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  1. Nice. I've got an R8 steel wheel and brand new (but old) Michelin tyre in my shed. You're very welcome to it for nothing if you find yourself in East Devon.
  2. Damn it all. I'm in Scotland not checking AS. I so missed the bus.
  3. It's an exhibit at next years Chelsea Flower Show, complete with Royal Mail elastic band!
  4. This has turned up at my local house clearance auction. I never knew that I wanted a starlet, but I do now.
  5. I so want to see what a few kettles of hot water and sink plunger can do to that mazda.
  6. I'd be up for a roffle ticket or two if you get hold of it.
  7. @ruffgeezer just to note, your cill repairs from 2013 (?) still sound.
  8. The Van has MOT! It's aquired a subtle tide mark at the welders but I can live with that. Skint until payday
  9. Is that not Louise2CV's old car?
  10. I might be interested in that. Apologies for the thread hijack Bramz.
  11. 'Tis but a flesh wound.
  12. Agreed. I'm going to fetch it back to mine and take stock.
  13. Just got the estimate for the C15, and its not good news. The Garage want over £600 for the MOT work, the majority of that is welding. I want it to live, but I'm struggling with putting that amount of cash into it. Two days MOT left so if anybody wanted to make me an offer, it could be available as a project.
  14. C15 MOT fail. Merde! Quite a long list, but mostly do-able. The worst of it is corrosion to seat belt mounting and rear subframe mount. The garage are getting me an estimate from their sub-contract welder. Ho hum.
  15. C15 booked in for MOT next week. One or two little jobs to do first but I'm hoping it passes without too much bother as it's still my only working vehicle. Might have to buy something else purely as backup you understand.
  16. I did it inside 5 hours from Devon by train. Oh, and I walked across London as it was a nice day.
  17. I had a collection mission lined up for earlier in the week, but had to put it off as I went down with the flu. The vendor was OK about this and we rescheduled for next week. He's just phoned me up and asked if he can return my deposit as someone has crashed into it!
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