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  1. Road rage guy, what an utter tosser.
  2. Oh totes agree. Wuv's Jaag is ace but the possoble fix costs scare me, prob unrealistically. Old Mercs rock too.
  3. Some Jaags for sale on here ASAP to offset the very impressive Teutonic invasion lol.
  4. I took one on a virtually full day test ride when they first came out. Good fun.
  5. 29th May. Fuck that. Phone him, firmly but politely say..... you've had it since 29th May, I need it back, fully sorted on xx date as I need to use it from then. Phone him 2 days before hand reiterate your original statement.
  6. Fancy a swap p/x with a white Renault Espace?
  7. Done that with a knotted wheel a good few times. Ouch.
  8. AA have revised the price to 97 quid which is ok. How odd.
  9. AA...your renewal will be £333 this yrar on auto renewal. Will it really? For what recovering APC's? Trains? The fuckong Space Shuttle? FRO.
  10. Ooooh, a most wonderful outcome.
  11. Thank god you included a poo count, sadly no evidence of snack choices, disappoint.
  12. Pray that the interior is in good order, mainly the seats and door cards as it is a wallet murdering cost to sort. Carpets...Coverdale without any hesitation.
  13. Ok, thats a good thing obv lol but a parkball figure is also a good thing haha
  14. The nhs training dept are adamant that I must drive 2 x 400 miles to participate in two lots of classroom training that are for staff who have face to face patient contact, moving and handling patients and some physical intervention bollocks. I dont have face to face contact with patients, its all done over the phone. It is utterly bonkers.
  15. Buy, buy, buy. Just.... buy. Or you could have a sweet Renner Matra Espace....
  16. These are easy to do hg on. I did one ffs and I am shit. Need to check the right gasket for the engine, recessed or non-recessed. Hardest bit was getting the head off. Make sure you label everything, work clean. You can do it.
  17. Missed this totally. You bloody mad hero. Hope it passes.
  18. I took on the LAPD'alike and eventually sold it to an emergency services museum. I think they had to close and or relocate. No idea what happened after that sadly. I also took on the green ZT but despite being rather good it wasn't for me. Haven't heard from BTB for an age, hope he is ok.
  19. Oh fabulous, both fantastic cars for different reasons. Yayy.
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