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  1. Just had a call. Vacuum hose did indeed have a split. Plugs fooked, gaps all over the place and will be replaced. IACV sticky but useable for now. Advised to try and source one. I sourced a new one from ebay, genuine Bosch. That will be fitted when it turns up from darkest Buntingford. Phew!!! The Espace should live!
  2. No update news today. I will give them a call midmorning and see what they say.
  3. Struggling to identify anything in St Helens
  4. Well, got here ok, a bit of stuttering and spluttering and two cut out episides at low speed. Getting here is good. Fingers crossed. I will update accordingly.
  5. Going to try and get the old girl over to the Haydock Service Centre tomorrow morning. They seem friendly enough and willing to have a look. Fingers crossed.
  6. There is a place 1.5 miles away that I will try. There is also the mobile guy that came around previously despite his thinking that it was the throttle body needing cleaning.
  7. Sadly Citroen Tune can't help as the Espace is too big for their ramps.
  8. No, not really looked at it, no energy, it's a lovely old bus and is a hoot to drive but I am actually majorly exhausted 99% of the time. It has a near full tank of petrol too.
  9. Where...... St Helens. Seats........ all of em, 7 in total The crack........... it drives like it's missing and is idling badly. How much, well it owes me for all the work done (cambelt, clutch, rear brake cables, fuel filter, alloys and down pipe) but ........... not sure make me an offer that isn't a punch in the throat.
  10. Just sounding it out but anyone interested in taking this over maybe?
  11. Ok, had a chat with Paul the Renner Guru. He feels that it could well be blocked injectors following the use of some injector cleaner. Sounds odd right. Seemingly not. She is running rough. At a crossroads with this.
  12. Not sure mate, will hopefully know more when Paul calls or messages.
  13. I spoke to Renner Paul who said the injectors rarely fail and that movement is ok, he reckons ICV or dizzy cap woes. He will call me later with more info. Cheers re: Southport option but just wonder if it would get me there tbh. Ta re: Citroen Tune. I reckon the ICV is a good candidate as he said that they can get a bit sticky. I will try and sort it first and foremost, then try the locals. Thanks+++
  14. Good morning everybody and I do mean........ everybody. The Espace has been doing very well indeed and has clocked up many miles without fault, however, there is an issue now. I had a brief period of slightly rough running a couple of weeks ago, nothing major, a slight stutter. I thought it was crappy fuel but it got a little worse. I got a local mobile mechanic out who said that it wasn't plugs or leads and that the throttle body needed a clean. He did this and it seemed a lot better. However, coming back to St Helens on Sunday was an issue. It struggled to start for a while, previo
  15. FX4 was in my fleet a few years ago. Adrian Flux quoted me on the insurance I think. Comfy, but a bit harsh suspension-wise. Not ideal on motorways but they are not it's natural habitat. Interior is hardwearing, door locks can be a bit iffy but lots on forums and such like. The main issue is rust. Front wings especially, bonnet and rear arches IIRC. Engines will go on for ever, mind had about 350K on the clock and ran well, just needing a small section of fuel pipe replacing. Nobody cuts you up, piece of piss to manoeuvre around town. Would I again? Yep.
  16. If it hasn't got a 52mm throttle body on it then get one. It's fun.
  17. Yes they have their issues but mine went like a scalded feline when prodded.
  18. ^^ Oh, nice one. It is entirely a white goods vehicle, simple, efficient and perfectly acceptable for most situations.
  19. Utterly fantastic to hear that you got it running mate.
  20. My Triumph Toledo hasn't been standard for years. TR7 engine, sought after OD gearbox, uprated rear axle, uprated suspension from and back, polybushed too. MGF steel wheels, electric rad fan, alloy rad, tacho fitted, painted satin black therefore according to the purists it has the ownership appeal of a rancid butter pat. Bollocks to them.
  21. You have now but it will be a long, long wait
  22. Yes please to September and fish and chips. Could do with some happy.
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