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  1. ^ If Chris Rünge went corporate...
  2. Indeed, that's why I was delighted to find that pic, rather than dig around and find my grainy 110 pocket cam one from 1985, there's so much 'what if' in it. Think the Lotus Etna was at that Scottish Motor Show too, and I have a pic of that too, somewhere, but @inconsistant has posted my second choice, the Ford Probe. I recall that being on show at a Kelvin Hall SMS (i.e., before the SECC opened) and having more of Jetsons type wow factor! But we know what became of it, unlike the EXE and it's buddies in (I assume) Gaydon.
  3. I'll concur that it looks like it's upside down. It looks to me that there's wear on the cam's securing bolt, so I'll suggest that it's worked at all because the diaphragm spring - part #13 in the diagram - has pushed the plunger up to the incorrectly mounted cam, and it's the bolt head it's made contact with. Could've been like that a long time: neither part is massively stressed, and they seem from earlier pics to have been well lubricated. If the bolt can secure the cam from either side, that might be how it's happened, and the means to rectify it.
  4. There's a load of them I love, but the MG EXE comes top of the pile, mostly because I saw it in the flesh at the time, and I've never got bored of staring at all the little details. A genuine pity it didn't make it into production in some form, especially as it was part of the thinking to replace the 6R4 for the stillborn Group S, iirc.
  5. The mods, earlier on: No wait...that's the skinheads. As you were.
  6. I'm having real trouble uploading images too, it's really hit and miss - and about 90% fail at that. Usually just get a coloured field instead of the actual pic, usually black or blue, but sometimes white. I suspect in my case it's at least partly a shitty data signal causing something to time out.
  7. Until Daf launched the clean sheet design MX engines in the mid noughties, their bigger engines were redeveloped Leyland ones they'd been revising since the 70s. Probably didn't bear much relation to the original by the end, but they'd coaxed a reliable 430bhp out of it (albeit it wasn't the torquiest). There's been some absolute shit in service here, cascaded down from elsewhere and pretty much held together with cable ties and prayers. Cheers Stagecoach. A while back, I ran for the bus as it was leaving: I thought the driver had stopped for me; nope, the shitty old Optare Solo had lunched its diff! I'd have laughed, but it meant a long wait for the next one...
  8. Is the bolt #21 on the diagram in that location on your engine? I'm wondering if it's been moved up to where you've plugged the bolt in, if Mercedes revised that casting. I didn't realise it was such an effort for you write these posts! I'm sure with your persistence and Google-fu you'll get it in the end. Both car and language.
  9. No pic, but I was passed by a Rolls limo with '1 ORD' on it yesterday, and what looked very much like a close protection Rangey shadowing it. Either somebody's going to great lengths (and expense) to pretend they're nobility, or they really are and they don't do low key. I'm also on the hunt for 'YE51 SLK' on a Merc SLK which lives locally. Seen it a few times, just never got the pic. Yet.
  10. Set your mate up with a van full of tools and an amber lightbar on the roof, and a set of overalls (I did think nice clean Rolls Royce ones, but utterly manky Cummins/Scania/Fendt ones, or even ATS/Kwik Fit might work), and have him block the drive of the target. Leave the engine running, have him get out, take one look at the target, dry his teeth and declare it fucked/not worth it. Then have a brief argument with him, and insist you'll do the seller a favour in taking it for scrap money. Haul the A frame out of the van, hook up and smoke it out of there... May not work with a newish McLaren or a very frilly Ka, but anything in between's fair game.
  11. Just out of curiosity, are (or perhaps were) police spec radios massively more powerful than anything the general public can legitimately acquire? I suppose the answer and reason why are bloody obvious, but while we're on the subject I thought I'd ask. Many years ago when I was a courier, we used the same Motorola sets as Strathclyde Rozzers, and used to suffer a fair few dead patches in Glasgow city centre. The polis never seemed to, but I understood their Motorolas had some sort of signal booster pack, and very strong aerials. Our base was close to theirs, but their transmission aerial made ours look a bit weedy for sure!
  12. Dunno. Unless that's the Corsa, cos I can only remember the 'SP12' bit at the start of the plate. I've probably never read the rest of it for laughing. Twenty years ago the Fife CID used to run about in mid 90s Escort TDs which were utterly hanging. All of them were gloss blue and still had Laidlaw's stickers and plates on. They also stood out like a sore thumb.
  13. Over here (East Arse of Fife) they have a grey 5-dr Corsa on a 12 plate that stands out an absolute mile. Probably doesn't even blend in round the Leven and Methil hoods. Not with two burly blokes crammed in it looking like they're really* enjoying it. SP12BVD, still in operation as of Sep 2022.
  14. The Ford garage I worked for in the late 90s got an early morning delivery of a (then) Fife Constabulary V6 Mondeo which had thrown a leg out of bed the night before in a chase on the A92. There were strict orders to do no more than lift the engine and ECU and await a replacement from SVO, which was couriered up very quickly. If memory serves me correctly, various bits of both engines were lock wired to prevent 'inspection'. Tweaked? I'd say so. When Fleming Thermodynamics had a place in Clydebank, they'd certainly fitted a few Sprintex blowers to motorway patrol cars for Strathclyde and Aberdeen coppers. Tweaked? Definitely!
  15. Study the dipstick deposits very carefully - if you wear glasses as I do, propping your gegs up on your head helps massively - be sure to be seen inspecting the sills and door bottoms with an ostentatiously large magnet, all while firing the seller the odd knowing glance. Once you've established your superiority over the quivering beta wreck seller, poker face them while you lowball the hell out of them. Then, once you've bested them in combat bought it, a big smile and a hearty hand shake makes sure they'll think you're fantastic, and the transaction was top notch. Tell you what, a sound knowledge of Sun Tzu and Machiavelli comes in handy. It took £1300 off one of my Volvos, and the seller gave me a tenner back for petrol, when I picked it up.
  16. Thought that was the guy from Garage 54 at a glance! If it was one of their 'experiments ' I wouldn't be in the least surprised.
  17. Found a bike multi-tool on a path through a local golf course: it needed a bit of fettling, which it got, but it turns out it's not very good. As it's a Lidl/Aldi one, at least it's saved me £7.99 to find that out.
  18. It was the 500:1 back axle ratio that was the issue on the LDVs! Probably the Volvo box is a better bet, it'll cope with anything an XUDT can chuck at it anyway.
  19. R380 box in a '95 on LDV Pilot has an XUD bellhousing. It's an hydraulic clutch though, which might be an extra hassle to convert.
  20. Dunno if this has been asked, but... Sometimes if I click into a thread for 'first unread post', it takes me way back past that point, sometimes even back to the top of page one. Deeply irritating on some long threads, as I sail past the likes I gave years ago! Any ideas? (Kindle/Silk browser btw)
  21. More likely a hospital visit for bran flake removal and stitches, after a rust repair ouchy...
  22. I go straight to spray contact adhesive for anything upholstery or trim. It should be available just about anywhere, from art, hobby, or office supply shops (although the latter is usually cheapest). It can be a bit of a faff to get into the U-channels on seals of this type, being a spray, but it has the upside that you get time to manoeuvre the piece into place while it flashes off. Once it's had its thirty seconds (or minute, or whatever the instructions say) you're ready to press home what you're working on. That's a big advantage when you're working along a length in stages. Love the car and the thread by the way!
  23. <sees Peckham reference> <sees Trigger reference> <checks for Robin Reliant*> Cushty. Now had it been Denzil's old Daf 2800, I'd have been all over it. Although in fairness it would make a tidy classic truck with a more sympathetic livery.
  24. Not as abandoned as it seemed at first sight, it seems to be literally 'out to pasture' as a farm/stable hack.
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