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  1. Just had a quick look on ebay in my break and found one, whoohoo.
  2. Oh, meant to add. On of the centre caps from the alloy wheel lunched itself on the M6. Does anyone know the model of Renner that they were fitted too as I need to trawl the internet for a replacement. I am thinking Megane but could be very wrong. Photos earlier in the thread. Ta
  3. Hi folks, sorry I haven't been around much just many things to sort out, a certain person wanting to make ludicrous mountains out of an insignificant molehill with regards to meaningless banter comments on this thread and just overall 'stuff' of life and so on. Anyway.......... the Espace is a much happier French Fancy now, the crap, water laden petrol has been used up, fuel stabiliser really helped. The alternator belt needed adjustment and that removed 99.9% of soul withering screechy noises. The belt is somewhat glazed and will be replaced. Otherwise, the Espace just keeps on ploddin
  4. My first Toledo... so 1981/82... mates thought it would be amusing to loosen the wiper arms on the car. Didn't notice until I was approaching a roundabout and the heavens decided to open as fully as anything..... hahaha, oh how I laughed.
  5. Both garage guys have been struck by COVID due to a customer attending and not telling them that he had symptoms and had been tested as COVID positive. What a twat.
  6. Yep, meths, vinyl silk, fine brush and 3 inch roller. I was going to consider Gorilla duct tape from the inside of the tears, then do the paint thing.
  7. I know of an excellent fix for a discoloured headlining if required.
  8. Don't recall touching the gearbox at all when I had her, obv good idea re: lubricant change. Rear axle fluidy stuff too?
  9. Hi folks, sorry, been a bit busy. Driving J as often as possible but she is so frugal, its going to take an age to use up the shitty petrol which causes a little hiccup at times. Just been used for a tip run, so need to clean the inside. Good idea re garage mobile advert, think I will message them.
  10. Yes, its a really good place.
  11. She lives! They stripped the inlet down, made all new gaskets, replaced about 6 knacked pipes and hosrs, replaced the HT leads as they weren't as good as they could have been, also replaced the MAP sensor. Things needing attention/monitoring: both engine mounts are quite tired and they also tested the petrol and found out there was 10% water in there. They daid to just burn the fuel off in there by driving it, then fuel up. The shitty fuel causes a teeny tiny miniscule stutter every now and again but other than a slightly squeaky alternator belt, she drives really, really well. Final bill £
  12. The infamous Scottish bank robber Fab Greggs began to regret almost instantly his choice of getaway wheels.......
  13. Update more. They can't get her to miss a beat. All being well she will be returned on Saturday!!
  14. Further update..... Josephine is running and running well so it seems. They have taken her on several runs, maybe 8 miles or so and confirm that she is doing ok, just a couple of little tweaks and a proper run or 30 miles or so is scheduled. They want to make sure she is running properly as they know that I will be doing longer than average drives., going from Merseyside to Hertfordshire re: work stuff. They are optimistic and confident!
  15. Update time, another message from the garage, gasket making continues, new maf/map sensor sorted. They want the Espace running 'mint' and are aiming for completion next week. They are even going to give her a good clean before they bring her back.
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