommpresssssor:

In (then out)






Roffle Volvo 850 T5:

In (then out)






Mercedes W124 Couple:

In (then out)






Toyota Yaris 1.0 vvti:








MGF vvc 1.8.

In (and out)





Toyota Yaris 1.4 d4-d diesel.







Hoover 618 pez






Think that makes 10. Of which 1 remains and one requires collection.  Not a bad year.

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1976 Series 3 Landy


1983 Lancia HPE Volumex


1983 Lancia HPE ie spares car


2001 Pug 206 CC wifemobile


1978 Lancia 1300 Coupe (now for sale)


1981 Lotus Eclat 2.2




1990 Range Rover


1970 Jensen Interceptor (sad face)


1981 Lancia Beta Spider


1976 MV Agusta 350 S


1979 Yamaha FS1e


1996 Pug 205 D


1983 Lancia HPE ie spares car




2001 Alfa 156 V6

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  • 2 years later...

A busy year by my standards!




DSC_0759_zpsqxnuvbln.jpgMuch to Panhards chagrin!

DSC_0516_zpslmaagq4m.jpgNever really gelled with this despite it being a really nice car to drive, now in the hands of an enthusiast who has a Yugo!






Fun and with gallic charm and surprisingly capable on long journeys. It was my only working vehicle during my holidays in August and covered around 1,000 miles in comfort and never missed a beat

DSC_0672_zps1tilc9mb.jpgNot my usual sort of car but it is nice to have a motorway mile eater, it is great for wafting around in


DSC_0769_zpsdlrmkh4s.jpgIt is great to have a car people don't want to tailgate! In fact no-one wants to get too close. It is one that has the ability to surprise reps in their Insignia's on the motorway.


If there are any changes in 2017 it will be replacing the R5 with a car from the 70's which the Maestro was supposed to be. I'm thinking something French probably from across the channel.

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Having looked back on this year, I didn't realise quite how many I've been through.






Sold to a chap on Retro-Rides.




Roffled on here.




Sold to Dollywobbler.







Probably the most wonderful car I'll ever own.  Just fantastic.  Sold in August to Nyphur.





Bought from GarethJ as a work hack back in March. 10,000 miles, a few repairs and a lot of dirt later, it's still going.





A spontaneous eBay purchased, kindly fostered by messerschmitt owner for a week until I could collect it.  Absolutely brilliant, slightly rusty fun.  Currently out on loan.





Oh dear.  Bought from Mr_Bo11ox, sadly munched its head gasket on the trip home and now dead following a snapped cylinder head bolt, currently being dismantled prior to the final accounting.





Bought from a local roofer and slowly being cleaned up and camperised.



Verdict?  No wonder I have no money.  2017 is likely to be exceedingly dull in this respect as cars will be taking a back seat for a while.

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Spent £150 on roffles - won one but was incommunicado at the time so it was collected by someone else (not unreasonably).


Bought Puma for £295, spent £200 on tyres and a bit more on other stuff inc £95  for MOT - roffled for £236.


Bought Mondeo for £350, spent ~£50 on a wheel bearing (it probably didn't need) and £35 on an MOT - probably heading to the bridge as the quote for MOT repairs is £733.


All other motors remained as they were although I bought a spare 290 V8 engine from a bloke in Scotlandshire (Scotland Well, actually).

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Fleet Status 01/01/16

X835 XPJ - BMW 728i

EU02 GMG - Transit T260 (VOR)

WK06 HVY - Triumph Sprint 1050

WX55 FPE - Honda Varadero 125

X383 AAP - Mercedes Vito 108CDI

H141 FDD - Land Rover 90 (VOR)


Into fleet:

L212 KFU - Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100 (VOR)

R285 HFS - Mercedes Sprinter

AV03 LEJ - Rover 75

B105 KPF - Leyland Tiger

W96 XAJ - Vauxhall Astravan

NA52 MVO - Transit T280

B588 XNO - Volvo B10M

HT02 KLV - Peugeot 307

M782 RTM - Citroen Xantia


Out of fleet:

EU02 GMG - Transit T260

WX55 FPE - Honda Varadero 125

X383 AAP - Vito 108CDI

R285 HFS - Sprinter

L212 KFU - Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100 (VOR)

AV03 LEJ - Rover 75

W96 XAJ - Vauxhall Astravan

HT02 KLV - Peugeot 307


Fleet as of 23/12/16

X835 XPJ - BMW 728i

WK06 HVY - Triumph Sprint 1050

H141 FDD - Land Rover 90 (VOR)

B105 KPF - Leyland Tiger

NA52 MVO - Transit T280

B588 XNO - Volvo B10M

M782 RTM - Citroen Xantia


Started with six, ended with 7. 3 survived the whole year.

VOR - vehicle off road.

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Bowie died.


And then there was Trump.




And I owned too many cars.

Strap yourselves in.



2016 is almost in the books.


Apologies to the folk whos pics I had to nick, I couldnt find my own snaps of all the cars.





January was Vag and we kicker off with a Lupo.  OUT.







You cant move house in a Lupo, so we upgraded to a 406 estate. IN and OUT








Things get a bit blurry after that.  not sure what order the rest came and went in.




Ignis Sport number 1.  IN and OUT.










309 1.9D IN and OUT.









Sierra IN and OUT.









BX Bike IN and OUT.









S80 piece of shit.  IN and OUT.











205  1.8 XUD.  IN and OUT.











Diahatsu YRV, IN and OUT.









405 TD.  IN and OUT.








106 D piece of shit.  IN and OUT.









Suzuki Ignis Sport 2.  IN and OUT.








Lexus LS 400.  IN and OUT.








E46 BMW.  IN and OUT.









Rover 25 GTI.  OUT.









Suzuki Alto.  IN and OUT.









Seat Leon 1.8t. IN.








How the fuck have I had this many cars in 12 months?!



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Began the year with the S2 Daimler Sovereign, Mk1 Mondeo (both gone) Cavalier and Metro. The last two are keepers so are staying put.


In and Out


Vectra SRi and Senator




Mk3 Astra briefly, now with lisbon_road




405 GTX saloon, now with carlo. Dunno where my pics of that have gone.



In and remain


This fugger that looks lovely but keeps breaking.




R8 dizzler. Bought purely out of curiosity and not used much, should be going to another shiter in January.




Plus the Safrane bought this week.


Assuming my job situation stays the same, I've no plans to slack off in 2017. Despite the financial pain at times (yes Daimler and X300, I'm referring to you!) there's too much fun to be had trying different cars. A pre-facelift Omega is top of the list for 2017 as I didn't get around to it this year.


Edit: I forgot one, this early Clio now with skattrd. I wanted to keep it a bit longer really but cue the Senator and needed funds to buy that.



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