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  1. No worries. Desk calendar won't work for me, unfortunately. Thanks for the offer, though.
  2. Could I take the remaining wall calendar if it's still available, please?
  3. Like these a lot, one is firmly on the radar for when I get rid of the Alfa. The fact that they're out there for less than a grand is good news for me!
  4. There are loads of ways I could spend £10k, but one I've always fancied would be a 2.0 Zetec converted Mk1 Fiesta. Originally, I fancied one in Gulf colours, but I'm a bit old for that now, so it would probably be Ghia based in a nice sedate metallic hue.. Opening quarter lights, velour seats, all standard looking, but with the suspension suitably stiffened and an unassuming set of slightly larger wheels to accommodate bigger brakes. I'm sure I'll think of something else soon!!
  5. As long as Fuego bird is in the shot, it'll all be ok!
  6. That is peak Chevette. Like it a lot.
  7. I'm confused now. Where are you all? What are you doing? Why is it raining? Where are the Volvos? Where is the sunshine? What nationality are the furry creatures? So many questions!!!!!!
  8. I really like these, the only reason I sold mine was because the kids couldn't fit in the back anymore. Would recommend, even of the breather system is an over-complicated mess. 😄
  9. I really like this. Well bought!
  10. I generally hate BMWs however I quite like these. But £500 start with a fucked head gasket? Fuck that shit.
  11. I went on everything when we went. Had a right laugh!
  12. Can definitely say Diggerland is a great day out. Nice Escort, too.
  13. So sorry to read this, Bob. I hope everything goes as well as it can whilst you're out there.
  14. I was after a project for us both, but he's been a bit of a twat at school so I've put it on the back burner. I would have a couple of randoms, though.
  15. I have one, and would highly recommend.
  16. I'm sure @320touring is on commission from Clio Stu! Wasn't the first one I had (VUL) sourced from the Midlands somewhere?
  17. That was a nice car. I'm pretty sure it had been mapped, and certainly had a bit of intake tinkering. Went well after I put a MAF sensor on it. Was awful when I first got it. Where is it now?
  18. It fucking was. From the picture I'd take a 306. By the early 2000s it would have been a run out Meridian with Cyclones and half leather.
  19. Remapped but no proof.... Pulls like a train...... 10000000000 miles, nothing for one of these Will pass MOT easily
  20. A few resistors and superglue and nobody will know!
  21. Mine has arrived, and up on the kitchen wall. Thanks for sorting this, very much appreciated.
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