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  1. No idea, I might pop over to Slovenia to see a mate, but then again I might just pop over to Mablethorpe to see the sea.
  2. I don't think that is over-priced for a Y10, especially a sporty one, I'd be interested at that price, if it was nearer and we were allowed out etc
  3. What's the stud pattern and c/b? It might be the same as something a bit more common, I use this for comparison, although newer cars aren't listed: https://www.carlsalter.com/wheel_fitments_by_pcd.html
  4. I've just SORN'd half of the road legal fleet, the diesel Merc and lpg Jeep. It's a bit of a luxury leaving 2 cars on the road (petrol Merc & Jeep), but when I do need to go out I want to be using something I enjoy driving.
  5. This looks ace to me, it even has working ac along with the BIG block 460, that's 7.5l Currently at £3500 and no reserve showing. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mercury-colony-park-station-wagon-460/264681559553
  6. Awesome pics,, good to see you posting again Rab.
  7. Not even close to shiter money, but £40k for this Lagonda doesn't seem too obscene to me https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1982-ASTON-MARTIN-LAGONDA-5-3-V8-AUTO-RUST-FREE-CALIFORNIA-IMPORT-PX-SWAP/303525835799? Can we crowdfund this?
  8. Instead of painting it how about using concrete sealer? It's not as pretty as paint but should stop dust etc and I think it dries quicker.
  9. Completely impractical but this little Suzuki is giving me the horn, it's a good job I'm not allowed out atm. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Suzuki-LJ80-Willys-Jeep/264680841661?
  10. Grand Cherokee with caramac leather for £500 BIN, looks pretty good and MOT history seems clean, good job as it's due in 8 days (29th march) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/jeep-grand-cherokee-1998-zj-4-0i-4x4-project-spares-or-repair/254547059489
  11. That Syclone has been for sale for ages, one thing you forgot to mention though: It's for sale in Keighley by Motorhub. I'd recommend googling them before visiting
  12. I can't see this going ahead, unless they do online bidding ... Do they? If it does go ahead as an online auction I'd expect there to be some bargains as I reckon a lot of people that go in person don;t do the online thing, hence the high prices for some stuff.
  13. Hey Martin, good to see you posting again. I can't believe I missed this last time. There's a cheap T25 camper in that London on the for sale pages if you're interested
  14. I'm half-heartedly looking at Jeep Wranglers, I'm not sure why. They're smaller, less practical and more expensive than a Cherokee, but I still want one,. Meh, just a normal jeep, not massively cheap at £5250, I'm not keen on the window on the hard top, and I prefer the later coil sprung, round headlight TJs The interior: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1994-Jeep-Wrangler-4-0-Auto-4x4-Petrol-Automatic/193341928872 Holy crap, I love that interior, maybe I could live with leaf springs and square headlights.
  15. Happy times at Chumley a couple of years back - I hope dollywobbler doesn't mind me nicking this pic
  16. That's not for me, I've still got my Beta Spyder and preferred driving it to the HPE I had. If anyone does go for it I do have an HPE breaker that might be able to supply some spares for it.
  17. So that's 3 new cars this week then?
  18. Bugger. As said, a nicer bloke you couldn't wish to meet. Condolences to the family.
  19. I think an RX-8 would be a decent electric conversion, loads of 911s have been done and the first Tesla roadster was basically a Lotus Elise, so space shouldn't be an issue, I'm guessing there would be space in the engine bay for some batteries and possibly some in the boot floor as well
  20. Overall I'm not happy with the LED lights, they will most likely be getting removed and standard H4s replaced.
  21. Ok, so PAS pulley ... A new PAS pulley was ordered from rockauto. A few weeks later: Deja vu: The PAS pulley comes off with a pulley puller, it was a good job I was in a well equipped garage with 2 different pulley pullers. However the 25 year old pulley wouldn't move .... so other methods were involved: Eventually After putting the PAS pump back on all that was needed was to refit the fan with new clutch, and the shroud ... simples Old clutch on the right, new one on the left Well, the new fan clutch is a bit bigger than the old one meaning it is very tight fitting it, especially if there is a shroud around it to make access even harder. On the plus side, it might mean better heat transfer as cheap jeep does run a bit warm ... all 4.0 XJ run warm, around 100C. The fan shroud might* have suffered a little damage during the process of wrestling the new fan/clutch in, it's ok I've got the missing piece and will glue it back in later. All done, the jeep still runs gr9 and I'm a little happier knowing it has a new water pump, pulleys and belt. It never overheated last summer, and it should hopefully continue to not overheat.
  22. I don't suppose anyone can assist shitely a set of wheels (16" with tyres) from @xtriple down south, Torquay I think, up towards either Bourne in Lincs or Accrington in Lancs. Thx.
  23. I hate to correct you, but its 20K likes and 10752 posts
  24. Maybe later ... and depending on my enthusiasm level I might take some pics of the differences between them.
  25. I've been discussing this with one of the chaps on the XJ FB group and it turns out there are quite a few differences between the '94 and '95 XJ. Until I got this I was unaware of the mild face-lift that happened between these two years, I thought the only change was the horrible air-bag steering wheel. I'm pretty certain that if I'd got a 95 or later XJ first I wouldn't have liked it anywhere near as much as I like cheap jeep #1. I prefer the seats, steering wheel and tacky trim on the '94, pretty much all of the changes they made for '95. I will be looking to sort the niggles on this and have started an ebay shopping list (rockauto list probably to follow) and see how I get on with it, but as things stand I'm thinking I will now look for a pre '95 limited SE with lpg but I might end up putting a gas kit on cheap jeep #1.
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