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  1. Fuck me, that's a long blue squiggly line lol.
  2. Yes please buddy. Will message you both this evening if that is OK. Work driving me nuts at the moment. Utterly, utterly nuts.
  3. Just did a Xantia dance.. detectorists reference. Fab news on a shitty, rainy day. Cheers Josh!!!!!
  4. purplebargeken

    VW T4

    Welcome fellow T4'r....
  5. Maybe today....... Our Roffle in heaven Hallowed be thy game. Thy car keys come, your parts bill be done On paper as it was quoted. Give us our daily fix, forgive us our shite purchases AS we forgive those who BINI against us Lead us into temptation of moar chod buying Deliver us moar diesel. For the power and glory are ours now and forever. Our MEMS (for the MGF bretheren).
  6. Crikey, cars are really not the priority. Hope all is well buddy.
  7. Sadly no further communication. I am almost sad.
  8. Selling the Honda and Fazer on fb. Nil enquiries for the Fazer. One guy for the Honda... is it still fir sale? Yes it is. Whereabouts are you? Lincoln. Ok, no problem. How do you want to proceed? Reply... how much? As stated in the fucking advert you bollock. Am awaiting.... I'll give you 300 and get it at the weekend. My response will be swift and brutal.
  9. Unbefuckinglievable. Sack them right off. Josh, if it's simple and easy to access then fine mate. If not then it will just be sold as spares or repairs mate and dont stress over it. Ffs....
  10. Be brave medium sized Citroen. Today will be your day....
  11. I thought my silver R50 Cooper looked quite nice.
  12. I hope you weren't serious about the bloke in the bushes, jeez.
  13. Obv if you do paint it something else other than black, could you take a really good picture of the back end for me. Those stickers were quite important to me. Cheers 😊
  14. Ooooo oooooo oooh. It's THAT day again...
  15. Mosquitoes.... fuck off you little whiney, flying, stabby blood sucking cunts. My leg looks like an all you can eat buffet table. Flying fuckers.
  16. Sorry for not adding anything to the thread for a little while. Bloody Stirling work Josh. You have my deepest gratitude, as do all the other folk who have helped, and who are still offering. This place. A real boo to the mot test centre for owning up to their fuck ups, would have earned a good few kudos pints for doing so. Let's hope they won't be cunts today. Fingers crossed a bit more.
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